Oculus Proxies Review

Are you looking forward to purchasing proxies from the Oculus Proxies service? I recommend you read my Oculus Proxies review and get all of the honest details you need before making a purchase decision.

Oculus Proxies Review

The Oculus Proxies is one of the proxy services that came with the advent of sneaker copping and started from there. Currently, its main focus is still on the sneaker copping industry, where it has a good number of customers which stems from its marketing hype around releases. The Oculus proxies offer proxies in 3 market categories — premium ISP, residential, and datacenter. The service is quite popular as a good number of users of their products would claim the proxies work. But then, when it comes to reviews online, you need to be wary as not all of them are correct.

An Overview of Oculus Proxies

Oculus Proxies Overview

In this Oculus Proxies review, I will be revealing all you need to know about the Oculus service. The review will be structured in the form of pros and cons. In the pros section, I will discuss the strengths of the service and why you will want to make use of them. Then in the cons section, I will discuss the weaknesses and reservations I have about the service that you need to know before purchasing proxies from them.

Parameter Feature
IP Type (s) Residential, ISP, and datacenter IPs
Price Charged Per IP and bandwidth
Price Sample $18 for 10 IP weekly
Proxy Protocols HTTP(S)
IP Rotation Supported
Filtering/Targeting Country-Level
Authentication Username/password and IP authentication
Speed Fast
Free Trial Not available
Refund Policy Not available
Support Discord
Jurisdiction Location United States

Oculus Proxies Pros

The Oculus Proxies is quite popular, especially in the sneaker copping market. In this section, I will list the core reasons why people make use of it.

Offer Multiple Types of Proxies

If we could purchase proxies from the same provider, it becomes easier for us to manage our proxies, their payment and renewal, as well as get help when we need one. While there are only a few providers that provide all of the proxy types in the market, the majority provide just one type or 2. Where does the Oculus Proxies service stand in this case? This proxy provider does offer 3 types of proxies. These include premium ISP proxies, residential proxies, and datacenter proxies.

Oculus Proxies type of Plan

Their premium ISP Proxies are hosted on datacenter infrastructure but use residential proxies. This not only makes them fast but also makes them undetectable and useful for a range of applications. Their residential proxies use residential IPs owned by third parties. The datacenter proxies they offer are some of the fastest as they are hosted on datacenter IPs and use the IPs of the server. Whichever you decide to purchase from them, I recommend you speak to their agents and be sure the proxies will be useful to you, as some of the information they provide can be confusing.

Good Performance for Sneaker Copping

The Oculus Proxies service has been developed primarily for sneaker copping, even though they are trying to branch out poorly. For the sneaker copping task, the proxies will get the job done. If the reason you need proxies from Oculus is for the sake of copping limited-edition sneakers, then they might be the right provider for you if you don’t mind some of the issues this provider has, which I discussed in the cons section of this review. Their proxies are quite fast enough to increase your chances of a successful cop. The datacenter proxies they offer are the fastest — but they should only be used for the weakest sneaker sites, such as Shopify sites.

If your target is Nike or Adidas, you are better off making use of their residential proxies for that. The speed for these isn’t that fast — but by using automation, your chances will still be increased. For the rest of the other sneaker sites, their premium ISP proxies will do the work for you. The locations supported are also the locations most sought-after by sneakerheads. These include US locations like Chicago, New York, and VA.

Flexible Rental Period

If you are conversant with the proxy market, most providers offer their proxies with 30 days validity. While this is not an issue for most users of proxies, it is an issue for occasional users. Why should I purchase proxies for one month when all I need proxies for is a day or two? This cry for help has led to some providers offering proxies with shorter validity periods at a reduced cost. The Oculus Proxies service is one such service. This proxy network does have support for weekly proxies, which reduces the price you should have paid if you go for their monthly plan by 50 percent.

Oculus Proxies Flexible Rental Period

Take, for instance, 25 datacenter proxies are sold for $20 monthly, but if you go for their weekly proxies, this price is reduced to $10. While some will see this as a reap-off, you are still getting it cheaper than you would, considering you don’t need the proxies for the period of one month. Interestingly, the service also does have support for longer duration as you can purchase proxies for 2 months and 3 months. If you go for their residential proxies, regardless of the plan you subscribe to, the proxies are valid for 3 months, provided you didn’t exhaust the bandwidth allocated to you.

Oculus Proxies Cons

As you can see from the above, the service does have its strengths and still has its customer base. However, it does have issues you need to be aware of — and from research, these issues are many. Let’s take a look at them.

Good Only for Sneaker Copping

The Oculus Proxies service is a specialized proxy network — meant only for the sneaker copping market. If you need proxies for other tasks, I wouldn’t recommend you make use of them. The features they offer and even support are for sneaker copping. If you try using their proxies for other tasks, they might work — or would even work. However, in the case where they don’t, you are on your own as the infrastructural setup of the service has been designed for sneaker copping, and as such, most of their energy is tailored towards that direction. If you need proxies for other tasks other than sneaker coping, I will recommend you make use of another provider. For residential proxies, Bright Data and Smartproxy are good options. If you need either datacenter or ISP proxies, then go for the likes of Proxy-Seller or Proxy-IPv4. These providers are better suited for all-round usage compared to Oculus Proxies.

Small Proxy Pool

The proxy market as it is today has gone past an era where one should wait and hope he is able to get a chance to make use of proxies he will still pay with his money. This is what happens when you pitch your tent with a small proxy provider with a small number of IP addresses. The Oculus Proxies service didn’t state the number of IPs they have in their pool. But one thing I have observed about the service over the years is that its ISP proxies get sold out. In clear terms, it means they do not have IPs available that you can use. This can only happen to a provider with a small number of IP addresses in its pool.

This makes the availability of their proxies not constant, and as such, you get lucky if you are able to get your hands on their proxies. This shouldn’t be happening in a proxy market where there are better providers in all ramifications. If what you need are residential proxies, you can get them from Bright Data or Smartproxy. For datacenter and ISP proxies, the likes of Proxy-Seller and Proxy-IPv4 are the best providers. These providers recommended are quite effective for all of the tasks Oculus Proxies are meant for and are quite better in terms of performance.

No Free Trial and Friendly Refund Policy

First-time users are being careful about spending their money on a service they don’t know if their proxies will work for them or not. The fix to this is that some providers offer users a free trial plan, either limited in feature or in usage duration, or both. This has been abused to a fault, and as such, some providers will offer you a money-back guarantee to keep free trial fraudsters away. The Oculus Proxies service does not offer a free trial plan. For you to make use of their proxies, you will have to pay for them. Well, this in itself is not a problem.

If you can’t offer free trials, customers need to know they won’t be throwing away their money should the proxies not work for them. The Oculus Proxies service has a refund policy in place. However, this does not in any way favor you. The policy document first stated by telling you all sales are final once processed and can’t be refunded. Should you have an issue, they are ready to help resolve it. The only ground you can get a refund is if they could deliver the proxies to you. This, to me, is a red flag considering the top providers even offer a refund.

Customer Support is Slow

I know some of you have become used to live chat support that you want to have your queries answered the moment you have them. And many of the top providers do provide live chat support to make it easier to get help. If you are the impatient type, then the customer support system of Oculus Proxies will be a turn-off for you. First, there is no live chat support. Support for customers is provided through support tickets and email.

Oculus Proxies Customer Support

There is a Discord server you can use to contact them, but this isn’t the most accessible method as not many proxy users are conversant with Discord, and having to install it just to speak to customer support is a NO-NO. Even if you have it installed, customer support is not as responsive as it is for live chat support.

Some Customers Complained of Terrible Performance

Some of the reviews you will see about the Oculus Proxies service are good — most of them, actually. But in the world of online reviews, there is a lot more going on. And even with the good reviews by independent reviews, some users just didn’t find what they were looking for, which took them to Oculus Proxies. Some of the complaints some of the websites they accessed detected they were using proxies. The performance is also an issue for some users of their proxies, as some complained of slow speed. However, this can be argued as there are some users that claim the proxies are also fast and were useful for their tasks.

Do I Recommend Oculus Proxies?

YouTube video

Oculus Proxies does have its good sides, and you can tell that from the numerous reviews it has, especially in the sneaker copping industry. If you wouldn’t be using them for sneaking, then I wouldn’t recommend them. Even for sneaker copping, there are better providers that will offer you stellar performance, a high level of reliability, and affordable pricing, and you can visit their website and purchase the proxies you want anytime without the proxies being sold out.

If you consider the sold-out issues together with the slow customer support, small pool size, and the chances you will lose your money since there is no free trial or refund policy, then the Oculus Proxies is not a recommended provider. I recommend Smartproxy or Bright Data for residential proxies and Proxy-Seller or Proxy-IPv4 for ISP and datacenter proxies.

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  • Price - 9.3/10
  • Speed - 9.1/10
  • Functions - 9/10
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