New Smartproxy Release 2021: Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Do you know that the Smartproxy service offers dedicated datacenter proxies? If you do not, now you do. Actually, they only started offering such recently, and with it, they are proving a point that they are not a proxy provider to be left unnoticed.

Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies tutorial

With the dedicated datacenter proxies, they have now sealed their position as both a residential and datacenter proxy provider – making them a one-stop for most of your proxy need. Smartproxy’s debut product is the residential proxy network, after which they started offering rotating datacenter proxies, and now they have added dedicated datacenter proxies to the list of proxies offered.

One thing you will come to like about Smartproxy is that their services have quality as a top priority, and from the tests, we carried out on their dedicated datacenter proxies, you are sure you are not only getting proxies that work but also a good value for the money.

What do we know about the Smartproxy dedicated datacenter proxies that you need to know? We will be discussing all of these, including how to make use of the Smartproxy dedicated datacenter proxies.

Benefits of Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Smart Proxy dedicated datacenter overview

Smartproxy as a provider is known to offer high-quality proxies and features you can only get from the best of providers. Below are some of the major features of the dedicated datacenter proxies.

  • Private Proxies

Smartproxy Dedicated Private ProxiesFrom the name of the proxies, you can tell that they are private proxies. You cannot buy only one proxy from them. Instead, you will have to pay for a package with a proxy list in it. The number of proxies in a package is determined by the pricing for the package.

With this, you have access to a private pool of IP addresses that only you can use. Because the proxies are private and dedicated proxies, you can use them for a good number of tasks, including account management, web scraping, and even SEO.

  • High Performance

Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies overview

Smartproxy has always being a high performer, and as such, we did not expect anything short of a good performance, considering the fact that the price is competitive and not subsidized.

However, the performance is better than good – it is excellent. Smartproxy dedicated datacenter proxies are super-fast and multithreaded, allowing you to create many concurrent threads with no performance issues. Interestingly, the proxies they offer also come with unlimited bandwidth usage, making it a good fit for online gaming and streaming in general.

  • US Location Supported

Smartproxy Dedicated Proxies US LocationThe geo-location of an IP address determines the content it can be used to access on many websites on the Internet. Currently, Smartproxy datacenter proxies only support US locations. With this, you can use their proxies to unblock web content meant for US locations. However, if you need to access localized content for other locations, then Smartproxy datacenter proxies are not for you. I hope they add support for other locations in the future.

  • Affordable Pricing

Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies Pricing

One thing you will come to like about Smartproxy is that even though the proxies they offer are premium proxies, small marketers can afford them because of their quest to capture both small and big marketers. Their dedicated proxies are not an exception.

The smallest plan offered in their dedicated datacenter proxy service is the Mini plan which comes with 25 proxies and is sold for $39, making the price of one proxy $1.56, which is considered quite affordable and competitive considering the quality they offer. One good thing about Smartproxy is that it offers users a 3 days money-back guarantee.

How to Use Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies (8 Easy Steps)

As stated earlier, Smartproxy dedicated datacenter proxies are high-quality proxies and are quite premium when compared to their rotating datacenter proxies, which are shared.  These proxies are quite perfect for account management since the IP address is not rotated.

This reason, together with the super-fast speed, also makes it perfect for online gaming and streaming. The proxies are also good for a good number of tasks, including web scraping, if you have a bunch of them and rotate them efficiently. Below is a guide on how to make use of the proxies.

Step 1,

You will need a Smartproxy account and an active dedicated datacenter proxy plan. If you do not have an account with them already, you can visit the official Smartproxy website to create an account.


Step 2,

With a verified account, log into the user dashboard accessible here.

Dashboard of Smart Proxies

Step 3,

On the navigation section located at the left hand of the dashboard, Look out for the “Dedicated Datacenter” option and click on it. A dropdown menu will appear with the following options – pricing, authentication method, proxy management, and subscription management.

Smart Proxy Management

Step 4,

Click on the pricing option, and you will be taken to the page where you will see the available packages. Choose the package for you and proceed to payment. They have good support for many payment options, including Bitcoin. However, paying with cryptocurrency will deprive you of access to getting back your money if you are not OK with the service within 3 days.

Step 5,

With the proxies purchased, go back to the “Dedicated Datacenter” menu and click on “Proxy Management.”

Step 6,

You will be taken to the page where the list of proxies you bought is provided. All that is available on the page is the list of proxies, support for adding username and password for authentication, and buttons for downloading the proxy list either in .csv and.txt. There is also a button for copying the proxy list to the clipboard.

Smart Proxy Management Authentication

Step 7,

Add the username and password which you want to use for authentication.

Authentication method for DC proxies

For the proxy list, you can use each proxy address, port, username, and password individually.

Take, for instance, in my own list of proxies; the first line contains<myname>:<mypass>.

0.0.41 = proxy address or proxy endpoint. Also known as IP

20000= proxy port

myname = username for authentication

mypass = password for authentication

Step 8,

Copy the above and use it in any client application that you want to use proxies on. If you intend to use them on any of the popular web browsers, you can check out our article on how to set up proxies on web browsers to learn how to set the proxies up correctly on 5 of the popular web browsers.


With the addition of dedicated datacenter proxies to the list of proxies they offer, Smartproxy has once again proven that they are a force to be reckoned with and cannot be overlooked.

Their dedicated datacenter proxies are high-quality proxies that you can use for a good number of tasks without getting blocked except if you abuse them. I have used them, and they have proven to be fast and quite reliable.

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