Buzzoid Review 2022: Is it Real or Fake Followers? [+10 Better Alternatives]

Are you looking for the best alternative to Buzzoid for buying followers, likes, and views? Then you are on the right page as we would be discussing some of the best top alternatives you can use instead of Buzzoid.

Buzzoid Alternatives

There are many ways to grow an Instagram account, gain more followers and engagements. One of such ways is simply paying for the followers, likes, views, and comments you like and getting them delivered to you instantly. There is no doubt that this method is risky and usually doesn’t have the result you expect except you know what you are doing.

However, a good number of people take the risk of using them. There are many services in the market that you can buy followers and likes from. Buzzoid is one of such services you can buy Instagram engagement from.

The service has helped a good number of marketers grow their accounts and some are still using it to date. However, it is not a tool for everyone. Buzzoid for the most part is deceptive to even its users by not telling them the truth about the service they provide.

This means that at the end of the day, you might get disappointed with the quality of the service rendered to you and from there, a good number of their users become disappointed. While this is partly the fault of Buzzoid, the users do have their own fault too because of their expectations.

These disappointments have led many to look out for alternatives and in this article, we would be providing you a list of some of the top alternatives you can use. However, let take a look at an overview of Buzzoid and why you will need an alternative.

Unbiased Buzzoid Review

Buzzoid Pros

Overview of Buzzoid

The Buzzoid service is an Instagram account enhancement service where you can buy likes, followers, and even views for your videos. One unique feature of Buzzoid is that it has two service classes for each of the engagements it provides — high quality and premium quality.

For the high quality, the accounts that would be used would have a profile picture but that is that — nothing more which means in their numbers, can easily be identified as bots and are cheaper. For premium quality, the accounts being used seems active as they upload new posts frequently.

Buzzoid Cons

However, they are more expensive — but are also bots — even though Buzzoid would want you to believe that you are getting real human followers, likes, and views. The service is quite fast and delivery for a package you paid for arrives in no time.

Why Use a Buzzoid Alternative?

From the above, you might want to think Buzzoid is the service for you — but do not think that yet. Take a look at the cons of the service described briefly below to have an idea of its downside and the reason you should avoid it.

  • Premium Packages Are Overpriced Bot Packages

Buzzoid Packages

From the above, we mentioned that the service provides premium packages which it tries to make them look like the actions from these packages are from real humans.

However, a deeper look would reveal to you that the only major difference between their premium packages and standard packages is that the accounts being used for their premium packages are posted regularly and have a profile that is set up as that of a real Instagrammer with activities and engagements.

  • You Can Lose Followers, Likes, and Views

Instagram is becoming smarter by the day, fine-tuning its algorithm to detect spam and fraud such as bought followers and other forms of engagements. This means that once Instagram gets a clue that your followers are fake, you will lose them instantly.

Unfortunately, this happens frequently and Buzzoid has not proven to be a formidable force against detection. You can get a replacement if you lose them immediately after gaining them but if it took a while to lose them — they are gone forever.

  • No Free Trial and Money-back Guarantee

Another reason why you will want to avoid using this service is that there is no way you can tell whether the service would work for you or not until you make a monetary commitment since the service does not have a free trial option.

To make things even worse and shady — there is no money-back guarantee in place to help you get your money back if you are not satisfied with the service delivery.

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Top Buzzoid Alternatives for followers

There are a good number of similar sites and services online that you can use to gain more followers. Just as in the case of Buzzoid, they do have their pros and cons but some of them can be said to be good alternatives to Buzzoid. Let take a look at 10 of these Instagram growth services below.

1. Mr. Insta

Mr Insta Homepage

Mr. Insta is arguably the best alternative to Buzz when it comes to buying followers, likes, and views. This service offers users real Instagram followers, learn our Mr. Insta review here. How this works is simple. It has a free Instagram follower service that users can use which they are most likely provided, bot followers.

In return, they are made to follow the profile of paid users. Aside from likes, followers, and views, you can also buy comments, reel views, IGTV views, and many forms of engagement from this service. Mr. Insta remains one of the best in this space. Its supported payment methods are secure and the process of using the service is quite simple and straightforward.

2. Upleap

Buy Instagram Followers for Upleap

Upleap is one of the sites where you can buy Instagram likes and followers. It is one of the top alternatives to Buzzoid in such regard. This service offers both standard packages and premium packages. For the standard packages, it is easy to detect that they are making use of bots as the accounts being used to send you the followers and bots only have profile pictures but do not post.

However, in the case of premium packages, the account does have some form of activities as they regularly post pictures and videos. This does not mean the premium packages cannot be detected, but they are not as easy to detect as accounts used in the standard package.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister Homepage

Media Mister has proven to be one of the forces to reckon with when it comes to helping smaller marketers grow their accounts across many of the popular social media platforms on the Internet. Media Mister has got support for platforms more than most other services in the market. Instagram is one of the major supported sites.

For Instagram, you can buy engagements such as followers, likes, views, comments, comment replies, impressions, profile visits, and many more. This means that it has got more support for boosting your account growth than Buzzoid does support. Instagram followers are the most purchased service on the Media Mister website and it starts from $2 which is considered affordable.

4. Viralyft

Viralyft Homepage

Viralyft is another site that can be said to be a good alternative to Buzzoid when it comes to buying Instagram engagements. On Viralyft, you can buy followers, likes, views, and comments. Viralyft is quite easy for you if you consider the steps required. All you need to do is register, pay for the package you need and then provide your IG username or the URL of the post you want the service to drop comments for.

While their service keeps claiming they are offering real users, you need to know that they cannot be trusted in this regard and as such, all you just need them for is to inflate your followers count as the followers provided are nothing but a bot.

5. Stormlikes

Stormlikes Homepage

If you are fond of buying social media engagements, there is a high chance you must have heard of Stormlikes as it is quite popular. This service has got support for 6 social media platforms with Instagram being their most popular platform in terms of purchase. For Instagram, Stormlikes would provide you likes, followers, and auto-likes.

If you are looking for a service that would provide you the followers you paid for instantly, then the Stormlikes service is the service you seek as it provides users with the followers they paid for instantly. However, you need to be careful of adding too many followers within a short period of time to avoid getting suspicion.

6. SocialPlus

SocialPlus Homepage

When it comes to the area of selling followers, likes, views, and comments, then SocialPlus is one of the alternatives to Buzzoid. Unlike Buzzoid which does not have support for buying comments, you can buy comments from SocialPlus. One thing you need to know about the accounts being used by this service is that they are most likely being managed by bots even if they wouldn’t admit it.

However, the accounts have been set up in a way that it would be difficult to be detected as a bot. That being said, it means that you should expect any form of further engagements from this account after getting what you paid for since the accounts are being managed by bots and not real humans.

7. Turbo Media

TurboMedia Homepage

Turbo Media would have come as one of the top services on this list if the list is ordered. You can rank the service being offered by Turbo Media to be at par with what Mr. Insta offers. In fact, if you take a deep look at the Turbo Media website, you will reach the conclusion that either the two websites are from the same owner/team or one of the services copied each other.

This is because they have got the same working model where free users are made to follow paid clients in exchange for bot followers. The pricing can also be said to be the same.

8. Jarvee

Jarvee Homepage

If you are a technical person, then buying followers is not ideal. Instead, you can use an automation bot to manage and automate your activities on Instagram which would provide you, with real human followers, when done right. Jarvee is one of the most popular Instagram automation bots. With this service, you can automate most of your tasks on Instagram ranging from following, unfollowing, comments, posting images and videos, as well as sending DMs.

Jarvee works quite well only when you know how to use it and follow the IG automation guide to the latter — this is because Jarvee provides you full control and that can get inexperienced users into trouble. Aside from Instagram, Jarvee does have support for a good number of other social media platforms.

9. Inflact

Inflact Homepage

Jarvee requires a Windows operating system to function. If you want a Buzzoid alternative in the form of an automation tool and do not want to deal with the complexities of Jarvee, then Inflact is the service for you. Inflact is a web-based Instagram automation bot that can help you gain targeted followers by providing you with a smart targeting system for defining who your account would interact with.

It can also automatically interact with your audience and even help in content planning. This tool has got support for scheduling posts, an AI-powered hashtag generator for detecting trendy hashtags, and even CRM features. Inflact has been used by over 1.2 million Instagram users worldwide.

10. Kicksta

Kicksta Homepage

Kicksta is another breed when compared to the other services and tools described above. While it is not a service where you can go and buy followers and likes as you would for Buzzoid, it can be said to be a good alternative to Buzzoid if you want to try out a better way to gain followers than paying for them.

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that makes use of its in-house tools to help you grow your account. The tools they use are nothing but bots.

However, they are more professional and know what works and what doesn’t. It is like giving out your account to the company to help you grow it.

FAQs About Buzzoid

Q. Is Buzzoid Legit or Scam?

This question is quite popular among intending users of Buzzoid. This is not unconnected to the fact that past users of the service that use it and it never worked for them end up calling it a scam.

However, in reality, Buzzoid is not a scam — you just need to tune down your expectation considering the price you paid. Buzzoid provides you nothing but bot followers — you will need to know how to use that to your advantage and not depend solely on it to avoid getting disappointed.

Q. Buzzoid Vs. Famoid?

If we are to compare Famoid with Buzzoid, we can say that they offer almost the same service. However, Buzzoid can be said to be the better one between the two. This is because Famoid provides you only standard packages that the followers you got only have a profile picture.

In addition to this, Buzzoid provides premium packages that the accounts being used do have frequent post updates aside from having profile pictures which make them better at evading detection from the Instagram algorithm.

Q. What are the Risks Associated with Buying Followers and Likes?

It always sounds good to only pay for followers and avoid doing the hard work of gaining them. However, the result of buying followers, likes, views, and even comments wouldn’t meet your expectations.

This is because most of them are bots. Even for accounts that have real humans behind them, they end up becoming ghost followers. Aside from this, there is also the issue of losing them overnight or even getting penalized by Instagram.


Looking at the above, you can see that there are a good number of options available to you ranging from regular websites you can buy followers from to services you can use to automate your account in other to gain followers to a service that would take care of the growth process for you.

However, one thing you need to know is that all of these services can get your account penalized if not used correctly since Instagram does not support their activities.

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