10 Best OnlyFans Scrapers 2024 (+How to Scrape OnlyFans Data)

Are you looking for the best web scrapers to use for scraping content from the OnlyFans platform? Then you are on the right page as the article below describes some of the best OnlyFans scrapers out there.

OnlyFans Scrapers

Overview of Top OnlyFans Scrapers

Top 10 OnlyFans Scrapers

OnlyFans, which gained the height of its popularity during the pandemic, is a great social media platform for scraping relevant data for analysis. This is because, contrary to the popular option that OnlyFans permits only adult content, other individuals and businesses have gone on the platform to market what they do.

However, as a platform that allows creators to generate and distribute content, it allows these creators to offer both paid and free content. However, you will have to pay to unlock posts with OnlyFans paid content. Meaning that a purchase will be necessary to unlock each post.

As such, to scrape any data from this social media platform, it is important to note that you may need to pay for some of this content. However, to scrape as much data as you want from OnlyFans, you would need the services of a scraper.

Hence, in this article, we have sorted out some of the best scrapers for you to use when looking to scrape data from OnlyFans. We have only given some reasons why we chose these scraping tools. So, without further ado, let's dive right in.

1. Bright Data – Overall Best OnlyFans Scrapers

Bright Data for OnlyFans Scraper

Bright Data is a leading and arguably the best scraping tool that can be used to scrape OnlyFans. This OnlyFans scraping tool gets its boost as a result of the tons of features it possesses when it comes to data collection.

For instance, if you are looking to scrape OnlyFans in scale, Bright Data offers you the opportunity for unlimited scale and even customizing possibilities. Whether it's 100 profiles or 100,000 profiles you aim to scrape, Bright Data can handle it. Also, the data extraction services of Bright Data are trusted by many individuals and big brands because their scraping process is transparent and supported by enterprise-friendly infrastructure.

For non-coders, Bright Data can also help you achieve your OnlyFans data scraping tasks. Also, if you are concerned about your security as you scrape the social media platform, Bright Data has you covered.

Reasons to Choose Bright Data

  • Can scrape OnlyFans in scale.
  • One of the best and most reliable web scraping tools.
  • Help solve security and anonymity challenges when scraping OnlyFans by providing proxies.

2. Apify OnlyFans Scraper – Best for NodeJS Developer

Apify OnlyFans Scraper

Apify OnlyFans Scraper is another tool specifically designed to scrape the social media platform. So, whether you want to scrape premium content or even take advantage of the free content, Apify OnlyFans scraper is a one-stop shop for your data scraping needs.

By letting the community know that you wish to use it, someone will build the OnlyFans scraping tool for you. You can also get in touch with them for an even more tailor-made scraping tool. One of this tool's intriguing features is that you may use cookies to obtain data on media, posts, subscription rates, and more in any way that suits your needs.

Additionally, the Apify OnlyFans scraper is a platform for developers because it gives your crawlers an advantage with Crawlee. This is a popular library designed for developing reliable scrapers in NodeJS. So, for NodeJS developers, this is one of the best OnlyFans scrapers you should have in your arsenal.

Reasons to Choose Apify OnlyFans Scraper

  • It is a great platform that allows NodeJS developers to access OnlyFans data.
  • You can deploy it to the cloud with no configuration required.
  • You can use a single CLI command or build directly from GitHub.

3. Onlyfans-scraper – Best OnlyFans Scraper Library for Python Coders


Using the onlyfans-scraper tool, you can print and save all of the content you have subscribed to on onlyfans, including content you have unlocked and content sent to you in messages. There is no collaboration or affiliation between OnlyFans and this tool. You can download onlyfans videos, media, posts, and dislikes from various creators on OnlyFans with this program.

Nonetheless, it is advised against using Onlyfans-scraper to re-distribute content if you do decide to use it. Also, before using the auth.json file completely, you must fill out a number of fields. This file will be created for you when the software is first launched. However, you would need to perform certain installations. All you have to do to execute the application after installation is enter onlyfans-scraper in your terminal. So, this is an excellent library that can help you scrape OnlyFans if you are a Python coder.

Reasons to Choose Onlyfans-scraper

  • Has the best Python library for scraping OnlyFans.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is an open-source tool.
  • free for use by anyone.
  • Perfectly compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.

4. Outscraper – Great for Scraping OnlyFans Profiles

Outscraper for OnlyFans Scraper

One of the best tools for scraping information from OnlyFans, particularly the profiles, is this one. This includes scraping all the data from profile pages, such as the number of posts, the cost of subscriptions, the number of likes and subscribers, etc. Modern technology built into this tool will improve your OnlyFans scraping experience.

Using Outscraper tools to scrape OnlyFans data has yet another advantage: protecting your IP, particularly if you want to scrape the data in an anonymous manner.Developers who require data from the OnlyFans social media platform can greatly benefit from Outscraper's scraping API for the OnlyFans social media platform. For such great scraping, Outscraper provides a cost-effective service with a pay-as-you-go model and monthly metering billing.

Reasons to Choose Outscraper

  • It has a data scraping service specifically designed for OnlyFans.
  • It offers both an OnlyFans data scraper and an OnlyFans API.
  • It is really cost-effective for OnlyFans web scraping.

5. Octaparse – Best No-code tool for Scraping OnlyFans

Octaparse for OnlyFans Scraper

If you want to scrape OnlyFans data but don't know how to code, Octaparse is a fantastic tool to use. This utility features a straightforward point-and-click user interface. So, anyone who knows how to surf can scrape with Octaparse. This data scraping application is capable of collecting massive amounts of data. Hence, Octaparse can be used to scrape any number of pages or volumes of data.

The scraped data can be downloaded as an API, CSV, Excel, or saved to a database. However, for those interested in knowing more about the scraping service of Octaparse, kindly take advantage of their 14-day free trial version to see how much content you are able to scrape on OnlyFans.

Reasons to Choose Octaparse

  • It has a point-and-click interface for users.
  • It doesn’t require any form of coding to use the scraping tool.
  • It offers anonymous scraping, which ultimately minimizes the chances of being traced and blocked.

6. ScraperAPI – Best Scraping API for OnlyFans 

ScraperAPI for OnlyFans Scraper

Many of the scraping tools we discussed so far also offer web scraping APIs for gathering data from OnlyFans. However, if you are looking for the best place to get a scraping API for extracting data from OnlyFans, ScraperAPI is the tool for you. This remains a brilliant scraping API tool that is capable of handling CAPTCHAs, proxies, and browsers, so you can scrape OnlyFans data with a simple API call.

With ScraperAPI, you are guaranteed unlimited bandwidth, with speeds up to 100 MB/s. This is perfect for speedy web crawlers. In a similar manner to Bright Data, ScraperAPI is built for scalable data scraping. Hence, if you are planning to scrape a large volume of data, ScraperAPI’s API is capable of handling it.

Reasons to Choose ScraperAPI

  • It offers an API for scraping OnlyFans.
  • It is fast and reliable.
  • Handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs.
  • Effective against OnlyFans anti-spam system

7. ParseHub – Free tool for Scraping OnlyFans

ParseHub for OnlyFans Scraper

ParseHub is a free and useful scraping tool for extracting OnlyFans data. They offer an advanced web scraper that makes data extraction easy by just clicking on the data you need. This implies that you do not need to download a ton of random data and then extract the information.

To make the most of this OnlyFans scraper, all you have to do is open the OnlyFans website from which you want to extract the data, choose the data, and then download the result. You do not need to have coding skills. These data can be presented in the form of JSON, CSV, Excel, and/or API. With ParseHub, scraping profiles and other relevant data from OnlyFans is easy for both non-programmers and those looking for a free tool.

Reasons to Choose ParseHub

  • It’s a free OnlyFans scraping tool with advanced web scraping technology.
  • Data scraping can be done by clicking on the data you need on the OnlyFans website.
  • It does not require any coding experience.

8. Oxylabs – Best Alternative to Bright Data

Oxylabs for OnlyFans Scraper

Oxylabs is another OnlyFans scraper tool that offers scrapers, specifically a web scraping API for extracting information from the social media platform. With Oxylabs, you are sure of a fast and reliable data scraping process on OnlyFans. This is achievable because of the built-in, patented proxy rotator, JavaScript rendering, and a number of smart solutions that Oxylabs web scraping API possess. This scraping tool is quite easy to use. Meaning you do not really need that much of a programming background to start scraping OnlyFans with Oxylabs.

Oxylabs is also capable of extracting multiple OnlyFans pages if you wish to do so. It is however the best alternative to the Bright Data OnlyFans scraper we mentioned earlier. To take a peek at the capabilities of Oxylabs, you may have to take advantage of their one-week trial offer.

Reasons to Choose Oxylabs

  • It supports high volumes of data scraping.
  • You can create multiple schedules for OnlyFans profile data scraping.
  • You can receive the extracted data automatically to your preferred cloud storage and get notification when the task is done.

9. Webscraper.io extension – Best Browser Extension for Scraping OnlyFans

Webscraper for OnlyFans Scraper

The Webscraper.io extension is one of the best browser extensions that you can leverage to scrape OnlyFans very quickly. This browser scraping extension basically has a point-and-click interface that can make OnlyFans data extraction very easy. So, you have the option to set up the scraper by just pointing at elements and clicking on them. So, you have the option to set up the scraper by just pointing at elements and clicking on them.

To use this scraping extension to scrape OnlyFans, you can install the extension from the Chrome Store or Firefox Add-ons. When you are done with the installation, you should restart the browser to make sure the extension has fully loaded. If you wish not to restart the browser, it is advised that you use the extension only in tabs that are created after installation.

Reasons to Choose Oxylabs

  • It comes as a browser extension that is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Supports data scraping scheduling on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • It can help tailor data extraction based on the structure of OnlyFans.

10. Helium Scraper – One-Time Purchase Option

Helium Scraper for OnlyFans Scraper

Similar to some of the web scrapers we've discussed, Helium Scraper provides a simple point-and-click user interface. Making it a simple-to-use data scraper for collecting useful information from OnlyFans. Helium Scraper allows you to concentrate on the data you need, not on how to extract it, when scraping OnlyFans. This is accomplished by leveraging many off-screen Chromium web browsers.

However Helium Scraper's one-time purchase option makes it stand out from the other web scrapers on this list. What that means is that you get to purchase this scraping tool for OnlyFans data scraping once and keep it for a lifetime. This is contrary to the monthly subscription model many other web scraping tools like OnlyFans offer. Nevertheless, Helium scrapers had a full functional trial for a period of 10 days.

Reasons to Choose Oxylabs

  • It has an awesome one-time purchase option.
  • It has an intuitive point-and-click interface.

FAQs About OnlyFans Scrapers

Q. What kind of content can I scrape on OnlyFans?

Before the epidemic, OnlyFans was known for having its creators produce explicit content; but, since the outbreak, individuals from different professions, such as real estate, have started to post content on the platform as well. Hence, in addition to adult content creators on the platform, you can also find other individuals and businesses. Generally, when it comes to OnlyFans, you get what you want. While there is adult contents on the platform, there are other professionals that are informative.

Q. Is it illegal to scrape adult content from OnlyFans?

Absolutely, it is not, especially if it is paid-for or freely available content. This is in part because social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are more strict than OnlyFans. Also, there are more creators of adult content on the platform. OnlyFans allow users to download content they paid for using third-party tools. the only major problem lies in distribution as one is not allowed to distribute content downloaded from the platform – you can only download for personal consumption.

Q. What can I do with Data from OnlyFans?

There are quite a number of use cases for the data extracted from OnlyFans. Some of these use cases are business analysis, market research, customer monitoring, price monitoring, etc. You can use it to download videos of creators you follow. Data scraped from OnlyFans can be used for price intelligence to monitor your competitors prices. You can also keep a tab on your customers to know what they like. there is just a whole lot you can do with the data available on OnlyFans.


It is obvious that OnlyFans is a good social media platform for scraping data for various use cases. Be it price monitoring and analysis, competitive analysis, etc. Therefore, it is important to make use of any of the scraping tools mentioned above. However, it depends on the volume of data you are looking to extract. Do well to go over these tools again to see which is best suited for your needs.

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