ChangeMyIP Review

How well do you know the ChangeMyIP service? If you know little about the service, then this ChangeMyIP review is meant for you. In the review below, I will discuss all of what you need, including the pros and cons of ChangeMyIP.

ChangeMyIP Review

ChangeMyIP is one of those services you will swear do not meet the requirements for your projects — the website looks dated, the copy looks wacky, and it does not even have a good PR. This is what I thought too. However, after trying out the service and using it for a project, my idea about the service and the dedicated proxies it offers changed.

It is their dedicated HTTP proxies I have used, and as such, it is on this that my review will be based on. The service is basically a datacenter proxy provider with proxies in 4 proxy categories — dedicated and shared HTTP proxies, as well as dedicated and shared SOCKS5 proxies.

An Overview of ChangeMyIP

ChangeMyIP Overview

While I will mention the other proxies, the focus of this review is on their dedicated HTTP proxies. The ChangeMyIP does have a few advantages, which include having good location coverage, super fast speed, super for city geo-targeting in the US, an easy-to-use dashboard, and allowing you to choose the IPs you want to purchase individually. Interestingly, it also does have it issues that you need to be aware of before you purchase proxies from them. Both the pros and the cons of ChangeMyIP will be discussed in this ChangeMyIP review.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Datacenter Proxies
Price Charged Per IP
Price Sample $1.80 per IP
Proxy Protocols HTTP and SOCKS
IP Rotation Not supported
Filtering/Targeting Country-Level
Authentication Username/password and IP authentication
Speed Fast
Free Trial Not available
Refund Policy Available
Support Live chat and email
Jurisdiction Location Romania

ChangeMyIP Pros

The pros of the ChangeMyIP are the upsides of the service and the reasons you will want to make use of this service. In this section of the article, I will be discussing the pros of the ChangeMyIP service.

Good Location Support

One of the problems datacenter proxy providers face is the ability to support many locations. This is because you need to have a physical presence in a region you want to provide IPs from in the form. Of a datacenter — or have a partner in such region ready to rent out its devices and the IPs assigned to them. And either of these does not come easy.

ChangeMyIP is one of the few datacenter proxy providers that have been able to scale the hurdle. ChangeMyIP does have datacenter in 30 countries across the globe cutting across continents such as North America, Europe, and Asia.

Good Location Support of ChangeMyIP

In the countries this service supports, the United States needs a special mention because of its uniqueness in terms of location coverage. For most of the other countries, ChangeMyIP only has one or two data centers in them, and as such, you do not have much flexibility regarding the choice of state and city for IP. However, for the US, there is an option for that. This is because ChangeMyIP has IPs in over 20 states in the US.

And for the states it supports, it has data centers in multiple cities. This means that you can choose to use IPs from specific states and cities if the US is the country you need IPs for. However, you need to know that this selection feature is at the point of purchase, as the IPs they offer are static IPs.

Affordable Pricing with a Good Refund Policy

The ChangeMyIP is a paid service with no free trial option. This means you will have to pay in order to make use of their proxies. One thing you will come to like about the service is its affordable pricing which make it possible for those with serious projects to test out the service with a few dollar. The pricing for their dedicated HTTP proxies starts from $1.80, which is affordable.

For their shared HTTP proxies, the price is lower, but performance is reduced also as you are charged $1 per IP. Their SOCKS proxies are more expensive. The price per IP for the SOCKS proxies is $3 for the dedicated and $1 for the shared version.

Affordable Pricing of ChangeMyIP

ChangeMyIP provides discounts for bulk purchases. If you purchase between 50 IPs and 99 IPs, you get a 6% discount. For 100 IP purchases and more, you get a 15% discount. As stated earlier, there is no free trial for this service. However, you get a whooping 30-day free trial from this service. You will need to read their refund policy to know what makes you eligible for that.

The ChangeMyIP service has a minimum monetary commitment of $10, which means you can’t purchase just one dedicated proxy — you will need to purchase at least 6 IPs. Another thing related to payment you will like is there is hardly any card this service will reject. They accept your regular debit and credit card. You can pay via PayPal too.

Allow you to Choose the Specific IPs you Need

The ChangeMyIP is a lot like the Anonymous-Proxies.Net service — in a number of ways including the user interface of their dashboard and how they operate. As in the case of the Anonymous-Proxies.Net service, the ChangeMyIP service does not bundle up IPs for you when you purchase proxies from them.

You can choose the proxies in the package you want to purchase individually. This enables you to choose IPs from different countries, states, and even cities in a single package. The service does not provide you the full IP address of the service until you purchase.

Allow you to Choose the Specific IPs you Need

However, based on the IPs I had at my disposal and the geolocation test I ran, you can be sure of getting IPs from where the service claims to offer IPs as the IPs sold to me resolve back to their claim using a third-party IP lookup tool. The service even makes the list of their available IPs available for you to choose from. This is quite different from other providers that will request the number of IPs you need, and then they randomly provide choose from their pool of IP addresses and assign them to you.

Easy to Use Interface

An easy-to-use User Interface alone will not get you to decide whether you want to use a provider or not. How the proxies work and whether they meet your requirements will do that. However, when you have two providers that match your requirements and are in the same price range, then the easier-to-use one will take the day. And for the most part, the majority of the proxy providers in the market are somehow way to use.

The ChangeMyIP is one of those services. With this service, you do not need any manual to learn how to make use of it. All you need is to visit their website, create an account, log in to the dashboard, choose the proxies you need, and pay.

ChangeMyIP Loging Process

This will make the proxies available to you on their dashboard. Just copy the proxy details (proxy host, port, username, and password). You can also whitelist your IP from the user dashboard, which will serve as IP authentication, in which case, you do not need a username and password to use, provided it is on the device with that IP you whitelisted. The user interface is basically intuitive, and you only get to see UI elements that are important.

This is due to the fact that the service provides you with just the basic features of proxies, and as such, there are not too many things you can interact with on their user dashboard.

ChangeMyIP Cons

The ChangeMyIP is like every other provider, and as such, it does have its own cons. In this section of the ChangeMyIP review, I will be taking a look at the cons of the service.

Customer Support is Slow

Customer service is not just the ability to provide support to customers but being able to do it swiftly and at the time the help is needed. If your customers have to wait for you for a long time before they get a reply from you, then you need to up your customer support game. And in the proxy market, 24 hours is a long time.

The ChangeMyIP service does have a link for a live chat support feature. However, if you click this, you are redirected to a URL and then back to the ChangeMyIP homepage before the URL even loads. This means there is no live chat support.

Users will have to depend on two channels of communication to get support. If you are a registered user, you can open a support ticket and get help. This makes customer support more personalized. However, responding to your ticket can take hours, and not many have that time to wait. For non-registered users, they will have to depend on email communication which does not even get as much priority as the support ticket gets.

Detail of the Service is Scanty

If you visit the homepage of the ChangeMyIP service, you are greeted with just a minimalistic homepage that tells you their proxies are fast, anonymous, and affordable. You also get a distinction between their dedicated and shared offering. And then nothing more. This is too scanty for one to make a decision. While many might not see this as a problem, this is a recipe for disappointment and asking for a refund.

Detail of the Service is Scanty

Experienced users of proxies already know what they want and even the right questions to ask. But when you have to deal with an inexperienced user, it becomes something different. And in most cases, they will just purchase the proxies, try it out, and when the proxies don’t work for their use case, they ask for a refund — but this is after getting disappointed or frustrated. It is important users know what they can use the proxies of a service for so they can tell what to expect, and a minimalistic website copy as provided by ChangeMyIP, does not help with that.

Pool Size is Small

This con is only important to those who purchase IPs in bulk — usually in the thousands. If you only need to purchase a hundred or even just 1K IPs, you do not have a problem here. Mind you, this problem is not only peculiar to ChangeMyIP, as many other datacenter providers do have the same problem. For this service, at the time of checking their website, there are less than 10K IPs available that you can purchase and use.

For most people, they wouldn’t even need 20% of this. And besides, anyone who will need that number of IPs should use a rotating residential proxy, right? Well, this number can go down fast if you decide to choose the location you need IPs for. If you go for the United States, the number of available IPs will be high. However, in some countries, the number of IPs is quite low. Even for the US, if you choose a specific state or city, you will see that the pool of IPs available to you will drastically reduce.

No Free Trial Plan

The proxy market is full of bad providers that over-promise and under-deliver. This led to skepticism of most proxy users if they had to use a provider for the first time. The fix around this is that users are given a free trial to know whether the proxies will work for them or not. While some users have abused the free trial option, some providers still keep it but put measures in place to discourage free trial spam. However, the ChangeMyIP proxy network does not provide it.

For you to make use of its network, you will need to purchase proxies from its service, and there’s a $10 monetary commitment you will have to deal with. Fortunately, there is a money-back guarantee in place should the proxies not work for you. However, the refund policy states it will only give you a refund if the issue is from their end and you didn’t even use the service much.

Do I Recommend ChangeMyIP?

The ChangeMyIP service is not well known, and the lack of adequate information on its website makes it difficult for one to trust the service. Be that as it may, I have tested and reviewed the service. In the review above, you can see both the pros and cons of using the service. The problems you will face with the service are just that of slow customer support and lack of free trial, which are even issues you can deal with.

For this service, the pros outweigh the cons, as it has good location support, allows you to choose your IPs and location, and offers cheap and easy-to-use proxies. For these reasons, the ChangeMyIP is recommended. You just have to make sure datacenter proxies will work for what you need proxies for.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Speed - 9.1/10
  • Functions - 8.9/10
  • Customer support - 8.8/10

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