10 Best Twitter Follower Trackers of 2022

Are you looking forward to tracking your Twitter followers and you’re looking for the best apps to use in getting that done? In the article below, we would be providing you recommendations on the best tools out there that you can use to track your followers on Twitter.

Top Twitter Follower Trackers

How your audience perceives you on Twitter goes a long way in determining whether you will be successful on the platform or not. For this reason, you need to always keep track of your followers to know when you’re losing followers and how they react to your tweets.

Without you doing so, you might find it difficult to know when you’re doing something wrong to curtail the situation before it escalates. For some, they could do away with tracking their followers manually, without the need for an automated tool.

However, this is because they have got a few following and are not actively tracking all of their followers but a selected few. With a large following, it becomes difficult and that is where the Twitter Follower tracker comes in.

These tools have been designed to help track your followers and provide you with important details regarding your fan base. Are you losing followers? Who recently unfollowed you and  who react to your tweets the most? All of these important questions are critical to you and follower trackers for Twitter are meant to provide you answers to all of these questions.

In this article, we would be taking a look at the popular follower trackers you can use to keep a tab on your followers on Twitter. Before we do, we would be taking a look at what you can do with follower trackers and why they can be important to you.

What Can Twitter Follower Tracker Do for You?

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Twitter trackers are meant to provide you with details of what is happening to your audience base. This term doesn’t capture the true essence of follower trackers. One of the major uses of a follower tracker is for identifying those that recently unfollowed you. This is useful for those that engaged in the follow-for-follow exercise on Twitter.

For these people, they need to know when a user does not follow them back or unsubscribe to also do the same. Follower trackers do have utility outside of the hands of those looking to discover those that unfollow them in other to do the same.

A Twitter follower tracker in the hand of a good strategist would be useful in planning the growth of a Twitter account. If you’re losing popularity and you want to know why, you can use the tool to discover those that recently unfollowed you and find out why.

You can also use a good follower tracker that has support for detecting the engagement level of your audience to detect your ghost followers and bots in other to remove them. You can also use a follower tracker to find out the followers that engage with your tweets the most so that you can bring them close if you haven’t done that already.

Top 10 Twitter Follower Trackers in the Market

There are a good number of follower trackers in the market that you can use for tracking your followers on Twitter. In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the top options available that you can use.

1. FollowerAudit


FollowerAudit is arguably one of the best Twitter follower trackers in the market that you can use. The tool is a subscription-based tool that you can use to check fake followers, unfollowers, track followers’ growth, and analyze the followers of any Twitter account. The tool makes use of an AI-based system with support for self-learning, making it smarter as it tracks more accounts. The FollowerAudit tool can run a full audit of a Twitter account that will provide you details of all of the fake accounts in the follower list of such accounts.

While we can say this tool is useful for those engaging in follow-for-follow as you can use it to find out those that unfollow you, it is more than that. It can be used for tracking your growth, measuring campaign results, and comparing the audit results of different accounts.

2. Tweepi


Tweepi is a third-party service that provides growth tools for Twitter. This service has got support for a Twitter follower tracker app that you can use to keep a tab on your followers and know their moves. With Tweepi, you can quickly find inactive followers in your list and remove them.

The tool can be called an unfollow tool as that is what it does best — find users to unfollow so that it can follow others. While the unfollow tool for Tweepi is free and you are not required to make payment to use it, the actual service will require you to make payment to use. The actual tool provides you with AI-based recommendations on the number of following, unfollow, likes, and retweets you should do in a day.

3. TwitterAudit


Another tool that is important to Twitter users concerned with the knowledge of their followers is TwitterAudit. Forget the “Twitter” that appears in their name, the tool is a third-party app that does not have any relationship with Twitter. The TwitterAudit tool has been developed to help sieve out the fake followers out of your follower list. The tool comes in 2 flavors — free and pro versions.

The free version can be said to be a test tool as you cannot even use it to analyze all of your followers. However, upgrading to their paid service will provide you access to some of the features such as carrying out a full audit, blocking fake followers, and hiding audits from the audit public list.

4. ManageFlitter


ManageFlitter is another tool that can be said to be a complete suite for follower analysis and audit. In the past, the tool has come with some powerful features such as following and unfollowing users. However, in 2019, this support was dropped because of a change in the Twitter term of service. However, it still remains one of the tools you can use to analyze your followers.

Currently, you can use it to see the followers that recently unfollowed you. However, the tool does not support unfollowing — you will have to go to twitter.com or the official Twitter app to do that. You can also see a list of the accounts that recently followed you which you also have to go to an official Twitter platform to follow them back if you are interested.

5. DoesFollow


DoesFollow is not a regular follower tracker. Yes, you cannot use it to track your followers or the followers of another account. All you can use it for is to know if a certain user is following another user. The process of using this tool is simple — all you need to provide is the username of both accounts and you get the answer to the question.

It is that simple but there is a caveat — you will need to login into your Twitter account to do that. If you are the type that is not OK with doing that, then you will need to use another tool. So far, the tool has not been found to compromise the account of its users.

6. Commun.it

Commun it

Commun pride itself to be a service that makes community management easy. It comes with 4 modules with each having what it is meant to achieve. One of the modules is known as “Know your Followers” which can be said to be one of the best Twitter follower trackers and can even be used to know the followers to follow and the ones to unfollow.

With this tool, you get details of the followers that unfollowed you and those you have followed that have refused to follow you. The tool also provides you with details of your top commenters and likers and the tweets they engage with. It also recommends some top influencers in your niche for you to follow.

7. Fllwrs


Many of the full-fledged follower tracker apps described above are subscription-based. If you are looking for a free option and you do not have a problem with dealing with ads, then you can use the Fllwrs tool. This tool will capture the list of followers you have every day and provide you details of the followers you lose daily and the ones that follow you daily.

With this tool, you can even set up notifications so that you get notifications when specific users unfollow you. One thing you will come to like about this tool is its ability to keep track of your followers over time, making it possible for you to see trend data over time.

8. Who Unfollowed Me

Who Unfollowed Me

The Unfollowed Me app is another easy-to-use application for tracking Twitter followers. For you to make use of this app, you will need to sign up. From the day you signed up, you can start getting historical data of your followers — those that unfollowed you and followed you on a specific day.

But that is not all, you can run a full audit to see the followers that you are following that are not following you, the followers that followed you but unfollowed you, and the followers that are following you but you are not following back. It also provides you with details of the followers you have blocked or muted so that you can revisit the list and revert your decision when things cool down.

9. Unfollower Stats

Unfollower Stats

Unfollower Stats is one of the powerful Twitter follower trackers you can use to keep a tab on the activities of your followers. Unfollower Stats spice the details up by providing you charts so you can see all of the ups and downs happening to your follower base. The main feature of this app is to help you find your unfollowers.

In fact, this tool when installed on your mobile phone will notify you anytime a follower unfollows you so that you can either try to reach out or do the same. It is also good for revealing the users that do not follow you. Unfollower Stats will also reveal the followers you are not following so that you can give them a followback. It also reveals fake, ghost, and bot accounts too.

10. Social Blade

Social Blade overview

The Social Blade service is known for providing follower trackers for social media platforms. It has also got support for Twitter and its Twitter support is seen as one of the popular in the market. Social Blade does not even require you to pay to use their service — they make their money via ads. Using Social Blade, you can find out the followers that unfollowed you.

It is also important for general follower and engagement analysis. With this tool, you can find out the number of followers you have gained and lost in the last 30 days. You also get details about your engagements and the service even provides you some form of grade derived from your engagements.

FAQs About Twitter Follower Trackers

Q. Are Twitter Follower Trackers Safe?

Any third-party app that you will have to provide your Twitter authentication details in other to make use of it has the potential of compromising your account. For this reason, we can say follower trackers that require you to be logged in can take over your account.

That is where the issues of trust come in and the above-mentioned apps are some of the follower trackers you can trust. Fortunately for us, not even all of them would require you to log or provide your authentication details for Twitter in other to make use of them.

There is nothing wrong with keeping a tab of your followers and as such, using a follower tracker for Twitter is not illegal. Twitter also does not prohibit the act of tracking your followers to see those that unfollow you or refuse to follow you. What Twitter is against is trying to automate the process of unfollowing or following.

So far you are not doing that, you are within the term of usage. However, even if you do, it is still not illegal — all you have done is go against the term of usage and Twitter can block your account as a worst-case scenario.


Twitter follower tracker has proven to be incredibly important when it comes to keeping abreast of what happening to one’s followers. This is because they have automated the process of checking the total count of followers, those that unfollowed you or refuse to follow you, and how your follower list has grown or shrank over time, among others. The above are just a few of the tools available that we can vouch for that works.

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