Sneaker Raffles 2023: What is it & How to Win Sneaker Raffles

Are you new to sneaker raffles and want to learn more about them? Then come in now to read our guide on sneaker raffles. Learn what it means and what it takes to succeed in raffles you join.  

Sneaker Raffles 101

Limited edition sneaker releases are always a pain to sneaker retailers. Bots have ruined things because of their super-fast speed which gives them an unfair advantage over real humans. This had led sneaker retailers to look for ways to sell limited edition sneakers without giving bots unfair advantages in terms of speed. And the solution? Sneaker raffles.

With a raffle, it is no longer the case of first come first served. It now depends on how lucky you are to win the raffle draw. But wait a minute, it is not that simple as the raffles are not regular raffles. There are things that influence and increase your chances of succeeding in raffles you join.

And that is why this article has been written; to provide you guide on sneakers so you know how to make the most out of them. This article is the ultimate guide to sneaker raffles where you discover all you need to know about sneaker raffles especially if you are a beginner. You get to know what it is, how it works, its types, and many more.

What is Sneaker Raffles?

What Sneaker Raffles is

A Sneaker Raffle is basically a gamble where users join to win a chance to purchase limited edition sneaker wear. In other words, this is an instance where you get a ticket and wait for a retailer's live draw to pick a winner.

Knowing limited-edition high on-demand sneakers are always competitive, raffles are the major way to level the playing field, especially against bots that shine on the basis of first come first serve because of their high speed.

This is done to give the same right to everyone. Hence, the uniqueness is that, you are not paying for these raffles, what you are paying for is the sneakers. Whether it's Nike, Supreme, Adidas, Jordan, or Yeezy among others, they all have their different rules surrounding their raffles.

Types of Sneaker Raffles

Types of Sneaker Raffles

There are different types of sneakers. Although,  two categories are loudly heard. But if you take your time to look further, there are more and these are — In-store, Online, Social platforms, In-App, and Reservation Raffles.

  • In-Store or In-Person

This has been the first and major way raffles were drawn before other methods came in. It's a type that requires physical appearance and real human participation. Though it is very stressful because queuing is involved to start the process.

However, what it takes is to go to the retailer's store and give your details including means of identification, then wait for the raffles to be selected, and winners announced for purchase.

  • Online

This type is well embraced presently. It is a method of sneaker raffle that is conducted on the retailer's website, hence it does not call for a physical presence like In-store.

The raffles are entered and started live online, all details are filled in electronically and selection is carried out via the same method. The successful winners are notified through their emails and purchase guidelines are explained. Thus, payments are made online and the sneakers are shipped for pick-up.

  • In-App

This is self-explanatory just as the name implies. Top Sneaker manufacturers and retailers have mobile Apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android. All to do is to log in to the app and fill necessary details including means of identity, then engage in available raffles.

If selected, follow their instructions via the App to acquire your pair. In-App is often likened to an Online sneaker raffle. Moreover, while Online is by using a retailer's website, In-App is by the App.

  • Social Platform

Social platform sneaker raffles are quite easy to understand. The raffles are held on the retailer's social media platforms be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. The process is simple — all that is required is for you to like, share, comment, view, and repost what's being hosted to show your interest.

After that, confirm to know your details have been seen and then wait for an announcement. The winners will be called out via the retailer's social platforms or messages will be sent to your social account.

  • Reservation

The reservation type is as well simple to go by. Although not all retailers create raffles on this lane, this type is similar to In-store. All that is required here is to go to the desired retailer's store before the release date, reserve and enter raffle access and wait for notification. If you're successful, you will be notified quickly and given access to purchase ahead of others.

However, the main difference between In-store and reservation sneaker raffle is that, while sneaker purchase is done in-store, reservation could either be through any of the three raffle types except social platform.

How Sneaker Raffles Work

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How sneaker raffles work is not like some step-by-step how-to, that will call for listing. Hence, its working criteria go with what it is all about and how to go achieve it. Sneaker Raffles is likened to how lottery draws are created to aid the opportunity or right to be entitled to winning some money. But unlike the lottery that required paying for tickets, sneakers raffles do not require paying.

The payment is after being selected as part of the winners to claim a pair of sneakers. i.e. you pay to claim and not otherwise. Mind you, whichever type of acquisition you get successful in, any delay beyond the time and date of pick-up will get it sold out to other interested persons.

Consequently, there are strict rules to be followed to make sure one person does not win multiple times. This is often done to make sure equal chances are given to others as well. Interestingly, chances to raffle for these sneakers have nothing to do with individuals. Whether you're a sneakerhead or just a commoner who wants to purchase the sneaker for personal use, access is the same.

Manufacturer or Retailers Purpose for Sneaker Raffles

Retailers Purpose for Sneaker Raffles

With the sudden increase in demand for limited-edition sneakers, their acquisition rate has become interestingly higher. To make things even worse, sneaker bots are being used by a few sneakerheads, making it possible for them to cope multiple pairs in an already low-supply market, thereby depriving legitimate users.

In the end, they end up selling them at multiples of the price to make a profit. Sneaker retailers have tried to combat bots but the rate of success is quite low. Sneaker raffle is one of the ways they make speed unless. This is because it is no longer a game of speed but chance.

Before now, hyped-released sneakers were sold within the country it was released in. With that, sneaker use was discouraging to those in other cities because they can't have purchase access. Also, since it was completely in-store, it was overwhelming to queue to try their luck on the release day.

However, this causes a lot of chaos. Not until the online sneaker market was developed and retailers introduce raffles did the air of violence reduced.

Raffles are introduced to enable everyone to participate and win limited-edition sneakers. This is done to give equal access to owning a sneaker regardless of their distance. Even though buying these sneakers is favorable to personal users since they buy at retail price, It's more profitable to sneakerheads and resellers.

Although a sneaker bought and resold a few days after has not had much cost value, when kept for a few months before reselling, the cost value becomes very high and way profiting.

Pros and Cons of Sneaker Raffles

This heading gets down on the benefits and non-benefiting side of sneaker raffles.


  • Sneaker Raffles help build brand loyalty. This is because eligibility is given to everyone and not gender or country specific.
  • Sneakers prices are sold to successful winners at retail prices. Hence, the raffle makes sneakers pocket-friendly.
  • It is not time-consuming. No queuing. Within 5 minutes raffles drew to an end.
  • It gives access to everybody to raffle at an equal time frame. i.e. anybody can acquire the latest hyped-released limited-editions sneakers.
  • Sneaker Raffles are free. You only pay for acquired sneakers and not the raffle.


  • There are fewer chances of winning a raffle because sneakers are limited in supply.
  • It makes sneaker reselling pretty high in the market.
  • In-Store raffles are often chaotic and less secure.
  • Inadequate time to raffle.
  • Limited purchase rate. i.e. the same account details can't be used multiple times.

Where to Search for Sneaker Raffles

Search for Sneaker Raffles

Partaking in sneaker raffles as a sneaker enthusiast or a new reseller calls for being up-to-date about current happenings in the sneaker marketplace. But how do you go about this if you don't know the appropriate channel to source from and integrate connections with other enthusiasts and sneakerheads? Below are the top places to connect with people and get informed about sneaker raffles.

  • Social Media

This is a great place where you can connect with fellow sneaker lovers. These platforms can be Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook among others. But what you should majorly look out for are platforms that use hashtags like Twitter and Instagram.

Sneakerheads leverage this platform most of the time to keep their followers informed on upcoming raffles and the latest sneakers from top brands. Furthermore, you can connect with friends, who can help you raffle to gain you more chances of winning and you pay them some tokens.

  • Sneaker Groups and Community

Sneaker Groups

This helps a lot if you are new to the Sneaker world. It is a must-join group.  In this place, you will search and be answered to any questions you've got. Also, they keep every member posted on the current happenings in the sneaker market such as the latest hyped release, upcoming sneaker raffles, news on sneaker brands, and many more.

What will interest you more is the fact that they share links on raffles, and they try to inform members a day before raffles commence and even guide them on how to go about it. Some of these communities you can further join are Sneaker-Groups, Reddit, SoleSavvy, and more.

  • Sneaker Calendar

Sneaker Calendar

Sneaker Calendar like Nicekicks and DROPS work well in keeping you updated on the next release. These calendars are very important if you truly mean business. DROPS works perfectly well with SolSavvy as the app is developed by them. The app keeps you updated with raffles by entering the worldwide raffles, and sending in notifications for the latest news, new releases, and more.

They also monitor and the guys behind these apps make sure to carry their members along. While NiceKicks have free and paid versions, DROPS is a premium base. In addition, they are both flexible and user-friendly.

  • Retailers Website

Retailers are the most current when it comes to sneaker raffles. Why? Because they draw these raffles in the first place. So, it will be best to connect with your retailer of choice via their social accounts to keep you posted on the next lookout, new releases, brand awareness, and most of all the sneaker raffles.

  • Subscribe to Email Newsletter

Most of these brands have platforms, websites, and forums. Subscribe to their daily or weekly newsletter using your email address to sign up — they will keep you informed on what's happening, what's new and upcoming news on anything that has to do with sneakers.

This is one simple effective way to stay up-to-date with brands without doing much to get awareness. However, this newsletter can be a free or paid subscription depending on the brand policy.

How to Get into Sneaker Raffles

There are several ways and processes you can follow to get into Sneaker Raffles.  If you keep up well and digest what you have been reading before getting here, you would understand that some of these have been briefly discussed.

Hence, you can't win a sneaker raffle if you don't know how to get in properly. This brings us to the usage of various brand sneaker raffle apps.  Let's see how these work.

  • Adidas

Adidas brand

Adidas is a sneaker brand that is widely known. With its app, you can log in and see new releases and as well sneakers on raffles from them and their partnered brands like Yeezy, and Pharrell among others.

Adidas is preferred over others because it notifies you of a new release. Also, its raffles kickstart a few days before the sneaker release date. So, there are more chances to try multiple times with multiple accounts.

  • Nike SNKRS


Nike is another widely received sneaker worldwide. Its app has undergone modification over the years. Just like Adidas, Nike notified you of the new release but it's open for raffles the day of the sneaker release.

One strategy behind Nike is to engage daily on the app a week before the release date. Doing this gives you more chances of winning because Nike algorithms appreciate engagement, that's one absolute way they bypass bots.

  • Finish Line

finish line sneakers

Finish Line is one super convenient app with fine attributes many don't know. If you're using Finish Line, one logic to it is to spend a little token and earn lots of points. And with these points, you can get multiple raffles. This is what many brand apps won't allow, just one account is for one entry.

But not on the Finish Line app  One other unique value of this app is if you have been using it before, chances are you have gathered points, and this as well increase your chances for multiple raffles that can easily lead to a good win.

  • Foot Locker

foot locker shoes

Foot Locker is quite similar to Finish Line. You can also earn headstarts or points. The longer you have been using the app the more points you can gather to increase your chance of winning raffles. However, this doesn't work all the time, sometimes they give equal chances to everyone regardless of the headstarts you've got.

Other important attributes to note here are:

  • Details needed to sign up, such as name, address, mobile number, email address, and payment methods.
  • Retrieval methods, such as shipping and pick-up.

Ways to Win Sneaker Raffles

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To win Sneaker Raffles there are certain strategies you have to abide by to increase your chances. These are:

  • Get as many people as you can

In raffles, the more times you try guarantee your chances of winning. So get your friends and family on too. But one thing you should not forget is, everybody should not go for the same sizes to avoid unknowingly competing with yourself. They should all opt for sizes that vary in all ways. This works well if successfully achieved.

  • Engage in all raffles

Trying on all raffles can truly pull in more wins. The type of sneaker you got does not matter. So try to get on all available raffles, it will only increase your winning time rate.

Excitedly, if you don't like them, you can easily change with someone, resell them, or even trade them in the sneaker market.

As a result, you can get your money back with good value. Note that reselling sneakers after a few days of purchase doesn't pay much, rather a few months will profit more.

  • Send multiple entries

This method works well but it depends on the app or brand you are using. Apps like Finish Line and Foot Locker allow you to build points or headstarts which can in turn be used to send multiple entries during the raffle.

Also if you have been using their app for so long, they favor your loyalty with points. This can be used to send in multiple entries during the raffle, thus increasing the winning rate.

FAQs About Sneaker Raffles 101

Q. Why Should You Engage in Sneaker Raffles?

If you are a reseller, sneakerhead engaging in raffles is a goldmine. Sneaker raffles are drawn to give you a chance to purchase limited editions at a  retail price. Thus, it's an interesting way to make good cash. Because if you're successful, you can resell it with added profit.

Also if you want it for personal use, winning a raffle will save you more cash knowing that retailers sell sneakers won via raffle at retail price. Hence why it's advisable to try and get friends and family to try the raffle with you.

Q. What is Your Possibility of Winning Sneaker Raffles?

The issue with sneakers has always been availability. Hence, the demand is greater than the supply. If there are more pairs of sneakers to be raffled, there will be more chances of winning and vice versa.

As such, the number of available sneakers determines one's possibility of winning.

What this means is that If a retailer has more stock to trade, there will be more raffles drawn and this will see through more chances of being fortunate with the sneaker you are trying to get.

Q. How Can You Tell if You are the Winner of a Sneaker Raffle?

After signing up and inputting the necessary information. What should be understood next is how to know if you are selected as a raffle winner. Well, this is the most flexible part of the sneaker raffle because it doesn't take time, just an email notification will suffice.

All that is required is a message or call from the retailer for you to come and claim your sneakers and pay what's due. Mind you, any lateness beyond the scheduled time, the raffle will be forfeited and sold to another interested buyer.

Q. Are sneaker raffles random?

Sneaker raffles are typically organized by retailers or brands, and the rules for each raffle can vary. Some raffles may be completely random, with all eligible entries having an equal chance of winning, while others may use a lottery or other method to determine the winners. It is important to read the rules for each raffle and understand how the winners are selected before entering.


As there are new designs of sneakers finding their way into the marketplace, so does the usage increase. Sneakers have gained more popularity over time.

However, most times getting what you desire seems challenging. But with the sneaker raffle, chances can be given to everyone on equal grounds with flexible pricing irrespective of whether you are a reseller, sneakerhead or sneaker enthusiast, access is considered justified.

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