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Come in now to read our honest reviews about Highproxies datacenter proxies from our expert reviewers. Learn more about the good aspects of their proxies and the area they need improvement.

Highproxies Overview

As far as datacenter proxies are concerned, Highproxies datacenter proxies are king. But are you planning to get a proxy plan from them? Then wait and read this review to the end before making a decision. This is because while their proxies have been found to be high performers, it is not all rosy just as no other product is all rosy.

They have their strengths and weakness, and one should be aware of these before making payment to avoid going through the process of refund. Let take a look at a brief overview of Highproxies.

Highproxies overview

Highproxies is one of the top datacenter proxy providers in the market. This provider has a good number of servers in the United States and the European Region. The proxies they provide are diverse to accommodate different applications, and interestingly, their rates are cheaper compared to many other providers in the market. However, they have got a few numbers of lapses that you need to be aware of before pitching your tent with. the two major ones are their lack of support for credit card and socks proxies.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Datacenter IPs
Price Charged Proxies
Price Sample $1.40/Month
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
Authentication Username/password + IP Authentication
IP Locations US (22) + 9 other locations
Instagram compatibility Yes
Sneaker compatibility No
Speed Good
support Ticket + Live chat
Refund Policy 3-days refund policy
IP ReplacementM 30 days
p2p/torrenting Allowed
Jurisdiction Location Delaware

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Hightproxies Pro

We are moving into the review proper and starting with the pro aspects of Highproxies and their datacenter proxies. this section will discuss the major aspects Highproxies stands strong and the features people like about them.

Package Diversity

Let me tell you something; if you are looking for a proxy provider in the datacenter categories that have proxies that can be used in a variety of use, then you need to look toward Highproxies. Their proxies come in different packages, each having an area it excels.

This makes it easier for users to make a choice and avoid unnecessary confusion. In many other providers, what you have are packages classified based on the number of proxies. but what do we have in the case of Highproxies?

Pricing of Highproxies

In the case of Highproxies, their packages are classified based on their application. They have the private and shared proxies every other provider has. In addition to these, they also have proxies for social media (Social Media Proxies), ticketing proxies, and classified ads proxies, among others. What these specialized packages provide is optimization – they are all optimized for their use cases as opposed to private proxies that are generic.

Super-Fast and Good for social accounts

Datacenter proxies are known with one major benefit over residential proxies – speed. But let me tell you something, Highproxies took this even further. Compared to other datacenters, Highproxies datacenter proxies are some of the fastest.

This is because they do not have any overhead and bottleneck to inhibit their speed performance and as such, they are fast. To confirm the speed, we tested their proxies on Speedtest.net and got the below result.

My Highproxies package

Test: No proxies

  • Ping: 6 ms
  • Download Speed: 82.65 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 43.82 Mbps

Below is the result I got from testing their proxies.

  • Ping: 19 ms
  • Download Speed: 55.43 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 31.96 Mbps

You can get more speed tests from here. One other aspect you will come to love about Highproxies datacenter proxies is that they are multithreaded. For the uninitiated, this means that they can multitask and send web requests concurrently. Highproxies currently supports up to 100 concurrent connections at a time. The speed and their multithread capability remain one of their major strengths.

And I use the Highproxies for Instagram automation, which is one of the proxy providers recommend by Jarvee also. I used lots of proxy provider for social marketing, and have to say, high proxies is one of the best choices for IG, twitter and youtube marketing.

Prices are Affordable

Highproxies proxies are known to be reasonable. Unlike in the case of other providers that you need to have a fat wallet size to pay for their plans, for Highproxies, their proxies are not only affordable but generally cheap. Since they have a variety of packages, we cannot possibly discuss all of them here. For their private proxies, you can get a proxy for $2.30 per month. However, as you buy more, the price per proxy reduces. Their biggest plan sells for $1400 and comes with 1000 proxies, which brings down the price per proxy to $1.40.

10 proxies cost $22

Highproxies does not offer free trials because previous users have abused it. however, they offer a 3 days money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not OK with their service, you can request for refund within 3 days of using the service. If you ask me, I will say this suffix for the lack of free trials.

Datacenters in the US and EU Region

Highproxies has got a good distribution of their proxy servers in the United States and the European region. They have over 50000 datacenter proxies scattered in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

datacenter location of Highproxies.com

It is important I state here that the majority of their proxies are US Proxies. they even have an interactive map on their site that shows the locations they have proxies. Click here to visit the page on their site. Check to see if they have proxies close to the areas you have interest in before buying a proxy package from them.

Easy to Use

Highproxies made their proxies easy to use for its users. Using their site is intuitive and fluid, even for first-time visitors. From the signup process, you are given the option of selecting the locations of the proxy servers you intend to use. You are also given the option to choose what you intend to use the proxies for so you will be given the appropriate proxies.

In terms of authentication, Highproxies provide support for the two types of authentication used in the industry. With Highproxies, you can either authenticate using the regular username and password or make use of IP Authentication, which is also known as IP Whitelisting.

Proxy Authentication

Customer Support is Great

Customer support is one of the metrics you can use to gauge the provision of a service. If you have not run into problems while using a service, you will not understand why I made this statement. But let me tell you something, if a provider is available when you need help, then such a provider is one you should pitch your tent with.

Highproxies has got good customer support. They have an FAQ page that provides answers to questions they frequently get. Not only this, but they also have a support ticket you can use for lodging your complaint, and if they are online, you can make use of their live chat support feature.

IP Replacement

Datacenters have the problem of getting identified easily and classified as bad IPs. Because of the risk of being sold IPs that won’t be functional for you, Highproxies comes with a feature that allows you to request for IP if you feel the ones you were given are not as functional as they should.

proxies refresh

Interestingly, even though you did not request, the IPs given to you are replaced with new ones after every 30 days. This is in a bid to provide you fresh IPs and prevent you from overusing the ones in your possession.

Highproxies Cons

When it comes to the cons, Highproxies can be said only to have a few areas they disappoint even though it has room for improvement in many areas. Let take a look at the few areas Highproxies disappoints.

Does not Support Sneaker Copping

This is one of the major areas Highproxies’s datacenter proxies flops – big time. If you are a sneakerhead or reseller and you are into sneaker copping, then stay away from Highproxies; their proxies won’t work for you as sneaker sites easily detect and block them. However, they work best in social media management, accessing ticketing and classified ads websites.

Does not Accept Credit Card Payment

Credit Card Payment acceptance

Highproxies service is affordable, cheap, and they offer a 3-days guarantee – no doubt. However, when it comes to the payment options, it lacks in one that is a very common mode of payment. Highproxies does not provide support for the credit card. If you must make payment for their proxies, you must either use PayPal, Payza, or Coingate. It is not clear if they will support credit card payment in the future.

Do I Recommend Highproxies?

No doubt, Highproxies is one of the top datacenter IP proxies providers, and I will recommend them especially in the aspect of social media management and using them for ticketing and classified ads websites. They are fast, allows up to 100 concurrent connections, and features low pings.

However, they cannot be used for sneakers copping and do not have support for credit card mode of payment. If these two flops are not much of a concern to you, then go ahead and use their proxies, they are affordable and cheap.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 9/10
  • Speed - 9/10
  • Functionality - 8/10
  • Support - 10/10

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