MarsProxies Review

Are you considering buying proxy servers from MarsProxies? Read this detailed MarsProxies review to learn everything about this provider and decide if it’s the best option for you.

MarsProxies Review

MarsProxies has started gaining the attention of individuals and small to medium-sized businesses worldwide. It’s a premium proxy provider offering all the essential proxy types and features most proxy users demand.

While user testimonials generally paint a positive picture, with many highlighting the provider's competitive pricing and stellar customer support, there aren’t too many of them due to its relatively recent entry into the market.

That’s why we decided to provide a comprehensive MarsProxies review to help you learn everything about this proxy service and whether the hype surrounding it is justified or not.

An Overview of MarsProxies

Overview of MarsProxies

MarsProxies is a premium proxy service based in the Republic of Panama. It initially started as a sneaker proxy provider, but after the rebranding in 2023, it became much more versatile. Today, its product catalog includes residential, datacenter, ISP, and sneaker proxies.

The service is known for its up-to-date features, highly customizable plans, and below-the-average industry prices, helping it grow into a reliable proxy service for all private and business budget-conscious users.

Some things that make MarsProxies stand out are the non-expiring residential traffic, daily options, and exceptional speeds.

While we cover all proxy types offered by MarsProxies, we mostly focus on their residential proxy service.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential/Datacenter/ISP/Mobile/Sneaker
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample Starts from $4.99 per GB with Pay As You Go
Pool of IPs 1+ Million
Proxy Protocol
  • HTTP(S)
  • SOCKS5
IP Rotation
  • Each Session
  • Sticky Session (up to 7 days)
Filtering/Targeting Country/State/City
Authentication IP Authentication and Username/Password
Speed Excellent
Free Trial None
Refund Policy 24 Hours
Support Live Support, Email, Discord
Jurisdiction Location Panama

Proxy Types

MarsProxies Type

MarsProxies has a versatile catalog, including four types of proxies. Let’s find out more about each before diving deeper into their main product – residential proxies!

Ultra Residential Proxies

Ultra Residential Proxies in Mars Proxies

MarsProxies has an ethical residential proxy pool counting over 1 million IP addresses in 190 countries worldwide. The IP addresses are sourced from actual ISPs (internet service providers) and assigned to real residential home users, making them almost impossible to identify and ban.

Just like all residential proxies, they are naturally rotating. After each request, you’re automatically assigned a new IP address, which is great for tasks like web scraping, pricing monitoring, etc.

However, you also have the option to use the same IP address for longer. The ability to hold an IP from anywhere between one second and seven days makes MarsProxies sticky sessions stand out.

Thanks to the custom rotation options and excellent sticky sessions, you can use these proxies for multiple accounting and other account management tasks.

MarsProxies’ residential proxy service supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols, so you can use them with any application, website, or platform.

When it comes to geo-targeting, the company allows you to specify the country, state, or region of your residential proxies. With 190 countries to choose from and advanced geo-filtering options, you can easily access geo-restricted websites or scrape localized data from anywhere.

Unlike most residential proxy services in the industry, the residential traffic you buy from this provider never expires. The pay-as-you-go pricing model allows you to order as little as 1 GB for only $4.99, but ordering more GBs can reduce the price down to $3.49.

The non-expiring traffic, competitive prices, and substantial bulk discounts make MarsProxies’ residential proxy service one of the most cost-efficient in the industry.

ISP Proxies

ISP Proxies in MarsProxies

MarsProxies’ ISP proxies are connected to authentic ISPs and are hosted in data center servers. In other words, they are 100% residential IPs, offering the trustworthiness of residential proxies combined with the speed of datacenter proxy servers.

These ISP proxies never rotate and are fully dedicated to you, ensuring you won’t share the same IPs with anyone else while using them. Their dedicated and static nature, combined with the 99.99% uptime, gives you maximum control and reliability!

They are fast, static, and stable, making them ideal for tasks such as account management, ticket scalping, online gaming, and any other activities where using a consistent IP address and uninterrupted connectivity is crucial.

MarsProxies’ ISP network is global, so you can find ISP IPs in around 30 countries. This expansive location coverage allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access the desired website and content from anywhere.

The pricing is based on the number of proxies, starting from $1.39 per proxy. You can customize the ideal plan for you by choosing the number of ISP proxies you need, their location, and the plan duration.

What’s interesting about this service is that besides the 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day plans, there’s also a daily plan. And no matter which plan duration you choose or how many proxies you order, you get unlimited bandwidth!

The ability to order only one proxy for one day allows you to see how these proxies work at minimal cost. This option is also great for users requiring IPS proxies for a one-off task. Pricing starts at $1.39 per ISP proxy but becomes even more affordable as you order more, with bulk discounts bringing the cost down to $1.35 per proxy.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies in MarsProxies

At MarsProxies, you’ll also find datacenter proxy servers. They are all dedicated and static IP addresses, so you can count on ultimate stability and reliability for your tasks.

The fact that you won’t share them with other users simultaneously contributes to their high speed, allowing you to enjoy a fast and seamless connection. And just like the company’s ISP proxies, they also come with 99.99% uptime and unlimited bandwidth.

All this makes them ideal for high-speed activities such as web scraping, sneaker copping, online shopping, etc. You can also use them to get around geo-restrictions, and access blocked websites and content, considering the service supports 35 countries worldwide.

The pricing for this service is based on the number of proxies or IPs, starting at only $0.99 per proxy. The plans are once again highly flexible, letting you customize them to your needs. You can order as many proxies as you want in the preferred location and plan duration – 1 day, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

In general, the more proxies and the longer the duration of your plan, the greater the discount you’ll get.

Sneaker Proxies

Sneaker Proxies in MarsProxies

Even though MarsProxies has rebranded from a sneaker proxy provider into a versatile one, it still offers sneaker proxies as a separate product. These proxies are optimized for sneaker copping, being compatible with most retail websites and sneaker bots.

They are unbanned on major retail websites and regularly tested to ensure maximum success rate. The proxies are dedicated and static, which is imperative when shopping multiple pairs of limited-edition shoes from a single store.

But most importantly, they are fast and reliable, with 99.99% uptime and exceptional speeds to help you grab the desired pair before it sells out. In addition, the unlimited traffic helps you navigate through high-traffic periods without worrying about interruptions or hitting bandwidth limits.

MarsProxies allows you to order as many sneaker proxies as you want in 23 popular locations for 1, 30, 60, or 90 days. Pricing starts at $0.90 per proxy, but ordering more proxies for a longer duration gives you a discount that can reduce the price to $0.86 per proxy.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile Proxies in Marsproxies

As the latest addition to their product catalog, MarsProxies’ mobile proxy service promises high reliability and unparalleled performance. With dedicated IPs, 99.99% uptime, unlimited traffic, and support for 5G/4G/3G/LTE and SOCKS5 connections, it’s ideal for unlocking geo-restricted content, web scraping, social media management, online marketing, and much more.

An auto-rotation option is available every 10 minutes, but you need to activate it by contacting the support agents. Available locations include only the UK and the US, but that’s probably just for now.

The plans are pretty flexible, letting you order mobile proxy servers for a day, week, month, 60 days, or 90 days. While the starting price is already competitive, $8.50 per day, you can further reduce it to just $2.93 per day by choosing a longer plan duration.

Residential Proxy Features

As we mentioned earlier, we’re focusing on MarsProxies’ residential proxy service in this review. So, let’s delve deeper into the service, analyzing the features and performance of these proxies.

Non-expiring Residential Traffic

One of the things that sets MarsProxies’ residential proxies apart is their non-expiring traffic. The traffic you order never expires, so the GBs you buy stay yours until used completely.

This allows you to order more GBs and benefit from the bulk discounts without worrying about losing any unused traffic. As a result, you can focus on your tasks without being bound by any time constraints.

Excellent Location Coverage

Location Coverage of MarsProxies

Another thing that’s really impressive about MarsProxies is the extensive location coverage. Even though their residential proxy pool is not one of the biggest out there, it covers almost every country in the world.

With over 190 countries supported, you can order residential proxy traffic for any use case, from scraping localized content to unblocking websites and platforms from any corner of the world.

On top of that, you can specify the country, state, or region of your proxies without any additional cost.

Flexible Rotation Options and Precise Sticky Session Control

MarsProxies’ residential proxies are rotating by default, automatically changing your IP address after each request. This makes them a great option for activities requiring constant IP rotation, such as web scraping.

However, these proxies also support sticky sessions that hold the same IP address for a specific time before changing it. And the sticky sessions provided by MarsProxies are among the best on the market.

They enable maintaining an IP address for anywhere between 1 second and 7 days, which is quite rare in the proxy industry.

No Monthly Commitment

This provider allows you to enjoy residential proxies without committing to a monthly subscription plan. You just pick the number of GBs you want and use the traffic whenever you want. Not being tied down to a monthly subscription is especially beneficial for those whose proxy usage varies from month to month.

Plus, it’s more cost-efficient, as you only pay for the proxies you need when you need them. Without a monthly commitment, there’s less risk involved. You're not locked into a long-term contract if your proxy requirements change or you no longer need them.

Residential Proxy Performance

In this part of the review, we’ll discuss the results of MarsProxies’ residential proxies performance tests, covering response time, proxy success time, and unique IP rate.

Proxy IP Geo Test

Knowing the location coverage of residential proxy providers is an important factor when choosing the right option for you. It tells you whether a particular service offers IPs in the location you need, whether you’re scraping localized data or just bypassing geo-restrictions.

However, most residential proxy providers only reveal the number of locations supported, keeping the number of IPs available in each location to themselves.

According to MarsProxies, they offer over 1 million residential IP addresses in 190 countries. So, let’s see the results of our proxy IP geo test showing the percentage of IPs in their network from their top locations.

United States 13.51%
Germany 12.54%
United Kingdom 9.65%
France 8.83%
Canada 8.70%
Australia 8.45%
China 7.86%
Spain 7.28%
Greece 5.84%
Czech Republic 5.81%
Guinea Bissau 5.75%
Mozambique 5.74%

Proxy Success Rate Test

The reality is that when scraping data or performing any other automation task, not all requests will succeed. Aside from the target web services and their ability to detect web scraping tools, proxies are another contributing factor to the success rates.

Therefore, we tested MarsProxies’ residential proxies success rate against ten popular online platforms. The goal is to get the average figure that would give you an idea of what to expect from these proxies in terms of their success rate.

Amazon 97%
Adidas 100%
Booking 100% 93%
Craigslist 99%
Instagram 100%
Nike 98%
LinkedIn 97%
Google 99%
YouTube 100%

Response Time Test

In general, residential proxies tend to be slower than other proxies like datacenter and ISP, meaning you’ll have to deal with bottlenecks to a certain level.

With this test, you’ll get an idea of MarsProxies’ residential proxies’ speed, which is especially important when you need to send hundreds of thousands of web requests and avoid a slow response time.

By showing you how long it will take you to get a response after sending a request to a website, you’ll more easily decide if MarsProxies is the right choice for you.

MarsProxies: 1.26s

Unique IP Test

The last test we carried out shows the percentage of duplicate IP addresses during residential IP rotation. While most residential proxy providers promise automatic IP rotation after each request, no one really provides 100% unique IP addresses.

Ideally, you want proxies with a low duplicate rate, especially if you need proxies for a large project. So, let’s see what the unique IP test revealed for MarsProxies’ residential proxy servers.

MarsProxies: 22.19%

How to Use MarsProxies

Use of MarsProxies

MarsProxies is a great option for newbies or users with limited to no experience in using proxies. Using these proxy servers is really a no-brainer. To get started, you just need to create an account and verify your email address, which will take you only a few minutes.

You purchase the proxies through self-service, so there’s no need to contact anyone from the team. After customizing your plan according to your needs, you pay with the preferred payment method and get an email when your order is processed.

As soon as the status of your order is confirmed, you can start using your residential traffic. In the Ultra Residential Proxies Dashboard, you can switch between IP whitelisting and username + password authentication.

MarsProxies Dashbord

By clicking the USER:PASS button, you get to a section where you can choose between a DNS hostname and an IP hostname. The IP:AUTH button takes you to another section, allowing you to whitelist your IP addresses instead of using a username and password when setting up your proxies.

There’s also the option to select the desired protocol (HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS5) and rotation (Randomize IP or Sticky IP.)

The list of credentials you use to access MarsProxies’ residential pool or the whitelisted IPs can be downloaded as a TXT file or simply copied directly from the dashboard.

Customer Support

Marsproxies Customer Supposrt

A great user experience requires great customer support, especially when dealing with services like proxies when details are not always available on official websites.

Luckily, MarsProxies’ customer support doesn’t disappoint, with users praising the swift and helpful responses from support agents who understand the varying levels of proxy experience among them.

You can contact Marsproxies' support team via email and expect a response within minutes. The company also has an active Discord channel where users discuss proxy implementation and learn about new discount deals.

Source of IP Addresses

While knowing the size of the proxy network is important when choosing a provider, the way they source their IPs is even more important. We have already mentioned that MarsProxies offers over 1 million residential IP addresses, but let’s learn more about their IP sourcing methods.

Each residential IP address in MarsProxies’ network is sourced ethically and legally from genuine residential home users and ISPs. This ensures a highly reliable and trustworthy proxy service and minimal risk of detection and ban.


MarsProxies is a premium proxy provider offering high-performing proxies at budget-friendly prices. The no-frills proxy service is equipped with the latest features, excellent customer support, and customizable plans that let anyone get the perfect package for their needs and budget.

Our in-depth analysis and performance tests show that their proxy servers are a great option for private and small to medium-sized business projects requiring quality proxies without breaking the bank.

Our Rating
  • Scraping Performance - 8.9/10
  • Proxy Network - 9/10
  • Proxy Functions - 9.2/10
  • Customer support - 9.1/10

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