10 Best Snapchat Viewers 2023: View Stories & Profiles Anonymously

Are you looking for ways to appear anonymous when viewing Snapchat account activities? Packed in this blog post are the top Snapchat viewers that will help you achieve this anonymity.

Snapchat Viewers

Overview of Top Snapchat Viewers

  • EyeZy — Overall Best Snapchat Viewer
  • Auto-Forward — Best Paid Snapchat Viewer for Long-Term Usage
  • SpyZieBest for iOS Without Jailbreaking
  • xMobiBest for Cross-Platform Snapchat Viewer
  • SpyricBest for Keeping Track of Children's Activities

Top 10 Snapchat Viewers Online Without Login

Right from the outburst of technology, social platforms have evolved, and as the advancement keeps emerging, more of these platforms keep developing — and among them is Snapchat. Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging app. Just like others, Snapchat has evolved Swiftly, adding more features to make it more appalling.

As such, more users troop in daily, with most of their users being teenagers and young adults. Some of the popular features of the platform include the Snapchat 10-minute stories, which will last for 24 hours, filters, and streaks, to name a few.

But what seems to interest people more is Snapchat stories, which could either be snaps, videos, or short business ads. Although this is often intriguing, what seems not to come correct to users is why can't they view these stories and other activities on the platform without being seen.

Now the question is, are there apps out there that can make one appear anonymous on Snapchat? Of course, yes, and that's what this blog post is all about in the first place.  However, after thorough research on the internet, we found the below as some of the top Snapchat viewers in the market for you.

1. EyeZy — Overall Best Snapchat Viewer

EyeZy for Snapchat Viewers

EyeZy is our recommended Snapchat viewer. This app is arguably the best Snapchat Viewer as of this writing. This viewer app can remotely access Snapchat activities of accounts. With its in-built invisible shield, you can view stories and snaps of interest without being detected.

There are other fine features, such as social spotlight, which allows you to read along active conversations and even those that have been deleted, the date and time anonymously. It has an easy-to-use internal GPS to pinpoint the location. These features are a few of what it does. In terms of price, it's not overpriced — and it's compatible with any device. Looking at the performance, you can tell it is one of the best apps available for this.

2. Umobix — Advanced Snapchat Viewer

Umobix for Snapchat Viewers

If your choice of Snapchat Viewer calls for recency, uMobix suits you perfectly. This app is packed with modernized features. It has doability for over 30 apps and social platforms; hence its Snapchat activities are viable. uMobix is often compared to top-rated apps like EyeZy because of its peculiarity. Strolling on its platform, this app can see through all chats, profiles, snaps, stories, etc., with no identity revealed.

It gives access to all erased chats, privately saved files, and contact of friends and groups that can be seen without prior awareness of the targeted person. There are 3 major steps to using this tool. These include registering and purchasing a plan, setup, and monitoring with automatic account updates every 5 minutes.

3. Auto-Forward — Best Paid Snapchat Viewer for Long-Term Usage

Auto-Forward for Snapchat Viewers

Another one on the list is Auto-Forward. This is an outstanding app that is compatible with iPhone and android. Although it works on iPhone, it has better support for Android, and as such, we recommend it more for Android users. Some of the Android devices it works perfectly on include Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Google Pixel. With the dashboard, activities like chats, Snapchat stories, and ongoing and outgoing messages can be viewed and bypassed without hassle.

In comparison with others, one uniqueness sets this app apart from others, and that is the licensing period. While other paid apps have monthly plans, Auto-Forward has only yearly plans. Interestingly, with a one-time payment, access and license are forever. Though it has a money refund policy, there is no free trial.

4. SpyZie — Best for iOS Without Jailbreaking

SpyZie for Snapchat Viewers

Are you an iOS user seeking to view the Snapchat activities of a targeted account? Then check out Spyzie. It has 100% discreet features that enable views and access to any account without having to jailbreak the target iPhone. With its internal makeup, It can view all the messages sent or received on Snapchat. View long deleted chats and groups they interact with.

View every picture and video they share on the platform. All this access is done anonymously. Stopping by its use-case, unlike Auto-Forward, which has only two plans, this app has several plans to choose from with cost-friendly prices. However, it also supports Android. Above all that, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

5. xMobi — Best for Cross-Platform Snapchat Viewer

xMobi for Snapchat Viewers

If you are looking for a Snapchat viewer that is compatible with all mobile devices, then the XMobi is the tool to go with. You can use this on both Android and iOS. For Android support, you can use it on all Android, including Huawei. This app is an easy-to-use Snapchat viewer with a flexible remote working system. With it, you do not need to install any software on your target device to actually track activities.

All that is required after purchasing a plan is to access Snapchat on the app, input the username of the said account — and you're good to go. Having done that, there will be easy viewing of Snapchat streaks, stories, and profiles without the user knowing.

6. Hoverwatch — Remote Access Snapchat Viewer

Hoverwatch for Snapchat Viewers

Hoverwatch is another resounding Snapchat Viewer. This app has been in the market since 2002, installed on over 12 million devices cutting across 196 countries globally. Hoverwatch, unlike SpyZie, it does not support iOS devices. Its rapport goes with Android, macOS, Windows, and PCs. With its wide coverage, its Snapchat viewer makes more sense — as it has good remote access in terms of usability and accessibility.

After paying for its service, the app views and gives all the information needed, irrespective of what your target is. One distinct feature that sets it high is its ability to take constant screenshots whether the target device is locked or not. Also, its packages and price vary by the number of devices installed.

7. mSpy — Best for Snapchat Spy

mSpy for Snapchat Viewers

mSpy is an app that works invincibly on the background of a target device after installation. Hence, it's never discovered. By longevity, it has been in the market for over a decade. As one of the best Snapchat viewers, it actively oversees and views any activity, be it snaps, stories, messages, etc. Going through their websites, the customers' reviews speak loudly as it's agreeable with popular devices.

What you would come to like is its prior notifications on activities the target device engages in. And this is a distinction that sets it aside from others. Additionally, if the app interests you, there is a 7-day free trial to test before jump-starting on any paid plans. Excitingly, it's the most affordable to leverage.

8. Spyric — Best for Keeping Track of Employees' and Children's Activities

Spyric for Snapchat Viewers

Looking for a Snapchat viewer app that will be a secret eye-watcher for kids and employees? Spyric is perfect. Snapchat is a platform adopted by teenagers and adults; hence there are lots of engaging activities on this platform. The creation of 10-minute stories, taking of snaps, and sharing of streaks among friends are all activities to keep a parent worried. But with Spyric, all this can be kept on a 24/7 watch — all thanks to its fine attributes.

Also, employees are not left out. Reviews have shown that companies have survived disruptive data leakage from staff to competitors using this app to fish out internal spies. This app comes with a high level of anonymity and security.

9. CocoSpy — Perfect Alternative for Spyric

CocoSpy for Snapchat Viewers

CocoSpy is a Snapchat Viewer app that best suits parenting and businesses. With millions of daily active users on Snapchat, keeping an eye manually on kids' activities on the platform can't be achieved. This is why opting for a third-party app to foster watch is important. CocoSpy has been largely embraced when it comes to those mentioned above, and as such why it is considered the perfect alternative for Spyric.

This app can view Snapchat stories, incoming and outgoing chats, deleted messages, and photos, among others, undetectably and securely. Looking at its compatibility with businesses is the icing on the cake. Many businesses have flourished using this app to evaluate their employees' productivity and effectiveness. It's used on Android and iOS.

10. TheTruthSpy — Snapchat Viewer for Mobile

TheTruthSpy for Snapchat Viewers

Last on the list is TheTruthSpy. Upon installation, the app runs invisibly in the background of the target device. With that, you can see what is happening from a remote destination. Getting down on its in-built attributes, it has a Snapchat Spy feature which helps to spy on Snapchat activities. And it secretly views all the information about the targeted Snapchat account so the data on their phone app can be copied to your account.

Although it works like others, the downside is not commendable, its cons outweigh its pros. Using the app, you will need to jailbreak your devices. Though its three packages are somewhat affordable. The features packed in them are by the plan you opt for.

FAQs About Snapchat Viewers

Q. What are Snapchat Viewers?

Snapchat viewers are those apps or software developed to mask your identity as you view the content Snapchat users post. These apps allow you to view Snapchat stories, messages, snaps, and even deleted chats, amongst others, secretly without being detected.

It is important you know that Snapchat viewers are not affiliated with Snapchat. These apps were developed by third parties, and for most of the top options, you will need to pay to make use of them.

Q. Why use Snapchat Viewers?

You might be wondering why you need a Snapchat viewer app. Well, the number one reason why you will need to make use of any of these apps is to view snaps of others anonymously. Maybe you have someone you crush on and do not want the person to know you’re watching them.

It is also a good app for tracking the activities of kids on Snapchat to make sure they do not fall prey to cyberbullies and criminals. Some employers also use them to watch over the activities of their employees on the platform. Whoever your reason is, make sure you are using the app within the confines of the law to avoid legal troubles.

Q. Are Snapchat Viewers Illegal?

The issue of legality is important when using a Snapchat viewer. There are cases when using them becomes legal, and in some when it is illegal. Generally, if you are viewing publicly available content, then using the tool for viewing is legal.

However, for private details like chats, you will be doing something illegal. You can use them on your kids with no issues, but using them on others could get you in trouble.

I recommend you seek legal advice from a competent legal practitioner in your region to get a better answer to this.


With the above, you can see that there are a good number of tools you can use to view snaps of users on Snapchat anonymously. It is important you know that just viewing snaps is not illegal.. However, when the Snapchat viewer provides access to private content, you might be threading on an illegal route that need to be reconsidered.

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