Hype Proxies Review

Are you looking to purchase proxies from the Hype Proxies service and want to know whether their proxies will work for you or not? Then you are on the right page as I will be providing a review of Hype Proxies, including their pros and cons.

Hype Proxies Review

There are a good number of proxy providers in the market that are not only small by the number of locations supported but also by the audience they cater to, what their proxies can be used for, and the features the proxies even come with. This makes these proxies only good for some specific tasks and bad for others. One such proxy provider is the Hype Proxies service, a server vice that was developed specifically to provide proxies to those in the sneaker copping market. If you want to purchase proxies from them, I recommend you read this review till the end.

An Overview of Hype Proxies

Hype Proxies Overview

First, Hype Proxies does not offer only one type of proxies, you can purchase both datacenter and residential proxies from them.  While I can’t say whether the IPs in its datacenter proxies are its own, I am 100 percent sure it does not have the infrastructure to manage a residential proxy service and have the number of IPs it claims to have in its pool. While proxies might be good for the sneaker copping market, the price labeled on the proxies is a turn-off as you can purchase faster and more reliable proxies from the best providers at a lower price.

These and many more reasons are why I wouldn’t recommend you make use of the Hype Proxies service right now. But before we go into the cons proper, let’s take a look at the pros of the Hype Proxies.

Parameter Feature
IP Type (s) Residential and datacenter IPs
Price Charged Per IP and bandwidth
Price Sample $38 for 2GB for 60 days
Proxy Protocols HTTP(S)
IP Rotation Supported
Filtering/Targeting Country-Level
Authentication Username/password and IP authentication
Speed Fast
Free Trial Not available
Refund Policy Not available
Support Discord
Jurisdiction Location United States

Hype Proxies Pros

In this section of the review, I will focus on the core strengths of the Hype Proxies service to show you some of the things it's got right.

Good Location Support for Sneaker Copping

If you are in the business of sneaker copping, then knowing the location of the proxy you use and the server you host your proxies on is very important to achieve the maximum speed required to succeed in a release. Your proxies and servers need to be located close to the server of your target sneaker sites. And for the United States, these locations include Chicago, VA, and New York. The Hype Proxies service has support for these aforementioned locations. This means that if you pitch your tent with them, you won’t have any issues with speed.

From their names, the service is a product of hype, and when the hype around it becomes too much in a particular release, you would most likely not be able to purchase proxies from them, and even if you do, the performance you get would be impacted due to the many people making use of their service. Generally, this service is only good when a lot of people are not making use of it.

Track Record of Success

Hype Proxies Success

No one sings the praise of service more than someone who has made use of their service and got what they wanted — they give reviews that end up becoming a trust signal. The Hype Proxies service has been around since 2017, and according to the information on their website, they have successfully completed over 500K orders. For a sneaker proxy service, this is a great fit and can only be enjoyed by one who has gotten a lot of trust.

Interestingly, there is a good number of reviews that seem to come from independent reviewers on Twitter (X), and all of these reviews point towards the fact that Hype Proxies were part of the tools that helped them secure Ws during some releases. The hype around the Hype Proxies is currently going down as it is not as hyped as it used to be; you can also tell that from the number of reviews you see on Twitter. This could be because the big providers are entering into the sneaker proxy market fully, the users are now aware that they don’t need a “sneaker proxy” but can use any proxy that meets their requirements, or the service isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Hype Proxies Cons

As you can see, I mentioned just 2 strengths in the pros section. For me, that is the good I see in the Hype Proxies service. However, it does have a lot of bad, and except you are into sneaker copping, I do not see why you should make use of their proxies.

Proxy Pool Small

Nothing pisses me off as much as being unreliable, and that goes for the people I interact with and the tools I use. One of the major turn-offs anytime I hear about the Hype Proxies service is its small pool size. Pool size is basically the number of IP addresses they can assign to their customers. This number is not made known, but I can be sure it is very small — enough to run out quickly and faster than you can imagine.

Most of the proxy services that term themselves sneaker proxies are small providers that have just a few IPs, like Hype Proxies. If you decide to make use of them, you will spend more time running after them and making sure you are awake just to purchase them. It is common for you to click on the purchase button for some of their products, and you will see sold out. Yes, Hype Proxies is good at selling out its proxies — because it has a small pool.

This means you might be able to purchase their proxies for this release, get used to them, and then you lose out when it's time to buy again and start looking for another provider. For me, this is a NO-NO. I would want a service I can always go up to and purchase the number of proxies I want without being told the proxies are sold out.

It Uses a White Label Solution for its Residential Proxy Network

According to the information on their website, they offer over 40 million IP addresses in their residential proxy network. The moment I saw this, I was sure they didn’t own the network — they were most likely using a white-label solution. A white-label solution is basically a proxy network that allows other services to use its infrastructure as if it is their own. Even the more reliable proxy providers in the market are struggling with millions of IPs.

Aside from providers like Bright Data, which has over 72 million, Oxylabs has over 100 million, Smartproxy has over 52 million and Shifter has 31 million IPs, you can hardly see another provider with this big number. The other providers are within the range of 5 – 10 million IPs. But Hype Proxies is claiming to offer 40 IPs. There is actually nothing wrong with using a white-label solution. But when used in the sneaker copping market, it could pose a problem.

This is because their users will be using from a pool that other users are using, thinking the pool is meant for only them. If it gets too congested, they could run out of quality IPs for the specific locations in the US they need IPs from, and that could slow them down and cause them to lose out.

Expensive Pricing

Pricing is an important factor when users make a decision on the proxy provider to use. That is one of the areas where the Hype Proxies service flopped. I have been monitoring pricing for providers over the years, and it is the likes of Hype Proxies in the sneaker proxy market that haven’t adjusted their pricing to become affordable. Even the top providers on a global scale, like Bright Data, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy, have become affordable and cheap.

Hype Proxies Residential Pricing

Take, for instance, looking at the pricing for their residential proxies. You are charged $38 for 2GB for 60 days. This put a lot of low-budget sneaker heads away. Little do they know they can get 1GB for $10 or less if they use the more reliable solutions. With Smartproxy, 1GB is soldier $8.5 for their pay-as-you-go option. There are other providers with cheaper pricing, but Smartproxy is the fastest in the industry in terms of response time, which makes it even better than Hype Proxies. The same can be said about their datacenter (ISP) proxies.

Hype Proxies Datacenter Pricing

For this, you are forced to purchase 25 IP addresses for either $60 or $75, depending on if you go for their datacenter proxies or ISP proxies, respectively. Interestingly, you can purchase these types of proxies at a cheaper price from Proxy-Seller or Proxy-IPv4.

No Free Trial and Friendly Refund Policy

Free trial is a way proxy services entice users and let them know their proxies will work for them. Doing this, users are able to test out the service without paying a dime — and if the proxies work for them, they then make monetary commitment and become paying customers. For services that don’t provide such, some offer a friendly refund policy in the form of a money-back guarantee for a specific period of time. The Hype Proxies service is one of those services that do not offer both. For you to make use of the service, you will have to pay, and considering their smallest plan is in the $38 and above league, wasting this amount isn’t something you will want to do.

The claim their products are digital products and non-refundable. But other services like them still offer a refund. If you know you are not ready to lose your money should their proxies not work for you, then you are better off not making use of them. There are better providers that still offer either a free trial or refund policy — Smartproxy is a good choice.

Non-Responsive Customer Support

Hype Proxies Customer Support

Customer support is an important aspect of any business — proxies inclusive. And no matter how you think the quality of your proxies is good, there is still the need to have responsive and helpful customer support. This is one of the things that is lacking in the Hype Proxies service. The service is a small business and, as such, does not see the need to spend money on a support agent who will always be online to respond to customers' queries and issues. If you take a look at their website, you won’t see a live chat feature.

What you will see is a Contact Us button, and that will take you to a contact form where you can lodge your complaints. You will definitely get a response from them, but the response won’t be as fast as you would expect — just be ready to wait for hours. And in some cases, it could take up to a day or even more. While their customer support is bad in terms of being responsive, it is good in terms of being helpful.

Do I Recommend Hype Proxies?

YouTube video

The Hype Proxies service is a service that is meant for the sneaker copping market and should remain there strictly. If you are a sneakerhead looking to purchase proxies that will work for you, it might be an option considering the proxies it offers still work., However, I am not comfortable recommending it to Internet marketers and even sneakerheads in some cases. This is due to its limited features and the high cost you will have to pay for the less it offers.

Without a free trial and refund policy, going for this provider is like throwing mud on the wall and praying it sticks.

There are other providers you will pay far less and enjoy better performance and features. If your need is a residential proxy network, Bright Data and Smartproxy are my recommended choices. For datacenter and ISP proxies, Proxy-IPv4 and Proxy-Seller are the best choices right now.

Our Expert's Review
  • Price - 8.3/10
  • Speed - 7.8/10
  • Functions - 6.2/10
  • Customer support - 7.7/10

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