Smartproxy Updates (Aug 2022): “Pay-As-You-Go” is Becoming Better (Affordable for Beginner)

As you already know, Smartproxy remains one of the leaders in the proxy market. And has constantly been building and fine-tuning its service to make it easier for you to leave your restrictions on the Internet behind.

Smartproxy Updates

For now, we have some juicy updates from Smartproxy. We’ll cover the following on this page.

  • The new pricing model for their residential proxies
  • Introduction of Dedicated Datacenter Proxies
  • Introduction of new scraping APIs

New Residential Proxy Pricing Model: Pay-As-You-Go for Beginner

Smartproxy remains one of our favorite residential proxy networks. It has one of the largest proxy pools with 40 million IPs from about 195 regions. It does support geo-targeting at different levels (country, state, and cities). The proxies it offers are highly reliable and undetectable. From tests carried out, they remain the fastest in the residential proxy market so far.

In the past, all you need is $75, and you get 5GB of bandwidth to use the service. This is already cheap as the pricing of credible competitors’ is way more than that — usually above $300.

Pricing of Smartproxy

To make their service even more affordable, they introduced the Pay-As-You-Go option. With this, you can purchase as small as 1GB for $12.5. This means there is no minimum monthly or yearly commitment.

Smartproxy Residential Proxy Pricing Model However, if you decide to purchase more bandwidth, you can go for their regular plans to get a better deal, such as 8GB for $80.

Introducing Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Smartproxy now offers Dedicated Datacenter (DDC) proxies. These proxies are some of the most reliable solutions in the market, just like their residential proxies. Being dedicated proxies, you’ll not have to share any proxy allocated to you with anyone, thereby enjoying the bare metal performance alone. There are over 400K US IPs from 1500 subnets in the DDC proxy pool, you can use it for GB solution,

GB for datacenter

Unlike their residential proxies, there’s no limit to the amount of bandwidth you can consume. You’re also allowed to create unlimited connections and threads. You have the option to choose between sequential or non-sequential IPs. They have got support for IP randomization, and with their IP replacement feature, you can replace up to 100 percent of the IPs allocated to you.

Pricing for this is cheap and affordable, as you can get started with $40 for 20 IPs. The more IPs you purchase, the cheaper the price per IP becomes.

Smartproxy Dedicated datacenter plans

Introducing Smartproxy Scraping APIs

Even with proxies, scraping has never been as easy as it is portrayed. You’ll still have to deal with blocks, captchas, Javascript execution, and other anti-scraping systems. There are also issues of parsing data that could be messy depending on how complex your target site is. That’s why Smartproxy developed Scraping APIs to help you collect data from the web.

With Smartproxy’s Scraping APIs, all you need to do is send web requests and get the required data in HTML or JSON. You’ll not have to deal with blocks and captchas ever again. Below are the 4 Scraping APIs provided by Smartproxy.

Smartproxy SERP Scraping API

Developed for collecting ranking and keyword-based data from Search Engines such as Google.

Smartproxy E-Commerce Scraping API

Meant for scraping data from e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

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Smartproxy Web Scraping API

This scraper returns the HTML of web pages on the Internet — data parsing is left to you.

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Smartproxy No-Code Scraper

Developed for Non-coders wanting to extract data from the web. There are already-made templates for popular target sites available.

All of the above-mentioned Scraping APIs make use of Smartproxy’s residential proxy network with over 40 million IPs to avoid blocks. All of them also support the collection of geo-targeted localized data from 195 locations around the world. Pricing for their Scraping APIs starts from $50 monthly.


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