Honeygain Vs IPRoyal Pawns Vs PacketStream Vs Peer2Profit (for Passive Income)

There are 4 major contenders in the share your Internet for money space which includes IPRoyal Pawns, PacketStream, Honeygain, and Peer2Profit. We would be comparing these 4 services for you so you will know the best one for you.

Honeygain Vs IPRoyal Pawns Vs PacketStream Vs Peer2Profit

The Internet has created new opportunities to make money in legit ways. One of such methods is sharing your Internet connection and its resources such as IP address and bandwidth and earning from it. It is one of the most passive methods of making money online that requires no skill whatsoever aside from knowing how to use your device.

You can see the system as a passive income source that could offset some of your bills if you have access to cheap or free Internet. This is because the model is not built to provide you with a huge amount of money at the end of the month except you can contribute a good number of devices and IPs.

In this comparison article, you will learn about the difference between Honeygain, IPRoyal Pawns, PacketStream, and Peer2Profit in terms of the payment system, platform support, How your device is used, community support, and many more. Before going into the discussion properly, let take a look at an overview of the 4 services.

Overview: Honeygain, IPRoyal Pawns, PacketStream, Peer2Profit

Service Platform Support Device/ Internet Traffic Usage Earning potential Community Support
Honeygain Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS Leased to third-party Reasonable, depending on your location, network speed, number of unique IP addresses/ devices, and bandwidth consumed Over 4K reviews with 4.4 star rating
IPRoyal Pawns Windows and Android Internal for its residential proxy service $0.2 per 1GB. Factors such as location and internet speed also affect the payout Over 300 reviews with 4.3 star rating
PacketStream Windows, macOS, and Linux Internal for its residential proxy service $0.1 per 1GB Over 300 reviews with 4.7 star rating
Peer2Profit Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu Leased to third-party Earning is reasonable provided you can refer other people to use the service too Over 600 reviews with 4.4 star rating

One thing that is unique about each of the 4 services being looked out in this article is that all of the services are Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks providing IP addresses to proxy services. Some of them are channels for their own proxy services while others rent them out to partner proxy services.

Honeygain overview

The Honeygain service is one of the best services you can use if you are looking forward to selling your unused bandwidth. The service is quite secure, reliable, and legit as no users have complained of not getting paid if they kept their own side of the bargain. The service does not own a proxy service but rent out the devices in their network to associate proxy services and earn commission from that.

IPRoyal Pawns

For IPRoyal Pawns, it is owned by IPRoyal, a residential proxy service. The Pawns service even though a stand-alone service, is the source of the IP addresses used for the IPRoyal residential proxy network clients. The service is also good to use and the amount you earn is dependent on a host of factors. The service has a team of experts who have developed and maintain tools to monitor traffic and make sure only legally accepted traffic is routed via their Pawns service.

PacketStream Alternatives

PacketStream is a residential proxy service that focuses on providing cheap residential proxies to marketers. Pricing is $1 for 1GB. As a packeter, you can share your bandwidth and earn $0.1 per GB. As you will come to find out later on, this is not worth it for most people.

Peer2Profit overview

Last is the Peer2Profit is quite unique among the other services because of its support for referrals. With the Peer2Profit service, you can earn passive income by sharing your Internet traffic and also getting your friends to do the same. The service has got a good number of positive reviews considering how small the niche is.

Platform Support

First, we would start the comparison with the platform or Operating Systems supported by each of the services. This is because you can only use a service that has a client application for your Operating System else, there is no point doing so. All of the 4 services have done a good job, providing applications for more than one platform. However, some support platforms than others.

Honeygain Platform Support

When it comes to platform support, Honeygain is a leader. This is because it does have support for a good number of platforms it support. If you take a look at the Honeygain website, you will see that it does support Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. There is also a Linux client for docker by as at the time of writing this article, it is still in its beta stage of development when compared to the clients for other platforms. With this much support, it means that if you have all of these devices, you can put them to work simultaneously and earn more.

IPRoyal Pawns Platform Support

IPRoyal Pawns has client apps for only Windows and Android. These platforms are the most popular platforms for the locations that would be interested in sharing their Internet traffic for profit. Even though support for iOS and Mac would make it capture more audience, the two platforms it supports is strategic, considering the target audience of the service.

PacketStream download

PacketStream is focused more on providing just residential proxies with no mobile mix and as such, the platforms it supports also does that. For PacketStream, you will need to register as a picketer to be able to share your Internet traffic. If you log in, you can then download the application for your operating system. The service does have support for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Peer2Profit Platform Support

The Peer2Profit service also requires you to install a client application in other to start earning with the service by sharing your connection. The Peer2Profit is not compatible with the apple ecosystem and as such, you cannot use it on your Mac computer or iPhone. Peer2Profit is available for Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu on the PC platform. For the mobile platform, the service only has support for Android.

How Your Device is Used

One feature that differentiates the 4 services is the way your device resources (IP and bandwidth) are used by who. Some of them use them in-house as they are proxy providers, others lease them out to third-party proxy providers and other services to use.

YouTube video

If you take a look at the Honeygain service website, you will see that it is in no way near what you would call a proxy service. What then does it use the devices that join its network for? Certainly, it is a P2P network that uses devices in the network as an exit node, using their IP address as fronts. From research, we found out that the service has an exclusive contract with Oxylabs allowing Oxylabs to utilize its P2P service. Oxylabs is one of the largest residential proxy networks in the market and Honeygain is one of its sources of IP address.

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The IPRoyal Pawns service is owned by the IPRoyal service, a residential proxy provider. All of the devices in the IPRoyal Pawns service are used only in the IPRoyal service — no external usage. This means that if you are looking for a service that keeps your device usage within their network then the IPRoyal Pawns is the tool for you as the paid P2P network is exclusively for its service.

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The PacketStream service is just like IPRoyal Pawns. If as a packeter you share your Internet bandwidth and other resources such as bandwidth, you are sure it will only be used within the network and not outside of the network.

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The Peer2Profit service does not have a known proxy service. Instead, it partners with proxy services and other services seeking to use devices with internet connectivity, and you get paid for providing them such. You can liken Peer2Profit to Honeygain.

Earning Potentials

No one would want to share his Internet traffic for the fun of it. Anyone doing so is either trying to make money or wants to gain something valuable in return as in the case of Hola VPN that would do that for an exchange of free access to the Hola VPN service.

For the 4 services being compared in this article, they are meant for making money. However, you need to know that none of them would make you passive income that would replace your job — they only offer you a few dollars in most cases.

Honeygain Earning

The Honeygain service does have a calculator on its homepage that gives you an idea of the amount you can make installing and using its client application. You can tinker with the calculator to get an idea of how much you can earn.

Take, for instance, if you provide it 10GB daily and keep the app running for 10 hours daily, you should earn $32 monthly. However, the actual amount you will earn would be determined by the number of devices/IP, your location, and network speed.

IPRoyal Earning

IPRoyal has a simple earning system. For this service, you earn $0.20 for every $1GB of bandwidth you share. With a simple system like this, you only need to know the price of your bandwidth to know how profitable it can be.

On average, their users earn between $5 to $140 monthly. However, you need to know that a larger percentage of the users’ earnings is at the lower part of the spectrum.

PacketStream Earning

When it comes to earning potential, the least attractive is the PacketStream service. As a packeter, you only get to earn $0.1 per every 1GB, making it not even worth it for most people. This has been one of the major complaints people have with this service and many could not even get to the minimum payout before going up on it.

Peer2Profit Earning

In terms of earning potentials, none of the other services beats the Peer2Profit and this is not because of the Internet you share. If you really want to earn big on this platform, aside from having its application installed on your device and earning the few dollars it offers just like the others, you can refer other users and earn a commission for that.

According to the information on its website. If you you are able to refer 30 people in a month, that is $100 for you. You also get a cut from the earnings of your referrals.

Community Support

How do the 4 services stand in terms of community support? What do their users think about their services? It is important you know about this as your experience with any of the services wouldn’t be much different from the experiences of others. We would be using Trustpilot for gauging the community supporting each of the services.

Honeygain Community Support

In terms of a number of reviews, none of the services comes near the Honeygain service. As of the time of writing this article, over 4K users have reviewed the service and 80 percent of the review were positive. The remaining 20 percent were not so great and some even had a bad experience with the service and it is best you also learn about these.

IPRoyal Pawns Community Support

The users of the IPRoyal service that have dropped a review are just a little over 300 with an average rating of 4.3 stars. Looking at this, we can say that the users also enjoy using the tool as in the case of Honeygain — however, the review data of Honeygain is more reliable as it has 10 times more reviews than IPRoyal Pawns.

PacketStream Community Support

In terms of number of reviewers, the PacketStream service can be likened to IPRoyal Pawns as it has a little over 300 reviews too with an average star rating of 4.7. however, taking a look at some of the reviews, you would come to a conclusion that some of the reviews are fake. You will get to see many real users complaining.

Peer2Profit Community Support

This service has more reviews than IPRoyal Pawns and PacketStream but still isn’t in the class of Honeygain. It currently has over 600 reviews with an average star rating of 4.4. Taking a look at the reviews, you will see that over 80 percent of the reviewers like the service.

Our Verdict 

Looking at the differences between Honeygain, IPRoyal Pawns, PacketStream, and Peer2Profit, you can tell that even though they do the same thing, they are quite different and the differences should inform your decision regarding the one you will choose.

It is important I stress here that we do not recommend PacketStream as a way of sharing your Internet traffic for extra cash as their payout is not worth it — an incomparable with others would offer you.

We would rank the Honeygain service as the overall best and it is even being used by Oxylabs, a popular proxy service. IPRoyal Pawns works quite well and thew Peer2Profit is good for influencers that can get others to join its network.

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