10 Best YouTube Subscriber Trackers of 2022

Knowing how you perform in terms of subscribers is one of the things you should be concerned with as a YouTuber. In the article below, some of the best YouTube subscriber trackers are described.

Top YouTube Subscriber Trackers

If you are on this page, there is a high chance you have got a YouTube channel and you want to keep a tab on your subscribers. The YouTube recommendation algorithm is smart and effective in that it recommends to its users, videos that they would most likely engage with.

That means that even without subscribing to your channel, a user that watches your video a lot would still get to be shown your new videos. While this is good for the users and the platform, creators and channel audiences can’t say the same.

YouTube is quite competitive and a good number of the users can be enjoying your videos without necessarily wanting to subscribe to your channel since they get notified because of the level of interaction they do have with your content.

However, if a user still finds it necessary to subscribe to your channel, then the level of interest is on the high side and you should be worried the moment you start losing such subscribers. While there are manual ways you can keep a tab on your subscribers, using a subscriber tracker for keeping a tab would not only make the process easier, but would also provide you with more details than just doing it manually.

In this article, we would be taking a look at some of the best subscriber trackers in the market that you can use. Before doing that, let take a look at what subscriber trackers can do for your YouTube channel.

What Can YouTube Subscriber Trackers Do for You?

YouTube Subscriber Trackers

If you are the type that does not keep track of your followers, now is the time you have to. If you have been noticing a sudden drop in your followers or a sudden increase in your followers and you are not asking questions, then you are not managing your account the way you should manage it. This is because the way your subscribers and viewers react to your content would determine if there is anything wrong you are doing.

One of the uses of subscriber trackers is to gauge the performance of your campaign. Let’s say you have recently started a marketing campaign for your channel and you want to know how good the marketing is performing, you will need to track your subscribers to know that.

Also important is the fact that you need to track your subscribers know when you are having a sudden increase in your subscribers but your views, likes, and comments are not increasing. If such happens, you are most likely having bots subscribing to your channel. This could happen as a result of you paying for marketing and then being sold bot subscribers instead of real subscribers. If you are the type that subscribes to the channel of others so they could subscribe to yours based on agreement, trackers can help you know when such users unsubscribe to your channel.

Top 10 YouTube Subscriber Trackers

For the most part, YouTube subscribers use publicly available data to help track your subscribers and engagements. This is easy and has resulted in a good number of subscriber trackers in the market. However, not all of them are a good fit for use. Below are some of the top YouTube subscriber trackers in the market.

1. YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio

We are going to start the list with the tool provided by YouTube itself. The YouTube platform provides a tool known as the YouTube Studio that provides details on your subscribers. While the YouTube Studio cannot be said to be a full-fledge subscriber tracker and it hides a lot of details as with other native user analytics, it is important we mention it here as some people do not even know it exist — and it might be the only tool they need.

With this tool, you can find out the recent subscribers of your channel. The service also provides you details of your subscribers count over time which is good for understanding how your channel has grown.

2. YT Count

YT Count

YT Count is one of the simplest YouTube subscriber trackers out there. From the name of the tool, you can tell that all it does is provide you with details of the number of subscribers you have. However, it does more than that. Aside from providing you real-time data on your subscriber’s count, it can provide you information on the number of subscribers a channel has over time.

The TY Count service is an easy-to-use application that can be said to be cross-platform. The tool is available for both Android and iOS. It has also got support for a web version that works exactly the same as the mobile version but has the advantage of being usable from the browser.

3. Social Blade

Social Blade review

Another service you can use to track your YouTube subscribers is the Social Blade service. Social Blade is a popular service in the market for social media fanbase analytics and tracking. It has got support for YouTube, among other social media platforms. With Social Blade, you can find out the number of subscribers a user has. It also has got support for providing the total number of videos, views, and likes a channel has.

The service also has a grading system that it assigns to channels to provide you qualitative information on the channel. Social Blade is available on Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store. You can also install it as an extension for Firefox and Chrome.

4. SpeakRJ


SpeakRJ is one of the services in the market that has got support for providing YouTube channel owners details of their subscribers. According to the information on its website, this service claim that the information it provides is not from YouTube but from their own independent sources.

While we highly doubt that, we can tell that SpeakRJ does provide details of a channel ranging from the number of subscribers to the total number of views and likes you have received over time. It also provides you with details on the number of videos present in a channel. All that you require is to provide the username of the YouTube channel and you are good to go.

5. YouCount


YouCount is an easy-to-use YouTube channel tracker that provides information about the number of subscribers a channel has. With the YouCount application which is accessible online, you can track the number of subscribers a channel has in real-time — it even automatically refreshes itself.

All you need to enter is the username of the channel and you are good to go. Aside from the username of a channel, you can also use its URL, name of the channel, and even search query to find the channel you want to track. You can use this tool to check the performance of your last few videos.

6. SocialCounts


SocialCounts is another YouTube subscriber tracker in the market that you can use to find out how your channel is performing. Forget the use of the word market in the previous paragraph, the tool is a free tool just like the other subscriber trackers described above. One thing you will come to like about the SocialCounts app is that it is available only and you can access it via a browser.

This tool will not only reveal to you, the number of subscribers you have in real time, it will also provide you details of the total number of videos you have uploaded, the number of likes, dislikes, and views the videos have generated. My major concern with this application is the littering of ads on the site.

7. Youtube Subscriber Counter

Youtube Subscriber Counter

I hit a roadblock while trying to use this tool — that the Internet is broken — until I discovered it isn’t real and just the Javascript trying to mess around. The YouTube Subscriber Counter is heavy on Javascript which some might not find likely. However, aside from this issue, the YouTube Subscriber Counter is one of the best apps you can use to keep a tab on the performance of your channel in real-time.

You can use it to check the subscriber count of not just your channel but that of other channels as well. It also provides information about the number of likes and views a particular channel has. All you are required to provide is the username or URL of the channel and you are good to go.

8. LiveCounts

LiveCounts subscriber


LiveCounts is one of the popular YouTube subscriber trackers out there. One unique feature of this LiveCounts is its minimalist approach. It is available as a web-based tool and the interface you will have to deal with is even small. It hides all other UI elements and details in a nicely packed navigation element.

With this tool, you can’t only get details of the subscriber count of a channel, you can also get details of likes and views. The tool also supports a schedule checker which makes it possible for you to routinely track the subscriber of a channel to know how it performs over time.

9. Grin


Grin is another minimalist option out there that you can use to track the subscriber’s count of a channel whether you are the owner or not. Until the other tools provide you with some other details, Grin will provide you with just the subscriber count. However, the only good thing about this is that the data provided to you is real-time.

A visit to the web page where the detail is provided would reveal to you that even a newbie can use the tool with no hassle. The subscriber count is in the middle of the page — boldly displayed. At the Botton left corner of the page is the input form for entering the channel username or URL. The bottom right contains some settings, including skinning of the page.

10. YT Tracker for YouTube

YT Tracker for YouTube

Last on our list is the YT Tracker App for YouTube. This app is only available to iOS users and can be downloaded from the app store. It is not your regular YouTube Subscriber app. This tool makes use of the YouTube API to provide you with unrivaled data and analytics that no other tracker app provides.

On a norm, this tool should be on the top of the page but we made a decision to put it here as a bonus to those that would read the article to this point. YT Tracker will not only provide you details of your real-time subscriber but will also provide you details of your subscriber count in the past and how it has grown. You also get details about video performance and engagements, among other details. However, this one requires payment.

FAQs About YouTube Subscriber Trackers

Q. Are YouTube Subscriber Trackers Safe?

YouTube subscriber trackers are safe to use. Remember, you do not require to provide the password of an account nor authorize any Gmail account to use this tool. The data it uses for the most part is publicly available. If you have some basic knowledge in web scraping, you can successfully create a subscriber tracker for YouTube.

However, some YouTube subscriber trackers may require some private data which would require some authorization. Even for this, if you choose to use a reputable app, you shouldn’t have any problem.

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Q. Why Are There So Many Subscriber Trackers in the Market?

A simple query on Google will reveal to you that there are many trackers out there for subscriber count. This is not unconnected to the fact that the barrier of entry is not high. All you need to develop one is knowledge of web scraping and the YouTube API and you are good to go.

However, it is also important you know that many of them are not many enough money and that is why you get to see some of them closing down after a while.


From the below, it is clear that the only data you can get from most subscriber trackers is the number of subscribers, likes, and view a channel has — this is because there is no public API that provides more data that could be provided to you.

For this reason, there is a limit to the information you can find out about a channel using any of these tools except the YouTube Studio tool which is provided by YouTube itself.


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