10 Best Instagram Follower Tracker of 2024

Trying to track your followers to keep a tab on changes as they occur? Then you are on the right page as we would be revealing the top Instagram follower trackers in the market that you can use to know who unfollowed you.

Top Instagram Follower Trackers

How do you keep a tab on your followers and track the list to know what is happening to your popularity on Instagram? There are basically two methods to get that done — manual and automatic way. The manual method is pretty straightforward; you keep a list of all of your followers and always go back to the list to see those that have unfollowed you.

This method is not only crude, boring, and time-wasting, it could also be impracticable if you have a large fanbase. The second method is the automated version of the manual method that provides you analytics on your fanbase on Instagram.

There are many of those apps in the market that can help you track your followers on Instagram. One thing you need to know about using these apps is that you could put your account at risk when using any of these depending on the depth of the data you are looking for.

While the ones that will just provide you a list of your followers and the ones not following might not need you to log into your account, some might need you to log in. For this reason, it is important you are picky and only use the top ones with good ratings that have proven to stand the test of time. In this article, we would be taking a look at some of these below.

What Can Instagram Follower Trackers Do for You?

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Instagram provides you with a native insight into the performance of your account. However, just as with any of the native support, you do not get information that is too detailed enough to provide you with information about the reactions of individual followers. For this reason, people Instagram users turn to third-party applications to find out how others are reacting to their accounts.

But what is the information you can get from these apps? The most popular reason why people make use of a follower tracker for Instagram is to know the followers that unfollowed them. An example of the users that use this a lot are users that engaged in follow-for-follow.

However, finding out who unfollowed you in other to do so is also one of the reasons you shouldn’t even make use of the app. There are better use cases for follower trackers — the apps are an analytical tool to help you understand your followers better.

With a follower tracker, you can discover who unfollows you, those you follow that do not follow you, those following you but you are not following, users that interact with your posts the most, and even ghost followers that are dormant  and never interact with your content among others. There is a lot more you can discover by just using a follower app depending on the specific follower app you use.

Top 10 Instagram Follower Trackers

When making a choice on the follower tracker to use for Instagram, you need to put security into consideration as some of them can be malicious. Below are some of the safe Instagram follower trackers you can use to keep a tab on your followers.

1. FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram

One of the best Instagram follower trackers you can have access to is the FollowMeter application. This is an installable app developed for both iOS and Android. If you are using an iOS device, download FollowMeter for iOS — To download for Android, click here.

With this tool, you can find out users that unfollow you, those following you buy you are not following them, those not following you back, and the ghost followers among your followers that never engage with your account.

Aside from these, the app can also be used to detect secret admirers, top likers, top commenters, and multiple accounts within your followers, among others. The basic feature of the app is free but some of its features require you to opt-in as a premium user.

2. Follow Cop

Follow Cop

Follow Cop is one of the applications available to you if you want to keep track of your fan base on Instagram. With the Follow Cop application, you can find out the users that have unfollowed you and can also discover those users you have followed that have refused to follow you.

If you are one of those Instagram users that engage own the follow-for-follow campaign where you earn followers by the agreement that they would follow you once you follow them and vice versa, then the Follow Cop is the tool for you as you can use the app to find out if a user has kept his own part of the bargain. Follow Cop is a free tool and is available only for Android.

3. Followers + for Instagram

Followers + for Instagram

Followers Plus written as Followers + is one of the best Instagram followers trackers for iOS. Using this tool, you can keep a tab on your Instagram followers.

However, it is not just a follower tracker, it is a powerful account analytical tool that provides you with information about the performance of your activities. One good feature about this tool is that you can use it to track your followers across multiple Instagram accounts you own.

The tool can be used to get details of your followers and the followers you lost. You also get information about the followers you are following that are not following you. The tool also reveals the ghost followers among your followers and also provides you with information about your profile stalkers.

4. My Ghost Followers

My Ghost Followers

One of the tools you will find helpful when you want to remove ghost followers is the My Ghost Followers. It might interest you to know that a lot of the followers you see as real followers are nothing but bot or ghost followers. These kinds of followers do not interact with your content. While they do not hurt, you might want to remove them if you are an influencer and do not want your business partners to notice you have a lot of them.

With the help of the My Ghost Followers app, you can view all of  the ghost followers following and remove them in simple steps. The major downside to this tool is that you will need to pay for it else, you will meet many limitations while using it.

5. Followers and Unfollowers

Followers and Unfollowers

Followers and Unfollowers is one of the best tools in the market to track your followers. The tool is available only for Android users and has an average rating of 4.4 from close to 300K users, making it one of the popular options out there.

This tool I the perfect tool for you if you want to find out the users you are following that are not following you. It also provides you details of the recent users that unfollow you which makes it easier to keep a tab on those that recently lose interest in following you.

With the Followers and Unfollowers app, Instagram users can mass unfollow up to 50 accounts with one a click after highlighting all of them. This app is a free tool but does have premium support with advanced features.

6. Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer is developed by Iskylar, an IT-based firm. This application is an Android app that has been developed to help Instagram users keep a tab on their fan base. Without monitoring your followers, you might not know whether you are becoming unpopular on the platform. One thing you will come to like about the service is its ease of use which makes it usable even to the non-techies.

Follower Analyzer is the tool for you if you want to know where you are losing or gaining followers. It provides you with a list of your new followers as well as a list of the followers you lost. With this Android app, you can also tell discover your top likers and commenters.

7. Social Scan

Social Scan

Social Scan is not your regular Instagram follower tracker that would bore you with just details of your followers — Social Scan is much more and can be used aside from just analyzing your fanbase.

For  analyzing your fanbase, Social Scan is the tool you will need if you want to know who unfollows you hide your stories. On another hide, you can also use the tool to discover your secret admirers and ghost followers.

It is also handy for those engaging in the follow-for-follow campaign.  On the content part, you can use this tool to discover your popular posts, generate analytics for your stories, create stories, and watch stories of other users anonymously.

8. Followers Pro +

Followers Pro +

Followers Pro + is not different from the other Instagram follower tracker discussed above. With the Followers Pro + installed on your Android device, you will not have to go through the tedious process of manually analyzing your fanbase and drawing valid conclusions.

At the click of a few buttons, you can detect what is happening to your popularity on Instagram. Do you want to find out who unfollowed you recently? Then the Follower Pro + app would help you. But that is not all it does; it can find out those following you that you are not following so that you can do the same. It can also detect those that removed their comments or likes from your posts, among others.

9. Reports


The Reports app is specifically developed for iPads. This application is one of the best applications you can use to track your followers on Instagram. One thing you will come to like about the Reports application for iPad is the intuitive and aesthetic arrangements of the UI elements, which make the tool easy to use.

Reports have been developed to help you catch those who unfollow you without sweating. But that is not all; it also provides you details of those you are not following that follow you. You also get details of those not following you that you are following. This application can also provide you with details of those that interacted with your profile and your secret admirers.

10. Snoopreport


All of the above applications are meant for analyzing and tracking your followers. However, for these apps, you do not get details on the followers — just their profile. The Snoopreport is a different app when compared to the other app described above. I

nstead of helping you to track your followers, it provides you with details on the activities of any Instagram user. This tool becomes important in research if you want to find out details about a specific follower.

You can discover what the follower likes and who he follows. Basically, the Snoopreport tool helps you find out the interest of an Instagram user by analyzing the publicly available engagement data of such users.

FAQs About Instagram Follower Trackers

Q. Are Instagram Follower Trackers Safe?

A good Instagram follower tracker should be safe for use without compromising your account. This is because you wouldn’t be providing your username and password for most of them. Instead, authorization is done from Instagram.

However, some of the trackers can be insecure, thus, compromising your accounts. A good number of the bad ones using the Instagram API has been flushed out by a recent update. However, some of them are still around and that is why we advise you stick to the list provided above.

Q. Is Instagram Follower Tracking Illegal?

Tracking your followers to detect who is following you and who has unfollowed you is not illegal. Even though Instagram is known for having a lot of restrictions, it has not made any restrictions regarding this.

In fact, it is advisable you keep a tab on your followers to know how your campaign is performing and whether you are becoming popular or unpopular. However, make sure you are using a good tracker to avoid getting your account compromised in the process.


Looking at the above, you can see that all of the tools are available as installable apps. This means that you will need to keep them installed on your mobile device with either Android or iOS or both supported.

One good thing with these tracker apps is that a good number of them are free to use and you will only get to make the payment if you want to make use of their advanced features. Follower trackers, when used rightly, can be the tool you need to fine-tune your growth process and avoid methods that would only earn you short-term followers.

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