SNEAKER ADDRESS JIGGING 2024: How to Jig Address for Multiple Virtual Address

Do you want to jig your address to get more addresses required to cop multiple pairs of a limited-edition sneakers? Then read our article below on how to jog your address.

How to Jig Your Address

Jigging your address while trying to cop sneakers or other items is somewhat new to most sneaker enthusiasts and even new resellers but not to veteran sneakerheads. When most sneaker copping guides speak on copping sneakers, they focus more on the use of proxies and sneaker bots and how these are the requirement for a successful sneaker copping game.

But what they fail to understand is that just as you can’t use the same identity and payment method, you can’t also use the same address to receive the shipment of your multiple pairs as that will reveal your activities to the sneaker site.

You need a method to hide your address but also wouldn’t want to send them to the wrong place or pay heavily by getting others to receive them for you. what then do you do? Address jigging is the method to get this done. In this article, you will be taught all you need to know about jigging your address so you can get multiple addresses that will lead to the same physical address.

What is Address Jigging

What is Address Jigging

Address jigging is the process of adjusting, changing, and altering your copping details like your shipping address, billing, and among other info. This is done to enable you to bypass or sidestep the purchase perimeters set by top retailers in the sneaker world. This could be from known brands like Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Champion, Supreme, and more.

The main target here is to jig your way through the brand and cop multiple shoes as well as limited editions without your address being detected. What this means is that you will be showing to retailers as a new patron with a different address in every purchase you made. By so doing you can go beyond the boundary or limits set for stuff. Hence, multiple purchases can be viably attained and you can secure sought-after as well as high-in-demand shoes and items.

Types of Address Jigging

Address Jigging

While trying to understand what it means to jig address and also learn how it works, you have to know the several types to be successful in whatever strategies you intend to use and pull through. With that said, here are the types of address jigging you should learn how to manipulate to avoid you not only relying on the address when you can use other options. These are:

  • Name Jigging

Name Jigging is quite specific depending on the brand you tend to cop. Meaning that the name Jigging in YeezySupply differs from Footsites, Supreme, and so on. What's interesting here is that a virtual card is what is applicable. And knowing most of it does not come with a name gives you the privilege to input whatever name you deem fit suitable.

Although Shopify and Footsites can be a bit manipulative and requires name, Supreme and YeezySupply are flexible. However, make sure to input a different card name and surname to affect your billing and shipping info should in case your Identity wants to be confirmed before sending your purchase issues won't arise.

  • Phone number Jigging

Jigging phone number is one of the most straightforward compared to other forms of address Jigging. All that is required here is to use a different phone number but not likely a different sim card. You have to make up these numbers but be careful not to change the area code as all the numbers have to align with your billing details. When this is done successfully, retailers won't be able to tell the real identity behind your multiple purchases.

  • Email Jigging

Email Jigging just like phone Jigging is specific to the brand you want to cop. Copping in Supreme and YeezySupply using different email is best, and the same applies to Footsites and Shopify. The email address should be in line with the billing first name and last name of the receiving email.

For example, Jaden Ethan as a name should align with [email protected] as the email or an address very similar. Email Jigging is highly effective as you can easily use a catch-all method to gather several emails to send to a domain, and further create different email profiles from that domain. What to note is that both Yahoo and Gmail are applicable but it's best to use Gmail.

Shipping/Billing Address Jigging

Shipping Billing Address Jigging

Among all the types of address jigging, shipping/billing jigging is peculiar. It has some methods attached to it. To understand and learn this type of address jigging you have to know the approach to it and this differs by the brand you have in mind. However, let's see the techniques for using this type of address jig.

  • The 3 and 4-Letter Jig

This method deals with randomly adding up letters or numbers in front or at the start of your address. The four letters indicate that four letters or numbers should be added. Take for instance 2084 Technology or Technology Gltd, just something unique to make it different from the previous. However, the same goes for the 3-letter jig. All to do is add three letters in front of the address and voila, you are good to go.

  • Abbreviation Jig

Using some acceptable abbreviation is one simple way to jig an address. How you go about it is to form words with their appropriate abbreviation. For example, the word Avenue is Ave, Annex is Anx, Branch is Br, and Bypass is Byp, and so on. i.e. 2084 Technology Br. You can get these standard abbreviations from the Official USPS site

  • Residential Jig

If your apartment is residential, you can jig such address by adding an apartment or flat number, room and also floor number, and even location to your address. For instance, your address is 2084 Technology apartment, Los Angeles.

When you jig the address by your apartment you will get something like this, 2084 Technology apartment F25 Los Angeles. The F25 is the apartment number you use in jigging the address. Note that this is not a real address, we only created an example to guide your understanding.

Additionally, if the said apartment is your place of residence, include the room and floor number and not just some random number. This goes like, 2380 Technology apartment F25 room 1 or floor 1, then the location.

  • Extended Zip Code Jig

Jigging a zip code will call for the changing of its extended code which represent the post office or delivery area. An extended zip code usually has four extra numbers, to jig the code, you will be altering these numbers with a dash. Let's say the previous code is 2380, the new code will be added up. Like 2380 –5564.

  • Signs and Symbol Jigs

Inputting signs and symbols is another good way address can be jigged. All you have to do aside from going with letters and numbers is to strategically add up spaces, use commas, and semi-colons, as well as some symbols that can show uniqueness randomly.

Address jigging will not be effective if you do not truly understand jigging. To jig on supreme and Footsites, using the 3-letter method is best. Moreover, on YeezySupply you do not have to be that strategic, abbreviation is to be adopted. Shopify goes for the combination of the methods.

Tools for Address Jigging

AYCD tool

Address jigging tool is not in handy the way many see it to be because getting one that truly works is often a big deal. Although there are free ones online you can source for automatic jigging. Some are gotten from cook groups. But you can’t tell if any will work.

In this article, the one we will touch on after thorough research and confirmation is the AYCD tool. I know you might be wondering what this tool represents. AYCD is not a bot as many startup sneakerheads think they are.

They are a team of reputable developers that make the AYCD toolbox which comprises a OneClick tool, a browser spoof tool, a billing converter, a server generator, and a jigging tool (AYCD Profile Builder). The tool they provide is well resounding because it is 100% effective.

The AYCD Profile Builder is the best tool for address jigging and the most appreciated tool the said developers have for resellers. Since they support address jigging, irrespective of the address and store you deem fit, subscribing to their tool as a reseller can help by randomly creating billing profiles as much as desired.

Although, the tool is not free, paying for it is worth it. Their team is well-experienced and vast. With the group of resellers they housed, using the tool to jig addresses and bypass boundary set by retailers to secure multiple items is attainable.

There are good benefits and profiting value to using the tool for jigging as resellers who want to pull in more sales and double their profits. So, if you wish to outsource a tool for this address jigging purpose, go for the AYCD Profile Builder, they are the best and well known to work.

How To Jig Your Address

YouTube video

How to jig your address get down on the types of jigging you want to engage in. Therefore; it is not the normal general step by step how to kind of thing. Just like we have explained above that we have several types of address jigging and examples are given on how they work if you want to jig an address you have to pick either name, or phone number among others to jig accordingly.

For instance, if you want to use a virtual credit card to cop YeezySupply, this type of jigging is name jigging.

You maybe like to read,

However, to do this, after logging in to your target site, you go to the billing tab. Since you are to use a virtual card there won’t be any name on it, so you input a name of your choice. Then go to the address area and input the address with a three or four letter in front to show distinctiveness. You keep doing the same and changing the address letters to differentiate the previous from the current.

What you would come to appreciate is that on every request you tender, the retailers see you as a new customer. Make sure your billing address matches your shipping detail for a particular item, but not all items. Note that you can create 5 different cards with the same name and you won’t get canceled because several people are answering the same name. This method is just one among others, but if you know how to jig one the others come easily.

FAQs About Address Jigging

Q. Can’t I Just Use Proxies Instead of Jigging My Address?

Of course, you can, but what’s the big deal here is not just your checkout, the shipping and billing information plays a huge role and a proxy can’t mask that. Billing and shipping details are something you are to fill in before your delivery will be sent to you, so it has to be different so the retailers don’t know you are the one behind several checkouts. Though the name can be the same and there won’t be called for alarm as several people answer the same name. Now, this is the reason why address jigging is preferred to using a proxy.

Q. Why is Using Address Jigging Tool Important for Copping Sneakers?

Address Jigging tool has its advantage and when it is outsourced from a reputable developer like AYCD, the value it brings is worth the price. The jigging tool can help you randomly create multiple addresses and bulk billing profiles which will help in multiple copping and item purchases.

So, if you are aiming to be a reseller, as a beginner, you might not be capable yet to spend the money involved, especially if you are starting with a few dollars. But for those who have been in the game for quite some time, this is something you should try on. Make sure the developers have a good landing that can double your growth.

Q. Will My Checkout Get Canceled if I Use the Same Address for Copping?

Yes, if you cop with the same address, you are definitely going to be cut and your orders canceled. When this happens your aim of jigging has been defeated, and that’s not the purpose of address jigging.

Therefore, to jig properly as a new reseller or sneakerhead, do not use the same address for all purchases unless you intend to go for just an item. The same name is allowed because there are thousands of people with such a name so it's not a criterion for cancelation.


Purchasing multiple items can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to jig your address. As a reseller hoping to double its growth and profits, this is very important to learn and understand how to go about it. Haven done some in-depth research on this topic, in this article, we have explained if not all but 90% of what you should know when it comes to addressing jigging, the various types with simplified examples, and how to go about manipulating your way around it.

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