Best Telegram Bots for Telegram Automation Marketing (2022 Updated)

Have you ever thought of adding automation to your marketing campaign on Telegram? Then you need to read our article on Telegram Bots to learn more about Telegram automation and the best bots to use for it.

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If you are conversant with Telegram, you will know that Telegram does not have a web app version – you have to use it on a mobile or install its app on your system.

This, together with the fact that marketers have not really known the potentials of Telegram, had taken the eyes of automation tool developers off Telegram, making people think Telegram Automation is difficult. Make no mistake about it, if bots can be developed for the like of Instagram, and WhatsApp, then bots and automation tools can be developed for Telegram too.

When it comes to the number of Telegram Bots in the market, they can be said to be few. In fact, there are only two popular ones in the market now. Many others have shut down, and a few have not been updated for long and as such, become obsolete as Telegram makes changes to their APIs. Before discussing the few Telegram Bots in the market, let take a look at Telegram Automation.

What is Telegram Automation?

The whole essence of using a bot for your Telegram marketing is for putting your account activities on autopilot. Yes, you can automate engagement on Telegram, and everything will work smoothly on your behave while you are not around – thanks to Telegram Bots.

The main problem is the lack of numerous choice in the market as only a few of such bots are available in the market. If you are wondering why the bots are few, I have an answer for you.

Telegram is a mobile and desktop based. It does not have a web app accessible through the browser and as such, you need to reverse engineer their app to discover APIs not provided in their official publicly available APIs for developers. This makes it difficult for inexperienced automation bot developers to develop tools for Telegram.

But what can you automate with Telegram bots? You can bulk check whether an account is active or not, automatically send messages, export members from groups, and add members to your group, among a few other things you can do.

Top Telegram Bot for Telegram Automation

ASB Telegram Bot

ASB Telegram Bot

Aside from Telegram Auto above, ASB Telegram Bot is the only Telegram automation bot working in the market. The bot is from the development team behind Auto Social Bot, an all in one social media automation bot that works with Telegram.

If you need to automate actions on other platforms, use their all in one solution else, stick to the ASB Telegram Bot. but why should you use this bot? it is multithreaded, supports the addition of unlimited accounts, safe to use, provides free trials, and vet updated regularly. It can be used for all the things Telegram Auto can be used for.

ASB Telegram Bot funtions

ASB Telegram Bot Pros:

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Comes with a good number of features
  • Supports unlimited accounts
  • Secure and reliable
  • Development team more experienced.

ASB Telegram Bot Cons:

  • Windows OS support only

Telegram Auto

YouTube video

Telegram Auto is not just one of the Telegram bots in the bot but actually one of the best. It is feature-packed and comes with some interesting tools that make Telegram Automation simple. When it comes to the bare minimum Telegram features, you can export your competitors’ members, send bulk messages, send group messages, and export users by IDs.

How Telegram Auto work is simple; it makes use of Telegram API to interact with your Telegram account. The bot is easy and safe to use. It is safe because it is using the officially released API, and as such, you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Telegram Auto Pros:

  • Safe to use
  • Cheap
  • Free trial

Telegram Auto Cons:

  • Limited by the actions allowed in the official API
  • Windows only

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Telegram Bots


  • What is Telegram Bot?

A Telegram Bot is a piece of software that automates actions such as sending messages and adding members to a group from another group.

  • How to Create a Telegram Bot?

For you to create a Telegram Bot, you need to know how to automate tasks using any programming language, most notably Python, Java, and C#. if you know how to do this, then what you need to is just to consume the Telegram API.

  • Does Telegram Allow the Use of Bots?

Yes, unlike Instagram, Telegram supports the use of bots and even released an official API for it. however, it is still restrictive. Going against their Term of Service will make them ban you.


From the above, you can tell there are only a few Telegram Bots in the market. Telegram itself is still growing in popularity, and as such, starting early will give you the first-mover advantages. The bots discussed have been tested and found working – they should work for you too.

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