Blazing Proxies Review (Now is Rayobyte)

BlazingSEO renamed as Rayobyte on July 2022, want to rebrand them as a data solution company not just a proxies provider.

BlazingProxies is fast and cheap, but misleading in its capabilities. Recycled IPs, non-guarantees, no refunds in some cases — questionable at first!

BlazingSEOLLC Overview

blazing proxies detail

Parameter Feature
IP Type Datacenter IPs
Price Charged Per IP
Price Sample 5 proxies cost $6
Authentication User & Pass / IP whitelist
IP Locations USA + Other 7 Countries
Instagram compatibility Fair (4/10)
Sneaker compatibility Fair (5/10)
Speed Fast (7/10)
support 24/7 Live ticket, Email(1hr)
Refund Policy 2 days, not guaranteed for sneaker proxies
IP Replacement 1 per month per proxy
p2p/torrenting No
Jurisdiction Location Colorado, USA



Cheap and fast, with unlimited bandwidth at all price levels sounds like a bargain, and it is.

5 proxies cost $6

What is noticeable is their guarantee of a 100mbps speed while using their proxies which is clearly not even possible on my current internet connection. This is misleading, but not outright false. In fact, with a faster local connection, such a speed is likely more than possible. Again, these are fast and cheap proxies, but that’s where the positives end.


Speed is a tricky thing to guarantee. In reality, whatever speed they boast might be doable on a private server, which they also sell. The catch is that a proxy’s speed is limited by the user’s local internet connection speed. With semi-dedicated proxies, the user shares the proxy with two others. While this is standard for semi-dedicated proxies, it’s been reported that these packages are significantly slower.

With the dedicated proxy, on the other hand, there was a small difference in speed with or without the proxy, which does mean that they are quite fast. Like many other proxy services, they provide unlimited bandwidth. The computer you’re using it from, on the other hand, does not. Here’s a test with and without one, using Google’s speed test built into their search engine. The drop may seem significant, but it's hardly noticeable.

Speed test without proxy
Speed test without proxy
Speed test with blazing proxy
Speed test with blazing proxy

ISP details

While here are the IP addresses, concealing part of the local, untethered one(look them up and you’ll find matching locations):

my my IP address IP address
Original IP address

IP address of proxy

 city: “New York City”
 region: “New York”
 country: “US”
 loc: “40.7143,-74.0060”
 postal: “10004”
 timezone: “America/New_York”
 company: Object
 name: “Verizon Data Services LLC”
 domain: “”
 type: “business”
 abuse: Object
 address: “US, FL, Temple Terrace, 7701 East Telecom Parkway, Mail Code B3E, 33637”
 country: “US”
 email: [email protected]
 network: “”


Blazing proxies makes a lot of dubious claims — about the capabilities of its proxies, about the features of their proxies, and more. First, there are the promises they make that with other services would be a sign of unreliability. ‘We promise we won’t oversell the IP address to your proxy,’ belies the fact that they do sell your IP address on your proxies to other users, possibly even while you’re still using them.

There are many other small, oddly phrased claims, like how they suggest you can use their proxies to get away with browsing restricted websites while at work, failing to mention that the first thing anyone supervising or monitoring someone’s internet activity would notice is a change in IP address during a certain time. Then they’d assume you’re circumventing their firewall for some reason – to watch Netflix, or worse.

blazing proxies reviews

SOCKS protocol

The website hypes up the use of SOCKS protocol, but this requires extra set-up, as well as the use of third-party software to make things easier. This is generally not worth the effort unless the semi-dedicated proxies have slowed to a crawl, in which case this so-called perk is more of compensation that shouldn’t be necessary in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with using HTTPS proxies in almost any case.

Their IPv6 proxies are in ‘beta testing,’ yet they are the only proxies available that have never used before. Not only does that mean that you’re likely to run into problems during beta testing, but the additional premium added on to acquire this feature – which is offered at a base level with other services – makes them less cheap than they initially appear.

Proxy compatibility

They also claim to be at the forefront of SEO utilization when it comes to proxy services. However, many of its competitors offer far better methods of actually leveraging their proxies for keyword extraction and social media integration, which is crucial to SEO these days. The biggest shortcoming here is its API, which offers no compatibility with actual social media platforms.

All its API does is interact with its own shopping carts, allowing you to buy, replace, or cancel proxies. Compared to the developments of other companies’ API functionalities, this is nearly useless. The idea of an API is to interact smoothly with other platforms and services, not your own. Google, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter, to name a few, all have APIs that willingly integrate with so many other online services, including proxies.

One intriguing option is its server configuration, with up to 16GB RAM and 1gbpm Speed w/ dedicated proxies on a virtual server that mirrors as your own. Nothing suggests that this is fallacious, and if it lives up to those specs, it would be a nifty, dynamic tool. I’m not sure in what situation this extreme of a proxy environment would be useful, however, and running a virtual private server is much, much more difficult than developing a more interactive API. The latter would be much more useful to everyone, including those using the former.

The sneaker proxies offer a zero refund policy, which should ring off alarm bells. Sneaker proxies are dedicated to the smallest time-sensitive window possible, so they absolutely have to work perfectly on their first use. If they don’t, they achieved nothing. This is the riskiest proxy to buy with no chance at a refund for this reason, as well as the fact that they are more expensive than a dedicated proxy. Enacting a zero refund policy, given all that’s already been said, leads me to believe there have been quite a few attempts to get a refund in the past.

Customer Service

A ticket sent into the customer service and responded to within an hour. An email request was responded to within an hour, and a live chat invitation was sent an hour later. That’s very quick for a proxies service.


Finally, the terms and agreements surrender a whole lot of privacy to a company whose primary goal is to conceal it. From

That’s not the norm for proxy services. This service, from one thing to another, is uniquely eyebrow-raising.

If you just want anonymity and bottom-of-the-barrel proxies, then BlazingProxies would do the job for a short amount of time. Even with programming chops, you may achieve some data scraping capabilities if lucky enough with the IP addresses received with each proxy.

I would expect no more than that, and would definitely not recommend going anywhere near the semi-dedicated proxies with any intention to do web scraping.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 8.5/10
  • Speed - 9/10
  • Functions - 8.8/10
  • Support - 8.4/10

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