Best Private Twitter Viewer 2024: View Private Tweets Without Twitter Account

Are you seeking a tool to view private Twitter accounts? It is as easy as inputting the account username or profile link if you have the right viewing tool. Come in here and discover the best Twitter viewers possible out there.

Twitter Viewers

Overview: Private Twitter Viewers

  • XmobiOverall Best Twitter Viewer
  • FollerBest Twitter Viewer With Analysis
  • TwukoBest for Saving Twitter Media
  • Twstalker –- Free Online Twitter Viewer
  • MSpyBest Twitter Spy App

Top 5 Online Twitter Viewers Without Account (Apps & Tools)

Do you have difficulty viewing certain Twitter profiles? Read this article. Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your children to see if they represent well and behave responsibly on Twitter. This article is also for you. You could be a business owner who wants to know more about your employee through their Twitter handles.

You are also in the right place. Before now, Twitter was an open territory where you could follow, view, and comment on any Twitter account you wished to. However, its technology has been developed to allow users to set their accounts as private ones. Hence, restricting viewers and streamlining who could view the profile details to those whom they grant their request to follow them.

This new development has led many parents, partners, employees, and fans to long to see what their children, celebrities, and employees are up to on Twitter. The good news is there are Twitter viewers you could make use of to beat this restriction. These tools are simply there to save you the stress of sending them requests to follow and waiting for their permission.

In other words, you can spy on their account without their knowledge. Many of these viewers even allow you to save Twitter media and get a hold of Twitter users' statistics. This article considers the best 5 twitter viewers.

1. Xmobi — Overall Best Twitter Viewer

Xmobi for Twitter Viewers

Several reasons could warrant you to view a private Twitter account. When any of such needs arise, Xmobi is the overall best place to visit. This site is simply meant for viewing whatever content you desire from a Twitter account. As a matter of fact, it allows you to download the data of the Twitter profile link you provide.

The homepage of the site already portrays what it is capable of availing to you from a private Twitter account- threads, hashtags, retweets, and shares.  The specific use case is for Twitter hacking which the site is built for makes it stands out among others.

It only requests a password and the link to the Twitter account you want to view or hack into for information. You, however will only have access to the hacked data after making a payment.

2. Foller — Best Twitter Viewer With Analysis

Foller for Twitter Viewers

Do you want some statistical facts about a private Twitter account? Foller is the best Twitter viewer you should consider. It is built to present all data and information about a particular Twitter profile you want to view. In addition to the statistics of the Twitter profile, you will get, it will also tell you when the account was created.

Twitter data that you can view with this viewer are arranged in categories such as hashtags, threads, retweets, and likes. This eases identification and saves time. Use the ‘Analyze’ button on this page to access profile stats such as the number of followers, tweets, and friends.

It is, therefore, excellent too to evaluate the frequency of posts from a Twitter account. More importantly,  it provides a chart of activity time on the Twitter account you choose to analyze.  This is uncommon to the likes of Xmobi and Mspy.

3. Twuko — Best for Saving Twitter Media

Twuko for Twitter Viewers

While there are several viewers and tools you can use for Twitter, Twuko stands out with its ability to save media. This simple tool for Twitter does not only provide you with profile details but can help save content like videos and pictures for offline access. Twuko is used online. As such you do not need to download it or install it on your target phone to access their media like Mspy .

It also presents the most trending and recent hot gists or tweets on its dashboard. This tool will give you access to the tweets, comments, and likes of the Twitter profile whose link you have provided.

In addition, it allows you to view the posts of users that have a similar keyword to your searched account. Lastly, you only need the link to the private profile you want to view.

4. Twstalker – Free Online Twitter Viewer

Twstalker for Twitter Viewers

Twstalker is popular for its free online service for viewing Twitter. Although not the only free online Twitter viewer, its simplicity which does not compromise quality, is a good feature that entices users. Twstalker displays the top trending tweeting based on your location.

Hence, you could have an idea of trends you ordinarily won’t search for. Uniquely, Twstalker is free. You don't have to pay to access the data like Xmobi and Mspy. Luckily, it works fine both on smartphones and Computer devices.

With the help of this tool, you can freely monitor Twitter trends and get to know the top influencers and what they tweet. Some of the Twitter content you will have access to includes hashtags, tweets, follower numbers, media, and general profile information. The uses are not exclusive to private accounts.

5. MSpy – Best Twitter Spy App

MSpy for Twitter Viewers

Are you looking for an app to spy on Twitter? Search no more. MSpy is the best app available out there. It is popular as a hidden tool to spy on many platforms, not only on Twitter. It doubles as a great tool to source data on a mobile or finds its whereabouts. This pocket-friendly service helps you keep a tab on your target user or account.

Hence, you could have updates on their online activities around the clock. This will help you with full access to their content, such as videos, pictures, and tweets. You will have to select a plan and then install the app on the device of your target. Thus, you will get access to the data of the private Twitter via your dashboard once they log in.

FAQs About Twitter Viewers

Q. What is Twitter Viewer?

Simply put, Twitter viewers are used to viewing tweets, threads, likes, shares, follows, and other profile information. This is mostly used when the account is set as a private one, but it also can be used to view any accounts without following them.

If you have tried to view content from any Twitter handle and you are either blocked from viewing it or require permission to be able to follow the account in other to view its content,  Twitter viewers will solve the misery. Interestingly, you will be viewing this content from Twitter anonymously without the account owner knowing you had access to their content.

Q. Why Should I Use a Twitter Viewer?

There are numerous reasons that could warrant you need a Twitter viewer. Sometimes, you might want to keep a watch on what your wards, employees, celebrities, partners, or even exes are sharing on the Twitter platform. In the same vein, you could need to get hold of the media or data of a celebrity whose Twitter account is not public.

In this case, you won’t be able to view their account until you send a follow request and it is approved. However, the technology of independent Twitter viewers has made it easy to view such accounts without necessarily sending the following request.

Generally, viewing Twitter accounts and profile information is not illegal, especially when the account is a public one. However, when the account is a private one, it means owners seek privacy. Hence, the purpose of viewing the account should not be to compromise their privacy.

In other words, you might be prosecuted for using their personal data if used for a criminal act or illegal stuff. Is this to say that Twitter viewers are just to make you see what is hidden ordinarily? Yes! To a great deal. In addition, the laws and rules guiding data and details of individuals in respective countries should be respected even when you use the viewers.

Q. Can you see private Twitter without following?

Normal is not allowed, since Twitter's privacy policy prohibits anyone other than followers from viewing private tweets from a private account, the following them is the easiest way to view one. The way to view private twitter accounts is to follow them. Unfortunately, your request might not be accepted, from our this post, you can know, you can know to view private twitter using online twitter view tools.


Regardless of the emerging features of Twitter that limit some viewers and allow some users to use private accounts, the technology always beats the race. This implies there will always be a way out with technology. The development of Twitter viewers is a winning game against Twitter private profiles.

You should be on the lookout for the unique features of these Twitter viewers concerning the Twitter content you want to view. Nonetheless, the listed Twitter viewers here are the possible best tools you could get for that purpose.

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