Ninjaproxy Review

Are you looking to purchase proxies from NinjaProxy, and you want all of the details you need to make an informed decision? Then you are on the right page as the article I will be providing you with a Ninjaproxy review together with its pros and cons.

Ninjaproxy Review

NinjaProxy is one of those proxy services that you don’t see in advertisements often. And to be honest, they didn’t spend much on their website copy and design as it looks quite minimalistic. But do the proxies they offer look like their website, or are they a diamond in rust? Preliminary usage of their proxies shows the proxies it offers can compete with even the top providers in a good number of aspects and can also be said to flop in other areas.

My job in this article is to reveal to you where this provider stands in terms of the type of proxies it offers, the speed you should expect based on my own performance result, the locations supported, pricing, and the tasks you can use their proxies for.

First, let’s take a look at an overview of the service. NinjaProxy is a proxy provider that offers 5 proxy solutions to customers. These include static residential proxies, mobile proxies, private datacenter proxies, premium datacenter proxies, and shared datacenter proxies.

An Overview of Ninjaproxy

Ninjaproxy Overview

As you can guess, the performance and use case for each of them varies. The review will focus more on their residential proxy offering, but I will do justice to the other proxies, especially in terms of their performance test, as I tested the performance of their residential, mobile, and premium proxies. I will segment my NinjaProxy review in pros and cons.

Ninjaproxy Pros

First, let us go through the aspects that make NinjaProxy worth your consideration.

Multiple Proxy Solutions

As I mentioned earlier, NinjaProxy delivers 5 different types of proxy solutions. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • Residential Proxies

The first proxies offered are Residential Proxies — which are basically static residential proxies. This type of proxy is hosted on datacenter infrastructure but uses IP addresses that are reserved for home owners.

Residential IPs offer better protection detection, making them a good candidate for managing accounts on sites that detect and block datacenter IP addresses.

  • Mobile Proxies

The 5G proxies and 4G proxies the Ninjaproxy service offers are private mobile proxies. For this, a dedicated modem is assigned to you, and all of your requests are routed via this modem. The downside is that it increases infrastructure cost, thereby making mobile proxy solutions much more expensive.

You should consider proxy when you need to provide a mobile IP footprint, such as in the case of social media management for Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Premium Proxies

Premium Proxies are datacenter proxies — but of the highest quality. According to the information on their website, the IPs they provide here are virgin IPs. While I doubt they provide virgin IPs, there is no denying that these IPs have a very low spam score, making them usable on even popular websites. The IPs are also dedicated, meaning that it’s assigned to only one person at a time.

  • Private Proxies

Th proxies labeled as Private proxies here are basically private or dedicated datacenter proxies. They are a little cheaper than the premium proxies. The IPs have not been abused, but their reputation isn’t the same as that of their premium proxies.

  • Shared Proxies

The Shared Proxies are the cheapest proxies they offer. And except you can’t afford their dedicated or premium proxies, I wouldn’t advise you to make use of this as the performance is shared between the users of the proxies — you are also susceptible to bad neighborhood effects.

Acceptable IP Pool Size for Small Businesses

The number of IP addresses a provider has in its pool will determine the number of IPs you can potentially purchase from them. It is not common for private proxy providers to make this information known for reasons best known to them. However, NinjaProxy is an exception as it gives you this information.

The service has over 300K IPs in its private datacenter proxy network, which is one of the biggest in the market. For its premium proxies, there are over 75K IPs in the pool meant for customers. The shared proxy pool has over 225K IPs available. In its residential proxy network, there are over 15K IPs. However, there is no detail regarding the size of their mobile proxy network.

Mobile proxy network

The numbers listed above are quite impressive, considering the IPs are static IPs and not rotating. Take, for instance, the majority of datacenter proxies have less than 100K IPs in their pool, but NinjaProxy has over 300K just for the dedicated and 75K for premium IPs. These numbers are good for not just small businesses but also mid-scale projects that can benefit from their usage.

However, if you have a big project, you need to speak with their customer support and be sure they can handle your needs before making payment.

Acceptable Location Support

What are the locations you can get IPs from? The answer to this question depends on the type of IPs you want from this provider. As stated earlier, the focus of this review will be on their static residential proxies. For this category, you can get IPs from 19 countries across the globe.

Some of the supported countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Denmark. The service does not have support for state or city-level targeting, so you have to accept what they offer, provided it is from the country you chose.

However, if you choose the US as the location, there is an additional targeting option — ISP targeting. With this, you are given the option to choose the ISP of the IP address. The current supported ISPs include AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, Sprint, Intercom online, Lumen, RCN, and Crocker Communications.

If you want more geo-locations, you can choose 30+ countries in North America (US and Canada) and Europe. For their mobile proxies, only one country is supported — the US. The only selection option you have is to choose the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) of the proxy, and the options available are AT&T, T-Mobile, Mint, and Verizon.

Acceptable Performance for Static Residential Proxies

It is a known fact that most proxies will decrease the speed of your Internet connection. And for most people, this is not a problem until the reduction gets to a point where you can no longer use the proxies for your task.

It is for this reason that Internet marketers seek to use the fastest proxies they can get their hands on. I tested the performance of 3 out of the 5 types of proxies offered by the NinjaProxy, and I will say I am more impressed with their residential proxies than I am with their mobile and premium proxies.

To carry out the test, I measured my own Internet connection speed using the website and recorded the speed below:

Acceptable Performance for Static Residential Proxies

The above Internet speed isn’t breaking any record. However, it is enough to use as a benchmark for testing proxy servers. With the above speed data, I tested their residential proxy and got the following results:

Acceptable Performance for Static Residential Proxies Feature

As you can see from the screenshot above, the result above is impressive. The download speed (39.35 Mbps) is excellent for a proxy server, and the upload speed is even impressive as it is about 11 Mbps faster than what I got without using any proxy. The major place my Internet speed beats the NinjaProxy residential proxy network is in ping rate, and this is expected for a proxy.

Away from the automated testing, I used their proxies to access a good number of websites, and the experience was swift with no lag. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for their premium and mobile proxies.

Easy to Use Dashboard

If you are the type looking for a proxy provider that will provide you with all of the features in the world to justify why their proxies are expensive, then NinjaProxy service is not for you. It provides you with the basics you need and nothing more. This makes the user dashboard one of the simplest out there, and you do not need a guide to get started with them.

Ninjaproxy Dashboard

As you can see from the above, the user dashboard contains just 3 tabs — My account, API, and Billing Panel. Most of what you will do is in the My Account section. The API section is for developers looking to integrate their proxies into their products. And the billing section is for making payments.

For the My Account section, you will see the list of proxies you have. I have only one, and that is the one I covered in the screenshot. There is a button to download all of your proxies either with their username and password or without. Their proxies are private and, as such, come with compulsory authentication support. You either use the username and password authentication. You can edit the username and password to use for authentication.

Password to use for authentication

Likewise, for IP authentication, there is the option to add up to 10 IP addresses. With this, you can use the proxies on the devices with those IP addresses without using a username and password for authentication.

IP addresses without using a username and password

Affordable Pricing for their Datacenter and Residential Proxies

If your proxy choice on their platform is their datacenter proxies (shared, private, or dedicated), then you will be getting a good deal from them. This is because the pricing for their proxies is some of the cheapest you can get in the market. Below is a screenshot of the pricing section for their datacenter proxies.

Ninjaproxy Datacenter Proxies Price

As you can see above, the pricing for their shared proxies starts from $0.60, that of their private proxies is $1.15, and that of their premium proxies is $2. This price point is the best you can get among providers that work.

Moreover, the residential proxy options offered by them are especially suitable for small-scale users, with prices beginning at a mere $9 per IP, distributed over six distinct tiers. This rate is generally seen as competitive in the residential proxy market.

Ninjaproxy Residential Proxies Price

However, after the main proxy service providers adjusted their respective prices, NinjaProxy's pricing becomes more commonplace, lacking unique qualities that differentiate it from its rivals.

Good Customer Support

Aside from ensuring the service you offer is of high quality, customer support is an integral part of service provision as customers will always have the need to speak to an agent or provider. If a proxy provider lacks in this regard, it is a turn-off to some people as they want help and needs it in real time.

NinjaProxy’s service understands this and has made available a live chat support feature. Using this, you are able to chat with an agent and get your issues resolved in real time. I used their live chat feature while testing out their proxies, and the response was fast, polite, and helpful.

Unfortunately, their live chat feature is not always available. As during the time of writing this article, the last seen feature shows 5 hours. If there is no support agent online to respond to your queries, you can contact them via their email address, and you will get a response. But this won’t be as fast as it is for their live chat feature.

Ninjaproxy Cons

As with other providers, NinjaProxy does have its cons you need to be aware of. You should only proceed if you can deal with these.

No Free Trial and Unfriendly Refund Policy

Most people are wary of making payments for services online, considering the bad experiences with products that overpromise and underdeliver. The fix to this is that some providers offer free trials to customers while others offer a money-back guarantee. This gives the customers the rest of mind that they wouldn’t lose their money if the product turn out bad.

For NinjaProxy, you need to pay to make use of it, as there is no free trial plan available. This isn’t a problem if there is a friendly refund policy in place.

There is a refund policy document on their website, and it states you can request for refund within two days, and it will be attended to. However, looking at the requirement to be eligible for the refund, you can tell most people wouldn’t be eligible. I recommend you read the refund policy document properly to know if you are eligible to seek for refund before going ahead to try out their service should it not work for you.

Pricing is Expensive for Mobile Proxies

In the pros section above, I made mention of the service being affordable — but that is specifically for their datacenter and residential proxies. If you decide to go for mobile proxies, then you will be seeing them from a different angle, as their pricing is expensive.

Here is a screenshot of the pricing section for the residential and mobile proxies.

Ninjaproxy Mobile Proxies Price

The pricing for their mobile proxies is expensive, the starting price for 1 IP is $150.

Speed is Slow for Mobile and Datacenter Proxies

In the pro section, I wrote about the speed of their residential proxies, which are some of the fastest you can get in the market right now. You would expect a service that did well for their residential proxies to also do well in datacenter and mobile proxies. Well, that is not what I got.

As stated earlier, I tested 3 of their proxies — residential, mobile, and premium proxies (datacenter). Only the residential proxies are fast. Below is the result of their mobile proxies speed tested by me.

Speed is Slow for Mobile and Datacenter Proxies

And that is the best I got after trying a good number of times. Let’s also take a look at the results for their premium proxies below.

Speed is Slow for Mobile and Datacenter Proxies Feature

The result for their premium datacenter proxy is better than the speed for mobile proxies. But still, I regard this as bad. This is because, being datacenter proxies, the download speed here should be faster than what I obtained for their residential proxies, which is about 39 Mbps. The upload speed for their premium proxies is good, though — but still not up to that of their residential proxies.

Do I Recommend Ninjaproxy?

YouTube video

To me, NinjaProxy is the provider for small businesses. If you own a small business or project, I recommend their service. They have got a large proxy pool, good location support, and an acceptable proxy speed, especially for their residential proxy service. The major issue I have with them is the speed from their datacenter and premium proxies which I see as an issue that will be resolved quickly. Please pay attention to their refund policy before making a commitment.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 9.2/10
  • Speed - 9.3/10
  • Functions - 8.9/10
  • Customer support - 8.7/10

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