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Do you want to buy proxies from the Dichvusocks proxy provider? Then before you do that, I will advise you to read our Dichvusocks review to find out the pros and cons before making a purchase decision.

The proxy market is unregulated which had led to the proliferation of the market with many proxy providers – some are good, some bad, while others are just terrible. As a proxy user, you have to be vigilant and make an informed decision when purchasing proxies from a provider you have e not used before since all providers would hype and market their proxies as the best.

As a proxy review, we seek to provide you honest reviews on proxies so you make better decisions and in this article, we would be reviewing the Dichvusocks proxies for you so you will know the pros and cons of using them.

Dichvusocks Proxies Overview

The Dickvusocks proxy service is one of the unpopular proxy services in the market. This proxy service provider is very specialized in the type of proxies it offers. Currently, if you visit the site, you will see that the service offers only socks proxies. From the research we have done about this provider, it seems to be used by dark web users.

However, it is not limited to such as regular Internet users have used or tried to use them. From the domain name, you would think it is a US-based business but there is nothing to confirm such. Looking at the history of usage for this provider, we have got double feelings and you will get to know whether they are a good provider for you or not as you read through.

Dichvusocks overview

The provider is known for being dead cheap which makes proxies affordable for those that have a tight budget and cannot afford to buy premium proxies from the likes of Bright Data, Smartproxy, and MyprivateProxy, among others. But is cheaper pricing enough to get you to buy proxies?

Well, just like they have reasons you would want to make use of them, there are also reasons you wouldn’t want to touch them and those would be discussed under the cons section of the review. We would start with the pros section which would discuss the reasons you would want to make use of them.

Parameters Features
IP Type Residential IPs
Price Charged Number of IPs
Price Sample
Proxy Protocol Socks
Authentication Username and password
IP Locations Over 30 locations
Instagram Compatibility No
Sneaker Compatibility No
Speed Slow
Support Slow
Refund Policy Not available
IP Replacement No
P2P/Torrenting Yes
Jurisdiction US

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Dichvusocks Pros

The Dichvusocks proxies have got users else, they would already be out of business. For them to have users willing to use their proxies, it means that they have some things they are doing right. Let take a look at some of the reasons people make use of Dichvusocks proxies.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing and Packages

If there is one reason people make use of the Dichvusocks proxies, then that reason has got to be because of their pricing. There is no denying that for most people, pricing is one of the major factors that influence their purchase decision. Those with a tight budget have an extremely short list of proxies that they could afford and the Dichvusocks proxies fall within that list.

From this provider, you can get 100 proxies to use for 30 days for only $10 – that is $0.1 for one proxy which you will agree with me that is dead cheap. This is not only the package available. They have got a good number of packages that you can select from including the one pop $1 for 50 proxies for a day which they term as the Test plan since they do not offer a free trial.

Dichvusocks Daily Plan

Another thing related to the pricing that you will like is the flexibility in terms of the validity period. For most other proxy providers, validity for their proxies is for one month. In the case of Dichvusocks proxies, you have a variety of options to choose from.

They have got support for daily proxies, 15 days proxies, 30 days proxies, and 365 days (yearly) proxies. If you are the type that wants to make purchases using Bitcoin, this provider has you covered. Aside from Bitcoin, it does have support for other methods including cards, Perfect Money, and WebMoney.

Multiple Locations Supported

If you are looking forward to using proxies for tasks that have geo-locations dimensions, then the geo-location support for a provider matters a lot. You will not want to use certain proxies from different providers because one provider couldn’t provide you support for all of the locations you need. To be frank with you, you cannot get all of the locations you want from the Dichvusocks provider too. In fact, if you take a look at the list of locations supported, you will see that it supports a little over 30 countries.

Dichvusocks Multilocation

However, the countries supported are some of the most sought-after countries by proxy users. One other thing you will come to like is that the provider is transparent with information about the number of proxies it has from each of the supported countries. At every given time, you can check the number of total static socks proxies online and then for each country supported.

Dichvusocks Cons

While carrying out the research for the Dichvusocks review, I must confess aside from the two pros above, all of what I find out are in the negative except for the fact that the proxies work. In this section of the article, I would be providing you with details of the downsides of the Dichvusocks proxies.

Performance of Proxies Terrible

From the above, you can see that the pricing for the proxies is some of the cheapest you can get from the market. One rule of thumb that works almost all of the time in the proxy market is that if a proxy is free or dead cheap, then you shouldn’t expect good performance from it.

In the case of Dichvusocks proxies, the performance is quite terrible and you will most likely feel you have wasted your money paying for their proxies. We tested the proxies and to be frank with you – we weren’t impressed at all. A good number of the proxies we bought were usually to us.

Interestingly, we are not the only ones with this claim, if you take a look at reviews of others that have used proxies from this provider, you will see that most claimed that some of the proxies in the list they bought did not work.

For those that work, there is also the problem of slow speed and getting detected by websites you use them on. In short, just know that if you set out to use proxies from this provider, there is no guarantee that all of the proxies sold to you would work.

Only Socks Proxies are Offered

From the name of this provider, you can tell that they only offer socks proxies and as such, if what you need are HTTP proxies, then this provider is not for you. It is even stated clearly that they only offer socks proxies on the provider’s website. However, in a market where many of the providers offer both socks and HTTP proxies, then this makes it a con.

One thing you need to know is that many of the software you use proxies for have the proxy protocols they support. You can only use these proxies on software that supports socks proxies. If you are looking for a more versatile provider that supports both HTTP and socks, then you will need to use the likes of Bright Data, Shifter, and Soax, among others.

Need to Install a Windows Client

Dichvusocks is not the only provider doing this, many of the old socks-only proxy providers require you to install proxy clients on your computer, and only when you do that would you be able to make use of their proxies. The problem with this is that the client has not been independently audited to make sure there is no malware on it and whether it is not using your device as an exit node or not.

This means that if you are the type that is concerned about your privacy and security, you wouldn’t want to jeopardize such by installing software from an unknown provider. To make the matters worse, the software is only available for Windows users. If you are using a different operating system such as macOS or Linux, you will need to use walk-around methods to get it to work which in the end, is not work it.

Slow Customer Support

Dichvusocks Customer Support

If you take a look at the Dichvusocks website, you will see that they seem concerned about customer support because of the number of links that lead to the support page. However, in reality, you aren’t going to get help as fast as you would expect. There is no live chat support which means that you will have to rely on email for communication.

When you choose to make use of email communication, you will need to wait for a while to get a response from them. This can be frustrating for those the need to get their issue sorted out quickly.

Do I Recommend Dichvusocks?

Just like every provider, the Dichvusocks has both its pros and cons. From our research, the cons outweigh the pros and as such, they are not a provider we would recommend. Even though there are cheap, they are only useful if they have got performance and that is one aspect they lack.

The website looks basic and from the content on the page, you can tell that it is a one-man business. These and many more would make us not recommend this provider. We would advise our readers to use other well-known providers that there is guaranteed that the proxies they offer works.

Our Expert's Review
  • Scaping Performance - 2.4/10
  • Proxy Network - 4.4/10
  • Proxy Functions - 4.1/10
  • Customer support - 1.5/10

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