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Are you looking forward to buying residential proxies from Froxy and you want to know the truth about their proxies before making a decision? Then this article has been written for you as you will be learning the pros and cons of Froxy in this Froxy review.

Froxy Residential Proxy Review

The residential proxy market has been proliferated with many providers that keeping a tab on what is going on in the market can be difficult for you as new providers are introduced into the market daily. However, even with the numerous providers in the market, there are some providers that are not as popular as the market leaders but are still noticeable because of the features they offer.

One of such providers is the Froxy proxy service. In this article, we would be taking a look at this provider by reviewing it — providing you its pros and cons to help you make a decision whether it meets your requirement or not. Before doing that, let take a look at an overview of Froxy.

Froxy Residential Proxy Overview

Froxy is a proxy service provider that offers proxies in the residential and mobile proxy categories. This provider is not popular among proxy users but it might interest you to know that it is at par with some of the popular providers. Froxy has got a sizeable proxy pool that is enough for most proxy users.

It does have good location support, offers you proxies that are pocket-friendly, and the proxies are quite compatible with many proxy use cases. The provider seems to be new and a lot needs to be done in the area of marketing and making sure some of the technicals are taking care of as the provider still does have its own downsides.

Froxy Proxy Homepage

While this provider offers both mobile and residential proxies, our focus in this article is on their residential proxies. For their residential proxies, you can use it for web scraping and crawling and anything in-between such as SEO, price monitoring, social listening, and many more.

You can use it for account management too. However, it is far from perfect. Just like every other provider, it does have its downsides that you need to take note of before making a purchase decision  and all of these would be discussed. We would start the review with the pros section and then move to the cons section before giving our final verdict.

IP TypeResidential IPs
Price ChargedBandwidth and port
Price Sample$45 for 3GB and 100 ports
Proxy ProtocolHTTP(S) and SOCKS
AuthenticationUsername and password
IP LocationsMost countries supported
Instagram CompatibilityYes
Sneaker CompatibilityYes
Speed Slow
Support Fast -live chat available
Refund PolicyAvailable
IP ReplacementYes
Jurisdiction Estonia


Froxy Pros

Froxy residential proxies have got their strengths and reasons why you will want to make use of them. In this section of the review, we would be highlighting some of the core strengths of Froxy residential proxies.

Good Location Coverage and Sizeable IP Pool

When it comes to a residential proxy size, the number of locations supported as well as the total number of IP addresses gotten from these locations matters a lot. For Froxy, it has got good location support that makes it the perfect proxy provider if you need to collect localized data from many locations across the globe. Most countries of the world are supported by Proxy.

And country-level geo-targeting is not the only geo-targeting support available. Froxy has also got support for state and city-level geo-targeting. With this provider, you can also choose to use proxies from a selected Internet Service Provider (ISP). This level of geo-location and ISP selection makes it a good provider for localized data access and unblocking websites.

Froxy Proxy Location

Aside from the location coverage, one other feature I like about this provider is the number of IP addresses it has in its residential IP pool. According to the information on its website, it had got over 8.5 million residential IPs in its pool.

If you ask me, I will tell you this number is enough for most users. However, you need to know that this number and that of the other provider is nothing but an advertised number as there is no way of verifying the actual number of IPs in the pool and the number that is active as the number fluctuates greatly.

Good and Affordable Pricing

Another feature that you will come to like about Froxy is its pricing which is can be referred to as pocket-friendly. If you take a look at the pricing page, you will see that Froxy caters to both small and big marketers. Froxy residential proxies are priced based on bandwidth usage. This is because it does not own the IP addresses just like most other providers and as such, cannot provide you IPs to use as long as you want.

Aside from bandwidth, Froxy also limits the number of ports you can use depending on the package you subscribe to. Take, for instance, the smallest package which is the most popular is known as the Residential Lite and sold for $45. This plan comes with 3GB bandwidth and 100 ports. If you pay for more, you get the price per bandwidth cheaper as it can go as low as $1.95 if you subscribe to the enterprise plan of $2000.

Froxy Proxy price

Froxy is customer-focused and as such, tries to make it easy to onboard new users. To do this, it offers new users a free trial so that they can try out the service and see if the service meets their requirements before making a monetary commitment.

As a new user, you are entitled to 3 days 100MB plan that costs $1.99 which is made available to you for free. Interestingly, this does not stop them from providing you with a refund. They have got a money-back warranty but can be dicey though — to prevent fraudulent people from asking for it after they have used the service. You should read the refund policy document to know what qualifies you to ask for a refund.

Good Session Control

With Froxy residential proxies, you get complete access to their proxy pool but you are limited to the number of ports and bandwidth you can consume. One thing you need to know about the proxies is that they are rotating proxies or ports. This means that your IP address does not remain fixed — it is frequently being rotated.

This is not unconnected to the fact that they do not have control over the activeness of the IP addresses in their pool as IPs can go offline without any notice to them. However, there is some form of sanity in the rotation process. IP rotation for Froxy is time-based which means that you do not get IP rotated after every request.

Whitelisted ips for Froxy Proxy

The service has got specific time intervals which you can choose from. The shortest period of time supported for IP rotation is 90 seconds which is 1.5 minutes. The longest period you can maintain the same IP address before it gets changed is one hour. In between these two time intervals (1.5 minutes to 60 minutes), there are other time periods. With this, you agree with me that Froxy has got a good session control system which makes it perfect for managing accounts across social media and e-commerce platforms, among others.

Easy to Use and Responsive Customer Support

Our first impression of the Froxy proxy service reveals one thing to us — if you have used proxies in the past, you will not have a problem using the proxies from this provider. This is because it didn’t try to introduce any complexity that would make it difficult to use as in the case of some other providers. The service comes with a website and a self-service user dashboard that you can use to access your proxies.

All you need is to visit the web, create an account in other to access the user dashboard. From there, you can purchase a package or use the free trial option. The My Proxy page available in the navigation would take you to the page where you will access your proxies. You can choose to use proxies from any supported country, state, region, and ISP – the proxy address and port will remain the same — only the proxy password change based on the location you choose.

Easy to Use and Responsive Customer Support

The proxies are used the same way you use other proxies by using the proxy address, port, username, and password from the dashboard as your proxy configuration for the software you need proxies for. One thing you will also come to like about this service is their swift customer support. They have got live chat support that you can use to communicate with them should you need any help. If the time you need to talk with the support team is outside of working hours, you will need to send them an e-mail.

Froxy Cons

From the above, you might be tempted to make use of the proxies from this provider. Before you go ahead to use it, I will advise you to read the below and make sure they are things you can overlook.

Speed Need Some Improvement

In other, for our review to be complete, we usually test out the speed of a proxy server to see how they perform. Before out the speed of Froxy residential proxies, I tested the speed of my Internet without using any proxy using the tool and got the below result.

Speed Need Some Improvement for Froxy Proxy

From the above, you can see that my Internet is quite acceptable even though it is not one of the fastest — the test was carried out somewhere in Africa. You can see that the ping is also quite good. With the result above at hand, we seek to see how Froxy residential proxies would perform using the result without proxies as a benchmark. The first trial gave us the below.

Speed Need Some Improvement for Froxy Proxy server

You can see that there is a considerable reduction in the download and upload speed while the ping catapulted to 190ms from 39ms. We tried again to see what the next result would look like since the upload speed is quite small and got the below.

Speed Need Some Improvement for Froxy Proxy network

As you can see from the above, there is a little improvement in the ping and upload. We tried again and while we got higher values such as 15mbps and 17 Mbps, the upload speed wasn’t showing up and end up throwing an error. To be honest with you, while browsing, you might not notice any serious lag. The experience is smooth like with your regular Internet. However, the difference between using their proxies and not using proxies at all is quite great not to be mentioned.

IP Authentication Not Working

If you take a look at the Froxy website, you will see that it has got support for both username and password authentication, as well as IP whitelisting otherwise known as IP authentication. While testing the proxies, I used the username and password authentication and it worked just fine as expected. I decided to use the IP authentication method and it seems like it is broken. The interface is there to provide your IP address and they support up to 4 IP addresses for free. However, after adding my IP address, I was still required by my browser to authentication using username and password which shouldn’t be so if IP authentication is working.

Do We Recommend Froxy Residential Proxies?

Froxy residential proxies do have their strengths and weaknesses just like every other provider in the market. However, its strengths outweigh its weaknesses. Aside from the speed that needs improvement which is not that bad as you can use it the way it is, the proxies are quite good.

Their proxies  are compatible with most websites and are quite reliable. The service has got a good location coverage and a sizeable IP pool. Pricing is also good and you get a trial before making a purchase decision.

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 9.1/10
  • Proxy Network - 9.1/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.7/10
  • Customer support - 9.2/10

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