Anonymous-Proxies Review

Are you looking to purchase proxies from the Anonymous-Proxies.Net service and need an honest of the Anonymous Proxies? Then you are on the right page as the article below provides you with a review, such as the pros and cons of Anonymous-Proxies.Net.

Anonymous-Proxies Review

The Anonymous-Proxies service is one of the static residential proxy services out there. With this service, you get static residential proxies for your tasks. For the most part, these proxies are dedicated proxies. However, there is also support for shared proxies for those who are ready to compromise on performance for cheaper prices. Aside from static residential proxies, the service also offers datacenter proxies and VPN services.

An Overview of Anonymous-Proxies

Anonymous-Proxies Overview

This service is one of those services that is not known to many. The website looks quite dated, and the copy is not interesting. However, after testing and using their service, I can say Anonymous Proxies is one of the best static residential proxies out there. The performance is fast, IPs are undetectable as proxies, and the pricing is affordable and cheap. The service also does have support for a good number of locations and can be used for a good number of tasks.

However, as with other providers, it does have its downsides ranging from slow customer support, no free trial, and friendly refund policy, as well as having a small pool of IP addresses. In this Anonymous Proxies review, I will be discussing the pros and cons of this proxy network.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Static Residential Proxies
Price Charged Per IP
Price Sample $5 per IP
Proxy Protocols HTTP and SOCKS
IP Rotation Not supported
Filtering/Targeting Country-Level
Authentication Username/password and IP authentication
Speed Fast
Free Trial Not available
Refund Policy Not friendly
Support Live chat and email
Jurisdiction Location Romania

Anonymous-Proxies Pros

Anonymous-Proxies.Net does have its strengths and the reasons why it has kept its customer base all the times it has been in operation. In this section of the review, I will be taking a look at the pros of the Anonymous-Proxies service. After this section, there will be a cons section for discussing the weaknesses of the service too.

Support to Choose Proxies   Individually

If there is one feature you will come to like about this provider, it is the fact that proxies aren’t bundled for you to purchase them. This is what the other providers are known for. But for Anonymous-Proxies.Net, you are given the choice to pick your proxy. You can choose the subnet of the proxy, the country, the state, or even the city. One other level of choice you have is the ability to choose the ISP of the proxy.

Anonymous-Proxies for HTTP Proxies List

However, when it comes to this, there is a cost attached to it. While their regular IPs are affordable, you could be made to pay more if you want to choose IPs from specific ISPs. Another thing you need to be wary of is going overboard with the filters when making a choice for the IPs you need. The pool size is small, and if you filter too much, the number of IPs available to you will be small. Only use this feature when you really need to make use of it.

Multiple Location Support

Static residential proxy networks require you to have a datacenter in locations you want to provide IPs for or have partners in those locations. This makes it difficult for most providers to support many locations. However, the Anonymous Proxies service does have a datacenter in multiple locations from which it delivers its proxies. Currently, it does have support for 29 countries from which you can get IPs from. In each of these countries, it also has multiple data centers. The US is the country it has the most datacenter in.

Multiple Location Support of Anonymous-Proxies

In the United States, Anonymous-Proxies.Net does have support for over 100 cities. In the other countries, you only get support for, at most, 5 cities. The average number of cities supported in the countries is 2 – 3. This means that the distribution of their servers is skewed towards the United States, and that is the country you have the most options for.

Country you have the most options

If you need a static residential proxy from a specific city in the US, you can check out the list of supported cities to see if it is included. The list of US-supported cities is found here. You can get the URL to the supported cites on the Anonymous-Proxies website footer.

High-Speed Internet Connection

Proxies do have their advantages, but one of their disadvantages is that they, in most cases, make your Internet speed slower. Unfortunately, there is a threshold for each task that if your Internet speed gets lower, you can’t use a proxy for it. Slower proxies could also waste your time and even ruin your project. At first, I do think Anonymous Proxies was a slow network until I gave it a try. First, I used the to test my Internet connection speed so I could use it as a benchmark, and I got the below result.

High-Speed Internet Connection

As you can see above, my download and upload speed is not impressive and certainly not one of the fastest. However, it can still be used as a benchmark to see if the percentage of the speed for the proxy will go slower. I used the same speed testing tool and got the below as a result.

Anonymous-Proxies Speed

The result above looks impressive and especially looking at the download and upload speed. The upload speed was even faster than my Internet speed without using their proxies. For the download speed, the reduction is quite negligible. The only problem here is the ping, where there is a considerable difference between the results I got without using their proxies and with their proxies. But again, this is totally fine and better than what you will get from most of the competitors.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing System

Pricing is an important aspect of proxies that you wouldn’t want to overlook, especially if you are on a small budget and you need to spend heavily on proxies. Residential proxies are known to be expensive compared to their datacenter counterparts. In this pricing section, the focus is on their static residential proxies. While they are not the cheapest you can get in the market, if you look at the performance you get coupled with the flexibility, then you will agree with me that their proxies are affordable. The base price for their proxies is $5 per IP.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing System of Anonymous-Proxies

However, there is a discount for purchasing multiple IPs. There is a 5% discount for 10 IPs, a 10% discount for 20 IPs, 15% for 30 IPs, and 20% for 50 IPs. If you purchase more, you get more discounts.  It is important you know that there is a separate price for their Comcast and AT&T IPs ($15 per IP) as well as their Verizon, Coz, and CenturyLink IPs ($7.5). In terms of free trial, the Anonymous-Proxies service does not have a free trial package. You must purchase their proxies to make use of it. Unfortunately, the refund policy in place also makes it difficult for you to get your money back. You can only get a refund if the issues are from their end only.

Easy to Use

The Anonymous-Proxies.Net website looks quite dated. But there is a plus to that, too — the user interface is simplistic and easy to use. Generally, the service does not even provide you with any advanced features in its user dashboard. Just to display your proxies and authentication details, as well as make it possible for you to purchase more proxies. With these minimal features, it becomes easier to use the service. The service is a paid proxy service, and as such, you need to authenticate to use their proxies.

Use of Anonymous-Proxies

All of the proxies in a package share the same username and password. While the username is the same as the username of the account, the service automatically generates a different password for authenticating the proxies. Aside from username and password authentication, the service also supports IP whitelisting, a method of proxy authentication by providing the IPs of the device you will use the proxies on.

Anonymous Proxies Cons

While the above pros section of the service will make you to rush to get a proxy plan from this service, I recommend you read the cons section and be sure you can deal with the issues here before making a purchase from them. Below are some of the weaknesses I can attribute to Anonymous-Proxies.Net.

No Free Trial and Friendly Refund Policy

Most new customers will be scared of making monetary commitments to avoid falling for a scam or being sold proxies that don’t work. The fix to this is that some providers offer free trials while others offer a money-back guarantee. Some other providers even provide both to make their usage risk-free. Unfortunately, the Anonymous-Proxies service does not offer any of the two in the way it should. First, there is no free trial. You will have to purchase just one proxy to test it out before making a monetary commitment. As for the refund policy, it is in their favor, not yours.

According to the information on the refund policy page of this service, you can only get a refund if they couldn’t deliver the proxies because of availability issues or their service has issues. Aside from these two reasons, any other reason is not a basis for a refund. With this, you should only use their proxies if you are sure they will work for your use case. From the performance section, you can see that the proxies are quite fast. They are undetectable, too, as I used them on a good number of web targets with fewer issues. If you aren’t sure their proxies will work for your use case, then you should purchase a few IPs and test them out first.

Customer Support is Slow

Another issue I do have with this service is the slow customer support. Customer support is an important aspect of a business, and for me, I do not have the time to wait for long to get support. A good number of the proxy providers out there do have live chat support. The Anonymous-Proxies does not have support for that. Customer support is via email for unregistered users and support tickets for registered users. These two can be slow for the most part, and you will have to wait to get a response.

However, there is hardly a reason for you to wait for up to 24 hours, and they usually respond when they are online. For a simple service like this, you might not even have the need to speak with the support team. This is because the user interface is intuitive and minimal. There is a help center where you get guides on how to make use of their proxies with some popular clients. If, even with all these, you need support, then you must be ready to wait, as you won’t get real-time support since there is no live chat.

Their Pool is Small

Their Pool is Small of Anonymous-Proxies

The Anonymous-Proxies.Net service does not provide us with the full details of the number of IPs they do have in their pool. However, we are made to know the number of available IPs that are available for use. The last time I checked at the time of writing this review, there were less than 7K IPs available. For most users, this is not a problem as most won’t need anything close to this number.

However, if you need many IPs close to this number, then you will need to speak to their support team to know if they can meet the demand. This becomes worse if you use the targeting feature to get IPs from selected countries, states, or regions. The deeper you go, the less number of IPs available to you. But again, this concern is only for those purchasing IPs in huge numbers.

Do I Recommend AnonymousProxies.Net?

The Anonymous-Proxies service is not known to many. However, my test and research reveal to me that this is because of a lack of marketing, as their proxies are of good quality. As with other providers, it does have its pros and cons, and most of these have been discussed in the article above.

However, the pros outweigh the cons, and for that reason, the AnonymousProxies service is recommended. You just have to make sure the issues discussed in the cons section are not really important in your case.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 9.3/10
  • Speed - 9.2/10
  • Functions - 9.1/10
  • Customer support - 8.9/10

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