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Are you looking to buy followers, likes, comments, or any form of engagement from Mr. Insta? Before doing that, I will advise you to read our honest review about the Mr. Insta service to discover the pros and cons of using the service before making a monetary commitment.

Mr. Insta Reviews

Growing an Instagram account is not an easy task. Unlike in the past, the Instagram algorithm is increasingly becoming smart, there is competition from other Instagram accounts, and Instagram users themselves are coming more aware of tricks around them.

All of these all come together to make growing an account difficult for new users. And as such, if you want to game the system by buying followers or likes, you are better off buying them from a legit service if you want them to stand the test of time. Mr. Insta is one of those services that have been marketed as one of the best in the space.

But are the promoters telling the truth or there is a hidden lie in-between? In this review article, you will find out all you need to know about Mr. Insta. Before going into the review proper. Let’s take a look at an overview of Mr. Insta.

Mr. Insta Overview

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Mr. Insta is one of the services where you can buy followers, likes, and views. In recent times, the service has added support for other forms of engagements such as comments, IGTV views, reel views, and IGTV likes, among many others. Aside from Instagram, the service also has support for YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitch.

Mr. Insta has the reputation of being one of the few services that you can get genuine followers from. It is known to be safe and hasn’t compromised the account its users. Delivery for paid packages is also done in time as you can start receiving your likes and followers within minutes of your payment getting confirmed.

While it seems to have all it takes for you to make use of it, it is not the service with no downsides and as you will come to find out in the cons section of the review below, Mr. Insta does have its downsides. Before discussing the cons, we would first take a look at the strengths in detail under the pros section below.


Mr. Insta Pros

Mr. Insta is regarded as one of the best in the market when it comes to selling genuine followers. Likes, and other forms of engagements. This is so because of its strengths which not many of the services in the market can rival. Let’s take a look at some of the major pros of this service.

Real Users and Engagements Supported

Real Users and Engagements Supported

It might interest you to know that an overwhelming majority of Instagram users looking to grow their accounts do not even know that bot followers and engagements exist. For those that are aware of their existence, not all of them can differentiate between bot accounts and regular accounts.

For this reason, sellers of followers and engagements trick users into thinking they are offering real followers. In fact, there are hardly any of such sellers that would state that the followers they provide are bot followers or fake. Most would want you to believe that the followers are real users when in reality, that is not the case.

Mr. Insta remains one of the few services in the market that you can get genuine followers and likes — only as a paid user though. How it is able to achieve this is simple. If you take a look at the website of Mr. Insta, you will notice that it offers free likes and followers — that is where the real followers and likes come from. Now for the free users, they are provided bot followers and likes.

However, they would need to carry out a task that includes following or liking the account of the paid user with their own real account. By doing this, paid users get access to genuine followers, likes, and other forms of engagement.

However, the same cannot be said of the free users and as such, if you are a free user of the service, just know that you cannot get genuine followers and engagements.

A Range of Services Provided

When it comes to growing your Instagram account and gaining social proof, buying followers is not enough. This is because there are other metrics that without them, it becomes easy to identify your profile as one brings artificially grown rather than organic which is what is required.

However, not many of the services in the market would provide you with all of the engagement metrics required to help grow your account in the right way.

A good number of them would provide you only followers or likes with just a few adding support for views and comments. If you take a look at the Mr. Insta website, at first glance, it looks like the service that provides you only Instagram likes and followers.

Range of Services Provided

However, that is not the only service Mr. Insta provides. The service has got support for selling many other services such as daily Instagram followers which makes it more natural than adding all of the followers you need in just one day.

You can also buy IGTV views and likes, Reel views, followers from a specific country such as UK and US, IG impressions, and reach, among others. The service has also got a package that combines followers, likes, views, and comments which would be at a discount for any customer that needs the 4 services.

Free Bot Followers and Likes

Free Bot Followers and Likes

A visit to the official website of this service will reveal to you that they offer free followers and likes. In fact, you can earn about 25 followers every day by following 10 targeted accounts daily. This means that you can use the free followers to boost your follower count and make your account seems more popular than it is.

However, the followers you get as a free user are nothing but bot — not just ghost followers. At first, this looks like a bad idea. Isn’t it? Well, if you consider the fact that some IG users pay to get delivered bot followers, then offering them for free isn’t a bad idea.

You just need to know that as with other bot followers, there is a high chance of losing them and when that happens, you would most likely not get them replaced. Aside from losing them, it is important you also know that they could put your account in trouble as you could get banned.

Safe to Use

Mr Insta Easy to use

If there is one question you should ask yourself when trying to buy followers, likes, and comments, the question should be — is the provider safe to use? This is because the situation can be a double-edged sword — either the provider could compromise your account and get you to lose access to it or Instagram could detect the low quality of followers you earned suddenly and then penalize your account.

So how does Mr. Insta stands in these regards? Mr. Insta has the reputation of being one of the best when it comes to keeping your account safe. Your login details are not even required to help you grow your account.

All that is required from you is the username of your account but you need to ensure that the profile visibility is set to be public so that the followers can be delivered. If you are paid user, you will also not have issues with Instagram getting your account blocked because of buying followers since the followers are real accounts with real users making use of them, and as such, the possibility of such happening is quite low. The payment methods supported are also secure and they even have support for accepting Bitcoin.

Mr. Insta Cons

Going by the above alone, you will want to bring out your card and make payment for a package from Mr. Insta. However, I will advise you to wait first and read this section that would highlight the downsides to the service so you know what to expect.

Pricing is Expensive

Price of Mr Insta

There is no doubt that Mr. Insta is regarded as one of the best services in the market. However, this comes at a cost — and that is related to its pricing — Mr. Insta is expensive.

Unlike in the case of others that you can buy about 100 followers for less than $3, in the case of Mr. Insta, you will need to pay $20 for just 15 followers which are considered expensive.

The pricing for the likes is also not any different. The upside to this is that you know you are paying for better service when compared to the other services you can get followers and likes at cheaper pricing.

No True Free Trial

From the above, you can tell that the Mr. Insta service has got support for a free follower service. This at first looks like a good deal considering the fact that you do not need to pay for followers or likes to get them — all you have to do is follow or like the accounts and post provided respectively.

However, this cannot be called a free service as you are paying for it to carry out certain tasks. Interestingly, the followers and likes you get from this are not even real and as such, cannot be said to be a true test of what paid users to get. This means that you must pay to get the service of paid users — apparently, no free trial.

Engagement Level Discouraging

If Mr. Insta was to be the regular service as the others that sell nothing but bot followers and likes, we wouldn’t even bother adding this as a con as you shouldn’t have expectations for engagements. However, Mr. Insta offers real followers and as such, you will expect the followers to convert for you by engaging with your content.

Unfortunately, the reality on the ground does not support this. Instead, an overwhelming percentage of the followers you earn from Mr. Insta end up becoming ghost followers that wouldn’t interact with your content as they were genuinely not interested in your content — they only followed you so they could earn some followers too.

That is the circle and that is not all. Some of the followers you earned would even unfollow you after a while — a common practice among those that gain followers via the ‘follow-for-follow’ model. This means that you should expect to lose some of the followers you earn from Mr. Insta after a while.

Does Mr. Insta Work?

Mr. Insta remains one of the top services you can buy real followers from that you can trust to deliver real followers. The service works and with it, you are in a better company and the chances of getting penalized is small compared to the other services that would provide you bot engagements that would endanger your account.

However, it is still not the service for everyone as it still has its own downsides that the team behind it needs to address if they want it to be the true solution for Instagram engagements.

Do We Recommend Mr. Insta?

Looking at the above, you can see that the service does have its strengths and weaknesses just like its counterparts.

However, it might interest you to know that the service has a unique selling point which is the provision of real followers — a service others can only lie to provide. Because of this and the other strengths discussed in the pros section, Mr. Insta definitely has a place in our recommendation book.

With this, you can tell that we recommend the service. However, you need to know that you will still face issues of low engagements and losing some of the followers and engagements after a while.

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