Blazing Proxies Review (Now is Rayobyte)

Discover an unbiased assessment of Rayobyte's proxy services with our comprehensive Rayobyte Review. In this article, we delve into the essential aspects of Rayobyte, including its effectiveness for various online activities, speed, pricing, customer support, and overall reliability.

Rayobyte is one of those proxy services that has been on my watch list for a while now, have known about this provider when it was more of a server provider and a sneaker-copping proxy provider to now that it has rebranded into a full-fledged proxy service.

The last time I reviewed their proxies was two years ago. I have now decided to revisit their proxies and see how they perform and whether or not they are worth your time, project, and money.

The Rayobyte service has been around for over 9 years now. And from the period the company was founded till date, it has undergone changes — both in its proxy offerings and even in its name. Rayobyte started as Blazing SEO LLC before rebranding and changing its name to Rayobyte in 2022.

This proxy provider has become more focused on its proxy business, delivering proxies in a good number of market categories. Rayobyte is based in the United States and takes pride as one of the ethical proxy providers on the market.

Rayobyte Overview

In this Rayobyte review, one of the key sections is the performance test result where I reveal how it does in terms of performance. Before that, let's take a look at what Rayobyte has to offer.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential/ Datacenter/Mobile/ISP
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample 1GB – $15 (Monthly)
Pool of IPs 10+ million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(s)
IP Rotation Sticky Session
Filtering/Targeting Country, city, and state
  • IP Authentication
  • Username/Password
Speed Average
Free Trial 50 MB
Refund Policy No
Support Live Support, Contact Form, Email and FAQ
Jurisdiction Location USA


Proxy Types

As stated earlier, the Rayobyte service operates in multiple proxy markets. Let's take a look at each of the proxy types it offers and the best use case for them before we narrow down our review of their residential proxies.

Residential Proxies

Rayobyte’s most popular proxy offering is their residential proxies which are the regular residential proxies that provide you access to a pool of IP addresses and charge you based on bandwidth consumption. In its case, it has over 10 million IP addresses in its pool which it randomly chooses from to assign to your requests.

The proxy is a rotating proxy that rotates IPs frequently. However, there is support for sticky IPs for those who will want to maintain the session as in the case of account management.

Residential Proxies for Rayobyte

These proxies are meant for automation, most especially web scraping. The constant change of IPs makes it difficult for web anti-spam systems to track all your requests back to a single IP and as such, help you remain unnoticeable.

While these proxies work., I am not impressed with its pricing. This is because it charges $15 per GB if you purchase between 1 – 15GB. This is expensive to me, considering top-tier providers such as Bright Data and Smartproxy with better offerings and performance charge less.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are also some of their best offerings — and what they offer is quite unique. It can be said that Rayobyte has one of the largest datacenter IP pools in the market with over 300K IPs. Interestingly, these IPs are from over 20K subnets, giving it the IP subnet diversity it needs to remain resilient in the face of a ban.

For this service, multiple options — dedicated, rotating, semi-dedicated, and IPv6 proxies. We’ll just focus on their dedicated proxies here, where you have the option to choose from a list of over 20 countries at the point of purchase.

These proxies are the fastest they offer as they are dedicated and hosted on a datacenter infrastructure. Since the IPs are static IPs, they are good for session management tasks. These proxies are some of the best for online gaming and even account management on some e-commerce platforms.

Datacenter Proxies for Rayobyte

In terms of pricing, their datacenter proxies are more competitive than residential proxies as it pricing starts from $2.50 per IP. The more IP or duration you pay for, the cheaper the price per IP becomes. And the pricing system is flexible, allowing you to choose the specific number of IPs you need — and choose to pay for a longer duration for a discount meant for long-term customers.

ISP Proxies

ISP proxies are static residential proxies. The only thing residential about them is that their IPs are residential proxies. But the IPs are static and they are hosted on datacenter infrastructure — they are some kind of hybrid proxies that offer you the undetectable feature of residential proxies and the reliability and speed advantage of datacenter proxies. Rayobyte’s offering of this has support for 4 countries only — the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

ISP Proxies for Rayobyte

These should be used when your task requires a static proxy but your target detects and blocks datacenter proxies. Sneaker copping and ticket scalping are some of the tasks these proxies are good for. Pricing for their ISP proxies is affordable as it starts from $5 per IP. However, if you need to purchase up to 100 IPs, then you get a discount.

Mobile Proxies

Rayobyte also offers mobile proxies —but the rotating variant that switches IPs for you. For these, your request is routed via mobile devices owned by regular Internet users. This gives your request a mobile IP footprint and makes them undetectable as proxy traffic.

The service does not provide details on the size of their mobile pool. As in the case of their rotating residential proxies, you have the option to choose the specific location you want IPs from. It also does support sticky IPs used for account management for their session management support.

Mobile Proxies for Rayobyte

Their mobile proxies are best used for social media automation. Whether you need to scrape data from LinkedIn or you need to manage your multiple accounts on Instagram, Rayobyte mobile proxies are a good option. However, they can be expensive compared to their other proxies as the pricing for this starts from $50 for 2GB. This also is not competitive when you compare it with the average price per GB of other rotating mobile proxies.

Residential Proxy Features

In this section of the review, I will take a look at some of the features that set it apart and make it unique.

Bandwidth Never Expires

One of the cons of residential proxies is that most of the providers sell their bandwidth with an expiry date which is usually one month. However, it is not uncommon for customers to purchase more than the bandwidth amount they use. For some providers, they support rollover.

However, Rayobyte has a better offering here. With Rayobyte, your proxy bandwidth never expires and there is no need for rollover. This means you can purchase their residential proxy plan and make use of it when you are ready. A closer look at this offering and you can guess why their pricing per GB is a little expensive compared to the other providers in the market.

Ethically Sourced IPs

Unlike some other providers especially in the residential proxies market that get their IPs via shady means, Rayobyte takes an ethical-first approach to their business. They made sure users who join their network do so manually and with an understanding of what it entails.

This makes it a provider you will like if you specifically want a provider that does not do anything shady just to get IP addresses. And this can also explain why they have just 10 million IPs in the pool considering the time they have been in the market. It is also important you know that they are not only an ethical provider, but they are also legally compliant.

Sizable IP Pool with Good Location Coverage

The Rayobyte residential proxy network has over 10 million residential IPs ethically sourced. This network is not breaking any record — but you can tell it is also not the smallest. In fact, I can say it is a modest number, allowing both small and mid-scale scraping projects to collect data at a reasonable scale without getting blocked. But the pool size is not the only plus for this provider, it also has extensive location support with a good geo-targeting feature. Currently, it supports over 130 countries.

However, we don’t normally advise you to use the geo-targeting feature except if your target country is popular in a network. You will need to speak with their agent to know if your country of choice is popular with them enough especially if your project is a web scraping project. Also important is that for some selected countries, you can choose IPs from selected states and cities.

Sticky Session Support

Rayobyte residential proxies are rotating residential proxies. As explained earlier in the proxy type section, these proxies are meant to switch IPs for you. However, their own rotating support is not high-rotating. That is, it does not switch IPs for you after every request. In some cases, it repeats IPs for you and maintains sessions for a short period before switching IPs for you.

In essence, they can be said to be session IPs. This is not an issue for most projects, including some web scraping projects, as just using the same IP to send a request 5 times is not enough to get blocked. But if you’re presented with a task that requires you to switch IP after every request, then this provider is not the provider for you.

Residential Proxy Performance

In this section of the review, I will reveal to you, the performance of Rayobyte proxies as measured by us during our research and testing phase before this article was written.

Proxy IP Geo Test

Rayobyte claims to have millions of IP addresses in its pool. And we are told they have IPs from over 130 countries. However, what we are not told is the distribution of the IPs geographically. While it is not expected for them to give the details for each of the countries, they should have done that for the top locations. This information is not provided. This makes it difficult for you to make a decision on whether their proxies are useful for your geo-location-targeted tasks.

As it stands now, we don’t have details on the distribution of their proxies geographically. Since Rayobyte is based in the US and a good number of their customers target US IPs, I can say they have a good number of US IP addresses and for that, Rayobyte is a good provider for US IP addresses. They are also a good option for popular European countries. But for other countries, you will need to speak to their support to find out whether they have the number of IPs you or not.

Proxy Success Rate Test

While it was difficult for us to do a geo test, testing out their proxies for their success rate is not a difficult one. In the proxy success rate test, we try to find out how the percent of your requests on average via their network will succeed. To do this, we sent 300 concurrent requests multiple times to specific popular web targets to see how they reacted.

The goal is one, to do a stress test, and two, to check the failure rate. The web target is known to have strong anti-spam systems. On average, the success rate is 82.3%, which is actually acceptable even though there are better performers in this regard. Below is the graph showing the result on specific targets.

Proxy Success Rate Test with Rayobyte

Average success rate: 82.3%

If you take a look at the result above well, you will notice something interesting. Rayobyte residential proxies has the highest success rate for e-commerce sites as its success rate for Craigslist is 89%, Booking is 85%, Amazon is 84%, Adidas is 83%, and Nike is 81%.

Its poorest success rate was against YouTube and Instagram as the success rate was 75% and 79% success rate, respectively. With these, numbers, you can say Rayobyte is a good provider when it comes to web scraping as an average of 80% is acceptable.

Response Time Test

The response time test reveals the wait time you should expect for every request you send. Proxies are known to increase response time — but anything above one second can’t be called fast. So, how does Rayobyte residential proxies stand in this regard? In this section, we go a little better with the testing by presenting the response time results of other providers for you to make a comparison.

Response Time Test with Rayobyte

As you can see from the above, the response time of Rayobyte is 2.47 seconds. This response time can’t be said to be fast — it is slow. For tasks where speed is a requirement, then Rayobyte is not a good option — you will need to make use of one of the providers colored red above.

Bright Data is the fastest in this regard, with a response time of 0.48 seconds, followed by Nimbleway with a response time of 0.51 seconds, and then Smartproxy with a response time of 0.53 seconds, and lastly, Soax at a speed of 0.58 seconds.

Unique IP Test

For residential proxies, we test for IP duplicate rate since web scraping is a major use case of residential proxies and users will want to know how many percent of the requests that will be assigned to their requests are new IPs. To test this, we sent over 500K requests to some web targets without using the geo-targeting feature or any parameter at all — this is to ensure we are given access to the whole pool and remove bias from our test. Below is the result of the test.

IP Duplication Rate by Proxy Providers

The IP duplicate rate for Rayobyte is 52.21%. This means that out of the 500K requests sent, about half shared the same IP address. Well, considering their network does not offer high rotating IPs, this is a good score.

It is important to know that at an average of 2 requests per IP, you won’t have to deal with any form of block because of too many blocks. This makes this service a good one for web scraping. However, considering the response speed, one will have to make sure speed is not an important requirement for his project.

How to Use Rayobyte

The Rayobyte service does not offer you too many features that will end up confusing you — and its user interface is simple and easy to use. If you have used another proxy provider before, you already know how to use Rayobyte. All you have to do is register an account, pay for a package, and get the proxy details from the user dashboard.

The proxy details you need include the proxy host, port, username, and password for authentication. The service also supports IP authentication which is great for those who don’t want to authenticate via username and password.

If you need to use the geo-targeting feature, you do that from the user dashboard before getting the proxy details — the tool is there for you to configure, and the geo-targeting feature determines the proxy details. There is also an option for session management by setting a time. I recommend you don’t use the geo-targeting for unpopular countries, except you are sure they have a large number of IPs in that region, to avoid getting too many duplicate IPs that will lead to blocks.

Source of IPs

It is a known fact that residential proxies do not own the IPs they route requests through. While most of them claim to get their IPs via ethical means, this is not usually the case in most cases when an independent investigator takes a look at how they actually source the proxies.

The Rayobyte service is one of the few that actually offer ethical proxies based on the information at our disposal. They source IPs via two methods. First is the Cash Raven app, where users get paid to share their bandwidth and IP. And secondly, they source IPs via apps that also share the same ethical values as they do. Based on these, we can say that they actually offer ethically sourced proxies.

Customer Support

Customer support is an important part of a business, and how fast it is delivered is a key factor. Some providers have live chat support to offer this and make their support experience as smooth as possible. Well, Rayobyte is not one of those services. Currently, there is no live chat support. There are basically two methods you can get customer support — either via their bot or email/ticket. For me, I didn’t find the bot helpful and had to use the ticket/email option.

Rayobyte Customer Support

According to the information provided, you should get a response within 24 hours. For this, it took 7 hours to get a response back, which is faster than the stated 24 hours. However, the response to me was dragging conversion since they could have just answered the question at a go without asking me further questions. Subsequently, conversions were smooth and I got my issues sorted out.

Do We Recommend Rayobyte?

The residential proxies offered by Rayobyte are ethically sourced residential proxies — and they WORK. However, they are not some of the fastest out there. The success rate for web scraping is good and acceptable. I am not confident about the distribution of their IPs across GEOs.

However, if you don’t need to geo-target specific locations, then their network powered by over 10 million IP addresses is a good one to use. The service has 50MB for. Every new user to test them out and its pricing gives you bandwidth that never expires even though the pricing per GB isn’t competitive. If you need an alternative to it, make a choice from one of the providers below.

Alternatives to Rayobyte

Below are some of the providers you can use that offer you better in some aspects compared to Rayobyte.

SoaxRecommended for its more accurate geo-targeting and IP rotation capabilities. Remember I mentioned not being confident with Rayobyte location distribution? Well, Soax you have better control over your geo-targeting, have more IP addresses for each geo, and are quite efficient in IP rotation too. This network is also one of the fastest and has a better success rate too. However, it is too expensive for most small proxy users.

Soax Overview

Smartproxy Best value for money in terms of higher performance to cost. Smartproxy operates as a premium provider and has been pinpointed by numerous tests to be one of the undetectable and fastest providers. It also has over 40 million IPs and supports all countries across the globe. The IP duplicate rate is also low compared to Rayobyte.

Smartproxy Overview

Bright DataThis provider is our recommended residential proxy. It has one of the largest pools, with over 72 million IPs. It is the fastest provider, offers the highest unique IP rate in the market, and also has the best geo-location coverage. This provider offers the best session management support in the market. And interestingly, it is quite affordable and cheap with also support for a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Bright Data Overview

Our Expert's Review
  • Scraping Performance - 7.9/10
  • Proxy Network - 8.8/10
  • Proxy Functions - 8.5/10
  • Customer Support - 8/10

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