Leaf Proxies Review

Do you want to learn more about Leaf Proxies' residential proxy service? If you answer yes to this question, then the Leaf Proxies review article has been written specifically to show you the pros and cons of Leaf Proxies and their residential proxies.

Leaf Proxies Review

Leaf Proxies originates from the sneaker proxy market, and let face it – the sneaker copping industry is full of hype – and many newbies end up buying low-quality proxies because of the hype. For that reason, many users are wary of buying proxies from providers they have not used in the past to avoid wasting money and ruining their projects. It turns out that Leaf Proxies is not only focusing on the sneaker proxy market but also dipping its foot in the general proxy market. This opens their door to a lot of potential clients.

Leaf Proxies overview

However, they are not adequately being covered by review articles, and as such, there is little information about the effectiveness of their proxies on the Internet. It is for this reason that this article has been written – to provide you an unbiased review of Leaf Proxies – the focus is on their residential proxies? Before going into that, let take a look at an overview of Leaf Proxies service.

Leaf Proxies Overview

Leaf Proxies is a proxy provider that provides proxy services for sneaker copping. They offer high-speed datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and ISP proxies. Their proxies are quite popular among sneaker copper as they are found to be effective. One thing you cannot take away from them is the numerous packages available for you to pick from. You can buy daily proxies, last-minute proxies, and even servers. Aside from sneaker copping, their proxies are also making it into the general proxy market, especially their residential proxies.

Interestingly, they had got a flexible pricing model even though their proxies can be termed expensive when you compared the price of a GB from them to that of others in the market. They have got a good number of pros and cons you need to be aware of before making a monetary commitment. Our focus will be on their residential proxies.

Parameters Features
IP Type Residential IPs
Priced Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample $19.5 for 1GB
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S), SOCKS
Authentication Username/password + IP Authentication
IP Locations 40+ locations
Instagram Compatibility Yes
Sneaker Compatibility Yes
Speed Good
Support Email + Discord + Twitter
Refund Policy No refund
IP Replacement Yes
P2p/Torrenting Not Allowed
Jurisdiction Location United States

Visit leafproxies.com

Leaf Proxies Pros

Are you looking for a reason to buy proxies from this provider? It turns out that there are many reasons why you will want to make use of residential proxies from Leaf Proxies, and some of these are discussed below.

Large Proxy Pool and Acceptable Location Coverage

Are you looking for a provider that will provide you millions of IP addresses for you to use for your marketing research or social media account management? Then Leaf Proxies should be one of the options you have. Leaf Proxies appears to be a residential proxy service, but in reality, they seem to me like a proxy reselling business, and this is not without reason. They have over 100 million residential IPs in their pool, and they stated on their website that these IP addresses are sourced from 4 unique networks. This means that they have access to IP addresses in the proxy pool of 4 proxy networks. With this, they have what it takes to provide you as many IP addresses as you want.

Leaf Proxies Location Coverage

One thing you will come to like about their IP address pool is its distribution. Their IPs are not sourced from one location. In fact, this provider has support for the selection of IPs from over 40 countries across the globe, a feature known as country-level geotargeting. Aside from these over 40 countries, they also have IPs from other locations, but the number of IPs they have in these locations is not enough for them to provide geotargeting for them.

Excellent Pricing System

The Leaf Proxies residential proxy service pricing system has been well designed to suit users of all classes. Firstly, it is important you know that their proxies are priced based on bandwidth, and you can use as many IP addresses as you want from the 100 million IP addresses they have in their pool. The pricing is based on consumable bandwidth with an extended validity period. Each package you buy from the Leaf Proxies residential plan comes with a validity period of 60 days (2 months).

Currently, the price per GB starts from $19.5. While you will want to see this as expensive when compared to the price of others in the residential proxy market that comes at a price of $15/GB, you need to take note of the validity period. Also important is the fact that they have got support rollover which will extend the validity of your remaining data balance should you buy more data bundles. For active users that would be able to exhaust the bandwidth allocated to them within 30 days, the pricing is on the high side, but for users that won’t be able to exhaust the bandwidth within 30 days, it is a good bargain.

Special Pools for Sneaker Copping

Leaf Proxies Special Pools for Sneaker Copping

From the introductory part of the article, it was stated that the Leaf Proxies service originates and serves the sneaker copping community. So, what do they have that specifically, aid sneaker copping? Leaf Proxies have got special proxy pools for use by sneaker coppers. Knowing fully well that sneaker sites are different and what works for one sneaker site might not work for others, they have got different proxy pools that will meet the need of copping from some of the sneaker sites. If you log into the user dashboard and try to generate proxies, you will see their special pools for some sneaker sites. Currently, Leaf Proxies have got support for Shopify, Yeezy, Supreme, SNKRS, and Footlocker, among others.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

Let face it; proxy users do not have high expectations in terms of speed when looking at residential proxies. They are known for compatibility with sites and being undetectable but not fast. However, there is still a speed limit to which a residential that does not meet it would be defined as slow. How do Leaf Proxies residential proxies stand in this regard? To measure the speed, we need to check out the speed of our Internet connection without proxies. The tool used is the Speedtest.net tool by Ookla, and we got the below result.

Leaf Proxies Speed without proxies

Looking at the above, you can see that the speed is not breaking any record and can be said to be slow as per world standard. However, we could use it as a benchmark to tell how fast or slow the proxies are. Now using the same speed testing tool, we measured the speed of a proxy server provided by Leaf Proxies and got the below as a result.

Leaf Proxies proxy server Speed

Even though there is a reduction in all of the metrics measured (ping, download speed, and upload speed), it is important you know that the reduction is expected as a result is quite acceptable. Keeping metrics out of it, I tried using their proxies for browsing and streaming video, and I did not notice any reasonable change.

Special Pecks for Subscribers

Leaf Proxies does not only provide you access to working proxies; they also make your workflow easy by providing you some of their tools. One of the tools you have access to free of charge is the Zephyr monitor meant for sneaker coppers. This software is used by sneakerheads and resellers to monitor sneaker platforms and notify you of drops. This software is paid, but they are providing you access free. Also important is their dedicated account managers assigned to customers to make customize service swift and more personalized.

Leaf Proxies Cons

There’s no doubt, Leaf Proxies residential proxies work. However, they are not without faults, and you are supposed to know about them in other to make an informed decision. Below are the many cons of Leaf Proxies residential proxies.

No Free Trial and Money-back Guarantee

Except for products or services you have used in the past or someone you know has used, there’s always the fear of the service not meeting your expectations, and this keeps intending customers away. In other to attract new customers, some proxy services offer them free trials with the hope of converting them to paid subscribers. Other providers won’t do that but would have a friendly refund policy that would enable a user to get his full money back if he is dissatisfied with the service. Some providers offer both free trials and a money-back guarantee.

In the case of Leaf Proxies, you are not getting any of that. They do not offer free trials, which means you will have to part with your money in other to use their proxies. Unfortunately, if the proxies do not work for the task you intend to use them for, you’re also not getting your money back. In fact, it is boldly written on their website that their proxies are digital products, and as such, all sales are final. There’s no guarantee whatsoever!

Your Subscription can be Canceled

With Leaf Proxies, you’re on your own and not protected. According to the Information on their website, “data overuse can result, at the sole discretion of Leaf Proxies, in cancellation without refund.” There’s no need to sugarcoating this – depending on how you use the data allocated to you; you can get your active subscription canceled without getting your money back. While they might have their reason for this, it is not in the interest of their customers. However, except you’re a heavy user, you shouldn’t worry about this.

No Convenient Live Chat Support

Do you know what I mean? I know they do have a Discover server, a Twitter account, and an Email address with which you can communicate your issues and have them resolved. However, this is not as responsive and convenient as the live chat support system other providers do that. Trying to use the other channels of communication will require you to be patient and wait. However, I need to mention that even though you’ll have to wait, they surely will respond to your queries and help you resolve issues you face.

Do I Recommend Leaf Proxies?

Just like every other proxy service in the market, Leaf Proxies have their strengths and weaknesses. However, if you take a look at both, you will see that the strengths (pros) are more than the weaknesses (cons), and as such, they are recommended. However, you need to know that you’re not getting a refund even if their proxies do not work for you and as such, only buy their proxies if you are OK with this.

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  • Scaping Performance - 8.1/10
  • Proxy Network - 8.4/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.6/10
  • Customer support - 7.5/10

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