Best Tinder Bots to Get More CPA leads with Tinder Automation

Want to automate your swipes and other tasks on Tinder? Then come in now to discover the automation bots in the market that you can use for Tinder Automation.

Tinder is a unique and powerful social dating app. Because of the technicalities involved, developing a Tinder Bot is not easy. Besides, demand creates supply, and as far as the market is concerned, only a few marketers are into Tinder Automation because many feel it is difficult trying to make money off the audience on the app. In fact, it is common to see questions on Internet Marketing forums regarding how to make money from the audience on Tinder.

However, that does not mean there are no people making money using Tinder; it is because of the intent of the audience and the way the app is built, it makes marketing and advertisement very difficult.

As a smart marketer, you can combine the use of social engineering, social media marketing, and Tinder Bot to come up with compelling strategies to make friends and money on Tinder. In case you are not aware, the actions of bots are much on Tinder – you can add to this number and boost your social and business campaign. Let take a look at Tinder Automation.

What is Tinder Automation?

Tinder Automation is the process of getting computer software to automate tasks on your Tinder accounts on your behave. the computer software used for Tinder Automation is known as Tinder Bots. Automating tasks on Tinder requires some level of intelligence and attention to detail for it to work.

on Tinder, before you can chat with someone, you must have liked that person and that person must like your profile in return – a match. Now, for someone to like your profile, you must be in close proximity to him to see your profile. This and many more complicate things for bot developers.

In fact, as it stands today, there are only a few Tinder Bots in the market that gets regularly updated, the rest has gone into oblivion. Let take a look at some of these bots.

Top Rated Tinder Bots for Tinder Automation

ASB Tinder Bot

ASB Tinder Bot

ASB Tinder Bot is one of the bots developed by Auto Social Bots; a team experienced in the development of social media automation software. ASB Tinder Bot is arguably the best Tinder Bot in the market. It is the only Tinder Bot in the market that gets regularly updated and is at par with the Tinder system.

Aside from its core Tinder functionality, you have many reasons to use ASB Tinder Bot. some of these include the fact that it is safe to use, support multitasking, and comes with both an impressive 14 days money-back guarantee and a 3 days free trial.

The ASB Tinder Bot features include auto swipe, like, photo uploader, bio generator, update location, send messages, and even auto-respond to messages. The bot also comes with support for both Spin Syntax and proxies. the major downside of this bot is its price – it is super expensive. This is because of the lack of competition in the market.

ASB Tinder Bot functions

ASB Tinder Bot Pros:

  • Unlimited account support
  • Comes with a good number of features
  • Development team more experienced.
  • Secure and reliable

ASB Tinder Bot Cons:

  • A little Pricy but great for Unlimited account!
  • Windows OS support only



Another Tinder Bot that might be of interest to you is TindFire. This bot was developed in 2017, and I knew about it on Black Hat World. However, the bot suffers from lack of update and as such, I will not advise you to go for the bot.

I only discussed it here for those that have used it in the past and want to verify if it works again. No, it does not as it developer stop pushing updates in the same 2017 that it was developed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Tinder Bots


  • What is a Tinder Bot?

A Tinder bot is a software that automates actions on Tinder such as swipes, message sending, and location updating, among other tasks.


  • Does Tinder Support Tinder Bots?

No, Tinder does not support botting. In fact, botting is one of the biggest challenges faced by Tinder. Many people are scared of chatting with bots, as they are regarded as a scam.

  • How to Detect Bots on Tinder?


There are many signs you can use to tell if an account is being botted or not. Some of these include a profile not linked to a Facebook/Instagram account or fishy bio, when pictures look good to be true, or when Facebook/Instagram account linked to is fake.


It is important I state here that Tinder Automation can be a controversial topic. If you’re not careful, you might end up being described as scammer because frankly, that’s what most persons into Tinder Automation are doing. However, with the right strategy, you can make money legally without scamming anyone.

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