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Are you planning on buying residential proxies from Infatica? Then come in now and read our expert review. You are going to be learning about the pros and cons of using proxies from Infatica.

Infatica Overview

The proxy market has been flooded by a good number of new proxy providers that finding the right provider for your next project might be a problem, especially if you do not have any provider in mind. Infatica is one of the new providers in the market that brings to the table a lot of promise. I first read about them in February 2019 on BlackHatWorld when they started out – this was even before they setup a website for their business. Since then, they have fine-tuned their business and has grown to become the choice among many proxy users. But should you go for their proxies?You will get an answer to these in this review. But before that, let take a look at an overview of Infatica.

Infatica overview homepage

Infatica is a new proxy provider with interest in the provision of residential proxies and mobile proxies to businesses. It is a global proxy network that prides itself as a provider of ethical proxies for any business use cases – this means that you can use their proxies for any proxy use case you can think of. They have got a fairly large proxy pool that is made of IP addresses from real residential locations around the world. Infatica proxies can help you grow your businesses as they are compatible with many websites – they are also safe and secure. However, they also have some downsides you also need to be aware of before purchase. This review will be centered on their residential proxies.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential/ Datacenter/mobile
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample 40GB – $360 (Monthly)
Pool of IPs 10+ Million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
IP Rotation · Each Session

· Sticky Session (Time)

Filtering/Targeting Countries
Authentication IP Authentication
Speed Good
Free Trial Yes – on request
Refund Policy One day
Support Live Support, Contact Form, and Detailed FAQ
Jurisdiction Location Singapore


Infatica Pros

From the beginning of this article, you can see that Infatica is a new provider. However, it has gathered for itself some strengths that make many people love it. Some of these strengths will be discussed in this section.

Huge IP Pool Size

If there is one aspect that I will tell you, I am impressed with Infatica; it is the number of residential IPs they have in their residential proxy pool. Infatica can into the market in 2019, and in less than 10 months, they already have over 2.5 million residential IPs in their pool. As their proxy pool stands now, it has over 10 million residential IPs. If you will agree with me, I will call this a great fit for Infatica as there are other providers in the market that has not been able to gather as many proxies as they have. Very important is the fact that their IPs are from real residential locations.

Infatica IP Pool Size

Infatica makes use of a peer-peer network for building and maintaining in residential IP pool. With a peer-to-peer network, you can quickly build a large IP pool in a short time. The over 10 million residential IPs are not from one location, and as such, they have a feeling of being a global proxy network. I have my reservations about their location coverage, though, and that will be discussed in the cons section of the article. But as far as proxy pool is concerned, they have done quite well as the pool is large enough.

Good Session Control

When it comes to session control, you need to know that you are completely in control of that. From their homepage, you will see that they stated that they have both rotating IPs and the sticky ones that won’t change your IP address. However, when you log in, you will discover that it is not like that – you are in full control. All they do for you is that they provide you a list of proxies that you can copy into and use in your automation tool. Because you are given just a list, you can decide to make rotating proxies out of them or simply choose one and use it as it is.

Infatica Session Control

When you go with just one, you are using a sticky IP – the system will change the IP assigned to it, though, after sometimes. If what you are interested in are rotating proxies, then you just have to take care of that yourself or click on the Rotate Proxy List button and the list will be rotated for you – but you will still end up with a proxy list and not a single proxy that rotates proxies by itself.

Good Scraping Performance

One of the most popular uses of proxies, especially among Internet marketers, is web scraping. Websites on the Internet have put in place strategies known as anti-scraping techniques to prevent scraping – and some of them can detect proxies. How does Infatica stand as a proxy for scraping? To find this out, we had to carry out a scraping performance test to ascertain how effective are Infatica residential proxies for scraping the popular sites on the Internet. Below is the result of the test carried out.

Infatica Scraping Performance

Performance on 300 Concurrent connections
Test Success Rate (%) Error (%) TimeOut (%) Block (%)
Amazon 78 2 5 15
Adidas 80 0 10 10
Booking 71 9 3 17 79 6 5 10
Craigslist 70 7 8 15
Instagram 75 5 4 16
Nike 75 1 10 14
Linkedin 88 2 0 10
Google 71 1 0 29
Youtube 70 2 4 24

Looking at the chart and table above, you can see that Infatica perfect quite well in the aspect of web scraping. However, when compared with other providers such as Luminati, GeoSurf, and Smartproxy, it lags behind. One interesting thing about many of the blocks and errors experienced doing the performance are Captchas blocks, and as such, using a Captchas solver will get the job done.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

Another aspect of the Infatica residential proxies that you will come to love is their speed. Though it cannot be said to be the fastest, it is acceptable. Let take a look at two aspects of proxy speed we measured.

  • Response Time

The response time is the time taken for you to get a response back after you send a request to a web server. Residential proxies are generally slower compared to datacenter proxies. We tested residential proxies from Infatica for their response time, and we were impressed with the result we got even though it wasn’t breaking any record. Below is the result.

Infatica Response Time

  • Proxy Connection Speed

Aside from the response time, another thing we tested is the proxy connection speed. Generally, the location of the proxy server and how far it is from the web server you are sending requests to will determine this. However, we can still reach a generalized conclusion. Below is the performance of residential proxies as tested on the Speedtest tool.

  • Average Ping: 81ms
  • Average Download: 23.16 Mbps
  • Average Upload: 11.86Mbps

Secure and Private

The main reason why people make use of proxies in the first place is to maintain an anonymous identity online and use that leverage for a good number of activities. However, if remaining anonymous will cause you the security of your traffic online, then there is no need to be anonymous in the first place. Well, Infatica is one of the proxy providers that take the idea of security seriously. Infatica makes use of an end to end encryption system to keep your information safe from eavesdroppers. It also makes sure that it does not keep logs of your activities – and do not share it with any third-party.

Easy to Use

Infatica Use

Infatica makes their service very easy for its users. Even without having a coding skill, you can make use of their proxies, and as a developer, integrating their proxies into your tools is very easy. They have a web interface where you can manage your proxies, subscription, and authentication. Unlike many other proxy providers that provide users two authentication options, Infatica only supports IP authentication.

Infatica IP authentication

With this type of authentication, you don’t need to authenticate using usernames and passwords. All you have to do is register your device IP address from the user dashboard, and your access to use the proxies will be granted.

Good Customer Support

No matter how easy a product is, at one point or another, users will require some clarification and need the service of a customer rep. Making a service as fluid as it should be shouldn’t be the reason why a service provider shouldn’t have good customer support. When it comes to customer support, you just have to give it up for Infatica. Before writing this article, I contact them a good number of times using their email support and live chat feature, and I must say they were quite supportive and responsive. They also have a good FAQ page that provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Infatica Cons

Just like every other proxy provider, Infatica has both positive and negative sides. The positive sides have been discussed above under the pros section. This section will be used to discuss the not so good sides.


You Need to Request to Use Some Features

Infatica has a good number of advanced features. However, some of these features are not available out of the box – you need to request for them. Some of the advanced features available only on request include city-level targeting, username, and password authentication, as well as some flexible payment plans. For you to request these features, you will need to chat with their customer representatives. The whole process of requesting can be avoided, and all of the features provided out of the box.

Developer API not Available

Another feature I expect to see that Infatica does not have is a developer API. With an API, Infatica will become more developer-friendly as integrating their proxies with custom build program will be possible friendly to developers. However, I had a discussion with the team at Infatica, and they stated that they are in the process of providing an API. For now, this point remains here until the feature is released officially.   

Expensive Pricing

To many users, the pricing of a proxy provider could either make them customers or put them off. There was a time I regarded Infatica as affordable and cheap – that time is long gone. Even though they are not as expensive as Oxylabs, Luminati, and GeoSurf, they are coming close. The Infatica residential proxies starter plan will cost you $360 and comes with limited bandwidth of 40GB. The price per gigabyte is cheap and gets cheaper as you buy more bandwidth. However, the minimum monetary requirement of $360 can be expensive to a good number of intending users.

Infatica Refund Policy

Infatica is working on a “pay as you go” payment plan that will be made available to the public anytime soon. the minimum amount you can pay for this plan is $360. However, you can use it for up to a year. It is not a monthly plan like the others.

You Need to Install a Certificate

Infatica Certificate

I had used other proxies before and did not have the need to install any certificate. However, if you do not want to be worried about errors and warnings, then you need to install a certification. Follow this link to learn how to install a certificate for running Infatica proxies. You will agree with me that this is extra work and something they should have taken aware of you.

Do I Recommend Infatica Proxies?

There’s no proxy provider, and its proxies that do not have downsides and Infatica, and their residential proxies are not an exception. However, looking at the fact that it is compatible with many websites, good for scraping, and has an acceptable speed, then I recommend them. However, you have to make sure that you check the location they support and make sure you won’t be needing proxies outside of these locations before pitching your tent with them.

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 8.9/10
  • Proxy Network - 9/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.7/10
  • Customer support - 9.1/10

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