10 Best TikTok Video Downloader Without Watermark (2024)

Are you looking for methods to download videos you see on TikTok? Well, videos on TikTok can easily be downloaded using a TikTok video downloader. In the article below, we described some of the best apps you can use for that.

Best TikTok Video Downloader Apps

There is an enormous supply of short videos on TikTok for everyone to view and enjoy and I know you love TikTok for that. If you are like me, you would want to download some of the videos either to send them to someone offline or just leave them in your video library offline in other to consume later. TikTok does have support for video downloading whether the video was uploaded by you or not.

However, when you download videos using the TikTok app, the video is downloaded with the TikTok watermark which is not something some users would want to see. Also interesting is the fact that some TikTok users even protect their videos and turn off the downloading feature.

If you see a video you are interested in downloading and you do not want to download it with the TikTok watermark or the owner simply deactivates downloading, then this article has been written for you. We would be taking a look at some of the applications you can use to download TikTok videos and use them offline with no hassle.

There are a good number of these applications in the market and as such, we would help you sieve through the noise to bring to you, only the TikTok video downloader apps that are worthy to be called one. Before going into that proper, let’s take a look at an overview of these apps and how they work.

Overview of TikTok Video Downloader Apps

YouTube video

The TikTok app can serve as a good application for downloading TikTok videos that you might not even need to use a third-party app. To download a video uploaded by someone else, all you have to do is tap the video and hold for a few seconds for an action interface to appear. If the user allows downloading of his video, you will see the “Save Video” option which you need to tap to start downloading the video. Unfortunately, not many users are deactivating the option and that is why you need to use other methods or simply make use of a third-party tool to achieve your quest to download a video.

When compared to the official TikTok app, third-party apps are better at downloading TikTok videos. This is because when you are dealing with one, you will not have to worry about whether the user allows it or not. In as much as the video is available online, then these apps can read the streams and get them downloaded with the TikTok video protection system bypassed easily.

Many of them read the streams of the video sent from the TikTok server when they send a request for the video. Interestingly, they also remove the watermark which is also an added advantage. Interestingly, you might not be doing anything wrong by doing this as downloading these videos falls under the fair usage policy.

Top TikTok Video Downloader Apps in the Market

In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the top apps in the market that you can use to download TikTok apps. They can either be downloadable apps or simply online-based apps otherwise known as web applications.

1. TikMate Online

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is TikMate Online

The TikMate Online tool is one of the best TikTok downloader apps you can use to save videos you are interested in on TikTok. This tool is available first, as an online application that you can use to download videos from TikTok via the URL of the video.

The platform supports only the MP4 format. However, TikMate Online is not only available as a web-based tool, it also has support for an Android app which is available on Google Play Store for free.

Another feature you will come to like about this tool is its support for a Chrome extension which makes it available for more platforms and makes it easier to use. All you have to do is have it installed and visit the video you want to download and then click on a button.

2. SaveTT

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is SaveTT

SaveTT is one of the websites available online that you can use to download TikTok videos easily.  The website is easy to use and user friendly that even a beginner-level user of the Internet can make use of it provided he knows what he is doing.

All you need to do is copy the link of the video you want to download and paste it in the input field provided and then choose the format you want the video downloaded in and you are good to go.

Aside from downloading the videos in MP4 format, you can also download them in MP3 format if what you are interested in is the audio of the video which makes it a good fit conversation too.

3. TTDownloader

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is TTDownloader

The TTDownloader is another web-based downloader for TikTok videos. As with the other tools described above, the tool has got support for downloading TikTok videos without watermark which is one of the key features many users are looking for.

However, aside from supporting download with no TikTok watermark as other downloaders support, it also does have support for downloading videos with a watermark which makes it one of the unique downloaders out there.

One other feature it comes with is the ability to download the videos as audio files. The TTDownloader also comes with support for converting TikTok videos to GIFs — for now, only 1 – 10 seconds is supported.

4. SnapTik

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is SnapTik

The SnapTik will help you download videos from TikTok if you can provide it the URL to the video. It is that easy to use. All you need is to access it from any device of your choice provided the device has a modern browser with Javascript enabled. SnapTik will download the video in HD quality without any of the details of the video missing out.

Also important is the fact that videos downloaded with the SnapTik tool from TikTok do not come with a watermark. SnapTik has recently developed an Android app to augment and serve android users.

You can download the SnapTik app from Google Play Store and use it to download videos from SnapTik free of charge — you just have to deal with ads as that is how the developers of the tool make their money.

5. SSSTikTok

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is SSSTikTok

Another option out there that you can make use of is the SSSTikTok service. Forget the fact that it has the term TikTok in full in its name, it is not affiliated to TikTok in any way. This tool is also available as a web-based tool which makes it perfect for use on most devices.

Interestingly, the service also provides an Android app that you can download from the Google Play Store and install on your android device to make it even easier for you to download TikTok videos.

Aside from being able to save TikTok videos, the tool also has got support for retrieving and downloading music from TikTok videos. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you will need to use the Documents by Readdle app.

6. TikMate

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is TikMate

From the above, we discussed a tool with the name TikMate. Well, this one too is another TikMate and these two tools are not from the same developers — we can only say it is an issue with conflict of name. This one too is one of the best TikTok video downloaders in the market that you can use without downloading any application.

It is available completely as a web-based tool that all you need is a browser to access it. TikMate is free to use as with the other tools described above and shows you ads through which it makes money. The videos downloaded using this tool comes with no watermark and are in HD with no detail lost.

7. QLoad

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is QLoad

The QLoad service is also one of the tools which you can use to download videos from TikTok. All you have to do is go to the video you want to download and copy its URL. If you are using the TikTok app, click on share and then copy the link. Those on PC can simply copy the URL from the address bar. With the URL copied, just paste in the input form provided on the website and click download and the video will be downloaded for you in no time.

Aside from downloading videos, you can also download songs and audio from videos on TikTok using this service. The service also has support for an Android app which is downloadable free of charge.

8. SaveTik

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is SaveTik

From the name of this app, you can tell that it is a tool for saving TikTok videos, and a look at the website confirms it. In fact, it is one of the best tools you can ever use to download TikTok videos.

With this tool, you can download TikTok videos regardless of if the uploader wants you to download them or not — even TikTok cannot stop you from downloading it provided SaveTik can access it. Also important is the fact that the video comes with no TikTok watermark which makes it quite competitive.

SaveTik does not have an installable application. However, it does have support for progressive apps. The procedure for its usage is different depending on your operating system (Android or iOS). You can visit the page for instruction on how to use it.

9. LoveTik

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is LoveTik

LoveTik is another option for you if you want to download a TikTok video. With this tool, you have the option of downloading a video with or without the watermark. There is also the option of downloading only the audio of a video which also comes in handy quite some time.

LoveTik and free and does not come with any price tag. It also does not limit you to a number of videos you can download in a day — you can download as many videos as you want. This, you will do without installing any software as the tool is available as a web-based tool accessible using any browser of your choice.

10. SaveFrom.net

Tiktok Video Downloader Apps is SaveFrom

If you have been downloading videos from other platforms with no support for download such as YouTube for a while now, there is a high chance you have already heard about the SaveFrom tool. This tool is actually one of the foremost tools that championed the method of downloading videos from YouTube. It does have one of the best support for TikTok.

You can use this tool to download videos or just the song/audio from TikTok. While the main tool is available online, it also does have support for an Android app which makes it more convenient and easy for Android users. If you will like to download a video to your PC, there is also a browser extension that makes the process one click.

FAQs About TikTok Video Downloader Apps

Q. Is it Illegal to Download TikTok Videos?

TikTok as a platform does support the downloading of videos posted by users of its platform. While some users do disallow this and as such, you won’t be able to use the official app, you can still use a third-party app such as the ones described above to download the videos.

Is doing that illegal? Well, all we can say is that it is in a gray area. However, it can be argued that downloading TikTok videos for private use may come under the Fair Use Doctrine.

Q. Are TikTok Video Downloader Apps Safe to Use?

It will be very difficult to answer this question for all of the downloaders in the market. However, for the downloaders discussed in the article, they are completely safe to use. This is because you are not required to log into your account and as such, there is no fear of your account getting compromised.

Most of the tools are available as an online app and if you are the type that is paranoid about installing random apps o your smartphone, you can just use the online versions. However, none of the apps have been reported for a security breach.


From the above, you can tell that there are a good number of options out there when it comes to apps to help you download TikTok videos without or even with watermarks. None of the above-mentioned tools requires you to pay a dime to use them and they can all be said to have almost the same features. So in short, it is just a matter of preference and choice as you can use any of them to get the job done perfectly well.

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