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Did you just hear of IPBurger and their proxies, and you are wondering if they are the best for your project? Then come in now and read our reviews on their proxies before making a buying decision.

IPBurger Proxies Overview

Are you looking forward to IPBurger as your proxy provider of choice? If you answer yes to this question, then this article has been written for you as you are going to be learning a lot in this IPBurger proxies review. Compared to many other providers,IPBurger is not quite popular. However, just like every other provider in the market, it comes with a lot of promises. But are these promises met? Should you even use their proxies? What do we think about their customer support team? Answers to these and many more will be provided in the reviews. For now, let take a look at an overview of IPBurger.

IPBurger homepage overview

IPBurger is a privacy concerned company that provides services that cut across the proxy and VPN niche (our focus is on their residential proxies). IPBurger has been in business for more than 5 years. With proxies from IPBurger, you can overcome regional restrictions to scale up your business while saving your time and effort for other tasks. It has one of the largest proxy pools in the market, and when it comes to location support and targeting, it can be regarded as one of the best. It also has a good number of features you will love. However, it also has some bad aspects you have to be wary about. Both the good aspects and the bad ones will be discussed. Let start with the good aspect in the pros section.

Parameter Feature
IP Type Residential/ Datacenter
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample 5GB – $75 (Monthly)
Pool Of IPs 30+ Million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) and Socks5
IP Rotation · Each Session

· Sticky Session (Time)

Filtering/Targeting Countries/cities/ASN
Authentication IP Authentication, and username/password
Speed Good
Free Trial Yes – on request
Refund Policy No
Support Email and Support
Jurisdiction Location British Virgin Islands (BVI)

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IPBurger Proxies Pro

To tell you the truth, I am a little bit impressed with IPBurger. This is because of some of their features, and I am sure users can attest to some of the pros of their proxies are discussed below.

Excellent Location Support

The number one reason I find IPBurger as a good provider is its location coverage – they have excellent coverage. There is no location you will need proxies from that they do not have proxies in. Currently, IPBurger has proxies in over 195 countries – take it to be in almost all countries in the world. Very important is the fact that they have proxies in over 2000 cities around the world.  You will agree with me that this is a great fit for IPBurger. While you might argue that there are other providers with such coverage, you have to know that only a few and IPBurger is one of such few providers.

IPBurger Location

Because of their excellent coverage of countries and many cities around the world, they provide good targeting options. With IPBurger, you cannot only use country-specific proxies, but you can also target specific cities – and can even make use of ASIN targeting. Because of this, it is safe to say that IPBurger can be used to unblock most regional restrictions as you can get IPs from most locations around the world and even some selective cities.

Huge IP Pool Size

When it comes to proxy pool size, you just have to give it up to IPBuger, as they score an A in it. They have a residential proxy pool with over 30 million residential IPs assigned to real mobile and desktop devices. Having over 30 million residential IPs in their pool makes them one of the largest proxy network in the market in terms of pool size. Just like most other residential providers, I suspect that IPBurger gets most of its residential IPs from a peer-to-peer network. The thing is, most of the providers do not like disclosing the source of their IPs.

IPBurger IP Pool Size

Because the proxy pool is large, you do not have anything to worry about when it comes to the number of proxies you require for your project. Their proxies are rotating proxies thatcan change IP after every request or after a period of time. For their session-based rotation, you can enjoy up to 30 minutes of a sticky session. Because you can get both high rotating proxies and sticky IPs, their proxies can be used for a variety of use cases ranging from account management to web scraping, travel fare aggregation, and many more.

Affordable and Cheap Pricing

No matter how functional proxies from a particular provider are, if they are not affordable, those on a small and tight budget will have to shun them. Not because they do not want to use them but because they cannot afford them. IPBurger made their proxies affordable by making their minimum monetary commitment affordable. With just $75, you are given access to their huge proxy pool and IPs from over 195 locations. This plan is their micro plan, and it is the smallest and comes with 5GB. After consuming the bandwidth allocated to you, your connection through their system will be cut-off until you subscribe again.

IPBurger Pricing

Aside from the bandwidth that comes limited, another feature that is limited is the number of sub-users you can create, which depends on the package you subscribe too. However, you can create as many concurrent threads as you wish. One important pricing feature you will come to like is that the more bandwidth you pay for, the cheaper the price per gigabyte becomes cheaper. This means that their proxies become cheaper as you buy more bandwidth. They have support for a good number of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin, among others.

Secured and Truly Anonymous

Another aspect where I find IPBurger interesting is in the area of privacy. There is no denying that while you are anonymous to the sites you visit, you are not anonymous to the proxy server you are using. This then means that you just have to trust your proxy provider – and hope you are not betrayed. IPBurger can be trusted, and they encrypt your traffic and make sure eavesdroppers do not succeed. Not only that, but IPBurger is also headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, which is very strict when it comes to information disclosure. IPBurger, on its own part, sticks to a no-log policy and does not keep track of its users' IP addresses, traffic data, and any other information that can be used for identifying users.

Good Scraping Performance

Even though there are other uses for proxies, the large part of the users uses them for things that have a thing or two to do with crawling and scraping the web. This then means that a proxy provider must make sure that their proxies are compatible with many websites in other for them to be perfect for scraping. To ascertain how IPBurger stands in the aspect of web scraping, we had to test them out on some of the most popular websites on the Internet by sending out an average of 11,200 web requests to them. the result of the performance test is presented below in the form of a chart and table.

IPBurger Scraping Performance

Performance on 300 Concurrent connections
Test Success Rate (%) Error (%) TimeOut (%) Block (%)
Amazon 81 2 7 10
Adidas 79 3 8 10
Booking 75 5 3 17
Bing.com 83 0 3 10
Craigslist 77 3 5 15
Instagram 74 10 1 15
Nike 82 0 13 5
Linkedin 89 0 0 11
Google 80 3 1 16
Youtube 79 1 0 20

Looking at the result of the test above, I must say that IPBurger is perfect for your web scraping task. This is because it has proven to be compatible with Google, Amazon, Nike, Bookings, and the other websites it was tested on – and these sites have some of the strictest anti-spam systems on the Internet. I am sure you noticed the figures for the blocks, time outs, and errors. This is common to proxies and nothing specific with IPBurger. Using a Captcha solver should increase your success rate.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

  • Response Time

Residential proxies are known to be slower when compared to datacenter proxies. We needed to check how slow their proxies can be, and I must say the response time wasn’t that bad. Yes, it is not breaking any record and certainly not one of the fastest, but it is accepted. Below is the chat from the test.

IPBurger Response Time

  • Proxy Connection Speed

Another aspect of speed that we considered is the connection speed. We tested their proxies using the Speedtest tool and discovered that the performance is also acceptable. However, you just need to know that when it comes to connection speed testing, it varies a great deal depending on the location of the proxy server you are trying to connect to, your own location, and how close they are to the site you are using for testing.

  • Average Ping: 81ms
  • Average Download: 24.36 Mbps
  • Average Upload: 19.64Mbps

Easy to Use

Last on the list of pros of IPBurger is that their proxies are easy to use. You do not need to install any software to use it. They even have an integration tutorial section where you are shown how to make use of the proxies. The tutorial is comprehensive and device/Os/platform-based. Click here to go to the page. Integration aside, the online user dashboard of IPBurger is beautiful, minimalist, and also easy to use. Easy a first time user won’t have a problem making use of it. From the dashboard, you can pay for a subscription, monitor your bandwidth usage, and even copy proxy details.

IPBurger Proxies Cons

While you might be tempted to go ahead and buy proxies from IPBurger because of what you read above, I will advise you to read this cons section before making a buying decision.

IPBurger’s Website Contradicts Current Realities of Their Business

There’s no better way of stating the current state of their website than calling it outdated – and if I want to be harsh, I will call it deceptive, and I have my reasons for that. Also, when you browse through the website, you will notice some conflicting information. Take, for instance, on the part of their website; they stated that they guarantee you your money back if their proxies do not work for you. However, on another page, they stated that they do not offer a refund.

Another has to do with live chat support. While they claim to offer 24-hour live chat support, click the button would only lead you to a page to create a support ticket. To me, this particular one is deceptive and not even a problem of update.

Does Not Support Torrenting

If what you require proxies for is torrenting, then you have to look elsewhere as IPBurger does not support torrenting, and they stayed clearly in their FAQs page that they do not support torrentingfor copyright reasons. However, there’s still conflicting information about that on their page. We tilt toward the part that stated that they do not support torrenting.

No Free Trial and Refund

Another thing you will have to consider is a free trial and their refund policy. As far as I am concerned, they do not offer a free trial option except for some specific reasons. This means that you must take their marketing gimmicks for it – and if their proxies don’t work for you, there’s no way you are getting your money back as they do not offer a refund. To me, I see this as a big turn-off since other providers that are more popular than they are offers both free trials and refunds. Having these two would be a big plus.

Do I Recommend IPBurger Residential Proxies?

IPBurger residential proxies work quite great and compatible with many websites on the Internet, as seen in the scraping performance section. Their proxies are affordable; they have got a large proxy pool and proxies in all countries around the world. Because of these, I recommend them. However, you just have to know that they do not support torrenting, do not offer free trial or refund, and has lots of incorrect content on their website.

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