YouTube Stats: Worth, Active Users, Top Channel & Trends (2023)

Before now, users had no say in the type of content they consumed not until the launching of YouTube. YouTube is an online video-sharing platform launched on 14th February 2005, and since then, it has evolved.

Standing by its name with the ‘You' representing user-created content and the ‘Tube' for television, it is seen to be an endless source of entertainment, having over 2 billion users and over 1 billion hours of total video watched per day.

YouTube Statistics

YouTube, having been acquired by Google in 2006, is the second most searched website after Google. It is the most powerful content creation channel which allows anyone to be the boss of their own territory by creating their own content and uploading them for audience views.

Although YouTube gives room for public live streaming and content creation irrespective of individuals, it is not one safe site to get legit broadcast as most times, people can easily be misinformed because of the platform is a place users and streamers create contents that suit their interests.

One uniqueness of YouTube is that it is a media that create an engaging connection that allows one to lean forward and not backward, as there is room for users to view, like, comment, download, and even dislike.

Key YouTube Stats 2023: Video Marketer Should Know

Key YouTube Statistics

  • A user spends 14 minutes and 21 seconds on average on YouTube every day.
  • Google acquired YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion.
  • 6 billion people worldwide use YouTube once a month in 2022, and 2.6 billion active users
  • The US has 16.4% YouTube traffic, 9.2% from India, and 4.8% from Japan.
  • YouTube Premium and Music together have more than 50 million subscribers in the world.
  • 1 billion mobile YouTube views happening every day, and an average mobile YouTube viewing session is more than 45 mins.

Top YouTube Statistics, Facts & Trends

What is the Global Expected Worth of YouTube in 2022?

Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, a year after being launched. Since YouTube has evolved and skyrocketed, going through its various activities and services supported, ranging from streaming videos to generating revenue, among others. It can be said that YouTube as a platform has built-in solid grounds, and this has made its popularity rise.

It is reported to have revenue of $19.8 billion in 2020, a 30%. In 2021, YouTube's annual revenue increased to $28.8 billion, a 46% increase compared to 2020. In 2022, YouTube is estimated to be worth up to $160 billion.

YouTube revenue report (2018 – 2022)

Worth of YouTube in 2022

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How Many Videos are on YouTube in 2022?

YouTube video streaming and upload have been frequent because of the numbers of users leveraging the platform. Videos are Uploaded per minute, hour, daily, weekly, and even monthly, and with this, one couldn't have expected fewer uploads rate.

Massive logins are made daily, and several contents are being uploaded on the platform in minutes. And as the platform evolves daily, the number of subscribers and users is sure to increase in accordance. As of 2022 statistics, YouTube hosts over 800 million videos among 51 million channels on the platform.

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How Many Daily Active Users are on YouTube in 2022?

Daily Active Users are on YouTube

The number of users that visit YouTube and create an engagement or participate in one activity or the other is known as active users. Being active users give room for 90% productivity and not just sit behind passively, going through what others have created without any likes or comment.

In 2022, YouTube has over 122 million active daily users. 12% of American Internet users access YouTube daily, while 85% access YouTube at least once per week. With these, the number of YouTube daily engagements is aimed to rise.

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How Many Monthly Active Users on YouTube in 2022?

This can be seen as the number of users that log on to YouTube and actively take advantage of the social space. Statistics have shown that the video-sharing platform has 2.6 billion active users worldwide as of 2022. This number can be weighed in terms of value to streamers and, most of all, to those that engage in YouTube marketing.

When 2.6 billion users log in monthly to YouTube, there is going to be an active platform that marketers should have the potential to leverage to their advantage to gain massive grounds to pilot in terms of online marketing.

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YouTube users growth Trends (from 2010 to 2022)

What is the Demographic of YouTube in 2022?

Demographic of YouTube

YouTube is a popular social media platform for every demographic irrespective of your age. This is what made YouTube's popularity skyrocket because no matter who you are, where you're from, and your age, on YouTube, there is content suitable for you.

The contents on YouTube are way more diverse compared to any other platform; 99.9% of your look-out as an individual is on YouTube and can be accessed without restrictions or limitations of content usage or downloads.

Gender Demo

Research has shown that males leverage the YouTube platform more in comparison to females, though the females are catching up as there is a shift in 2022 percentage, which shows that there are more women using the platform now. 53.9% of global YouTube users are males, and 46.1% of global YouTube users are females.

Age Demo

Statistics have shown that the younger generation, even though not the only ones on the YouTube platform, tends to leverage it more. In 2022, 95% of users are in the age range of 18-29 year-olds, 91% are in the age range of 30-49 year-olds, and 49% of users are 65 and above.

However, YouTube’s recently added research shows that the two genders (male and female) ranging between age 16 and 64 years are as well supported in terms of usage. These breakdowns are precisely for the USA, as they are the ones we were able to lay our hands on.

Country Demo

Currently, India is the country with the largest number of YouTube users, with a massive range gap between the US coming second.

By recent statistics, India is recorded to have 467 million YouTube users engaging with the popular video-sharing and social platform.

The United States followed, with 247 million YouTube viewers, and Indonesia came third, with 139 million YouTube users.

[Source: Omnicore Agency, Statista, Pew Research]

How Many Country Use YouTube in 2022?

YouTube being a video-sharing platform, is largely used by many as by popularity; it is heard and known worldwide.

It has been the go-to site for many regardless of what you are looking for, this is one fit YouTube has stood still and fleshed out, not comparable to any other platform.

With the research carried out by statistics, YouTube is localized in over 100 countries. It can also have in its pouring grounds 80 different languages.

Obviously, this video-sharing platform has built its reputation over time, likened to a solid global worth.

What is the Most Viewed YouTube Channel Globally in 2022?


Indian music label T-Series was ranked first with 197.48 billion views.  Cocumelon – Nursery Rhymes come second most view channel with 134.73 billion and SET India with 124.66 billion.  T-Series, which drew much attention online.

The rivalry between the multi-channel network T-Series and independent, standalone channel PewDiePie represents the growing divide of subcultures on YouTube, as well as a shift towards the ever-increasing commercialization of the platform.

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Top 10 YouTube channels by revenue

Channels Revenue ($mm)
MrBeast 54
Jake Paul 45
Markiplier 38
Rhett and Link 30
Unspeakable 28.5
Nastya 28
Ryan Kaji 27
Dude Perfect 20
Logan Paul 18
Preston Arsement 16


How many Videos are Uploaded on YouTube daily in 2022?

Even on a daily basis, the amount of bew videos uploaded to the platform is at a big data level. Giving room to several content to be uploaded is a privilege for many to showcase themselves irrespective of what they do.

Even though the platform has it own challenges in terms of trying to control the rate of content it houses,  that do not stop daily viewing, video streaming, download and upload. As of 2022, research shows that YouTubers upload 3.6 million clean and untouched new videos content on YouTube platform on daily basis.

[Source: Zippia]

How Many Mobile Users Stream on YouTube in 2022?

Mobile Users Stream on YouTube

YouTube has been a favorite site for billions of people worldwide. It is that source of entertainment that gives room for an individual to create their own content and upload it for audience view.

The majority of users love to view content on YouTube on-the-GO, and for this, laptops cannot meet this requirement as you don't carry them around all the time, hence the vitality of mobile phone.

Almost every smartphone has got the YouTube app installed. Today, more than 70% of users access YouTube on their mobile devices. There are more than 1 billion mobile YouTube views happening every day, and an average mobile YouTube viewing session is more than 45 mins.

[Sourcecs: Hootsuite, Global Media Insight]

What is the Total Hours of Videos Watch Daily on YouTube in 2022?

YouTube is a channel people use a lot, and for that, people leverage it beyond expectations. In early 2022, it is expected that each visitor spends around 19:35 minutes on the site daily. If every single person globally watched a video, that’s around 8.4 minutes per day and per person.

That’s an outstanding number that just adds to the worthiness of video as a content source for an audience. By statistics, users view 1 billion hours of video each day. That accounts for around 5 billion YouTube videos being watched each day.

[Sources: YouTube   Comparitech]

How Many Views does YouTube Short Receive daily in 2022?

YouTube Short

YouTube Shorts is a way of creating short forms of content or video. The videos are 60 minutes long or less. YouTube rolled out a $100 million Short Fund to encourage Creators to try out making short-form content. Views of YouTube Shorts videos hit 30 billion per day in the first quarter of 2022, which is up four times from Q1 2021.

In addition, YouTube validates it’s now testing ads in Shorts, which will finally allow creators to monetize short-form videos.  Shorts have proven to be a massive hit, demonstrating that viewers are longing for short-and-sweet content.

[Source; Hootsuite, YouTube ]

How Much Does YouTube Generate on Advertising in 2021?

Advertising has really been one strategy that is helping YouTube grow. Many businesses have paid for the platform to advertise for them or even partnered with them. In 2021, YouTube's global advertising revenues amounted to approximately $28.84 billion, up by almost a 46 percent increase from $19.7 billion in the forgoing fiscal period. Whereas the owned online video platform does not generate the same amount of revenue. It is YouTube has reported more than 30% revenue growth in the past four years.

[Sources: Statista, Business of Apps]

What are the Numbers of Videos Watched Daily on YouTube in 2022?

What are the Numbers of Videos Watched Daily on YouTube in 2022

YouTube is such a large library of video content that others are trying to catch up. From the above, we mentioned the total number of users that are active daily. But how many videos do they get to watch daily?

Well,  Over 5 billion videos are watched every single day on YouTube, and more are still being uploaded every minute, hour, etc. And this does not include the statistics of Shorts, the shorter form videos that seem to generate more views for content creators.

[Source: Cloud Income]

What Video is the Most Liked on YouTube in 2022?

There is some form of competitiveness in this, considering how diverse the content on the platform is. Regardless of that, Despacito is on the top of the list of the Most Liked Videos on YouTube. This is a music video by Luis Fonsi Ft. Daddy Yankee.

As of June 2021, Despacito is the most liked video on YouTube. No matter whether you understand the language or not, I am pretty sure that everybody has grooved to this song. “Despacito”  has been on top of the most viewed video since July 2017, with over 49.30 million likes as of the date of the writing of 2022.

[Source: Grand View Research ]

What is the Expected Reach of YouTube Sports Viewership at the End of 2022?

YouTube Sports

Sports viewership is also one top-notch YouTube users visit a lot. With the statistical evaluation of men being the most dominant on YouTube, sports viewership cannot be expected otherwise. Sports audiences are always said to grow and not the other way round.

The number of digital viewers of live sports in the U.S. is estimated to reach 57.5 million by the end of this year and is expected to exceed 90 million in 2025, a 26% projected increase. This highlights how quickly content consumption is shifting to become more digital. And that's how the landscape is modified.

[Sources: Think With Google, UScreen]

What Country has the Most Advertising Audience in 2022?

India has being topping as the country with the highest number of YouTube users. It has been something too obvious as they doubled the US coming second with a huge number.

They have the largest users, which also makes them the largest advertising audience. India has 467 million YouTube users, and this number makes them surpass other countries when it comes to advertising.

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What is the Global Popularity of YouTube Among Other Social Platforms in 2021?

Although YouTube has a large audience base and covers most demography and interest, Facebook ranks higher. YouTube is the second-most ranked social media platform worldwide.

It is also the second-most popular search engine coming after Google, racking up over a billion hours of views every day, ranking more than other major search engine platforms like Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, and AOL; 70% of all YouTube traffic comes from mobile devices.

The platform’s popularity makes it easy for a larger audience to reach it and as well leverage it.

[Sources: Search Engine Journal, Statista, YouTube ]

What is the Percentage of YouTube Usage by Businesses and Marketers in 2021?

YouTube Usage by Businesses and Marketers

YouTube has been one large platform businesses leverage so well. Starting from the few seconds advert while viewing. Various businesses have channels on YouTube.

Being the most popular video-sharing platform for marketers and as well allowing them to create both short and long content, the platform has indeed fostered various businesses.

With 89% of them planning on using it in 2021. Facebook is second with 70%. Eight out of ten people have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand's video because of the quality and insight of the brand's video content.

[Source: Oberlo]

What YouTube Channel Has the Highest Subscribers in 2022?

T-Series, India’s largest music label, is the most-subscribed YouTube channel. Some channels were being recognized globally because of the grounds they have built on YouTube.

Such achievement doesn't come easy. However, none has been able to beat the T-Series channel for now. T-Series is the most-subscribed YouTube channel in the world, with 221 million subscribers as of July 2022.

[Sources: Statista, Backlinko]

What is the Popularity of YouTube Among Marketers?

The total number of social media is averaged 4 billion people. YouTube has over 2 billion users, meaning more than 50% of all social media users are on YouTube. This is something to take a dig on because this is an advantage if you're into online marketing. YouTube as a platform is open to a lot of products, hence, triggering marketing space.

However, owing to its popularity, it is no surprise that 50.9% of B2B decision makers use YouTube to research purchases and product availability. This makes YouTube surpass the likes of Facebook 48.5% and LinkedIn 33% for this precisely.

[Source: Omnicore Agency]

What is the Percentage of YouTube Mobile Users Over PC Users in 2021?

Percentage of YouTube Mobile Users Over PC Users

In January 2020 and March 2021, global traffic to rise from desktop devices. In March 2021, close to 79 percent of the total visits to YouTube websites were made from desktop devices, while only 21.2 percent of the global traffic came from mobile devices.

This may be due to a large number of mobile users choosing to use the YouTube mobile app over the website version of the platform. With respect to the app installed on a large number of smartphones, in 2020, YouTube was among the leading video apps worldwide based on the number of downloads.

[Sources: Statista, Oberlo]

How Many Channels Does YouTube Have in 2022?

As of 2022, there are more than 51 million YouTube channels out there. The number of channels is growing strong. Last year it grew by 36%. People all around the world are creating a YouTube channel and uploading minutes and hours of video every minute.

The 51 million YouTube channels differ a lot; some channels are tiny, and some are massive. Some have a lot of videos, and some only feature one. Some are from brands, some from creators, some are only private. They are all diverse, and that's where their uniqueness lies, like different content with their own creative structured format.

[Source: Tubics]

What is the most Viewed YouTube Video of all Time in 2022?

Baby Shark Dance

June 17, 2016, is still fresh for the Korean education brand Pinkfong who released their video “Baby Shark Dance”.

In January 2022, Baby Shark Dance became the first YouTube video to surpass 10 billion views after taking the crown of most-viewed YouTube video of all time from the former record holder “Despacito” one year before. “Baby Shark Dance” currently has 10.41 billion lifetime views on YouTube.

YouTube video

[Source: Statista]

Which Country View More Videos on YouTube?

When looking at the total number of video views from every country. The US takes the lead here. Looking at the long shot of a huge gap, research has shown that so far, it is stepping to 1 trillion views.

That’s some way ahead of India, having the largest user population views of over 500 billion. This shows that the average US user is watching more videos daily. These statistics reveal that the United Kingdom has the most impressive population in terms of YouTube viewership by country.

[Source: Backlinko, Statista, Medium]

How Many Hours of Videos are Uploaded on YouTube Per Minute?

Many Hours of Videos are Uploaded on YouTube

The YouTube platform has truly grown beyond what even the people behind its scenes might imagine it to be. This platform has countless advantages that, if noticed and used accordingly, it's sure to be beneficial.

500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute globally. That's 30,000 hours of video uploaded every hour. And 720,000 hours of video are uploaded every day to YouTube.

[Sources: Oberlo, Backinko]

The most popular YouTube gaming channel is “Fernanfloo”. As of June 2022, Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, was ranked first among the most popular YouTube gaming channels, with 44.3 million subscribers. Gaming content is a popular part of the YouTube content ecosystem at large.

Gaming tutorials, walkthroughs, and Let’s Play videos are a staple of the video platform, and over 350 gaming video creators on YouTube had more than 10 million followers, and more than 100 billion hours of gaming video content were watched on YouTube in 2020.

[Sources: Cloud Income, Statista, UScreen]

How Many People Subscribe to YouTube TV in 2022?

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is now the biggest streaming service for live, linear television in the United States and currently has more than 5 million subscribers as of July 2022.

That number comes straight from YouTube itself. It’s only the second such update we’ve gotten on subscriptions, the last  was in October 2020, when YouTube TV said it had “more than 3 million” subscribers. And that’s as accurate as we’re probably going to get any time soon.

Not only does YouTube (or Alphabet/Google, if you want to throw the umbrella companies into the mix) not give subscriber updates on the regular, but it also doesn’t do so with any great fidelity.

[Sources: Digital Trends, Statista]

How Many Times has YouTube App Been Downloaded Globally in 2022?

YouTube fosters a lot of things both in academics and otherwise. It is a platform for all so long you can understand the basics of speaking and viewing.

The all-time number of global downloads since the YouTube mobile app became available on the Google Play Store is over 10 billion. Now it makes sense that 70% of users claim to watch YouTube videos on mobile devices.

[Source: Social Media Today, Digital Trends]

What is the Expected Reach of YouTube by 2025?

In 2021, YouTube's user base in the World amounts to approximately 2,240.03 million. The number of YouTube users in the World is expected to reach 2,854.14 million by 2025. User numbers have been estimated by taking into account company filings or press material, secondary research, app downloads, and traffic data. They refer to the average monthly active users over the period.

[Sources: Statista, The Verge]

What is the Expected Reach of YouTube Live Video Streaming by 2027?

YouTube Live Video

YouTube live streaming allows you to reach your community of interest in real-time. Live streaming is quite fun as you either be a streamer, or you go online, connect with your favorite streamer and watch what they upload, and also hang out with them.

The good thing about live streaming is that you can get to connect with your streamer of interest live, chat with them and even create a community if you both have something in common. It's fun. Some major needed things for streaming are webcam, mobile, and encoder while streaming as a streamer. Live video streaming is expected to make $184.27 billion by 2027.

[Sources: Think With Google, Advanced Web Ranking ]


YouTube is an online video-sharing and social platform that allows users to watch as many videos as they wish and as well upload an unlimited number of videos with no charges involved. The platform is seen to be an endless source of entertainment.

It has skyrocketed in no time, with users creating and viewing content on the platform every single second of the day. Looking at the statistics above, you can tell that YouTube is a perfect opportunity for making money and creating a community not just for owners of YouTube but regular users like me and you.

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