The Best Instagram Likes App to Gain More Likes (2024)

Are you looking for the best apps to use for generating likes on Instagram? Then the article below has been written for you. We would be providing you a list of apps that you can use to get likes either by purchasing the likes or carrying out specific simple tasks assigned to you by the app.

Best Instagram Likes App

When a good number of people like a post on Instagram combined with some comments, that is enough social proof that would get others to want to interact with the post. That is the psychology of social media users — they wouldn’t want to interact with content with no engagements — some sort of social validation if you ask.

Unfortunately, not many people can generate engagements on their posts to the extent of others wanting to interact with the post. For this reason, a good number of users lack engagement in their posts. If you are one of such users, then you need to know that you can fake engagements in other to provide the social proof required for others to engage with your post.

In this article, our focus would be on how to generate likes using Instagram likes apps. Instagram likes apps, when used correctly would generate for you, a good amount of likes. You can then augment it with comment apps that would provide you with high-quality comments and not spam.

With these together, your posts would start getting organic engagements and that could snowball you into succeeding on the platform. We would be providing you recommendations on the best Instagram likes apps in the market that you can use. Before doing that, let’s take a look at an overview of the apps and how they work.

Overview of Instagram Likes Apps

Overview of Instagram Likes Apps

An Instagram like app is an app designed to help Instagram users get likes. Many of these apps are marketed as free apps while only a few of them comes with a price tag on them. Whichever the case is — there are no free likes anywhere and for those that claim to offer you free likes, they get you to carry out specific tasks online which serves as the means through which you are paying.

These apps for most cases, provide you likes from either bot accounts or ghost accounts. Only a few likes from a few of the apps are from real users. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid using these apps as your main strategy for gaining likes.

This is because likes gotten via these apps are fake, even though they are counted. They are fake because the accounts used in providing the likes exist in other to provide likes, and your posts would be liked whether they are worthy to be liked or not.

Also important is the fact that Instagram does not like these apps and would remove the likes gotten if you are discovered to be getting likes via unnatural means. In some cases, you can even get penalized for using these apps to gain likes. It is for this reason that you need to only use the best apps out there that you won’t be caught easily.

Best Instagram Like Apps in the Market

There are many apps in the market that would claim to offer you Instagram likes. However, if you do your research well, only a few of them are worthy of use. To help our readers avoid wasting their time on those apps that are not worthy to be used, we have compiled a list below of the top Instagram likes apps in the market.

1. Like4Like

Like4Like Overview

The Like4Like service is arguably one of the best Instagram likes apps in the market. One unique feature about this app is its cross-platform support which is unrivaled in the market. The Like4Like service is available for use on Desktop (both Windows and Mac), Android, and even as a Chrome extension.

The app is basically a like exchange service. However, this is done automatically — meaning you do not have to sit and be liking posts yourself. In as much as the app is installed and you have Internet access, you will be liking posts which you can then withdraw by providing posts you will want to send likes to. It is one of the best out there and you wouldn’t even have to register to make use of it.

2. Ins Followers

Instagram Follower Apps Ins Followers Overview

Are you looking forward to earning likes without toying for them? Then the Ins Followers service is the service for you. Its mobile apps are some of the best in the market in terms of getting providing free likes.

Ins Followers own 2 apps — the Android app is known as GetInsta while the iOS version is called InstaBox. These 2 apps have the same functionality.

The app provides you with free coins when you create an account. You also get free coins by inviting other users via your referral link as well as logging in daily. With the coins you earn, you can buy likes for your posts on Instagram.

Ins Followers also provide support for buying likes directly without earning coins. Aside from likes, the service also offers followers.

3. BoostLike

BoostLike app

BoostLike is another application you can use to get likes on your Instagram photos and videos. It is developed only for the Android platform. This app is not developed specifically for Instagram like the Like4Like app above, it does have support for many of the [popular social media platforms out there.

One thing you will come to like is that you are given free credit upon registration which you can use to buy likes for your posts. Aside from the credit, you earn during registration, you also get free credit when you complete simple tasks assigned to you.

Also important is the fact that you can also buy credits directly without waiting for them to be given to you and then use the bought credit to buy likes. Aside from likes, you can also buy get other forms of engagements.

4. GetInsita

Instagram Follower Apps GetInsita Overview

The GetInsita app is one of the favorite mobile applications out there popular among those that want to get new followers and likes. The app is available only to Android users. From the homepage, you are told you will earn free followers without completing surveys.

Well, that is true. While you won’t be completing any annoying survey, you will be made to complete some simple tasks  including following or liking the post of others and in exchange, you are credit coins. It is the coins you will use to buy followers and likes. If you do not want to complete any task, you can pay to get the likes and followers. Likes are delivered instantly.

5. Turbo Likes for Instagram

Turbo Likes for Instagram app

If what you are looking for is a cross-platform solution then the Turbo Likes for Instagram is one of the options you should look at. Currently, it is one of the best Instagram likes apps in the market. This app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

The method used by this app is what is known as the like-for-like method where you view and like photos of other users and with such, you can earn coins which you will use in getting your own likes. You will be the one to specify the photo you want to send the likes to.

Before this app will work, you will need to keep your profile public as that is one when others would be able to view and like your posts.

6. Insta Followers Pro

Insta Followers Pro app

The Insta Followers Pro is an Android app that you can use to get likes for your photos on Instagram. From the name, you can tell the service also has support for getting followers.

With this app, you do not need to pay to get followers. The system is automated and you get instant access to the service upon registration.

The app uses coins as the payment system which you will earn by following others on the platform. If you earn coins up to a certain amount, you are allowed to post  the URL of your post or even that of your brand and you start getting likes. You get real-time reports of your actions. You can also use your coins to buy some followers if you need them.

7. EasyTags for Instagram

EasyTags for Instagram app

If getting likes is your thing and you want to get the likes in an organic way, then the EasyTags app is the app for you. This app is available only on iOS. Unlike in the case of the apps described above that provide you likes directly.

EasyTags does not provide you likes directly. It is an app developed to help you general tags and group them in a way for you to use them in your posts so that your posts would have maximum exposure. With maximum exposure, there is a high chance that those that will see your posts would like the post.

While the likes you will generate here are organic likes and as such, you have nothing to worry about in terms of getting your account banned, your content needs to be high quality for others to want to interact with them.

8. Hiketop

Hiketop apps

The Hiketop is another tool that will help you gain likes organically by helping you to promote your profile to a wide audience. How it does is fundamentally different from the way others do it.

Hiketop focuses more on the images and photos by providing you guidance on the best descriptions and hashtags to maximize your audience reach.

When used rightly, the Hiketop app will not only help you gain more views and likes, but you can also convert those that interacted with your posts into followers.

In terms of platforms supported, the Hiketop is available on both Android and iOS. If you do not use any of these Operating Systems, you can also access the service via the web browser.

9. Turbo Followers

Turbo Followers apps

Turbo Followers when compared to the other tools described is quite new. However, it is fast becoming one of the good choices out there when it comes to getting Instagram followers and engagements such as likes.

All you need to do is have the application installed on your device and you are good to go. You will, however, be required to carry out simple tasks and in return, you get the number of followers and likes you deserve.

Interestingly, you can also buy likes from this service and the pricing is cheap when compared to some of the other options out there. According to the information on the website of this app, it has got over 3 million active users. While we doubt this, we do know that it is one of the apps that will provide you with likes.

10. Like Plus

Like Plus apps

Like Plus is one of the best Instagram liker apps in the market that you can use to generate free likes. The app is available only on Android and it has been in the market for a while. All you need to gain followers is to carry out the tasks assigned to you and in return, you are paid back with likes.

If you do not want to carry out any task, you can simply pay for the followers and they will get delivered to you. Like Plus is easy to use and you can get started with it in no time.

FAQs About Instagram Likes App

Q. Are Instagram Likes Apps Safe?

Instagram apps that generate likes do not require you to provide them access to your account. Anyone that requests you to log in or provide them access, you should be wary of such apps except you trust them. For getting likes on your post, all that is required is for your profile to be public so that accounts not following you can like your posts.

However, that does not mean like apps are safe. If you use them excessively, you could lose those likes or even get the account suspended as Instagram is always on the lookout for unnatural engagements.

Q. Are Instagram Likes Apps Worth It?

The likes you get from these apps are worth it if you know how to make use of them. Likes from these apps are meant to provide you with social proof so that others would want to interact with your content. You cannot depend on them alone. If after getting these likes, no real user interacted with your post organically, then the likes you got are worthless.

They should be your bait to attract views, likes, comments, and even followers. That is why it is good to use these apps as only a small fraction of your strategy. You should focus more on real engagements, outreach, and networking, rather than apps that generate likes.

You are not doing anything illegal by using these apps to get likes for your posts or even followers for your account. However, you shouldn’t be doing this as a way of faking engagement in other to claim ads revenue as that would be termed fraudulent.

However, regardless of what the government thinks, Instagram does not allow the use of these apps because of their deceptive nature and does have anti-spam systems in place to detect and remove fake likes. For this reason, you only need to make use of those apps that can hide from getting detected.


From the above, you can see that you can generate likes and make it look like your content is loved. However, it is important you know that this should only be done in moderation as engaging in it excessively would not help your account. This is because real engagement which is what you should focus on is still low and in the process, you could lose your account if Instagram discovers you are using such a method.

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