10 Best Twitch Follower Trackers of 2022

Are you looking for a way to track your followers on Twitch and know when you are losing relevance? Then you are on the right page as we would be taking a look at some of the best Twitch follower trackers in the market.

Top Twitch Follower Trackers

How about you play your favorite game, stream it live with others, have discussions, and then earn from that at the end? Sound cool right? Well, that is what Twitch is trying to help its users achieve.

However, it is much easier than you think and without having followers that are ready to stream your gaming, you will only be performing to an empty audience and as such, wouldn’t earn anything reasonable. Because of the importance of engagement on the platform and you need followers for that, it is only wise you keep a tab on your followers and know when you are losing popularity or when you gain sudden popularity.

In this article, we would be taking a look at some of the top follower trackers in the market that you can use to know the next moves your followers are taking. As a Twitch user, you need to ask questions such as how is my followers growing over time? Who recently followed and unfollowed me and why am I losing followers? Who engages with me most and how do I keep them close for s long as possible? All of these questions and their answers are key to you if you must succeed in the game.

With the use of follower trackers, you get the answers to some of these questions. Before giving you recommendations on the top follower trackers in the market, let take a look at what the yuan do for you.

What Can Twitch Follower Trackers Do for You?

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To be real with you, the data publicly available does not make it easy for you to keep a full tab on your followers. This means that follower trackers can be limited in their ability to provide you details of your followers. However, this does not mean you won’t be getting any important details.

Follower trackers can provide you with details of your follower counts and how they have grown or shrunk over time. You will know the followers you are following but either unfollowed you or refuse to follow. You can also see the follower that interacts with your content the most.

Some of the tools can also provide you with details of your ghost followers. Follower tracker is one of the tools Twitch users that engage in the follow-for-follow campaign to determine those they have followed that unfollowed them and then react to it. While the argument of saying one can track his followers manually is valid, this is only valid if you have a small number of followers. Even at that, you are going to waste a lot of time, get bored, and be inefficient. For all of these reasons, you are better off using an automated system like the Twitch follower trackers out there.

Top 10 Twitch Follower Trackers

There are a good number of Twitch followers on the Internet with most of them coming with no price tag. In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the top options in the market.

1. Twitch Channel Analytics

Twitch Channel Analytics

The number one tool you can use to track your followers is the Twitch Channel Analytics. This tool is provided by Twitch and you do not need to do any other thing to make use of it. The Twitch Channel Analytics provides you with most of the information regarding follows and performance that you might not even need to use any other tool except you need some specific details like the specific followers and subscribes you have.

By default, the information provided in the channel analytics is for the last 30 days. If you need to search for data outside of the 30 days period, you will need to make use of the custom option  and provide both the start and end date. Channel Analytics is free to use and is quite easy, making it the tool of choice among many users.

2. TwitchTracker


One of the best Twitch follower trackers in the market is the TwitchTracker website. This website is not affiliated with Twitch. However, it provides some of the analytics you will need, not just for your account, but that of others. With TwitchTracker, you tracker for not just followers but how your performance. This tool will provide you with details of the followers you have gained and how they have grown over time.

You also get details of the views you have gained over time and the number of hours you have streamed and your followers has viewed your stream. TwitchTracker is a free service but you will have to deal with ads on their page as that is how they make money to keep the tool free for you.

3. Stream Tracker

Stream Tracker

Stream Tracker is an iOS app that has been designed to help you track your channel and its performance. This tool is regarded as one of the best Twitch follower trackers in the market. Stream Tracker requires you to connect it with your channel but it is not what you think; all it requests is read permission and as such, won’t be able to update anything.

It comes with an excellent report page that provides you with details of the followers you have gained and lost and even reached milestones. Using the tool, you can catch your unfollowers which makes the tool one of the best for those that engage in follow-for-follow. The app also comes with a widget you can keep on your home screen.

4. Follow Date

Follow Date

Have you ever wondered when a user started following you or you started following the user? Or do you want to find out if a user has unfollowed you in the past before adding you back? Well, with the Follow Date app, you get to see the relation between two users and when the relationship starts.

All you need to do is provide the username of the two users and you will see when one started following the other. If a user has unfollowed another before following him again, then the date changes to the recent one. The data is gotten from the Twitch platform and the developer of this tool has no control over it.

5. Twitch Follower Count

Twitch Follower Count

The Twitch Follower Count is arguably one of the simplest Twitch follower tracker apps out there. It is a simple web application and all it does is provide you information on the number of followers a Twitch channel has. You are not required to log in or do any other thing aside from just providing the username of the channel. While the tool looks simple and you might want to ask why to use it to check the follower count when you can do that from the Twitch platform.

The simple answer to this is — the figure you get from Twitch Follower Count is more accurate as it is provided in real-time — and yes, the tool does not use the publicly displayed follower count but access it via the platform’s API which is more considered more accurate in realtime. Aside from follower count, you can also use it to check view counts.

6. Social Blade

Social Blade

Social Blade has been a major player in the follower analytics market as it has got support for most of the social media platforms. The only problem I see with this tool is that it is highly limited in the information it provides as it only scraps and presents publicly available data.

For Twitch, you can get details of a channel including its follower counts, the views it has gathered over time, and the last game or major activity on the channel. One good thing about the Social Blade website is that it provides a grade for each account  based on it data is gathered about the account. Social Blade is also free but ready to see annoying ads.

7. Unfollow


The Unfollow app is another interesting app to watch out for if you’re looking for a follower tracker app to keep a tab on your followers. The Unfollow app is the tool you need if you want to know the followers that just unfollowed you in other to unfollow them back. Suffix to say, it is the tool for those that engage in follow-for-follow and want to know the followers that didn’t keep to their own part of the bargain.

One feature you will like that this tool comes with is that you can unfollow such followers directly from the app. While Unfollow works, you will need to pay to use it after the trial period has elapsed. The tool comes with a clean and intuitive interface that even a new user wouldn’t have a problem making use of it.

8. TwitchMetrics


The TwitchMetrics is one of the services in the market that you can use to keep a tab on a number of things including the followers you have. Looking at the data provided, you can tell that service only provided publicly available data on the platform and as such, can be said to be a web scraper with an interface to show details it scraped.

This is because you can use it to see metrics of another channel, not just yours. In all of the data provided, the most important to use about a channel in this article is the number of followers a channel has gained. Using TwitchMetrics, you can see the number of followers a channel has gained over time.

9. Twitch Insights

Twitch Insights

From the name of this website, you can tell that it provides insights for Twitch. However, it is not a tool from Twitch but a third-party tool that interacts with the platform to get data. The Twitch Insights is one of the top follower trackers for Twitch.

Using the Twitch Insights tool, you can get the list of followers you have. However, you will need to log into your Twitch account for the tool to be able to provide you with a list of your followers and other details about them. Aside from providing you with your follower’s list, the Twitch Insight tool is also good for game and views analytics.

10. TwitchStats


The TwitchStats is another tool you can use to track your followers. This tool comes with a good number of tools all focused on providing Twitch statistics and that is where it got its to name from — TwitchStats. With this tool, you can get the information on the following count of a channel.

You can also see how the channel has grown over time. The website also provides details on games and views. You can see the tool as a general data provider for the twitch.tv service. Just like most of the other tools described in the article, TwitchStats is a free tool and is accessible using a web browser.

FAQs About Twitch Follower Trackers

Q. Does Follower Count Matter?

This has been a question for a while among Twitch users. The answer to this is YES — but not to the extent you think. The only time you need to be concerned about there number of followers you have is when you are trying to monetize your channel.

However, if you have been accepted, what matters or what should matter to you is the number of viewers you have. This is because it is this number that engagement is defined and that will be what will determine whether you are wasting your time on the platform or not.

However, with more followers, there is a high chance that you will have more viewers and streamers if they are gotten genuinely and not bought.

Yes, using follower trackers is not wrong. In fact, as a user, you are advised to always keep a tab on your followers and how they are growing or shrinking to act fast before things get out of hand. Nothing even stops you from contacting a loyal follower that unfollows you — it might even be a mistake on his own part.

However, this does not mean you should go about contacting everyone that unfollows you as you could get reported and blocked.

Q. Is Twitch Follower Tracker Safe?

As with other services, not all follower trackers are safe and you should be mindful of the kind of permission you give tools to access your account.

For follower trackers, the only permission you can give is read permission since they won’t need to make any change to the account. However, if you are required to log in from their app, then make sure you only do that with apps you trust.


As a way of ending this article, it is important you know that instead of focusing on followers and gaining them indiscriminately, you are better off focusing on genuine engagements, gameplay, and streams and connecting with others as that would earn you genuine engagements and your follower count would grow over time without you forcing it.

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