10 Best Geosurf Alternatives (Geosurf Is Closed!)

If you have just received the news of GeoSurf merging with Bright Data, you are not alone. It happened, and you have to move on. I will be describing some of the best alternatives to Geosurf in the article below.

Geosurf Alternatives

Overview of Geosurf Alternatives

Geosurf as you know is no more — it has closed down and merged with Bright Data after a long legal battle. And to. To be frank with you, the details are a little sketchy — we are, however,  aware of their running legal battle. It was as a result of Bright Data claiming that some BI Science (2009) Ltd investors were also their investors who had access to their trade secrets and know-how and used that to form Geosurf. They also claimed the service employed some of their employees.  Well, their way of solving the issue is a takeover.

If you are a customer of Geosurf while this is triggering and the idea does not make sense, it has happened. And you need to move on. I am here to help you move on by finding you a worthy replacement for the Geosurf proxy service. Since Geosurf's main product is the residential proxy network, that will be the main focus of this Geosurf alternative article.

1. Bright Data — Best Alternative to Geosurf

Bright Data Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 99.07% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 36.93 Mbps
  • Response Time: 763 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $10.5 per GB

Bright Data Residential Proxy Overview

Perhaps, if there is a best alternative, that has to be Bright Data — and the team over there are already waiting for you. They have superior technology, support more locations for geo-targeting, and have a pool with 72 million IP addresses. Geosurf customers were transferred to Bright Data and Bright Data has put in systems in place to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition.

In fact, as a former Geosurf customer, you are to enjoy exclusive pricing based on Geosurf's old pricing with even provision for promotion offers for a long-term commitment. And let's face it, Bright Data is a superior provider. You get the highest unique IP percentage when web scraping.

The IPs are undetectable, and the geo-targeting option is granular, allowing you to choose the country, state, or city you want IPs from. To even talk about their pricing as a new customer, you get 1GB for $10 in their pay-as-you-go option.

2. Smartproxy — Fastest Residential Proxy Network

smartproxy for twitter

  • Average Success Rate: 96.93% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 34.81 Mbps
  • Response Time: 672 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $8.50 per GB

Smartproxy Residential Proxies

Smartproxy has been in the race with Bright Data for a while now — and let's face it, their offering is quite better than Geosurf. I have personally used this for some of my tasks — so this assertion is not from mere testing. This network has over 40 million IP addresses from over 200 countries across the globe. One thing you will come to like about this service is its speed.

While testing out these providers, it came out first in response time (307 ms). The download speed was quite competitive at 32.95 Mbps. As with Geosurf, what you get here are rotating proxies. However, it has better session control as you can maintain a session for up to 30 minutes. And if you like, you can switch IP after every request. Pricing for Smartproxy is affordable as you can get started with $8.5 per GB in their pay-as-you-go pricing model.

3. Soax — Cleanest Proxy Pool

Soax Proxy Logo

    • Average Success Rate: 97.53% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
    • Proxy Download Speed: 27.45 Mbps
    • Response Time: 861 ms
    • Cost: Starts from $99 for 15 GB

Soax Residential Proxy Overview

Another residential proxy service I will recommend as a replacement for Geosurf is Soax. One of the secrets this service has is having a clean proxy pool. This is as a result of the constant monitoring of its proxy pool to remove bad IPs. In terms of pool size, Soax is also bigger as it has over 155 million IPs in its pool as advertised on its website. If you go with this provider, then you will have reduced retries and connection issues since most of the IPs that will be signed to you are good IPs.

The network has support for over 150 countries from which you can get IP addresses from. Aside from their residential proxies, you can also get mobile proxies and datacenter proxies from this provider. Pricing for this service starts from 99 dollars which is a little pricey for small proxy users.

4. Nimble Residential Proxy — Best Geosurf Alternative for Enterprise Users

Nimble Residential Proxy logo

  • Average Success Rate: 98.11% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 37.31 Mbps
  • Response Time: 472 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $600 for 75 GB

Nimble Residential Proxy

If you are an enterprise user, then here is a modern proxy infrastructure for you. Nimble Residential proxy service has learned from the shortcomings of the other proxies before it. And the result is an effective, scalable, and highly anonymous network you can use to collect data at will, power your next automation project, and monitor conversions on social media and anywhere else. This service is actually for businesses as you can only get started with $600 monthly with 75GB.

One thing you will come to like about this service is its efficient IP rotation system. It chooses the best IP address to assign to you using an AI-optimized engine. And this engine prioritized newer IPs overused ones. If you are an enterprise customer of Geosurf, when you look at the offerings of Nimble proxies, you will agree with me that it is a better provider. And once you are done with KYC, you get 22GB to try out their service for free.

5. Oxylabs — Largest Proxy Pool in the Market

Oxylabs Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 94.96% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 31.54 Mbps
  • Response Time: 552 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $10 for 1GB


The Oxylabs service is another alternative to Geosurf and not just anyone — but one of the best at that. First, Oxylabs owns one of the largest proxy pools if not the largest. As of the time of writing this article, they claim to have over 100 million IPs in their pool. This is enough for your large-scale scraping needs and for any kind of automation you need. It does not only have a large proxy pool, but its location support is also extensive with support for granular geo-targeting options.

It can be said to be the real strong contender to the Bright Data service, the same provider that took over Geosurf and they have also had a legal battle in the past still bothering on patent too. This network offers rotating proxies only. However, there is support for sticky ports for session management. Its pricing can be said to mirror the pricing obtainable from Bright Data as it goes head-to-head with it.

6. Proxy-Cheap — Cheapest Geosurf Alternative

Proxy Cheap Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 95.95% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 21.15 Mbps
  • Response Time: 694 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $5 for 1 GB

Proxy-Cheap Overview

The Proxy-cheap service is another provider I will recommend to you. This provider is even cheaper than Geosurf as you can get started with just $5 per GB. Interestingly, while Geosurf has over 3.5 million IP addresses, this one has over 6.9 million IP addresses with support for IPs from over 128 countries across the globe. Using this, you can scrape geo-targeted content and access geo-fenced content over the Internet. In terms of speed, Geosurf can be said to be a little faster than Proxy-cheap.

One thing you will come to like about the Proxy-cheap service is the onboarding process which is smooth and you are not forced to go through their KYC process. Recently, this provider has also introduced proxies in the datacenter and ISP proxy categories.

7. Proxy-Seller — Emerging Residential Proxy Network

Proxy seller Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 96.62% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 25.73 Mbps
  • Response Time: 494 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $7 for 1 GB

Proxy-Seller Overview

The Proxy-seller is a known provider, especially in the private datacenter and ISP proxy market. It has recently introduced its residential proxy offering which has proven to be one of the contenders in the space. I will recommend it as one of the alternatives to the now-death Geosurf. This is because even as a new player in the space, it already has 15 million IP addresses to work with — quite larger than what Geosurf ever offered for the period it operated. The service is fast enough to get your tasks done without frustrating you.

You can choose the country, state, and city you need the IP addresses from. However, as I would advise, you should only use the geo-targeting feature if you can’t do with it since using it shrinks the pool to a smaller number compared to when you use the whole pool. It also allows you to use up to 40K ports concurrently. In terms of pricing, Proxy-seller can be said to be affordable as its starting price is $7 per GB.

8. IPRoyal — Bandwidth Never Expires

IPRoyal Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 89.18% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 18.84 Mbps
  • Response Time: 861 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $7 for 1GB


All of the Geosurf alternatives mentioned in this article have something in common — their plans come with an expiry date — and that even includes Geosurf itself. Well, now that you have been forced to port if you need a proxy that the bandwidth you purchase never expires, then IPRoyal is the best provider for you.

With this provider, your connection only stops after you exhaust your bandwidth. And 1GB of bandwidth is sold for $7. The more bandwidth you pay for, the more discount you get per GB. While its offerings are excellent, it is also a good provider and has been improving itself.

Currently, it has over 8 million IP addresses you can use as a customer. It proxies are rotating proxies with support for sticky ports for session management. It does have support for most countries in the world and a good number of them, you can choose IPs from them. However, considering its pool is just 8 million big, only use geo-targeting if you have to.

9. ProxyEmpire — Reliable Alternative for Web Scraping


  • Average Success Rate: 95.95% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 21.62 Mbps
  • Response Time: 975 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $15 per GB

ProxyEmpire Overview

Another provider I will recommend as an alternative to Geosurf is ProxyEmpire especially if what you want are residential proxies for web scraping. The network of this provider is highly optimized for web scraping. It has over 5 million residential IPs, which is just a little over the size of the pool provided by Geosurf. The proxies are rotating proxies that will rotate your IP address frequently to avoid reaching the request limits of the website which could get you banned. In terms of location support, there are over 100 countries to choose from.

In reality, not all of the countries can be used effectively for web scraping since the number of IP addresses from those countries is small and as such, can’t be efficient when it comes to IP rotation. Pricing for ProxyEmpire starts from $15 per GB which I consider a little expensive when compared to the pricing of the likes of Bright Data and Smartproxy.

10. Hydraproxy — Support Endless Proxy List Generation

HydraProxy Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 97.94% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 19.69 Mbps
  • Response Time: 885 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $5 per GB

Hydraproxy Overview

Last on the list is Hydraproxy — a small proxy provider that can be said to be in the same group as Proxy-cheap, IPRoyal, and ProxyEmpire. This provider has a small pool like the aforementioned but it still has more IPs than Geosurf. Currently, its pool size is put at 5 million.

As with every other provider on the list, it does not own the IP addresses in its pool. Instead, they are sourced via P2P networks. But since their requests are routed via devices of real Internet users, that makes them undetectable to their targets.

The service has IPs from over 100 countries across the globe. One of the features that you will like about this service is that you can generate as many proxy endpoints as you want at no extra cost using it proxy list generator. Pricing for it starts from $5 per GB another is no minimum monetary requirement to get started.


Q. Why Did Geosurf Shutdown?

Unlike other providers that shut down as a result of their network being used illegally, not making money, or being bought over, that of Geosurf is not like that. It is issues bothering on patents, trade secrets, and pouching of staff all of which were found to be committed against Bright Data — and the way out of this is to settle things amicably by merging Geosurf into Bright Data.

Q. Is Bright Data Compatible with Geosurf Use Cases?

Bright Data has now taken over Geosurf and this is the next question on Geosurf customer's mind. Well, I will tell you not to worry. This is because Bright Data is the leading proxy provider in the market and is compatible with all proxy use cases. It offers proxies in all of the proxy categories and supports both HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. Its pool is one of the largest and rotation capabilities are top-notch. In fact, Bright Data can be said to be a better provider than Geosurf.


The proxy market in recent times has witnessed a good number of providers shutting down from smaller providers to well-known names such as 911 S5 Proxy and now Geosurf. Just as the shutting down of other providers didn’t shut down the proxy market, likewise the shutting down of Geosurf wouldn’t affect the market that much. There are already alternatives in the market with even better offerings for you. This article has described some of the best alternatives to Geosurf and listed them for you to choose from.

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