10 Best Cookie Editors in 2024

Do you often consent to website cookies but looking for a way to personalize and modify these cookies? In this article, we have come up with the Top 10 Best Cookie Editors to enable you to have control over your online data or information.

Best Cookie Editors

As there is a regular boost in online space, web browsers are more crucial than ever to enable easy internet interactions. If you are recurrent in surfing, you must have come across cookies.  It allows the websites you visit to save information about you on your device. This is to enhance easy and fast browsing wherever you’re to access that website again.

They keep track of some information to remember your presence. As such, even display content that goes in line with your interest. Cookies can be uncomfortable but to get the good of a website that uses it, you have to consent to it.

However, to take control of what certain websites see, know, and save about you, you need a Cookie Editor. Now, what is this Cookie Editor? Cookie Editor is a tool that helps you facilitate making changes to this small piece of text. The cookie is mostly an extension.

This could either be agreeable with Chrome or any other browser. Cookie Editor allows you to edit, delete, replace, and create new cookie settings for websites. Also, it gives you the control to even make touches to the expiry time limit of any website cookie.

There are quite a good number of cookie editors available online, but only a few are amazing. In this article, we have come up with the Top 10 best cookie Editors you can hand-picked from. Without taking much time, let’s go all in to list and explain them.


First on the list is EditThisCookie. It is one of the all-time favorites when it mentions Cookie Editor. The developers often claim it is the first and best because of its long existence. And, to think of it, EditThisCookie is well-systematized and arguably does the job.

Highly versatile in terms of functionalities with good import and export features. What makes it stand out among others, even if it is quite flawed in some aspects, is that it allows the transfer of cookie settings. Backup is seamless and effortless.

What will interest you is how it can easily blend into its suitable browsers. You can rely on this extension to add, search, edit, delete, replace, protect, and even manage any website cookie. Filtering to block malicious website cookies and limiting the expiring date of any cookie is take-home. If you’re looking to integrate a cookie editor into your surfing experience, do not hesitate to give this editor a try.


  • It can make cookies read-only.
  • EditThisCookie has various options that are adjustable to suit what you want.
  • It is multilanguage and can bulk-edit cookies.
  • You can set it to reload website pages after any changes automatically.
  • This extension has a help menu feature to guide you through as a beginner.


  • Last updated in 2020
  • Compatible majorly with Google Chrome and Opera.


Another top choice is CookieManager. This Cookie Editor can help you manage and edit cookies. Its compatibility goes with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. This extension is most preferred by users because it has a toolbar interface. What this means is that you can view and edit cookies that are related to the current web page you are on.

Though is well used and known in terms of user acceptance, unlike EditThisCookie, it cannot put cookies on read-only. What’s great about this Cookie Editor is that it has a cross-origin subframe (CORS).

What this does is aid the easy categorization of cookies into different sections. This cookie section is further listed based on their origin. CookieManager is capable of unblocking the default right-click option of a browser whenever is it on restriction. This is simply to enhance the access menu for images, video, and audio. Aside from all these, it is a user-friendly tool and agrees with the Curl and Wget command lines.


  • This Cookie Editor allows you to edit the attributes of different cookies right from its interface.
  • Cookies can be searched by Domain.
  • CookieManager can import and export from a JSON file.
  • You can select and delete each selected cookie right from the toolbar popup.
  • It can view and regenerate.


  • Does not have the option to put Cookie on read-only.
  • The extension is not offline; you have to be on the web live to use it.
  • Does not support new cookie creation.


Swap My Cookies

If you are looking for a Cookie Editor that is all out there for multiple web activities, then Swap My Cookies is the choice. Whether you are the sole owner of your computer or you work from a public space, this extension got you covered.

Now, why do I say that? Just as its names imply, Swap My Cookies is one tool that you can use to juggle within several websites. How this works is that it lets you create several account profiles with different login details.

Take, for instance, you access a website from a public PC and have to share the computer with another user, continue elsewhere, and log in with another account. What you would come to appreciate is that it helps you manage your cookies.

You can access any website or multiple websites by using different login information. The unique value is that you can simply swap between these accounts when the need arises. It can integrate with EditThisCookie, to edit cookies.


  • You can create multiple accounts and access multiple websites from one PC.
  • It can swap between any account, be it Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.
  • You can rename and duplicate your profile.
  • It has suitable shortcuts for quick functionalities.
  • You can easily reset, change, and delete the profile you create.


  • When a profile is switched, cookies change as well.
  • You can’t integrate multiple accounts to have the cookies in one place; you can only switch between them.
  • The last update is in 2020 and does not support multiple languages, just English.

MILK-Cookie Manager

MILK is yet another suitable Cookie Editor that can help manage your website cookies. It is one among several others that can restructure the way you network with cookies. Just like Swap My Cookies, MILK-Cookie Manager is not diverse in terms of language.

It can update without refreshing, hence, why it is the best with modern functionalities. This extension can search for cookies, create, read, update, protect, import, and export cookies. Adding to that is the ability to block and delete cookies.

One of its fine attributes that makes it distinct is its Fullscreen mode, which lets you see cookies on a more focused tab. Also, there is room to switch between its dark and light theme. MILK-Cookie Manager is easy to use and shows every small detail including the expiry time of cookies. Interestingly, even the information on previously expired cookies can also be seen. However, it cannot categorize cookies.


  • It has a real-time cookie that updates without refreshing.
  • It is open source and has UI/UX design.
  • Protect cookies.
  • Block bad or malicious cookies that can be privacy-threatening.
  • Shows all information about current and previous website cookies.


  • You can’t easily select and discard multiple cookies.
  • Not multichoice in terms of language. Just English-oriented.


Cookie-Editor is the most flexible and top-rated. Compared to others, it agrees with all popular browsers like Safari, Edge, and Firefox. In addition is also its availability of all Chromium browsers such as Opera, Google, and likewise Vivaldi. It is simple to use and one of the best extensions you can quickly incorporate to edit any website cookies. If what you seek is an extension to navigate and bring results, then Cook-Editor is what you need.

Some of its functions include creating, viewing, editing existing cookies, managing, and deleting one or all cookies. What to note is that all these can be done right on the current page you open. Importing and exporting cookies is not left out. This Cookie Editor stretches beyond measures as it can optimize your activities on web pages. What’s more is its mobile version for both Android and iOS. Unlike CookieManager, Cookie-Editor can run offline.


  • This Cookie Editor is top-rated and up-to-date
  • It is customizable and perfect for many applications.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • It is available on Android and iOS.
  • Highly secure and flexible to use.


  • Support only English.
  • It does not edit or select cookies in bulk.

HotCleaner Cookie Editor

HotCleaner Cookie Editor is a cookie edition with good credibility. The fact that it has been in existence for so long makes it more powerful in comparison to many others. Even though it is open-source, which means it is free, it has some advanced features that set aside its uniqueness. This extension has one of the most interactive interfaces; hence, it is beginner and web expert-friendly. Just like other cookie editors, it adds, creates, whitelists, deletes, and edits, to mention a few.

What you come to like about this tool is that it has a high privacy protection level. On top of that, HotCleaner Cookie Editor is well-suited with major OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Additionally, is the Chrome OS.

In terms is utilization, it is Chromium based. As such, the developer claims it is one of the best for Chromebooks. You can switch between different accounts and save various users log in. Encryption is an added value. Likened to Cookie-Editor, it can run offline as well.


  • You can export and import cookies to a specific encrypted protected file.
  • It is open-source; thus, it is free to use.
  • You can edit and delete cookies properties.
  • Restore and backup cookies.
  • Mass selection of cookies.
  • Export and import cookies to encrypted protected files.


  • It is just a Chrome-based extension.
  • Not available on Firefox and Edge browsers.
  • Exporting cookies is sometimes difficult.
  • There is a limit for exporting cookies.

Open Cookie Editor

Open Cookie Edition has the major features of every cookie editor. You can create, add, and delete existing cookies. This Cookie Editor is simple to work with and up-to-date, and that is why it is the best alternative for Cookie-Editor.

It is a Chrome-based cookie and does not have an add-on for Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browsers. If you are looking for a quick and flexible tool to navigate around website cookies, then give Open Cookie Editor a try.

Privacy is by Base64 and URL encoding and decoding therefore, it is URL-safe.  What you would like to like about this extension is that it has a suitable smart search coupled with a filter. What this means is that it can easily manage cookies from any website. One downside is that this extension cannot import and export to and from JSON files. Aside from that, Open Cookie Editor does its job as intended.


  • This Cookie Editor is simple to use and open-source.
  • Open Cookie Editor is up-to-date.
  • You can search and filter cookies within a domain.
  • It can edit both current and previous cookies
  • Can filter, search, and delete existing cookies.


  • It does not edit or select multiple cookies.
  • It’s not multilanguage-based; it supports only English.
  • It has no feature for the import and export of cookies.

Advanced Cookie Manager

Are you a developer looking for the best Cookie Editor? Then Advanced Cookie Manager should be your choice. Now, why is that? This Cookie Editor is built with developers’ interests in mind. Whether you are a front and back developer, or into web development entirely, you can simply search and view all cookies set by any website. Regardless of the domain you are currently on, you can edit and modify the cookies.

Viewing the details of every single website cookie is a plus. When it comes to its fine attributes, you can add and remove cookies. Delete a cookie or all cookies set by a domain. To top it is the exceptional feature of seeing the live cookies. The good thing here is that it keeps you abreast of what websites see and know about you.

Additionally, Advanced Cookie Manager assists you with managing secure and less-secured website cookies. Though this extension is not free, it is clean and does not rely on Ads.


  • Can delete cookies in single and bulk forms.
  • There is a 30-day money for a paid Cookie Editor.
  • Quickly search and view cookie details on any website.
  • Edit and modify any website cookie.
  • Manages both secure and non-secured website cookies.


  • This extension is not free, it requires a few tokens.
  • It is not open-source, so, no community contribution.
  • Suitable just for Edge and Chrome browsers.

Cookie AutoDelete

Cookie AutoDelete, just as the name implies, is a Cookie Editor that can trash out unwanted cookies via setting or auto-clean popup. Be sure to enable this automatic functionality. Looking at its availability, it is agreeable with Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and as well on Android devices.

This extension, compared to Open Cookie Editor, supports multiple languages. In addition to that is the power to control your cookies from unworthy sites to avoid any form of tracking. This extension is a game changer when it comes to whitelisting and greylisting cookies. Moreso, you can disable its auto cleanup if you don’t want it.

Meaning that you can go all manual and explore the settings menu. Cookie AutoDelete is a somewhat self-destructive cookie editor. What this means is that any cookie that is not on a whitelist or greylist auto-deletes whenever the tab closes. Nonetheless, if what you desire is a cookie editor that can switch between auto and manual settings, try this one.


  • Supports automatic deleting of cookies from closed tabs.
  • Allow you to see the cookie details of a website or domain.
  • Can easily export and import whitelisted and greylisted cookies.
  • Clears unused or unwanted website cookies.
  • You can add the website you prefer to whitelist or greylist your data.


  • Good cookies can automatically be deleted if not on the whitelist or greylist when the tab closes.
  • Not available on iOS devices

Easy Cookie Editor

Easy Cookie Editor, just like others on this list, does the job as required. It is a Cookie Editor that manages cookies that are gathered or collected during your internet surfing. It completely controls it to your advantage by viewing, editing, and deleting unwanted cookies. You can create new cookies or edit the ones set on the website you visit. On top of that, it supports the SamSite flag.

This is to enhance and prevent browsers from sending cookies along with cross-site. This flag often serves as a protective layer to avoid any cross-origin risk that may trigger malicious attacks or spies. Searching this cookie by domain name is yet another good tick. It supports privacy in browsing.

Likened to Advanced Cookie Manager, it is developer and testers-friendly. Privacy is the primary purpose here. Therefore, be you a developer or not, so long as you are worried about your online privacy you can use it too. Easy Cookie Editor is responsive and interactive.


  • It is a user-friendly Cookie Editor.
  • This extension supports privacy browsing.
  • You can add or create a new cookie.
  • Search out cookies that are linked to a website.
  • It allows the SameSite flag and first-part inaccessibility.


  • Can’t delete cookies in bulk.
  • Does not support diverse languages aside from English.


The legality and legitimacy of using Cookie Editor have always been a question at the top. Well, so you know, Cookie Editor is legal. What is important is how you use it. Just as your privacy is crucial to you, every website has their privacy. So long as you adhere to the terms of service, you are good to go.

The aim of using cookies is to track and retrieve some first-party information. These details might sometimes be personal, hence why it is legal to use a cookie editor. Editing what you don’t want the website to see and know about you is okay.

Yes, you can use Cookie Editor on other browsers aside from Chrome. Understand that using cookie editors comes with compatibility. While some are versatile, others might be one or two browsers friendly. Cookie editors are extensions that can be installed on certain browsers. There are for Safari, Edge, Opera, Chrome, and more. These extensions have versions for mobile phones like Android and iOS you can download and install as well.


Cookies are important to websites that deem it fit to use them. But it can’t be used without your consent. It’s good to accept it because it will enable flexible and quick functionalities of the websites. Notwithstanding, it is best to see what these websites' cookie features are. This is to avoid any website accessing too deeply into your privacy.

Also, to do away with any form of online spy. As such, Cookie Editor becomes essential. The aforementioned can allow you to edit, delete, replace, and even set the maximum expiry limit of a cookie, and it doesn’t end there.

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