Top 15 Review Monitoring Tools of 2024

Are you looking for the best review monitoring tools in the market to keep up with trends and know what our customers think about your product? Then you are on the right page, as the article below recommends some of the best review monitoring tools in the market.

Review Monitoring Tools

Overview of Top Review Monitoring Tools

  • PodiumOverall Best Review Monitoring Tools
  • ReviewFlowzBest Review Monitoring Tool with Google Maps Integration
  • ReviewTrackersBest User-friendly Review Monitoring Tool
  • NiceJobBest Cloud-Base Review Monitoring Tool
  • EmbedSocialBest Review Monitoring Tool for Content Creators and Marketers

In this fast-evolving era of online marketing, more than 80% of the patronage that products receive comes from customer reviews. If you own a brand, you will agree with me that unlike before, customers are more vocal, all transparent, and more expressive than ever through various online platforms. As a result of this, you have to know and understand how to connect with your customers, what they are saying about your product and the brand you represent. Review Monitoring Tools are software designed to track and analyze online reviews of products, services, and as well as brands.

The underlying aim of this tool is to provide businesses with the right insights into what customers are saying about them. This can be about their business, what they do, and the products they sell. The primary focus of this tool is to aggregate by gathering reviews from different online sources. The goal is to analyze the sentiment in reviews. This is done to enable the brand to meet the expectations of its customers and generate reports to make appropriate decisions. Below are some of the top review monitoring tools in the market you can use.

1. Podium — Overall Best Review Monitoring Tools


To start with is Podium. This is one of the most powerful and well-known tools capable of monitoring your reviews. Podium is that tool that has brought brand owners to the doorstep of their customers, and what do I mean? Podium, unlike others, helps businesses connect quickly and effectively with their customers and drive in leads. The beauty of this tool is that you can completely view customer interaction, purchase history, and sales right from your DM. And you can arrange and integrate all these conversations and sales reviews from a single dashboard.

With this tool, your review score can skyrocket easily within 60 days, thereby doubling your business traffic. What sets Podium above other review tools is that it's fully text-based. It has a webchat that communicates with website guests in real time. Hence, it can easily send review messages to customers. This, in turn, will make it easier for your customers to leave a review swiftly. Additionally, it has an AI feature that can help generate and aid rapid replies in seconds.


  • With its webchat feature, you can effortlessly collect customers' contact details.
  • The text-based attributes of the webchat make website visitors feels they are conversing with real human and not a bot.
  • Reviews and drives traffic to your business by putting your activities on auto-pilot.
  • It helps interact and engage your customers automatically.
  • Streamline and integrate reviews and purchase history in a single dashboard.


  • The podium mobile app is not flexible and friendly to use, thus not reliable.
  • Monthly plans are not pocket-friendly for small businesses or startups.
  • Its monthly plans are difficult once subscribed to or if any issues arise.
  • Once the contact limit is reached, unless you upgrade the plan, you won’t be able to message new contacts. Also,
  • When the monthly limit of bulk messages is hit, unless you upgrade your limit, you will have to wait till the start of a new month to be able to send more bulk messages.

2. ReviewFlowz — Best Review Monitoring Tool with Google Maps Integration


ReviewFlowz is another tool to bank on when it comes to review monitoring tools. Why is this tool good and what will you benefit from it? With ReviewFlowz, you can gain positive ground with your customers by setting up flexible notifications. This will enable you to get instant insight into what your customers are saying and reply to them quickly. What will interest you is the compatible functionalities of this tool within any channel of choice. Whether what your company uses is Zapier, Slack, MS Team, or emails, your brand can easily leverage this tool.

It can be set up to monitor reviews from any of these platforms. What this means is that you can take charge of integrating these reviews into the channel you want. This will then foster fast access to your customers' reviews. Also, you can keep an eye on your competitors' reviews and embed suitable testimonials to boost your social proof. Physical and large online monitoring for higher plans is not left out. Thus, it is best in terms of Google Maps integration.


  • It has 14 days free trial and monthly plans are quite flexible.
  • Reviews can be tracked in any country and language.
  • You can bring review notifications to be on the platform you want.
  • Depending on your plan, there is up to 1 review automation flow.
  • It’s easy to set up and has an unlimited CSV export feature.


  • No review generation attribute. Therefore, if customers do not leave reviews on their own, no way to make them appear online.
  • It has no support in terms of multi-product reviews.
  • You can’t reply to reviews from the app.

3. ReviewTrackers — Best User-friendly Review Monitoring Tool


ReviewTrackers is next on the list with good authentication. By using this tool, users don’t need to log into a review site to respond to reviews. You can even go as far as designating which users can and cannot respond to reviews. News reviews are gathered instantly or within 24 hours. Aside from these, ReviewTrackers can monitor app reviews on the Play Store or App Store. Though for your brand to enable and enjoy this feature depends on the plan you pay for. What to note is that price is by the number of locations.

On top of that, the more reviews you track, the less you pay. This tool can monitor, review sites, and alerts, and facilitate response requests. With its review amplify feature, you can showcase your business reviews publicly on web pages where your target buyers are. As a result, you will increase your brand's online search rank and sales conversion. Just like Podium, you can simply identify any criticism about your product and brand.


  • It makes sure your brand listings are accurate and up to date on the web.
  • Display your business reviews publicly to drive more sales.
  • Monitors reviews of sites that matter to your business.
  • It can help connect to custom feedback platforms and include the information on your dashboard.
  • Helps build and boost your brand star ratings on local searches.


  • You can’t reply to reviews from the app.
  • Plan prices aren’t on the website, you have to request a demo.
  • The mobile app is quite slow and can be frustrating sometimes.

4. Birdeye — Best All-In-One Review Monitoring Tool


Birdeye is an AI-powered review monitoring tool that is leveraged by more than 100,000 leading businesses. It can auto-reply to customers' reviews, translate reviews to English, and your response to customers' lingo. Using Birdeye can enable you to monitor reviews from more than 200 sites. Also, it can help you to gain brand listing and get your brand in the frontline of customer search results. Being an all-in-one tool, it has capabilities to aid the growth of your business and manage rankings from any location.

Just like ReviewFlowz, it can integrate your reviews into the platforms and software you want. Be the first to spot trends, and outrank your competitors by using its benchmark characteristic. The underlying benefit of this too is that you can trigger surveys automatically and get customer reviews from anywhere and anytime. In addition, you can customize suitable customer reviews to create social media posts. Isn’t this fascinating?


  • It helps improve your SEO and optimize your business performance.
  • It helps manage your listing and review details in one place.
  • Monitors, generates, and replies to reviews automatically.
  • It is an AI-powered tool with an all-in-one capability.
  • It is a top-notch tool with an incredible brand reputation


  • No free trial
  • Customize pricing
  • You must fill in and submit its pricing configurator details before you can see the price of the plan you want to opt for.

5. NiceJob — Best Cloud-Base Review Monitoring Tool


If you are looking for a reliable review monitoring tool, do not hesitate to try NiceJob. Now, what is the uniqueness of this tool and why should it strike your pick? NiceJob unlike other tools is cloud-based. So, no contract agreement and no credit card upfront. What sets it different is that it is a tool on auto-pilot. It automatically gets and shares your reviews on popular sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

This is done to ensure your brand is all out there and becomes top-rated in no time. It is a no-brainer tool as it requires no ads of any kind to get everything going. The subscription plans are by the number of customers you want. By comparing this tool to Birdeye which has no free trial, NiceJob has 14 14-day free trials. What’s more, is that you get to enjoy this free trial at no cost of activation. Also, if you pay before starting, you use the free trial first and your paid plan will only start when the 14 days expire.


  • It has referral functionality
  • 14 days free trial with no contract required
  • Integrates with other third-party software and applications you want
  • Convert reviews boost your social proof.
  • It is reliable, and easy to navigate around and set up.


  • Plans are by the number of customers. If you need something different, you have to contact their team.
  • Can’t handle reviews on Yelp.

6. — Best Review Monitoring Tool with Advance Features is quite a sophisticated tool that can help you access existing reviews as well as track and manage new ones. Likened to NiceJob, it has 14 14-day free trial with no annual contract. It combines seamlessly with other applications or tools such as tech stacks. navigates through company and product reviews. As such, uses Google Seller Ratings to capture top-of-funnel traffic before your competitors. It automates customer feedback by popping up questions sharply and sending follow-up emails and SMS.

The value of this is that you get to drive more customer engagement to your brand and grow trust. These reviews can be in-store, merchant metrics, surveys, and third-party reviews. Furthermore, there is room for loyalty and referral benefits to help boost the rate of happy customers. If you want to try this tool, the Early stage is £29, Growth is £89, Professional is £159 and Enterprise is unlimited. Thus, their team will be contacted for the price.


  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Refer and earn features
  • 14 days free trial with no contract
  • It is a Google-licensed review tool.
  • Collect Google shopping listings and Tex Ads using Google Seller Ratings.


  • Ratings are mostly through the Google platform only.

7. EmbedSocial — Best Review Monitoring Tool for Content Creators and Marketers


EmbedSocial is a tool that automatically collects reviews, stories, photos, and feeds on any website. It is a user-generated platform that uses API to connect with all major social media networks or platforms. This in turn will enable the customization of posts, photos, and videos with ease.  What you will come to like is that you don’t have to go out seeking content to keep your brand breathing. With the reviews gathered, you can quickly create a post or use it from an already existing template. These templates can be automated to post on any of the popular social platforms, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter.

Essentially, knowing reviews helps build social proof, the widget comes along with this social proof when posted or added to your brand’s website. In comparison with other review monitoring tools, EmbedSocial has AI-powered features just like Birdeye. If what you seek is completely social and marketing content, EmbedSocial is the best preference. In addition to its good features is the management of user-generated content from different sources. This includes Google locations and Facebook pages.


  • Multi-location reply
  • Pre-built templates
  • User-generated content
  • 7 days free trial with no additional cost
  • There is a 100% money-back policy.


  • The tool is quite pricey for startup businesses.
  • Customer support is not encouraging

8. — Best Review Monitoring Tool for Improving Brand’s Online Credibility

Reputation, just as the name implies, is a tool that helps brands build their reputation. Taking a bounce on its interface, the world Fortune 500 brands trust this tool. The core uniqueness of this review monitoring software is that it can tell whether or not your customers' reviews are fake or real. It helps create access to all your activities in one place. You can view all reviews and responses from multiple websites at the same time.

And it notifies instantly whenever a review is posted, which will then enable quick feedback to customers. One thing to note about is that it has pre-designed templates that are suitable for responding to any review. This is done to aid easy replies and enhance customer's brand experience. What sets apart from other review monitoring tools is that it has a review booster that will help upsurge the numbers of your reviews across the entire web.


  • Easily requests, monitors, and responds to customers' reviews.
  • Interesting and active mobile app.
  • All feedback and reviews can be accessed from one place simultaneously.
  • It will help your brand rank higher in Google search.
  • Skyrocket your online presence.


  • Its interface is not user-friendly
  • The site lacks price details

9. ReviewShake — Best Alternative for


ReviewShake is also a good choice when it comes to review monitoring tools. It is known for its monitoring and management of brand reputation. Hence, it is the most suitable alternative for To get started with this tool, you have to understand that is a whole lot on its own. It is a complete toolkit for businesses or brands that want to make good use of their reviews. If you are a brand that wants to go all smart and grow, ReviewShake is a good one to leverage.

With its 14-day free trial, you can get to navigate and understand its interface. Though it is flexible and user-friendly, oftentimes, it is compared to Podium, Birdeye,, and other top-rated review monitoring tools. As such, it can track your business progress, communicate with your customers, and put you on top of your reviews. Also, it can facilitate your social proof via video reviews. This feature is an advancement of the tool.


  • Generate reviews on auto-pilot.
  • Pricing is compatible with small businesses and agencies.
  • Monitors new reviews and sends instant notifications to your email.
  • Plans are unlimited regardless of which one you subscribe to.


  • No large coverage of review sites.
  • No landing page customization.

10. — Best Review Monitoring Tool for Marketing Agencies is a versatile tool that is loved by thousands of agencies, SEOs, and Brands. Some of these brands and agencies include Pepsi, FlooringAmerica, Sproutloud, and many more. By leveraging this review monitoring tool, you can automate review management approaches to generate revenue for your business. This is one fine attribute this tool has compared to ReviewShake. saves time with its user-friendly interface and manages and shares reviews.

This will enable you to dedicate less time to review management and more time to your customers. In terms of customization, it is a take-home using It allows agencies to customize and have their white label. To get started with this tool, you have to try the 14-day free trial to explore the proficiencies of the tool. Subscription plans are purchased by a seat. Solo plan for a single business is $110 for 1 seat, the Professional is 3 seats for $180, Agency plan is 10 seats for $400. However, for larger agencies, the Partner plan is $2500 for 100 seats. All these plans are monthly.


  • Agency-oriented
  • All its plans have access to unlimited review sites.
  • It allows customization
  • Automate review approaches to generate revenue


  • Quite pricey for small businesses.
  • no review rating features.

11. GoogleAlerts — Best Free Review Monitoring Tool


GoogleAlerts is a review monitoring tool that has other advantages to spell out its uniqueness. Compared to the tools that made it to this list, it is a free monitoring tool, with more internet coverage. It listens to what is going on web platforms and monitors what is happening and what your clients are saying about your product or brand. When it identifies any online conversations, it does not waste to notify you by email.

One distinct value of GoogleAlert is that, aside from being diverse on the web, it circles its online notification around a particular keyword or phrase you set it on. Interestingly, you can set your alerts on multiple keywords and phrases to aid more reviews across several websites. GoogleAlerts is not precisely for just reviews, it has more on its plate to serve as a take-home. Trying this tool will cost you nothing, therefore, do not hold back from adding it to your favorite tool to help grow your brand.


  • It is good for building an online reputation.
  • Free to use.
  • It is versatile; hence, it is more than just a review monitoring tool.
  • Identifies customers' conversation and notify them by email.


  • Multiple review alerts are not simultaneous.
  • It’s not comprehensive.

12. JustReview — Best Review Monitoring Tool for Multi-platform and Multi-product


Are you a small brand looking for a review tool with an affordable price to bank on? Well, JustReview is the perfect tool to go for. Now, why should you pay for this tool? JustReview is a particular tool that has created the avenue of putting small businesses in mind. Even though large businesses leverage this tool, there is always room for startups. Unlike ReviewFlowz which can’t review multiple platforms or products simultaneously, JustReview has support for these attributes.

Knowing how important review monitoring tools are, JustReview has enabled a free embedded review collector that allows brands to collect reviews and embed them on their website. The review gathered can be integrated with Google and Facebook platforms. You can collect reviews from these platforms and embed them on your site. Trusted by top online stores, this tool has made its interface flexible to explore widgets. In terms of its plan, the monthly plan has 7 days free trial, while, the yearly plan has 2 months free trials.


  • Allow collections of reviews.
  • Plans are not expensive.
  • It allows you to embed reviews with widgets.
  • Can review multi-products and platforms.
  • It has 5-star ratings across several websites.


  • No money-back guarantee

13. Yotpo — Best Review Monitoring Tool for eCommerce Platform


Do you have an eCommerce store looking for a review tool to help you effectively showcase your brand publicly? Then Yotpo is the right tool for you. Unlike JustReview, Yotpo as a review monitoring tool has its focus on the eCommerce platform. It specializes in managing and monitoring reviews as well as amplifying customer feedback. Integrates seamlessly with various eCommerce and social platforms of which Shopify is at the top list. Using Yotpo, you can collect reviews via SMS.

Also, you can put your product in front of your customers by displaying reviews, ratings, and photos in Google Shopping Ads. Additionally, top-rated reviewers can help refer a friend to build more trust that will convert to more sales. Customers can be kept abreast automatically by engaging them with email campaigns. This tool has become a favorite to most eCommerce stores because it helps reduce cart abonnement and make inconsistent shoppers become happy customers.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Integration capabilities
  • It focuses on eCommerce.
  • Recurring customer engagement
  • Reduces cart abandonment and increases sales.


  • Limited to eCommerce platform
  • Pricing is not flexible for small business

14. Thryv — Best Review Monitoring Tool for Small Business and Start-ups


Several tools have compatibility with small businesses, but Thryv is solely built for small businesses. Compared with other tools, Thryv is a review monitoring tool that is all in for small businesses. As a startup or small growing business what you seek is recognition and Thryv is here to get you all out. With this tool, you can run all your business activities and grow your brand in one place. You can attract new customers, convert your reviews to sales, and scale up your business with Thryv.

In addition to that, your business can attain the growth it lacks by putting your review responses on auto-pilot. The benefit of this is that it will aid quick feedback and engage your customers. It has integration for over 200 apps making sure that your business doesn’t miss out on any chance. Thryv has coverage for several industries such as health, home service, legal, and many more.


  • Centralize inbox
  • It has Chrome cloud-based compatibility
  • Auto-pilot feature
  • Integrate with your daily app
  • It supports CSV/Excel file import.


  • Limited to small business.
  • No money return policy

15. ReviewPush — Best Review Monitoring Tool for Multi-location Coverage


ReviewPush is a tool that helps you collect, analyze, manage, and promote reviews. Understanding that review is paramount in business, this tool comes with its distinctiveness to help you get the most out of your customers. With its embedded 5-star rating system, feedback can quickly be enabled to ensure high conversion rates. Weighing the functionalities of this tool, it works by the specific plan you sign up for.

Regardless of the plan you want to use, there is 21 21-day free trial, after which your plan kickstarts. In comparison with JustReview, which is multi-platform, ReviewPush works by location, hence why it is best for multi-location. note that, the number of location coverage determines how much you will pay for your desired plan. The number of reviews coverage starts from 1 to 500 plus. Every plan has its benefits.


  • Multi-level dashboard and multi-location
  • Notification via email
  • Request for reviews
  • Response management.
  • 21 days free trial


  • Lack more details in its interface.
  • Pricing is strictly by the number of locations.
  • Quite pricey for a brand with a low budget.

FAQs About Review Monitoring Tools

Q. Why Do Businesses Need to Use Review Monitoring Software?

There are several reasons why it is good and will be beneficial to use a review monitoring tool. In this world of modern customization, owning a business to your name calls for being abreast and gaining insights. Customer reviews tell what is happening within your business and what your customers are saying about your product and your brand. This is the more reason why a review monitoring tool is needed. With this tool, you can easily save time by automating responses, adjusting to the criticism of your customer, and most importantly notifying you intently when reviews come in.

Q. What Should You Not Do with Review Monitoring Tools?

While automating your review responses is a fine feature of review monitoring software, be mindful of how you do it. Replying to reviews with a tool might seem easy and flexible but be careful. Read your customers' reviews before you answer. Don’t just automate your tool without carefully incorporating it by understanding the tool you use. You can’t afford to make the mistake of replying to your customers so quickly and yet wrongly. Quick response to review is paramount as it makes your customers like and trust your brand.

Q. Which is the Best Review Monitoring Tools?

The above listed and discussed are the top 15 review monitoring tools. These tools have been reviewed and tested to work well. Therefore, if you are looking for review monitoring tools do not hesitate to go for any of these. Though there is more to it, as I said the ones listed in this article have been proven to work well. So, if you want any of these tools, simply access their website via the link on each tool to have a better experience of the tool and how it works.


With the modern customization of online marketing, customer reviews are game changers to businesses. However, to get this right and get your brand listed in the search results of your buyers, there is a need to leverage review monitoring tools. These tools play a crucial role in online reputation management, helping businesses respond quickly to customer feedback, address major and minor concerns, and enhance their overall customer experience. In this article, we have outlined and discussed the top 15 review monitoring tools that will take your business to the next level.

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