10 Best TikTok Followers Apps to Get More Followers (2024)

Are you looking for the best TikTok follower apps in the market that you can use to get more followers and fans on TikTok? Then the article below has been written for you as we would be providing you a recommendation on the best TikTok followers apps to use.

Best TikTok Followers Apps

Gaining new followers is easy on TikTok in theory — until you practice what you have learned and you discover how competition on the platform has killed those methods you have learned. The truth is, TikTok is no longer the app you can just join and expect to get popular in no distance time. That happened in the past — the platform is now matured and it is time to be taken seriously and that means you cannot get popular easily.

For the big brands, they could afford to pay for marketing and optimize their efforts into growing their account. However, this is not true for small brands and users especially those without social media marketing skills.

For these set of users, there are some methods they follow to grow their accounts, and buying followers is one of those. You can buy TikTok followers either from a website or web app. The focus of this article is on mobile apps for getting Instagram followers.

For the most part, these apps claim to offer free Tiktok followers and would get you to carry out some simple tasks. In addition, they also have support for buying the followers directly.

We would be recommending some of the top TikTok followers’ apps below. Before doing that, let take a look at an overview of the apps.

Overview of TikTok Followers Apps

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TikTok followers apps are nothing but apps you install on your smartphone that helps you gain followers. The tools do not do any magic and can be said to be the same as regular websites designed to help you gain followers on TikTok, only that you are required to have one installed on your mobile device and they are usually not cross-platform.

These apps do not generate followers for you out of thin air. The accounts used in following you are either that of real TikTok users who would be compensated or fake followers AKA bot followers owned and managed by the developers of the followers’ app for the sole purpose of providing followers and engagements.

Most of the TikTok followers apps are either meant for Android or iOS. Only a few have support for both. Using a TikTok follower app or even website to gain followers is unnatural and the followers you receive can’t be said to be organic.

Most of the followers you will get from using any of the followers apps for TikTok in the market wouldn’t engage with your videos. For this reason, it is advisable using these apps should only be a small fraction of your strategy to gain followers.

You should focus more on gaining followers via creating high-quality videos that are engaging, engaging with the videos of others, and creating awareness for your account so users are willing to follow you.

Best TikTok Followers Apps in the Market

In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the popular TikTok follower apps in the market that you can use to get more followers. You need to be careful regarding the app you use as some of them can ruin your account with followers that can easily be discovered as bots and when that happens, you will not only lose the followers, you might also get penalized.

1. GetAFollower

TikTok Followers Apps is getafollower

GetAFollower is one of the top apps you can use to gain more followers for your TikTok account. For this service, you will have to pay for the followers you will get as the service is completely paid and does not even provide you a free trial.

However, it is one of the few services you will enjoy high-quality followers from. One feature of interest to users is the fact that GetAFollower does not provide instant followers regardless of whether you paid for 25 followers or 1K followers.

Generally, the delivery duration varies depending on the number of followers you paid for. With a prolonged delivery period, you do not get to fair suspicion as a result of a sudden rise in your follower count.

2. Media Mister

TikTok Followers Apps is MediaMister

Media Mister is a service designed to provide comprehensive social media enhancement services to its clients. It has the largest social media platform support as there is hardly any popular social media platform that Media Mister cannot help you enhance.

TikTok engagements are one of the key strengths of this service and from it, you can buy followers, likes, views, comments, and even share. In terms of followers, this service will provide you real looking followers and drip-feed them at intervals to ensure no suspicion is raised as a result of a sudden increase in follower count. If you are looking for a service that will provide you with immediate followers, Media Mister is not for you.

3. Seek Socially

TikTok Followers Apps is Seek Socially

Seek Socially is a service developed to help social media marketers grow their accounts on autopilot. It is a web app and can be said to be one of the best follower apps for TikTok as it has got support for TikTok. Aside from TikTok, you can use this app for growing your account on Facebook and Twitter. With this service, you won’t be getting fake followers or bots.

Under the hood, the service makes use of an automation bot to help grow your account on your behalf. However, it does not just work like that, you are required to set it up and provide details of your target audience. The service will then automate your account to interact with your target audience and by doing this, your account gain more followers.

4. TokCaptain

TikTok Followers Apps is TokCaptain

TokCaptain is another service you can buy followers from. It is accessible as a website and you can buy the number of TikTok followers you need to grow your account. TokCaptain offers two types of followers. They offer a standard package with followers that can be discovered as bot as they have no activities — these are usually cheap to buy.

However, they also have a reputation of getting blocked easily, thereby losing their followership. For this reason, the premium package was introduced and this package will provide you real looking followers that are not easily detected and as such, there are low chances you will lose them. But for you to get these premium followers, you will need to pay more.

5. TokSocial

TikTok Followers Apps is TokSocial

TokSocial is a TikTok growth service that can help you grow your account on autopilot. From the content on their website, you can tell that they make use of bots to grow the accounts. However, this isn’t explicitly stated for obvious reasons.

However, one thing you will come to like about this service is that they are professionals and understand the algorithm well enough to make sure your account does not get banned while being automated.

This service will provide you with a dedicated account manager with which you can define your target audience and plan your strategy. With the way this service works, the followers you will get from using it are most likely real.

6. TikFuel

TikTok Followers Apps is TikFuel

The TikFuel service is a leading TikTok engagement provider. It is one of the services that you can buy followers and likes from. TikFuel is quite easy to use. All you need to do to start getting followers using the service is to pay for a follower package, define your target, and then allow the service to do its job. According to the information on their website, they do not offer fake or bot followers.

This is unbelievable as it is difficult to tell where the followers are coming from or how they help you gain followers. While we suspect the followers are bots, they are real-looking and as such, have better chances of not being discovered.

7. Trollishly

TikTok Followers Apps is Trollishly

Sometimes, just getting followers does not cut it and that is where Trollishly comes in. This service has been developed to provide marketers with a host of TikTok engagements. From this website, you can buy followers, likes, shares, comments, and even mentions among others.

The service also has support for auto like and auto view which is an automated service that will provide your new posts likes and views the moment they are posted. If you have any of these enabled, your profile will be monitored for new posts and once any is discovered, you get likes and views for such posts. This service as with the other ones described in the article does not require you to provide your username and as such, your account isn’t compromised.

8. UseViral

TikTok Followers Apps is UseViral

Are you looking to gain quick followers without doing any work or even waiting? Then the UseViral service is the service for you. This website has been set up to provide social media marketers with quick followers. TikTok is one of the supported social media platforms and for this, you can buy followers. Delivery for the followers is near-instant, which makes it possible for you to quickly grow your account within a short period of time.

However, when instant delivery is the speed of delivery, you have to be careful. This is because gaining too many followers too quickly will raise eyebrows and this could get you to lose the followers and even get your account penalized.

9. SidesMedia

TikTok Followers Apps is SidesMedia

Last on the list is the SidesMedia service. This service is popular for providing social media engagements. If you need followers for your TikTok account, then you can get them from SidesMedia. No doubt, the followers you get from this service are not real followers.

However, they look real and as such, there is only a small chance of your losing them compared to those that can easily be identified as bots. However, one thing you need to know is that the pricing for the followers is a little bit pricey compared to standard followers you can get for cheap.

10. TokUpgrade (Dead)

TikTok Followers Apps is TokUpgrade

The TikUpgrade service is one of the web apps that you can use to grow your account on autopilot. If you take a look at the website, you will think it is a regular service where you just pay for followers and they get delivered to you. However, a deep look at the content and pricing page will reveal to you that TokUpgrade is actually a TikTok growth service that will help you manage your account and grow it as per your need.

TokUpgrade has got support for advanced targeting which make it possible for you to target audience based on their location, gender, and interest. Payment is flexible for this service as it has got support for both weekly and monthly payments.

FAQs About TikTok Followers Apps

Q. Are The Followers You get From Follower Apps Real Followers?

While there are exceptions and in a few cases where the followers apps can provide you, real followers, in most cases, the followers you will get by paying for them are bot followers or fake followers. The only services you can get real followers are the growth services that use automation to use your account to interact with other accounts on the platform.

Aside from these, any other service that you can simply buy a specific number of followers is selling you nothing but fake followers.

Q. Is Buying TikTok Followers Illegal?

Buying followers is not illegal even though it is not ethical as it is deceptive in nature. However, if following ethics is the least of your problems, then you can go ahead and pay for the followers you need.

One thing you need to know is that TikTok does not support such practice and as such, you will need to be discrete with it as you will lose the followers when discovered.


As a way of concluding this article, you need to know that buying followers or gaining them by carrying out some tasks sounds good to the ear. However, the followers are not what you think they are. For most of the services, all you get are bots or fake followers.

There are some that provide you real followers and even for these, the followers might not engage with your content. For this reason, only make use of these services as a way t again social proof — you will need real outreach and engagements to gain real followers that would engage with your posts.

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