5 Ways to Unlock ChatGPT in Banned Countries (Italy, China, Iran and North Korea)

Have you wanted to enjoy the undeniable access to ChatGPT, but the AI is unfortunately banned in your Country? Below are some ways you can unban the restrictions of ChatGPT if it's banned in your country.

How to Unlock ChatGPT in Banned Countries

ChatGPT is a revolutionary advancement in the world of Artificial Intelligence developed by OpenAI. This AI model not only does anything you ask of it, but it also goes beyond other simple AI model the company has ever built.  Hence, after its launch, it was embraced by millions of people within 5 days.

And this value has upsurged with time. Though this chatbot usage has been on the rise due to its powerful attributions, some countries perceived ChatGPT as a threat to their privacy, amongst other negativity that can come as a hit to a country. As such, the citizens in that restricted location are not allowed access to the AI.

Even though this might be a protective way best known to the leadership of these countries, there are lots of people who are not cool with this, especially AI enthusiasts. And as a result, seeks ways they can create an account and use the model. In this article, we will work you through what you should know about ChatGPT and how to unlock or bypass its restrictions from any location of your choice. Can’t wait to learn this? Let’s get on it.

What is ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is a recent chatbot development by OpenAI launched on the 30th of November, 2022. This AI model is designed to work like humans diversely. It has been the most talked about the technological revolution of OpenAI. Since it is a generative program pre-trained, it can engage in interactive conversion, argue, writes content, summarizes complicated content into simpler one, write code, answers follow-up questions, admits to a mistake, and fix mistakes.

Converting movies into images is another use, as answering past questions helps businesses create more connection and productivity, write a song, and many more. This software has been trained to be compatible with several sources. The system algorithm has been programmed to process language naturally given several responses without being told. On the other hand, does not only reduce the cost of work, labor, and time, it increases efficiency. With its built-in system that is trained to operate in reinforcement learning of human feedback, ChatGPT is indeed a useful versatile chatbot.

However, this system in-built is established on top of GPT-3.5 and currently GPT-4. And its modifications over time have pulled in more flexibility to be more interactive and customizable. Understanding human language is its goal, hence, it cut across all sectors regardless of your profession.

In What Country is ChatGPT Blocked

In What Country is ChatGPT Blocked

Where ChatGPT is Blocked?

No. Country Language Region
1. Italy Italian Europe
2. China Chinese Asia
3. Iran Persian Asia
4. North Korea Korean Asia
5. Cuba Spanish North America
6. Russia Russian Europe/Asia
7. Syria Arabic Asia
8. Saudi Arabia Arabic Asia
9. Ukraine Ukrainian Europe
10. Afghanistan Pashto/Dari Asia
11. Cameroon French/English Africa
12. Egypt Arabic Africa
13. Germany German Europe
14. Ethiopia Amharic Africa
15. Pakistan Urdu Asia
16. Libya Arabic Africa
17. Madagascar Malagasy Africa
18. Montenegro Montenegrin Europe
19. Nepal Nepali Asia
20. Sudan Arabic Africa
21. Somalia Somali Africa
22. Uganda English/Swahili Africa
23. Venezuela Spanish South America
24. Vietnam Vietnamese Asia
25. Yemen Arabic Asia
26. Zimbabwe English/Shona Africa

Due to the extent to which ChatGPT can be used, several countries have placed a ban and blocked the AI model despite its popularity score. What surprises some people is that some of these countries are big hooks and well-developed. In this section of the article, we will list the countries where ChatGPT is currently blocked.

  • Italy

Foremost is Italy, being a major country in Europe is the first Western country to ban ChatGPT. This is deemed fit to the fact that the system can breach privacy and become a threat to humanity. Italy has accused OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT of stealing its citizens' data and this is the major reason for the AI banned.

  • China and Iran

A country like China has believed that since AI is developed by Americans, they can easily use Artificial Intelligence to misinform and influence worldwide narratives negatively. Iran is known as a country with strict censorship monitors all the in and out of the internet in its country to enable them to filter out what might jeopardize their citizens' rights. And this time ChatGPT has been perceived in Iran as a threat.

  • North Korea and Others

The present government of North Korea strictly restrict the use of the internet and monitors the affairs of its citizen, so, nothing is new in that this AI has been blocked in this part of the world. Likewise in Cuba, many websites are blocked and restricted to citizens. Russia is another country down on privacy right, as well as Syria which has been battling with misinformation and disinformation. So, it is understandable why this country banned the OpenAI model.

Additionally, in a rich and developed country like Saudi Arabia, ChatGPT is as well blocked. Other countries include Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Egypt, Germany, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Libya, Madagascar, Montenegro, Nepal, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe amongst a few others not mentioned. Whilst it’s not yet present in some countries, all the listed have made ChatGPT inaccessible within their border.

What Makes Countries to Banned ChatGPT

What Makes Countries to Banned ChatGPT

Looking from the neutral side of ChatGPT, even with all the good that comes with it, it is both pleasing and scary to people because of its potentiality. There can be huge negativity that can arise unannounced for society at large. This is something even the developers are quite scared of themselves, knowing the AI's strength of resourcefulness, adaptability, and changeability.

The model can be used for large-scale misinformation and cyber-attack and, most of all, be guided and misdirected to negative attacks and outcomes. Meaning that even though this pre-trained chatbot has its ethical policy, it is still sitting on a server, so it can be juggled over and jailbroke to work according to the user’s command and reveal unethical information.

Some countries are concerned about the potentiality of AI, like what it can be used to create within seconds. Its capability to handle several projects in different types of fields of professionalism. The level of exposure is yet another thing to be concerned about because some countries have strict censorship.

Another reason why some countries banned this system is that it is built and trained to reason and not to memorize. As such, what this tells you is that in years to come, millions of jobs will be wiped out, because if a machine can reason like humans or more than humans, what then do you need humans for? That’s a question that has lingered until now.

Also, the fact that ChatGPT can create an article and write an essay, and edit for students, is something some countries see as a downside. Students won’t learn as they suppose and this will be pressure on teachers. But pay the student off with easy grades and less work.

How to Unlock ChatGPT in Banned Countries

There are a few effective ways when it comes to unbanning the restrictions of ChatGPT. The good thing about this is that it’s not country selective. Whichever country you are in, you can bypass and gain access. But what to keep in mind is that a closer country will give a stronger and quick connection. Below are some of the ways to be used to unlock ChatGPT from restricted countries. Let’s discuss more on these ways.

  • Use of Private Virtual Network (VPN)


The foremost and most recommended way to unlock restriction to ChatGPT is with the usage of a VPN. A VPN will help you hide your IP address from the prying eyes of third-party detecting devices and establishments. This, in turn, help oversees that your location and IP address are changed to that of the virtual network.

The good that comes with using a VPN in a situation like unlocking ChatGPT is that it’s very efficient and highly rated. This is due to its capacity to encrypt and decrypt. It encrypts your privacy from any authorities giving you privacy, security, and anonymity only you can access and authenticate.

Thus, it will grant you availability to any country you desire to access ChatGPT from. VPNs come in varieties, so, they are stronger, costlier, and better than each other.

As per our recommendation, NordVPN, SurfShark, and ExpressVPN are some of the best VPN services out there that you can use to unblock ChatGPT. These VPNs are affordable, fast, and available on popular Operating Systems and platforms.

Best VPNs for ChatGPT (Tested)

VPN Provider Server Locations Speeds Security Features Privacy Policy Device Compatibility Pricing Key Features
ExpressVPN 160 locations Fastest 256-bit encryption, Kill switch, Lightway protocol No-logging policy (audited) All major platforms Starts from $6.67/month (49% off annual plan + 3 free months) Overall best VPN for ChatGPT
CyberGhost 90+ countries 10 Gbps 256-bit encryption, IPv6 leak protection, Ad-blocker No-logging policy All major platforms Starts from $2.25/month (3-year plan) Affordable, streaming and torrenting servers
NordVPN 60 countries 10 Gbps 256-bit encryption, Double VPN, Threat Protection, Private DNS, Obfuscated servers No-logging policy All major platforms Starts from $3.29/month (2-year plan) Feature-rich, great for bypassing censorship
Surfshark 95 countries Good 256-bit encryption, Kill switch, MultiHop, NoBorders mode, RAM-based servers No-logging policy (audited) All major platforms Starts from $2.49/month (2-year plan) Unlimited simultaneous connections
Private Internet Access (PIA) 85+ countries Good 256-bit encryption, MACE ad-blocker, WireGuard, MultiHop, RAM-based servers No-logging policy (proven in court) Most major platforms Starts from $2.08/month (3-year plan) Affordable, large server network

This table lists the top 5 VPN providers for ChatGPT, detailing their server locations, speeds, security features, privacy policies, device compatibility, and pricing. These VPN providers offer a range of features, such as fast speeds, advanced security, strong privacy policies, and affordable pricing. Note that using VPNs to bypass restrictions may have legal implications and potential risks in some countries.

  • DNS settings

If you love the idea of technology, you can use this method to your advantage. Changing your DNS settings can work here if you are good at it. What this tells you is that this method is not for beginners in the tech world or those just starting to like the idea of Artificial Intelligence.

DNS stands for Domain Name System; hence, changing its settings can help you bypass restrictions to ChatGPT without any detection. This method often does not seem likely because many users believe it doesn’t work or is unreliable. The logic behind it is that it is flexible for those vast with juggling their ways around AI.

If you intend to use this method, you have to remember that DNS servers are fragile to block by most Internet Service Providers (ISPs). DNS, by design, is highly reliable, but if your ISP can’t inspect the traffics that comes in, be it because of encryption, it is likely to block it. Nonetheless, making changes to your DNS settings is yet another amazing way to grant you access to ChatGPT.

No. DNS Provider Primary DNS Secondary DNS Features
1. Google Public DNS Fast, secure, and reliable
2. Cloudflare Privacy-focused, fast, and secure
3. OpenDNS Security features, parental controls, reliable
4. Quad9 Security-focused, private, fast
5. CleanBrowsing Content filtering, privacy, and security

Please note that changing your DNS settings may not guarantee access to ChatGPT in countries where it is blocked. Additionally, it is important to consider the legal implications and potential risks associated with bypassing restrictions imposed by your country.

  • Use of Proxy Server


Using a proxy is another smooth-sailing way to unluck restrictions to ChatGPT. Although likened to a VPN, proxies work quite differently. A proxy server is an intermediary between you and the website you want to access. What it does is it will mask your identity and keep your real Internet Protocol address (IP) hidden. In a scenario of unlocking ChatGPT to gain you the access you want, what proxy server does it that, it will serve as a middle server between you and the ChatGPT server, in other to hide your real location by providing your IP address from supported countries.

Hence, they won’t know you are not residing in the said location. It changes everything entirely, your IP address, your location, and other major protocols. Your IP address is often your device identity, so it hides that and sends in requests with its IP address. As a result of all this change, if you connect to a country where access to ChatGPT is available, access will as well be enabled to you. There are a good number of proxies you can find in the market. But when it comes to accessing ChatGPT, you will need to make use of static residential proxies. Bright Data, IPRoyal, Proxy-Cheap, and IPBurger are some of the best providers for this.

Best Static Residential Proxy Servers for ChatGPT

Proxy Provider Locations Concurrency Bandwidth Pricing Features ISP Support
Bright Data 49 countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $0.50/IP + $15/GB Overall best proxies for ChatGPT Yes
IPRoyal 21 countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $2.7/proxy/month Flexible rental period for ChatGPT Yes
IPBurger US and EU Unlimited 30GB limit Starts from $29.95/proxy/month Premium proxies for ChatGPT Yes
ProxyEmpire 17 countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $2/proxy/month Cheapest ChatGPT proxies Yes
Proxy-Cheap 12 countries 100 threads Unlimited Starts from $3.49/proxy/month Supports ISP-targeting Yes

This table lists the five best static residential proxy servers for ChatGPT, detailing their locations, concurrency, bandwidth, pricing, features, and ISP support. These proxy providers offer a range of features, such as flexible rental periods, premium proxies, ISP targeting, and affordable pricing. Please note that using proxies to bypass restrictions may have legal implications and potential risks in some countries.

  • IP Resetting

IP Resetting

Using this method gets down on the use of Tor Browser. Tor is a short term for Onion Router Project. Tor browser is an open-source privacy network that allows anonymous web browsing. Tor system network is global and uses secure, encrypted protocols to ascertain that online users’ privacy is always protected. It is called an Onion Router because its layers that mask every user’s data and information are built like onions layers. And this enables good privacy.

Though Tor can be sluggish because its source code is available to everyone and the routings involved. But since it is anonymous, you can easily encrypt your network access and traffics and also shield your IP address. With this, you can access ChatGPT while resting your mind; you are anonymous and secure. Tor network should be a go-to point as well in helping you gain needed access to use ChatGPT.

  • Use Support Team

This method is direct and flexible. It works for those who are in a country where denied access is not due to any banned from their government. Sometimes you might be in a country where ChatGPT is available, but your access to the chatbot will still be displaying unavailable, or OpenAI services are unavailable in your country. In such a case, all you have to do is to contact the OpenAI support team.

They will help identify and rectify the cause of such restrictions. Or you can simply log in to a friend or relative ChatGPT account in the said country and have access to the AI usage. Community support also works here so long you are supposed to have access, but the restriction is by some underlying issues.


Q. Is ChatGPT Available for All Countries?

Currently, ChatGPT is not available in all countries. The OpenAI chatbot is restricted and banned in some countries due to privacy breaches, censorship policies, and other laws regulating the use of the internet in some countries across the world.

Locations where ChatGPT is available to include the US itself, being the origin of the OpenAI company, and more than 100 countries. Whilst its countries of restrictions include Italy, Egypt, and over 40 more countries. Some location where the AI is banned is temporary. Meaning that there is a possibility of its usage in years to come in such countries.

But in parts of the world like Syria, which battles with misinformation, likewise, countries that banned the use of the internet at large even before the advent of the OpenAI chatbot, the outcome of ChatGPT in such countries cannot be told yet.

Q. Can I Access ChatGPT on Mobile?

ChatGPT has no device selection. It works on any smartphone or laptop so long as there is internet access and the said gadget can connect online. All that is needed is for you to connect to the OpenAI website and create an account if you don’t have one by signing up. Provide the necessary information of name, date of birth, phone number, and an access code that will be sent to you. With all that in place, you are good to go. But if you already have an account, log in to have access to ChatGPT.

Q. Is ChatGPT Free to Use?

Yes. The basic version of ChatGPT is free to use. But just as we know, not everything is unveiled on freemium. OpenAI the developer of ChatGPT, currently spends quite some million dollars to maintain the chatbot. If they do this, you don’t expect the service to be free for so long. In fact, recently, the developers have announced a paid version of the ChatGPT called ChatGPT Plus. This free version is like premium for the regular ChatGPT service as you get faster responses with no downtime, among other premium features you do not get from the regular ChatGPT.


ChatGPT has become the most talked about Artificial Intelligent currently. This model developed by OpenAI has become an all-round system pre-trained to work according to human cognitive level. Although ChatGPT has interesting and loads of use cases, some countries have banned its usability. However, even with its restrictions, some AI enthusiasts whose countries have locked access to the ChatGPT have sought ways they can bypass this banned. Interestingly, that’s what we have done in this article. So take a walk to uncover the potential of the OpenAI ChatGPT and how to unlock its restrictions in your country. The ways explained here apply to all countries.

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