10 Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps & Tools of 2022

Are you looking for the best auto-like service for Instagram? Then you are on the right page as we would be providing you recommendations on the best auto-liners you can use in the market.

Best Instagram Auto Liker App

Gone are the days when you only have to put in minimal effort and your Instagram will bloom. The competition is now more and the Instagram algorithm had been improved to give relevance to engagements. Unfortunately, engagements on posts are not something that comes easily on Instagram.

If you are not popular or have a few loyal following, you might not have people liking your photos and videos except there is some form of comments and likes already posted by others. This paradox of people wanting to see some form of engagement on a post before they would engage with such a post led to the development of auto liking apps for Instagram.

Instagram auto likers otherwise known as automatic like applications are tools that have been developed to like posts of Instagram users the moment they are posted on Instagram. You do not need two provide a URL to the post before you start getting like. Just pay for it and get the app to monitor your page and send you likes the moment you post a photo or video.

In this article, we would be taking a look at the top Instagram auto liker app in the market that you can use to increase your perceived like count which would, in turn, get others to want to engage with your content. Before doing that, let take a look at how the tools work and how best to make use of them.

Overview of Instagram Auto Liker

Overview of Instagram Auto Liker App

Auto likers automatically add likes to your new posts without your direct involvement. This means that once you get registered and you keep your own part of the bargain which could either be making payment or you carrying out specific tasks, your profile will be monitor,ed and any new post you make is automatically liked using a group of accounts.

Auto likers would want you to believe they are using real accounts to like your posts. But in reality, that is not the case as most of them use fake or bot accounts to like your post. However, this does not mean auto likes should be discarded. Using them, you can fake engagement which is the social proof others need to interact with your profile. Without initial likes on your posts, others may not want to interact with you.

At its core, it is not different from buying followers and likes. The only difference between using this app and buying likes is that you will need to specify the post you want to send likes to while in the case of auto like the like is added automatically when you make a new post.

One thing you need to know is that while this tool has its advantage, it does have its downsides as you will lose the likes or even get your account suspended if you are caught using any.

Top 10 Instagram Auto Liker

There are many services that provide Instagram auto liking service. However, it is advisable you are picky with the one you use. This is because some of them do a shabby job that they are easily detected and once that happens, you lose the like or even your account.

For this reason, we have assembled a list of some of the providers below that you can use but use them with caution as there is always. A risk is attached to using them.

1. AutoLikeIG

InstagramIG Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

One of the best services you can buy auto-like for Instagram from is the AutoLikeIG service. This service has been set up specifically for providing auto likes and you can tell that from its name. One feature that you will come to like about this service is its free views which it provides for those that paid for the auto-likes.

With the free views, you do not just get likes out of nowhere — the likes are matched with a certain number of views which makes it more natural and less suspicious. For this service, you can get auto-likes for up to 3 posts per day. Looking at this, you can see that this service is staying within the natural limits and does not want to put your account into problems.

2. Mr. Insta

Mr Insta Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

Mr. Insta is a popular service in the market when it comes to purchasing Instagram engagements. While this is best known for their real followers and likes, Mr. Insta also does provide other services  including automatic likes. A visit to the pricing page of the Mr. Insta automatic-like service is that you will notice its pricing is quite expensive.

25 likes are sold for $20 by this platform and that get delivered automatically to your new posts. The service would deliver to a maximum of 90 posts you made in a month. If you are ready to pay for it. While the service is expensive, it is not so without a reason. Mr. Insta does provide real engagements and that is why it is expensive when compared to the other tools in the market.

3. Famoid

Famoid Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

If you complain of Mr. Insta being expensive then you might as well, move to the next auto-like service on the list as Famoid is even more expensive. $79.95 with Famoid will only get you 50 likes. However, just like in the case of Mr. Insta, you can tell the likes you are getting are from real Instagram accounts not accounts being managed by bots. The service shares your posts and stops when it has delivered the number of likes you have paid for.

Usually, a package with this service is valid for 30 days after purchase but you will start receiving the likes you paid for within a short period after you paid for it. Aside from auto likes, you can buy other forms of engagements from Famoid such as followers and likes, among others.

4. Stormlikes

Stormlikes Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

Stormlikes is one of the best services to buy auto-like from. This service was set up to provide social media growth service and engagements for a good number of platforms. Currently, it supports 7 social media platforms including Instagram. For Instagram, you can buy followers, likes, views, and auto likes from Stormlikes.

The pricing can be said to be affordable when compared to Mr. Insta and Famoid and the accounts that deliver those likes looks real — but they are certainly not. With this, the chances of you losing those likes is slim but you won’t compare their quality to what you will get from the aforementioned services. Delivery for this service is also instant but you can opt-in for drip-feeding to make it look more natural.

5. Likes.io

Likes ioAuto Liker App as a AutoLikes

If you are looking for a cheap option that works then the Likes service is the service for you. From this website, you can buy auto likes to fake engagements and make your posts look like they have got users that already like them. Mind you, auto likes are delivered to your new posts. If you want to buy likes for your old post, you are better off buying regular likes and providing the URLs to the post for which you want to buy likes.

For this article, the likes you are buying would be provided automatically to your new posts. However, it is important you know that the likes you are getting are from bots and if you go overboard with it, you can get discovered and penalized for buying fake likes.

6. TurboMedia

TurboMedia Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

The TurboMedia is another website you can buy social engagements from. This website has one of the most expensive support as you can buy engagements for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch, and YouTube, among others.

However, Instagram is its major focus and the platform it provides the most support for. You can buy auto likes and they will get delivered to your new posts. This is possible as the tool automatically monitors your profile to see if a new post has been added. This service is one of the services that provide real followers. However, it has the same downsides as the other services that provide real followers — expensive pricing. In fact, the service can be seen as a replica of Mr. Insta in many aspects including pricing and features included.

7. Buzzoid

Buzzoid Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

The Buzzoid service recently added support for auto likes. Buzzoid has a reputation of being cheap and a look at the visible pricing for their auto-like packages is a good example. The pricing is chap but the more auto likes you pay for, the cheap the price per like becomes. In fact, you can get up to a discount of 75 percent if you go for the top-tier plan. What Buzzoid does is that it watch your profile continuously and would detect new posts within one minute of posting.

It then starts sending you likes. Delivery for this service is instant. However, the quality of. The account is questionable and as such, you should be careful of buying too many auto likes to avoid getting detected and penalized.

8. GetInsta

GetInsta Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

GetInsta is the ultimate marketplace for cheap Instagram likes. The website has got support for 3 types of Instagram likes. The instant like which you get the number of likes you paid for instantly, daily likes which you pay for in full bot get a specific number of likes daily, and auto likes that are automatically added to your new posts when they are detected. With this service, you can get between 50 to 250 likes per post.

The interesting thing about this is that it is very cheap, as you can buy 1000 likes for less than $20. However, when dealing with a service such as this, you can tell bots are the managers of the accounts and as such, you have to be careful with the number of likes you purchase.

9. Instashop

Instashop Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

One of the best websites you can buy Instagram engagement from is Instashop. This site sells Instagram engagements including auto engagements such as likes and views. The maximum number of posts you can send likes to for this service is 30 in a period of one month.

Within this period, there is also a specified number of likes you can send to your posts which is determined by the package you subscribe to. The approach the Instashop service follows is a preventive approach as it tries to get you likes while keeping your account safe. Aside from the auto like, you can also buy auto views so that they will complement the likes and look natural.

10. Poprey

Poprey Auto Liker App as a AutoLikes

Poprey is the last service on our list. Unlike the other services that provide enough content describing the service they offer, Poprey follows the minimalist approach, providing you only small details and presenting the pricing for the packages it offers. Poprey offers a good number of Instagram growth services and engagements. For the auto-like service, you can use Poprey to send automatic likes to your new post.

All you need to do as in the case of the other services described above is to make sure your profile is public. With your profile being public, the service monitors your profile, and once it detects a new post, it starts sending the number of like you paid for.

FAQs About Instagram Auto Liker App

Q. What are Instagram Auto Likes?

Instagram auto like otherwise known as Instagram automatic likes are regular likes on your Instagram. The only thing that makes them unique is that they are sent automatically by their providers once a new post is detected on your profile. For this to work, your profile has to be public as private profiles cannot be monitored by these apps.

Q. Are Instagram Auto Likes Safe?

If you are dealing with a service that provides high-quality likes that cannot be easily detected as bot originating, you do not have anything to worry about provided you didn’t go overboard with it.

However, if the accounts that were used are easily recognized as bots, then you need to worry as Instagram could remove them after they have been delivered, making you waste your money. You could also get penalized and your account suspended if you do not stop. This is because the act is prohibited by Instagram.


Make no mistake about it, Instagram auto-like would only work for you if you make use of a good provider that its likes cannot be tracked to a bot. If you cannot afford to pay for those because of their expensive pricing, then go for the small packages of the cheaper ones and avoid sending too many likes within a short period of time.

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