Space Proxies Review

How much do you know about Space Proxies as a sneakerhead or web scraper? If all you know is the name of the provider, I would be happy to help you learn more. I'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Space Proxies as well as other important details you should know.

Space Proxies Review

Space Proxies is by no means the most well-known proxy service provider. Hence, their poor popularity has led many, just like me, to believe their proxy services are not really reliable. However, Space Proxies has IP addresses that are tailored for the purpose of copping, unlike many other proxy providers.

An Overview of Hype Proxies

Space Proxies Overview

With their many top-notch proxy features, some people, including myself, can attest that Spaces Proxies offer great compatibility for specific tasks like copping. Moreover, the size of the sneaker proxy industry is nothing new. As you know, a sneakerhead requires a good number of proxies for every bot he purchases in order to acquire more pairs successfully. As such, Space Proxies offer excellent proxies for getting over geo-restrictions and accessing popular sneaker retailers like Footsites, Yeezy, Nike, etc.

So, in this review piece, I will be walking you through the pros and cons that come with Space Proxies services. I'll also assist you in learning more about the specifics of their various proxy services and their features.

Parameter Feature
IP Type (s) Residential and ISP Proxies
Price Charged Per GB and IP
Price Sample $30 per 2GB and $19 per 25 IP
Proxy Protocols HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5
IP Rotation Supported
Filtering/Targeting Country-Level
Authentication Username/password and IP authentication
Speed Fast
Free Trial Not available
Refund Policy Not available
Support Discord
Jurisdiction Location United States

Space Proxies Pros

When looking to get proxies for any task, it is really important to know some of the key advantages. That is exactly what this session aims to do. I will be showing you some of the features that have given Space Proxies its popularity among sneakerheads.

Sizable Residential IP Pool

One of the areas I really do like about this provider is the number of IP addresses it has in its residential proxy network. Currently, there are over 100 million IP addresses in its pool. This is one of the highest you can get in the market. This makes them useful for far more tasks than just sneaker copping. This is because the IPs are not theirs — they are obtained from P2P networks, and as such, the IPs can’t be distinguished from regular IPs. However, just know that the IPs are rotating IPs, and as such, you can’t keep the IPs for use for long without it switching.

Aside from the size of their IP pool, one other thing I do like is the distribution of these IPs in terms of location. Currently, you can get IPs from over 175 countries across the globe. This makes them useful for accessing geo-targeted content. There is a geo-targeting feature provided, and using this, you can choose the specific country you need IP from.

High Connection Speed

If there’s one thing that this proxy provider offers, it's speed. They provide incredibly fast connections with significant connectivity. the response time of their proxies is excellent, and the download speed is also good. though it is not breaking any record, you can be sure your Internet access using their proxies will be smooth. Generally, you can be sure this provider got things right in the aspect of performance. That implies that you can efficiently execute a variety of duties without worry. For instance, when it comes to copping LE sneakers, I bet you that speed is of utmost importance.

Hence, these proxies offer you the ability to carry out a variety of tasks at a constant speed, even when there is heavy site traffic. Be that as it may, the proxies you purchase from them will determine the speed you get, as their ISP proxies are the fastest. the speed from their residential proxies is also acceptable since it operates in the sneaker copping industry meant for us by retailers only.

Multiple Proxy Packages

The many proxy packages that Space Proxies offers are something else that might be of interest to you. There are several proxy service plans available, making it simple to select the one that best meets your needs. Additionally, they provide a range of proxy types to meet the demands of various users. Meanwhile, each of these packages includes really good features that help you use them without any problems.

At the moment, Space Proxies provides users with proxy product bundles consisting of a DC/ISP plan, a residential plan, Gmail, Captcha proxies, and bulk proxies. However, residential and ISP proxies are the main subject of this review. Let's examine these proxy plans.

  • DC/ISP Plans

Space Proxies DC or ISP Plans

ISP proxy IP addresses are the focus of this service offering from Space Proxies. In simple terms, they are IP addresses that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer but are hoste in data centers. Compared to conventional IP addresses, these proxies appear to be more legitimate.

So, Space Proxies' DC/ISP proxy plans are a great option for shopping on several websites, such as Yeezy, Addidas, Nike, Amazon, Supreme, and many others. There are three service plans available within the DC/ISP plans for your selection. They are US Ticket ISP/Retail ISP, US Premier ISP, and US Premier Daily.

The US Premier Daily plan, which includes 25 proxies valid for 24 hours, has a starting price of $19 as the cheapest option. Generally speaking, this plan is ideal for customers with temporary needs. However, since the US Ticket/Retail ISP and US Premier ISP packages both provide plans for a week, 30 days, and 60 days, they are also designed to suit consumers with various time requirements. I'd also like you to understand that all DC/ISP plans include only American IP addresses. This is the only available location for this particular service they offer.

  • Residential Proxies Plans

Residential proxies are no doubt some of the proxy’s choices, largely because of their speed and excellent anonymity. Just like the ISP proxies, this provider’s residential proxies can work for almost all sneaker sites. Hence, residential proxies from Space Proxies used to come in two types of plans: Solar Residential Proxies and Lunar Residential Proxies. However, at the time of writing this review, only the Solar Residential Proxy plan is available on the Space Proxies website.

Space Proxies Residential Plans

This proxy plan offers a residential proxy system that is completely private and supports both individual and specialized site groups. You can generate unlimited proxies in more than 175 countries around the world.

Two usage time options—3 days and 60 days—are now available with Solar Residential Proxies. The plan's bandwidth capacity ranges from 2GB to 100GB. The minimum price for this plan starts at $30 for 2GB.

Highly Anonymous

There is a reason one will want to make use of proxies altogether – and that reason is to be anonymous as he carries out his tasks online. This anonymity isn't just requested, it is needed to unlock a certain level of freedom online from an IP perspective. A proxy server is only useful if it will not only hide your IP address but also hide the fact that it is serving as a proxy, thereby completely providing your anonymity. Space Proxies provide you the highest level of anonymity that sneaker sites cannot identify or block.

This is so because the source of these IP addresses is trustworthy and legal, such as trusted Internet service providers (ISPs). It is possible to effectively anonymize your true IP address by browsing the web using these IP addresses. This means that when using them, you don't look like a proxy; rather, you look like a regular user. This reduces the possibility of being discovered and having access blocked by websites, especially when copping a sneaker release.

Space Proxies Cons

Like every other proxy provider out there, Space Proxies also come with a few disadvantages, and it's important you know them most for those interested in getting sneakers proxies like this one. In this session, we will go through a few of these advantages.

Customer Support Not User Friendly

Customer support is an important aspect of a business that most excellent service providers have been able to hack. It is not uncommon for users to ask questions on even the most envious things. And as such, many service has a dedicated support team that handles that. In customer support, I generally look at the helpful nature of the support and its responsiveness. Looking at the Space Proxies service, you can tell responsiveness is a problem. First, there is no live chat support that is conveniently available for use.

What is available is a Discord server — but not everyone is comfortable or even uses Discord. If you don’t, this means you will need to contact them via email. The email’s responsiveness isn’t good in terms of time since you will have to wait for hours in most cases before you get a response from them. However, in the area of being helpful, they are a force to be reckoned with.

No Free Trial and Customer Friendly Refund Policy

Some providers offer free trials to new users in a bid to entice them into using their proxies for free and then hooking them with a paid plan. While this is beneficial to the providers, it is also beneficial to customers as they don’t need to pay to try out a proxy. This gives them a risk-free way to make sure proxies from a provider will work for them before they spend their money on them. This is one of the features that is lacking in the Space Proxies service. for this service, you are expected to pay to start using their proxies. And things don’t even end there.

One of the major downsides to Space Proxies is that they do not have a refund policy. You can't ask for a refund for a digital product once you've purchased it. That means every purchase is final. As such, it's important to exercise caution while buying a plan. No errors will be compensated. The only ground you might get a refund is if the service is unable to process your proxy checkout after making payment.

The Sold-Out Problem

The Space Proxies service, like the other specialized small proxy providers in the sneaker copping market, has a small pool of IP addresses. Because the number of IP addresses it can assign to its customers is limited, there is a rush to obtain these IPs. This is what led to the sold-out problem – a situation where there is no proxy available to you to buy because others have purchased the available IPs.

To me, if I have to rush just to purchase proxies, then I will be better off making use of another provider. I can be sure of getting proxies the time I need them rather than purchase them when I don’t need them because I don’t want them to get sold out. providers such as Bright Data and Smartproxy offer better performance, and they can meet any demand in terms of numbers and type of proxies that Space Proxies offer.

Limited Location Support for ISP Proxies

One of the major flex for proxy providers is the number of locations they support. Unfortunately, these do not include many of the providers in the sneaker market. It can be argued that this is because they only have to support a few locations that most of their customers need for sneaker copping. But this also means if you are not in need of proxies for sneaker proxies, you should avoid them too.

Space Proxies is one of those services that have issues with location support. Currently, you can only get IPs from the US and London for their ISP proxies. If you need ISP proxies for other locations, you are better off looking for them in other locations as they don’t support any other country other than these. This is quite different from providers such as Proxy-Seller and Proxy-IPv4, that has more extensive location support.

Do I Recommend Space Proxies?

Obviously, I do advise using Space Proxies proxies, particularly for sneakerheads. From the review I have done above, it is clear that the pros of Space Proxies outweigh the cons. As such, they may not be as popular as others, but I used their proxy, and I can tell you for a fact: they have reliable ISPs and residential proxies. The only issue I do have with Space Proxies, though, is their price and refund policy. So, if the refund policy is a big deal to you, I would honestly suggest you be careful while purchasing or look to another proxy provider. Just make sure these proxies are compatible with the task at hand, and you are good.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 9.3/10
  • Speed - 9.1/10
  • Functions - 9/10
  • Customer support - 8.7/10

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