The Best Instagram Story Viewers of 2022 (Free & Anonymous)

Are you looking for a recommendation on the Instagram story viewer to use? Then you are o the right page as we would be providing you a list of the top story viewer you can use to make your presence known to many Instagram users at once.

Top Instagram Story Viewers

Many techniques exist if you want to grow your account with some of them being active and intrusive while some can be said to be passive in their approach. One of the methods of growing your accounts and gaining followers is by viewing the stories of other Instagram accounts.

When you view the story of someone on Instagram, the person is notified and would see your profile. By doing this, you are making your presence known which could ultimately earn you a follow. Now imagine you are able to do so in mass? You can potentially earn yourself a sizeable audience base when done right.

However, doing this manually is not an easy task and as such, some automation bots have been designed to help out. In this article, we would be taking a look at the top 10 Instagram story viewers in the market that you can use.

Before going into that properly, it is important we provide you an overview of Instagram story viewers and delineate it in the article.

Which Instagram Story Viewers are We Talking About?

Instagram Story Viewers

There are basically two types of story viewers for Instagram — anonymous and non-anonymous. For the anonymous story viewers help you view the stories of users without revealing your identity. This is not the type of story viewer we are discussing here.

Our focus is on the non-anonymous story viewers; the type that would reveal your profile. This is required if you want to use story viewing as a means to earn followers. The story viewers are bots that view a large number of Instagram users’ stories so as to make your presence known and could potentially earn you some reasonable number of followers when done right.

Best Instagram Story Viewers That Works

The concept is not as popular as the follow-for-follow model and as such, the number of viewers available is quite small. However, the number available is still reasonable enough to help us make a good number of choices. In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the 10 best Instagram story viewers in the market.

1. Qoob Stories Qoob Homepage

The above-mentioned tools were specifically not developed for story viewing. If you are looking for a specialized tool for viewing stories, then the Qoob Stories tool is the tool for you. Compared to Jarvee and Combin, Qoob Stories is a new tool. However, it comes with some good to have features. With this tool, you can view the stories of IG users but anonymously and non-anonymously.

The tool also has support for downloading stories and the full content posted by a user on his IG page. One good feature I like personally is the ability to view Instagram ads-free — yes, the tool has got support for an ad blocker. Just like the other tools above, it is also a paid tool.

2. Masslooking Cloud

Masslooking cloud Homepage

Masslooking Cloud is another Instagram mass story viewer. According to the information on their website, view up to 50K stories in a day. With this, you can grow the number of profile visits to your profile and get for yourself, some followers. The service is a cloud-based service that does not require you to install any software. The followers you will get from using this service are targeted followers.

This is because the tool has got support for smart targeting, which makes it possible for you to smartly target an audience for viewing their stories.  The tool is quite easy to use and efficient. One other feature you will also come to like is its daily analytical support.

3. 4K IG Stories

4K IG Stories Homepage

This tool is provided by 4K Download, a team that has got over 10 years of developing multimedia tools and services. According to the information on its website, over 5 million users make use of their range of tools. Our focus in this article is on their Instagram story support. If you are looking for a tool to help pyro download Instagram stories, reels, and photos, then the 4K Download tool is the tool for you.

With this tool, you can view the stories of Instagram users anonymously even though you are not following them. It also has support for viewing with your profile which is of benefit to you if you are looking to grow your Instagram account.

4. Inflact

Inflact Homepage

The name Inflact might sound new but the tool is not. This service has been operating in the past as Ingramer before rebranding into what is now called Inflact. Inflact is another full-fledged bot for Instagram. This bot does not require you to download or install it — it is available as a web-based tool.

The tool comes with many modules for Instagram automation. The IG story viewer is one of these. With this tool, you can view stories of other users on Instagram and put yourself at their front which could earn you some followers if done right.

5. IGMassViewing

IGMassViewing Homepage

The IGMassViewing service is one of the specialized Instagram story viewing. All you need to do is connect your account to the application and it will view the stories of targeted accounts so that it put your profile in their front. Aside from viewing stories, the tool also has support for engaging & voting on thousands of polls, sliders, quizzes, and questions boxes.

With IGMassViewing, you do not need to install any software as it is a cloud-based tool. The tool is 100 percent automated and requires no technical knowledge to make use of it. The tool is a paid tool but as a new user, you can use the tool for 2 days.

6. Mass Poller

Mass Poller Homepage

Mass Poller regards itself as the number one service when it comes to mass story viewing. With this service, you can mimic viewing thousands of stories without actually doing that. Mass Poller is an automation bot for viewing stories and helping you grow your account by getting your profile noticed.

With your profile being noticed, there is a high chance of getting followers. You have the option of choosing your niche, making sure that you only get to interact with people in the same niche as you — encouraging engagements. The regular plan is made available as a free trial to new users for 14 days after which they are required to $15 monthly.

7. Likefinity

Likefinity Homepage

Likefinity is another mass story viewer on Instagram. With Likefinity, you can attract up to 5K new visits to your profile as it views the stories of others using your account on your behalf. At the center of the tool is a self-educating algorithm that reinforces practical data into interacting with accounts that shows more prospects of engaging with your account.

The result of this is that the process is more fine-tuned, leading to above-average performance. The pricing is not the cheapest in the market but can be said to be averagely competitive.

8. Chrome IG Story

Chrome IG Story overview

The above all require you to pay before you make use of them. If you are looking for a story viewer that you do not need to pay before using their service, then the Chrome IG Story is the tool for you. While it has IG Story as its name, it does other forms of Instagram automation.

One thing you need to know about the Chrome IG Story is that it was developed by a single person and as such, it is not regularly maintained. This is the reason it has got a terrible star rating. However, if you take a look at the number of users, you will see that over 70K users have to use the extension, making it popular considering the market size.

9. Jarvee

Jarvee Homepage

Jarvee is arguably the most popular social media automation tool in the market. This tool has been around for a long period of time even before the advent of the more easy-to-use tools out there. One thing you will come to like about Jarvee is that it has got support for many of the social media platforms and comes with many tools. For Instagram, aside from coming with the regular tools for Instagram automation, it also has support for viewing stories. Jarvee, as with its other support, gives you full control over the behavior of the story viewer tool.

Read the Jarvee IG story viewing guide to learn how to set it up effectively. With Jarvee, things can go wrong quickly as the tool provides you full control and that can get newbies into making mistakes. You should learn the art of story viewing before using Jarvee.

10. Combin

Combin Homepage


Another popular bot that you can use to view stories on Instagram as a growth hacking method is the Combin tool. This tool is also an installable software as Jarvee. However, it has two major differences that are of importance in this article. First, Combin is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux while Jarvee is only available on Windows.

The other difference is in providing you with control. While Jarvee provides you full control over the story viewing support, Combin does provide some form of limitations and keeps you within limits to avoid being considered spam and account penalized for that. So, while Jarvee is meant for the experienced marketer, Combin is for the inexperienced marketers.

IGStories App

The IGStories app is one of the simple options out there. The tool wasn’t developed for increasing the viewer count on your stories. Instead, it was developed for anonymously viewing stories on Instagram. However, you can make use of it as a viewer to increase your viewer count. The tool is easy to use and you do not need to register to even make use of it. The only thing that is required for you is to provide the username of your account and you are good to go. But you will have to do it over and over again.


InstaDP is an all encompassing tool for viewing and downloading videos on Instagram. From this app, you can view Instagram stories and even download them. But that is not all, InstaDP can be used to download the DP of a profile, it can also be used to download reels and photos posted by an IG user. The only requirement to use this tool is that the account needs to be public so that the tool would be able to access the content. With the profile being public, all that is required is for you to provide the username of the account.


Q. Is Story Viewing Worth it for Instagram?

Viewing stories of Instagram users is worth it even if the reason you are doing so is to gain followers. On Instagram, you should take advantage of any form of publicity you have access to. When you view the story of a user, you are shown to that user and as such, such user could visit your profile or even follow you if your profile appeals to him.

What mass story viewers do is that they view the stories of thousands of people, putting you in their front and with a captivating profile, you should be able to interest some of these people to warrant a follow from them.

Q. Does Instagram Allow the Usage of Mass Story Viewers for Instagram?

Going by the rule, stories were not introduced for you to use them as a way of getting followers. However, doing so is not wrong. Instagram wouldn’t ban you if you view the stories of users in a natural manner.

However, if you view too many stories too quickly, then your case would be unnatural and would be seen as spam. This is because certain speeds are attributed to bots and bots aren’t allowed. It is for this reason that you need to avoid bots that give you full control such as Jarvee if you are a novice in the game.


As the Instagram algorithm becomes smarter in detecting spam, marketers are looking for less obvious ways that the can grow their accounts without getting banned.

Viewing stories is one of the methods you can do without the fear of getting banned as it is less intruding in nature. With the help of mass story viewers, you can view stories en mass and reap the fruit of doing so by getting visits to your profile and earning followers too.

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