The Best Spotify Bot for More Plays, Likes & Followers (2024)

Are you looking for the best Spotify automation bot to put your account growth on autopilot and increase the reach of your music? Then you are on the right page as we would be taking a look at some ofthe top Spotify bots in the market.

Best Spotify Bots

Growing a Spotify account is not an easy task especially as an unpopular personality. You will need time, patience, and even a budget to get that done. This is not something that goes down well with some marketers.

If you are an aggressive marketer that like seeing immediate results, you will want a more aggressive approach. And using an automation bot to grow your account is one of the surest way to get that done.

Using a Spotify bot, you can put your account growth on autopilot and see immediate result in terms of listeners, followers, and other forms of engagements. However, this will only be possible if you choose the right Spotify bot for you.

Fortunately, we have researched and tested some of the best Spotify Bots that would give you the desired results and project your career on Spotify to the Spotlight.

While we reiterate that this list is not exhaustive of all the Bots out there, we maintain our words that these are the best you can make use of. Now, let's take a look at them with their respective features.

1. GetAfollower

GetAfollower Spotify Bot

Helping social media owners to build a robust fan base is an unrivaled credit of GetAfollower. They have a track record of success in getting your profile the recognition it deserves on social media. Specifically, on Spotify, this company has different bots for different tasks. Irrespective of the type of promotion you want on Spotify, they get you covered.

Their bot services range from Spotify Followers, monthly listeners, Spotify plays, Spotify pre-save and, Spotify save. What do you stand to gain from these different packages? It is simply that the followers increase your fan base and gain you popularity, make more people know about your content and, your playlist will be up to date among peers of listeners.

Consequently, you have an increased income from Spotify Royalties.  An interesting part of this is that these packages are cheap. They vary based on pocket sizes. With as low as $2, you can get a service of monthly listeners. That is incredible! So these bots will help you in reaching a bigger audience, and save your time as you will not need to be online all the time.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister Spotify Bot

Media Mister is a known service that uses bots to provide Spotify engagements and listeners. It is therefore another wonderful tool that gives the required engagement from your Spotify profile to scale up the struggle. It helps your account by generating followers who are real and active on the platform.

Also, Media Mister allows you to buy monthly listeners, Spotify plays, Spotify pre-save, and Saves. These are definitely the easy ways to be on top of the active and engaged profiles chart. With this, the Spotify Algorithmic system would begin to pop up your profile and track on the recommended lists. Even users are likely to begin listening to them automatically by seeing the number of followers, plays, and saves you have amassed on your profile.

This is social proof of your relevance on the platform to them. This actively implies that your visibility will be increased, you will rank high and of course, earn more. It is important to say that Media Mister is also used for gaining promotion on other platforms and social media.

You will enjoy a fatalistic user-supporting team through its live chat feature. If you have a complaint and dissatisfaction with the service, there exists a money-back package for users. This means lesser risks despite the prospects.

3. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Spotify Bot

If you have been searching for the perfect tool to influence your social media account, and market your brand through necessary reactions and engagement, SidesMedia is a good choice. It does this simply by providing you with a bot that automates the activities real humans would have done on your profile. These services range from acquiring Spotify Playlist followers, Artist followers, monthly listeners, and plays. Interestingly, it lays claim to delivering all these within 72 hours of your purchase.

More importantly, the prices are pocket-friendly. As such, you won't be requested to trade all your savings for your Spotify profile promotion. While it sets and guides your course to stardom on Spotify, it also has services for other social media platforms. Its 24/7 customer support team is indeed a feature also worthy of mentioning.

4. FollowersUp

FollowersUp Spotify Bot

FollowersUp is one of the best tools you can use to increase your visibility and presence on social media platforms. It has been in business for a long time. Hence, it has helped many users to gain popularity and generate the necessary followership they need to stay relevant. It, therefore, has proven effective in getting your Spotify profile to the pinnacle of stardom.

This tool delivers within hours of purchase. It is fast and safe. The landing page is self-explanatory. Choose the Spotify package you want in the drop-down box and make your order. The list comprises Spotify playlist play, monthly listeners, Spotify play, and Spotify followers.

These are what the algorithm looks out for to rank and pop up your tracks on a suggestion list of music. Although the free trial package covers only Instagram and TikTok, there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not get the desired results. Though that seldom occurs. On top of this, the support team is always on the ground to work hand in hand with you through the journey.

5. Social Viral

Social Viral spotify

Social Viral has indeed gone viral in its use and efficacy in promoting brands and making business owners active online with little pay. The selling motto of this company is “lightning-fast service”. This demonstrates the speed with which it delivers your likes, followers, listeners, and plays on Spotify as well as the case may be on other social media.

Just within 12 hours of buying the bots. What a super speed it has! Therefore, it can help boost your visibility not only on Spotify but also on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and the likes. Undoubtedly, it is a complete bot to buy as far As social media promotion is concerned.

As easy as it may sound, you do not need to open an account, nor will your credentials such as a password be requested to make a purchase or for delivering a service. As such it is safe and risk-free. The pocket-friendly prices are also factors to consider. Despite its proven results and all-time customer support, the quality assurance has a refund package should the customers have dissatisfaction with the services.

6. Somiibo

Somiibo Spotify Bot

Somiibo is a known bot for growth automation and online visibility for free on social media. Are you thinking the Somiibo Spotify bot is also free? Yes! It is. It allows you to manage multiple Spotify accounts in a way that won't be known to Spotify management. As such each of the modules could have its customized setting preference.

The bot generates followers, listeners, and playlist followers and engages individual accounts so that they react to your profile in return too. Marketing your tracks will be your last worry once you have Spotify bots. This is possible as it also enables users to assign a proxy to each module.

In addition to that, you will be given the soft and flexible scheduling service to achieve a whole task which you can divide into specific milestones and goals.

7. AIOStream

AIOStream Homepage

AIOStream bots are one of the best tools that music producers and marketers have opted for. This is because it has proven its efficiency in generating organic leads, real listeners, and streamers to their content online. Hence, it has been a perfect tool for Spotify account holders.

Since its arrival in the market in 2017, it has helped to promote many Spotify Artists by generating human-like followers and play listeners. As such it has boosted their visibility on the platform, thereby having many engagements with their content and account.

AIOStream has a free version you can use to see the result in no time. With that, you might want to purchase the Premium version where many of the features would be unlocked. Interestingly, there exists an instant WhatsApp account to respond to your message instantly on their website.

8. Viralyft

Viralyft Homepage

Viralyft is a popular social media promotion company. It specializes in getting the desired audience for all sorts of platforms, of which Spotify is one. Being a major music streaming platform where only digital marketers can upload your music, you definitely need an audience that will follow you, play and listen to your track, and stream your content. Viralyft bots do that seamlessly.

Over the years, they have projected many high-ranked Spotify profiles to stardom with massive follower generation, increasing numbers of plays, and engagement from real followers. The official site is well organized and it is easy to navigate to get the type of bots you need for Spotify.

Once that is done, you will be surprised by the speed at which the services will be delivered and you will get the visibility that your track deserves. The quality is assured, and there is no risk of disclosing your password.

9. UseViral

UseViral Spotify Bot

As a rule of thumb, having increasing numbers of followers, and engagements on your profile are ways to be noticed by social media algorithms without the exception of Spotify. Therefore, recommending you to listeners will occur automatically. UseViral is a promotion automation tool that specializes in that. It does that perfectly not only on Spotify but on all other social media.

Hence, getting your profile ranked on top despite the competition can be done by this tool. As such, it will organically generate such engagement on your Spotify profile. You have a range of promotional services available for you with UseViral. These include monthly listeners, artist followers, playlist followers, and numbers of plays.

With over 5k members in the UseViral network, you can only imagine how easy and natural it looks to engage your profile significantly. As if that is not enough, until the number of followers or plays you purchased is reached, this tool does not rest. They have a support team that is on standby to help you should you have any difficulty. With $6.99, you can get started with this service.

10. Socialpros

Socialpros Spotify Bot

Socialpros is a Don in promotional services for social media. Its Spotify bots are top-notch when organic traffic generation and followers are concerned. Hence, making this list is by merit. Getting the desired plays, listening, and followers on Spotify is just a click away with SociaPros. No password or other credential is required. Just your username and you are good to go.

It should also be mentioned that the range of services is not limited to Spotify. They offer services for other social platforms. To give your profile on Spotify an autopilot touch with SocialPro, you don't have to break your bank. It is affordable.

These services are basically Spotify Plays and Spotify followers. Their customer support is constant and fast in attending to your request. SocialPro bots deliver within 24- 72 hours of purchase. So when you think of where to buy a bot to take charge of your popularity on Spotify, you should consider Socialpro.

FAQs About Spotify Bots

Q. What are Spotify Bots?

Spotify Bots are automation bots developed to automate the management of Spotify accounts. They are meant to automate listening to songs, followers other accounts, and even carrying out most tasks you will do manually. however , the definition has been expanded to carter for tools that has been developed to increase your listen count, follower’s base, and reach in general.

For most of these tools, you will not even have to deal with the management ofthe bots yourself as the provided are behind the management of these tools. However, there are a few of them that you will be the one to manage them and that can be kectic for the non-experienced marketer.

Q. Is the Use of Spotfy Bots Illegal?

Spotify does not determine whats legal and what is not. However, this does not mean the usage of bot is legal. If you use a Spotify bot without using it to defraud advertisers or other people, it usage is legal.

However, using it to claim popularity and then claim revenue is what becomes illegal. There is another aspect of Spotify botting that is completely illegal which is the use of the bot to listen to your own musics in other to claim revenue. If you are caught doing, you could face a law suit.

Q. Do Spotify Bots Work?

Spotify bots work and a good number artists and even marketers have used it for promoting accounts and growing follower base within a short period of time. However, this is only possible if you make use of the right bot and you know what you are doing.

Even with that, you need to know that the use of Spotify bot should only account for a small fragment of your growth process. This is because automation especially in the aspect of social platforms can lead to lack of engagement for the most part and you wouldnt want to have such associated with your account.

Q. Does Spotify Allow the Use of Bots?

If you take a look at the term of usage of Spotify, you will notice that the use of bots especially in the context in which this article was written is completely forbidden.

It is also important to know that the platform also forbid the purchase of followers and listening, among others. If you are caught doing any of those, you risk losing your account. It is because of this you need to make use of only the best Spotify bots and services that will be undetectable.


It is not news that your popularity is the determinant of success not only on Spotify but on all other platforms inclusive. This is irrespective of the quality of your content.  Since it is not easy to find people and get them around to interact with your content on Spotify, you for sure need a hot. All thanks to these bots that can deliver such.

Up here, you have been exposed to the list of best bots you can use to enhance your visibility on Spotify in a way that your playlist will be listened to by a large number of people, how you can get a large fan base of followers and how you can buy plays with ease.

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