8 Best Sites to Get Free TikTok Followers [100% Free, Real & Instant]

Are you looking for websites where you can get free TikTok Followers without making a monetary commitment? Then you are on the right page as we would be making recommendations on the best websites you can get TikTok fans for free.

Best Sites to Get Free TikTok Followers

Without followers and engagements on TikTok, you will just be like an artist performing at an empty studio — while you are not being stopped from performing (posting), no one is watching your performance (interacting with your posts). For this reason, increasing your followers is one of the ways you can stop performing for a non-existing audience.

There are many ways you can increase the number of followers you have on TikTok — real engagements with the content of others, getting an influencer to get you popular, using a Tiktok bot or growth service, or simply just paying for the followers.

The focus would be on buying TikTok followers. But what if I tell you that you do not need to even pay for the followers in the first place? Interesting right? Well, there are some services that require you to carry out certain actions and in return, you are rewarded with followers. In this article, we would be describing some of these services and their website so you can make use of them to gain followers.

What are Free TikTok Followers?

This section is needed in a bid to make some misconceptions clear — the best of followers you will ever have are free followers — the type of followers you didn’t pay a dime for that got interested in your personality or the content you post. That is the kind of followers TikTok as a community recommends and favors.

However, organic followers you got for free from your engagements and outreach are fundamentally different from followers you paid for or got for free by carrying out certain actions. In this article, the free followers we are talking about are the followers you get by using fan provider solutions without you paying for a dime — all you do is carry out specified tasks.

It is important you know that most of the followers you will get from these kinds of services are not real Instagram followers. They are mostly fake followers from bot accounts and as such, engagement is low to non-existence.

Even for the real ones, the followers are follower hungry as you are and as such, will end up becoming ghost followers since they have been forced to follow you in other to gain more followers too.

So why get these free followers then?

The only reason to get free followers is to increase your follower count which would make you seem more popular than you are and as such, make it easy for others to interact with you.

Top 8 Free Follower Providers in the Market

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Now that we do know what to expect from the free followers provided by the fan provider services, it is time to move into discussing the popular options out there. In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the popular websites you can buy followers from.

1. TikFuel

Get Free Tiktok Followers for TikFuel

One of the popular fan providers that have been developed specifically for providing TikTok followers is TikFuel. The TikFuel service has got both a free and a paid plan. The focus in this article is on their free plan. For this plan, a user is eligible for about 125 followers for free — yes, you get 125 followers for your new account for free after completing certain tasks to collect points.

The tasks are simple and you need to verify your email. The delivery period for this service is a little longer because of the demand. After earning 125 followers, you will need to make a payment to keep getting followers from the service. As a new user, you get up to 70 percent off from the actual price for your first purchase.

2. TikFans

Get Free Tiktok Followers for TikFans

TikFans is one of services you can get some free real TikTok users to follow you. Yes, in the case of TikFuel, the followers you get are most likely bots. However, for this, you can be sure some of the followers are real. This is because the service follows the follow-for-follow model where you can follow other users and get stars for doing so. You can then convert the star to either followers or likes, depending on what you want.

This service is available online and you do not need to install any application to use. The only major problem you might have using this service is that you can lose some of the followers after a while which is common with the follow-for-follow model.

3. TikFreeFollowers

Get Free Tiktok Followers for TikFreeFollowers

The TikFreeFollowers is another service you can get free followers from. According to the information on their website, they have got a user base of over 250K users which they use in delivery followers and likes. While we do doubt the fact that the followers are real followers, we can tell that you can get followers to boost your follower count on TikTok.

The service does not require you to provide your login details — all it does is require you to keep the profile of your account visible/public so that it can send the followers. You will need to solve captchas for verification in other to earn followers.

4. TikFollowers

Get Free Tiktok Followers for TikFollowers

You can gain up to 500 followers if you follow the trick specified by the TikFollowers service on their website. This website is one of the fan provider services that you can utilize if you have a low follower count on TikTok. The method the service follows is simple — you follow as many people as you want and in return, you get a fair share of the follower back. By doing this, you do not only send real followers, but you also get such in return.

Taking a look at the website of this service, you can see that there is some advertisement littered around which is one of their revenue streams.

5. SocialFollowersFree

Get Free Tiktok Followers for SocialFollowersFree

SocialFollowersFree is also another option if you are looking to gain followers without making payment or doing any reasonable task. The only skepticism I have with this service is that it does not provide a genuine detail on the source of its user base which it provides followers and likes from.

The service has got a paid service where you can buy TikTok followers and fans anywhere between 1K to 10K fans. The paid service is its premium service which provides you, users of higher quality when compared to the ones you earn for free by carrying out simple tasks.

6. FreeTikFollowers

Get Free Tiktok Followers for FreeTikFollowers

The FreeTikFollowers service is one of the websites that you can get free TikTok followers from. In addition to followers, the service has also got support for engagements in the forms of likes and views, among others. With this service, you can start getting followers as a new TikTok user since without having initial followers, many users would hesitate when trying to interact with your posting.

While being a free follower service even from its name, the service does have a paid service that provides you a better quality as par the quality of followers. The pricing for the paid service is quite affordable if you like the free service and want to upgrade.

7. TKBooster

Get Free Tiktok Followers for TKBooster

If you do not have a problem installing a Chrome browser extension, then this option is for you. The TKBooster is a Chrome extension provided by OneClickBooster that provides you, free followers.

The model it utilizes is the follow-for-follow model whereby if you follow one person, another person is made to follow you. This means that the more accounts you follow, the more followers you get.

Interestingly, the service has also got support for likes which means that with TKBooster installed, you do not only get followers, but you can also get likes. The extension is required and you need it. To be logged into your account for this service to work.

8. GRPLive

Get Free Tiktok Followers for GRPLive

The GRPLive service is another service that will provide you with followers. Just like most of the other services, GRPLive will claim, it provides you with only real users with no bots or ghost accounts. However, if you take a look at the reality on the ground, you will see that this claim is far from the truth.

However, you can use the service to increase your follower counts while you get genuine followers to balance things up. How this service provides you, free followers is simple — it partners with some services where you can carry out some simple tasks and in exchange for that, you are paid with followers and not in cash.


Q. Are Free TikTok Followers Worth It?

As stated earlier, the best followers and fans you can ever get are free followers. However, you will agree with me that followers you get by carrying out real engagements and outreach are different from followers you get by getting an online service to send them to you. For most, the followers you get are bot followers that won’t engage with your content.

For these followers, you will not get any form of engagement and you can even lose them if TikTok discovers the followers aren’t earned organically. However, this does not mean the free followers from the services described above are not worth it — if not for anything, they increase your follower count which is social proof that can get others to interact with your account.

Q. What is the Right Way of Getting TikTok Followers?

The best method of getting followers is when you earn them organically. This means followers you got as a result of network, outreach, posting, and engaging with the post of others.

The followers usually, would be earned without them being forced to follow you. Because they have a genuine interest in what you post, they engage with your content and as such, you have a better chance of getting popular if you get more organic followers than buying them or getting for free as discussed in this article.

Q. What are the Risks of Getting Followers for Free?

On the surface, the services described above seem to be all good. Most of them claim they offer real followers. However, if you dig deep, you will discover that they are being economical with the truth — most of them offer bot followers.

These followers at their best, do not engage — at their worse, they do but the engagements are full of spam. Not only that, TikTok as a platform discourage getting followers via these means and as such, the algorithm is designed to detect and remove them. If you use the services excessively, you can get suspended.


Looking at the model for the above fan providers, you will see that the followers are not as free as you think — they are paid, only that you are not paying via cash but by carrying out certain tasks.

Regardless of the model, you need to know that you cannot rely on any of these services to grow your account to a level of becoming popular. You will need to put in the hard work and earn genuine followers that would interact with your content.

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