10 Best YouTube Automation Tools of 2022

YouTube has remained for a long time the second largest search engine across the Globe after Google. This, therefore, makes it a market large enough for business owners to hunt buyers and clients as the case may be.

YouTube Automation Tools

Moreover, YouTube has remained one of the best search rooms for learners and information seekers. Applying the use of an AI machine that automates action would be a dream bigger than the dreamer!

If quality and useful content has been the major gluing agent and traffic generator of many YouTube channels alongside constant online presence, imagine how much more troops of traffic your channel will experience with an automation tool that handles the channels while you have enough time to come up and cook interesting as well thrilling videos for your channel.

Below are some of the best YouTube automation tools you can use to manage your channels.

1. Tube Buddy – A browser extension for Auto Keyword Research

Tube Buddy overview

The first-ever automation tool for YouTube that comes with a free browser extension is Tube Buddy. This makes it easy to surf the net. It has support for every location. You can access, upload, and boost your channel activities and reactions from all parts of the world. This means it supports your journey to the YouTube limelight anywhere you are.

It may interest you to know that this tool makes effective use of Search Engine Optimization to skyrocket your channel interactions. You will enjoy a mechanism that utilizes software to connect keywords to users.

This tool is basically meant to make you achieve your pool of audience, subscribers, and viewers with little hard work and online presence. Tools are meant to make work easier right? Exactly what it does.

2. Jarvee – YouTube automation to Grow followers

Jarvee Homepage Jarvee is a long-existing YouTube automation tool. In fact, it is an ancient autopilot as far as channel automation is concerned. In Spite of that, it has remained unshakable with its ever-amazing feature and long-time relevance among users. You must have been waiting to read about its ability to auto-liking and comment. Isn't it? Keep calm. This tool is known for that. It automates follower search, likes, and interaction reciprocation.

It creates an active community of followers and unfollows those you are following but not following you and inactive followers who don't react to your content. Therefore this is no room for ghost followers. More importantly, Jarvee is not only used for YouTube, but also for most popular social media platforms.

3. ASB YouTube Bot – Simulates human behaviors on Youtube

ASB YouTube Bot overview

This Bot has numerous features that make it so handy for anyone who values the seamless growth of their channel. This automation tool makes it easy to comment on posts with pre-drafted messages, create a playlist and even schedule when the next content should be uploaded.

This automation tool is undetectable as it simulates human behaviors as it goes about liking videos, which drives more activity on the account, and creates better performance metrics for your channel. ASB YouTube Bot will automate your channel activities and stir up reactions from your subscribers and will keep your account steadily active.

It might interest you to know that the ASB tool is not exclusive to YouTube alone. You can use it to automate tasks on many other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. In terms of the rental period, you can choose to pay for their yearly plan or go for the one-time purchase option.

4. VidIQ – Insights to boost your YouTube views

VidIQ overview

VidIQ is not just an ordinary YouTube tool for automation. It is a step ahead of that. It has a marketing software inbuilt to act as a set of tools that promote video content, boost fame and build an audience and subscriber base. Therefore it makes your handle rank high on search engines. It is a tool to create content that will keep your audience and subscribers glued and thrill them on top of the charts.

Interestingly, VidIQ has features that are not readily available in other tools of its kind. Vision browser extension is a major one to mention. This feature makes it possible to measure the performance of your content and track progress. There is therefore an avenue to measure the overall productivity of the software.

5. SidesMedia YouTube – Quality YouTube Subscribers Service

SidesMedia YouTube overview

This tool remains an evergreen tool for YouTube Automation against all odds. Although many other tools have been put to sleep as they are not in tandem with the Terms of Services set by the YouTube management team, the reverse is the case for the SideMedia tool.

Failure to comply with such conditions as you would also guess is of course a death sentence to such tools. It increases your views, followers, and their reactions, therefore, widening your horizon and audience reach.

More interesting to add is that the uses are not limited to YouTube. Take, for example, if you have handles for your business brand on Facebook, Instagram, and the likes, you probably won't need to get another automation machine to manage them.

SideMedia suffices as it simultaneously automates activities on them all! With that, you have an increasingly growing fanbase and an avalanche of subscribers. Mind you, active subscribers but not ghost ones.

6. UseViral – YouTube Promotion Service

UseViral Homepage

UseViral is another service you can use to grow your YouTube channel. It is important you know that UseViral platform does not offer you an automation tool for you to make use of. Instead, it sells engagements for YouTube. From this website, you can buy subscribers, views, and likes.

As with most services of its kind, the service wants you to believe what they are offering you are real subscribers. From experience, we know what they offer are not real – they only look real and as such, you do not lose the subscribers easily.

However, one thing that will make you want to use this service is its auto-refill feature, which monitors your channel and videos. Once you start to lose the subscribers, likes, and views you bought from them, they replace them for you automatically.

7. StormViews – Genuine YouTube Likes, Views and Subscribers

StormViews overview

Most often than not, a secure website is one major thing you should not compromise. Stormview site is a secure one and they are boastful of that. Like Jarvee, this tool also has human-like ways of interaction on YouTube.

You have a bot that automates comments with flexible patterns. The patterns evolve in connection with the line of conversation. This tool has an array of services that span across shares, comments, favorites, likes, and dislikes.

On the Stormview portal, you have a variety of packages depending on pocket size and the services needed. These packages are up to six different ones. Some are as low as $8 and the most expensive package is not more than $349.

These packages are for 100 subscribers and 5000 subscribers respectively. However, should one be unsatisfied with the services, there exists a fund-me-back plan on this tool. This sounds unbelievable but it is simply the truth.

8. YTMonster – YouTube exchange platform for Free engagement

YTMonster overview

This tool is indeed a monster! Do you know why? Despite all the amazing features, it is totally free of charge! The YT in the name is simply an acronym for YouTube. This monster gives unbelievable touches to your Channel.

This tool ensures an organic gain of views, likes, subscriptions, and comments. That being said, for you to achieve the said likes, shares, comments, and subscribers, you will be required to scratch the back of other users of the same tool.

In other words, you earn credits by doing the same to fellow YTMonster users. Reciprocation is the pivotal point of this tool. You will launch a campaign with your earned credits which will, in turn, earn you more credits. This like for like and tit for tat game is only for users of the free version. If you want to save time and avoid the stress of initiating a campaign and liking for a like, get the paid version.

9. TubeAssistPro – SMM Panel Integration for Multiple Youtube accounts

TubeAssistPro overview

This tool specializes in helping users to gain more subscriptions. It is in total compliance with YouTube policies. Therefore the fear of suspension is ruled out. There are three packages available on this software interface.

One is a single account manager. It is basically for learning purposes. Therein, you learn the basics of the tools. A step ahead is a package with 5 different accounts. This is targeted to business owners who are on small scales to market their brands online.

A larger package enables unlimited and un-exhaustive accounts. Simply put, select this third package to have access to a large pool of audience. An amazing thing about the management structure is the dedication towards satisfying users.

This tool has a way of using the keywords to present your content to the desired audience but not a random one. It is built with features that automate likes, following and unfollowing, and subscriptions to mention but a few. You also can set time-to-time content updates and posting. Isn't that interesting.

10. Followersup – Grow Youtube views & delivered safely

Followersup overview

This tool has gained torrents of users over the years. The question is what distinguishes it from other automation tools? This is not far-fetched. It is simply due to its unique way of enabling large automation of multiple social media platforms.

That is exactly what stands it out among others. The service provider has so much reliability that amazes users. Guess what! You can make a request of subscribers not less than 10k at a time. This is a huge figure but it is not a big deal for them to provide an ever-standing warranty.

Isn't that amazing? On top of that their interface is user-friendly. With this Followersup, you are guaranteed views, comments, likes, and a huge amount of subscribers rolling in from time to time. A million is the target with this tool.


Q. What is a YouTube Automation Tool?

A YouTube automation tool is any software that has been developed to automate tasks on YouTube. This definition captures a lot of use cases for a YouTube automation tool as it can mean a tool meant for doing marketing research on YouTube.

However , in this article, the focus is on the bots that marketers use to automate actions for growing the engagements of their channels. This includes automating tasks such as subscribing to channels, liking and unliking videos, as well as dropping comments, some YouTube automation bots even has support for increasing watch hours.

The use of automation bot falls in a grey area. There are instances where it is legal for you to make use of bots to increase your engagement metrics.

But this is only if you do not use them to claim ads revenue either from YouTube or from any other business as that will amount to an Ads fraud which is completely illegal and would get you into legal troubles.

What we advise is that users can use them to fake engagement as well as use them to grow their account in other to get real subscribers and viewers.

Q. Are YouTube Automation Bots Safe?

Regardless of the legalities involved, YouTube does not support the use of bots on it platforms and as such, it anti-spam system is equipped with systems to detect bots (need proxies with those youtube Bots)and punish accounts using them.

Even without using them, buying engagement is also forbidden on the platform and you will be penalized when caught. It is because of that you need undetectable bots if you must make use of a bot on the platform.


One great blessing in this Era is the advancement of technology. Which has brought to our fingertips some of these tools. Since these machines get work done faster and more efficiently than humans could possibly cover within the same time span, would it make any sense if one insists on staying awake all day long to remain active online when there are automation tools that could do that without stress?

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