Best Proxies for VPN 2024: VPN + Proxy Server for more anonymous and private

Are you looking for proxies to use together with your VPN software to make it more anonymous and private? Then you are on the right page, as the article below recommends some of the best proxies for VPNs.

Best Proxies for VPN

Overview of Best Proxies for VPN

  • Proxy-Seller: Pool size undisclosed – <starts from $2.14 per proxy> – Overall Best Datacenter Proxies for VPN
  • MyPrivateProxy: Pool size undisclosed – <starts from $2.49 per proxy> – High-Performance Proxies for VPN
  • Soax: 5 Million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $99 for 15GB> – Best Residential Proxies for VPN
  • Bright Data: 72+ Million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $10.50 for 1GB> – Most Advanced Residential Proxies for VPN
  • Proxy-IPv4: Pool size undisclosed – <starts from $6 per proxy> – Best ISP Proxies for VPN

Best Proxies for VPN

VPNs are known to be the better option compared to proxies when it comes to security and encryption. However, when it comes to the aspect of being anonymous and private, as well as speed, proxies stand better. If you are able to combine both a proxy and VPN, you could get the best of both worlds. If you have VPN software that supports the use of proxies, then you will need to choose the best proxies, as using the wrong proxy is counterproductive. In this article, I will be taking a look at some of the best proxies for VPN usage.

The recommendation on this page is divided into 3 sections — the first section is for those to whom speed is of utmost importance to while the second is for those that need undetectable IPs. The third section is for those who need both speed and trust but will have to trade IP rotation for that. Let’s get started.

Best Datacenter Proxies for VPN

In this section of the article, I will be recommending the best proxy providers in terms of speed. And datacenter proxy providers will make the list as their products are the fastest out there. The datacenter proxies I recommend here are some of the best — they are private, super fast, and quite affordable to the average small marketer.

1. Proxy-Seller — Overall Best Datacenter Proxies for VPN

Proxy-Seller Logo Picture

  • Average Success Rate: 97.73% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 79.53 Mbps
  • Response Time: 107 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $2.14 per proxy monthly

Proxy-Seller Overview

The Proxy-Seller service is my go-to datacenter proxy provider. Interestingly, their IPv4 proxies have proven to be the best if you need VPN proxies. They are, first of all, private IPs assigned to only you. Because they are private, the performance is preserved — coupled with the high-performing infrastructure they are hosted on. Secondly, the IPs have low spam scores, which give them a high trust score and make them usable on websites you visit without getting blocked by default.

But this is not all; the service offers support for IPs from over 50 countries across the globe. This makes it one of the best datacenter proxies when it comes to location support. It does have support for over 400 networks and 800 subnets. And as a buyer of their package, the IPs in your plan will be from multiple subnets. The pricing for their proxies is affordable and flexible. From this service, you can purchase a single IP for $2.14. the more IPs you purchase, the lower the price per IP. There is also support for purchasing weekly proxies and for a longer duration longer than a month.

2. MyPrivateProxy — High-Performance Proxies for VPN


  • Average Success Rate: 97.14% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 71.35 Mbps
  • Response Time: 129 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $2.49 per proxy monthly

MyPrivateProxy – Best Datacenter Proxies

If your current VPN is a high performer, you will do well by going for a proxy server that can match that so performance is preserved, and MyPrivateProxy is a good choice. It private proxies are hosted on Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2670v2 processors for pure speed and performance. This is one of the services that support up to 100 threads and still keep performance at a reasonable mark. In terms of location support, MyPrivateProxy is basically a US provider with support for a few European cities. It does have a datacenter in 16 US cities and 8 other European cities. If your IP location requirement is out of these ranges, then this provider is not for you.

I have used their proxies a good number of times, and they have proven to be quite effective and at the same level as Proxy-Seller. Proxy-Seller is only better when you talk of location support and its diverse network and subnet support. In terms of pricing, you can purchase 1 IP for $2.49, which is slightly higher than what you pay if you go for Proxy-Seller.

3. InstantProxies — Cheapest Datacenter Proxies for VPN


  • Average Success Rate: 90.25% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 43.18 Mbps
  • Response Time: 363 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $1 per proxy monthly

InstantProxies Homepage Overview

The InstantProxies service is another provider I will recommend for those who need proxies for their VPN software. This provider is known for its cheap, affordable, and straightforward pricing system. With InstantProxies, pricing for a proxy is $1, but you need to purchase 10 minimum, making it $10 for 10 IPs. The performance you get from this provider is not in the league of what you get from proxy-Seller and MyPrivateProxy. But it saves you money, and the IPs do have low spam scores too. This provider does not seem to have a large proxy pool under their control, and the exit list of countries supported is shredded in secrecy.

However, if you are on a low budget, MyPrivateProxy is one of those proxy networks you can use to still get things done. One thing you will come to like about this service is that you can test the specific IPs to be sold to you on a specific target and make sure they work before purchasing them. This reduces the need to ask for a refund.

Best Residential Proxies for VPN

If speed is important to you, you go for the private proxies offered by the datacenter proxy providers above. But if you need undetectable proxies that are trusted, then residential proxies are the proxies for you. The advantage of these also goes beyond trust, it is also for IP rotation as your IP address gets changed frequently to mask your activities.

1. Soax — Best Residential Proxies for VPN

Soax Proxy Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 97.53% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 27.45 Mbps
  • Response Time: 861 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $99 for 15 GB

Soax Residential Proxy Overview

The Soax provider might not be known to many. But when it comes to the best provider for residential proxies to be used together with a VPN software, then Soax is a good option. One thing you will come to like about this provider is that it owns one of the cleanest proxy pools in the market. It regularly checks and monitors its pool to remove bad and inactive IPs. According to the information on their website, they have over 155 million residential IPs. While that number is hard to believe, I do know their service is one of the best. It does have support for a good number of countries and allows you to create as many concurrent sessions as you want.

Soax supports multiple protocols — HTTP(S), SOCKS5, and UDP. The proxies are rotating and undetectable to most websites. My major problem with this provider is in terms of pricing. Unlike other residential proxy providers that have become cheaper for small marketers, Soax is still expensive for them, as you need a minimum of $99 to get started with this service.

2. Bright Data — Most Advanced Residential Proxies for VPN

Bright Data Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 99.07% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 36.93 Mbps
  • Response Time: 763 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $10.5 per GB

Bright Data Residential Proxy Overview

Bright Data is the leader in the residential proxy market. Its proxy pool is one of the largest, with over  75 million IP addresses in the pool. You can get IPs for virtually any location in the world, which makes it the perfect provider for accessing geo-targeted websites. One thing you will come to like about this service is speed. Even though the average residential proxy network is slow, Bright Data is fast, as it is currently the fastest you can get in the residential proxy market. The IPs are sourced ethically from devices of real Internet users which makes them undetectable to websites you visit.

The network gives you control over your session, as you can rotate IPs after every request or after a specified period of time. This means you can use it to manage accounts without any issues. However, the proxy network is still a rotating IP service, and as such, you can’t maintain one IP for too long. Pricing is cheaper than Soax as you can get started with $10.50 per GB monthly for their pay-as-you-go option.

3. Hydraproxy — Cheapest Residential Proxies for VPN

HydraProxy Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 97.94% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 19.69 Mbps
  • Response Time: 885 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $5 per GB

Hydraproxy Residential Overview

Just as I provided a cheaper option for datacenter proxies, here is the cheaper option for residential proxies. Hydraproxy is a small provider offering just over 5 million IP addresses for small proxy users. It does have support for over 100 countries in the world, and the proxies it offers are also undetectable. You won’t get the kind of speed you will get from Bright Data and Soax, but the speed is acceptable and can be used for many tasks. The major selling point of this provider is its support for proxy endpoint generation.

With this service, you can generate as many proxy endpoints as you want at no extra cost. The pricing for the service is $5 per GB. While Hydraproxy residential proxies are cheap, they are quite effective when used as VPN proxies. Its proxies are rotating too, but you can configure it to maintain a session for a few minutes and up to 30 minutes before changing IP, which is the setup for account management.

Best ISP Proxies for VPN

While the rotating proxies mentioned above are undetectable, the constant change of IP can be a pain for tasks that require you to maintain the same IP address. In this case, ISP proxies are the best. They are a hybrid proxy, using the hosting infrastructure of datacenter proxies and routing requests via residential IPs. This makes them fast and undetectable while maintaining the same IP address. Below are some of the best providers out there.

1. Proxy-IPv4 — Best ISP Proxies for VPN

Proxy-IPv4 Logo new

  • Average Success Rate: 98.26% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 59.74 Mbps
  • Response Time: 396 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $6 per proxy

Proxy-IPv4 for ISP Proxy Overview

The Proxy-IPv4 service is known for its super-fast private IPs. If you are looking for static residential IPs to use with your VPN, then this provider is a good option. I have tried their proxies, and they have proven to be super fast while being undetectable. At the point of purchase, you are given the option to choose between 13 locations which are the supported geo-location, and the location you will be provided the IP for.

Everything is automated here, and once an IP is assigned to you, you can retain it for as long as you want, provided you paid for it. You can get both HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 proxies from this provider. The pricing for Proxy-IPv4 service is quite affordable and flexible; with just $6, you get a fast ISP proxy. And if you want, you can just purchase for 3 days. You can also purchase for a longer duration. The customer support agent of this service is top-notch, responsive, and helpful.

2. Smartproxy — ISP Proxies with Rotating Option

Smartproxy Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 98.83% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 54.17 Mbps
  • Response Time: 417 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $14 for 2GB

Smartproxy for ISP Proxy Overview

The Smartproxy service is a premium proxy provider based in the US. And I recommend them here because of the quality of their ISP proxies. Their ISP proxies are not just some of the best for VPNs, they are also some of the most unique out there. Currently, it is only Smartproxy ISP proxies that support IP rotation. Yes, what they offer you are static residential IPs. However, you can switch the IP to a different one, and that makes their pricing system unique too.

Unlike the other ISP proxies mentioned above that are priced based on the number of IPs, the pricing for Smartproxy is based on bandwidth usage. One disadvantage of using this service is that you can only get IS IP addresses from them. If you are looking for a provider that will provide you IPs for other regions, the Smartproxy ISP proxy network is not for you. Pricing for their ISP proxies starts from $14 monthly for 2GB.

3. ProxyEmpire — Cheapest ISP Proxies for VPN

ProxyEmpire Logo

  • Average Success Rate: 96.38% Obtained on my VPS in Los Angeles
  • Proxy Download Speed: 54.62 Mbps
  • Response Time: 397 ms
  • Cost: Starts from $2 per proxy monthly

ProxyEmpire for ISP Proxy Overview

The ProxyEmpire is another high-quality static residential proxy provider you can use their proxies as VPN proxies. This service does offer IPs for over 20 countries which is one of the highest for ISP proxies. As with Proxy-IPv4, you enjoy unlimited bandwidth for using their proxies. They might not be as fast as Proxy-IPv4 and Smartproxy, but they are not slow. You can manage accounts with IPs from this service, and you will not be discovered to be using a proxy plus VPN.

Their proxies can be used for a good number of tasks ranging from account management, online streaming, ad verification, and many others. The pricing for this service is one of the cheapest you can get in the ISP proxy market. An IP is sold for $2, and that is the price with no discount except if you are buying many IPs, in which case, you will need to speak with their customer support.

FAQs About Best Proxies for VPN

Q. Why Use Proxies for VPN?

VPNs come with their own IP addresses to mask your real IP. And the vendors don’t even advertise the need to use proxies. However, VPNs do have one flaw — their IPs are shared IPs. If you need better performance and a more private Internet, you will have to make use of a proxy network together with your VPN. However, you need to choose the right proxies to get the most performance out of the combination of the two.

Q. What Type of Proxies are the Best for VPN?

The answer to this question depends on your use case and what is most important to you. If speed is the most important to you, you should go for datacenter proxies — they are the cheapest. However, for those who need to access websites that have datacenter IPs, you should make use of residential IPs. ISP proxies provide both of the two words — speed and trust. Interestingly, they are affordable too. However, the IPs remain static.


No doubt, there are a good number of other providers you can use their proxies as proxies for VPN. However, you can see the above as a list of vetted providers that have been tested and have proven to work. While making a choice on the provider to go with, make sure you choose the one that is most appropriate for your tasks, as getting a refund is a back-and-forth process and does not always go as easy as claimed.

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