Roblox Statistics 2023: Active Users, Revenue, Valuation & Trends

Founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 and launched in September 2006, Roblox is an online-based gaming platform that allows its users to either create games and enjoy with friends or play games without creating.

In its initial phase of launch, it struggled to gain the attention and interest of the online game audience, but today it has sunk its root deep into the online game industry, raking in millions of revenue monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Roblox Statistics

In April 2021, Roblox amassed a mouth-gaping 202 million monthly active users, an increase from the 146 million it was in 2020. However, the platform has recorded its highest growth in 2020, amounting to 80 million users as of December 2020, as against 113 million it left off in 2019.

The surge in the number of users was linked to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Kids and adults, too, resorted to online activities to keep their minds active by interacting with one another. Therefore, amongst other online games platforms, Roblox recorded a significant increase in its users during this period.

In the United States, it is estimated that 3 out of every 4 children between the ages of 9 and 12 play Roblox, subsequently helping game creators generate passive income. Some creators have made almost half a million dollars, and that’s enough to set up a team of game creators to generate more income.

In this article, we shall further evaluate and illustrate the statistics of this amazing gaming platform through numbers to help you properly understand the milestones that it has attained over the years.

Key Roblox Statistics: Active Users, Revenue & Valuation

Roblox Statistics

  • Roblox has delivered over 20 million gaming experiences since 2008.
  • Over 50 million people access Roblox daily, 43.2 million active users in 2021
  • Over 100 million people have spent $1 billion on the platform (an increase from 70 million in 2019).
  • Roblox generated $1.9 billion revenue (2021), doubled its revenue for the past two years
  • Mobile phones account for 72% of Roblox user sessions, surpassing desktop sessions by 47%.
  • Roblox has amassed a whopping 30.6 billion hours of engagement since 2008.
  • 3% of Roblox gamers access the platform through game consoles.
  • The gaming company raised $535 million at a Roblox valuation of $38 billion.

20+ Roblox Statistics, Facts & Trends

What is the Demography of Roblox Users?

Roblox has specific age groups that patronize them. From all indications, the younger age groups use it more. However, let's begin with the gender distribution of Roblox users.

What is the Gender Demography of Roblox?

Gender Demography of Roblox

As of January 2022, male users constitute 51%, the highest of the genders; female users account for 44%, and the rest, 5%, is unknown. There has been an improvement in the number of female users over the years since 2016 as against the 35% it used to be. The table below illustrates the statistics better. The following statistics show that children between the ages of 9 and 12 years constitute the most users of the platform.

Age Group Share (DAUs)
9 and below 25%
9-12 29%
13-16 13%
17-24 16%
25 and above 14%

[Source: Backlinko]

What is Roblox Daily Active Users?

In 2020, Roblox averaged 32.6 million daily active users, a significant increase of 1.85x in 2019 when it stood at 17.6 million. Fast forward to two years post-COVID, the number has shot up by almost twice the figure in 2020. According to Statista, as of the first quarter of 2022 (Q1 2022), the daily active users of Roblox are over 54.1 million.

If the daily active users population of Roblox were a country, it would be larger than South Korea which is about 51.3 million. As of July 2022, Roblox has a year-on-year increase of up to 28% in the growth of its daily active users. It also has an Hours Engagement of up to 22% and revenue growth of 39% over the previous year.

Roblox Daily Active users (2018 – 2021)

Year DAUs (mm)
2018 10.9
2019 17.1
2020 33.4
2021 43.2

[Source: Statista, RickySpearsShackNews]

How Much is Roblox Valued?

$38 billion

Roblox is valued at $38 billion. The company went public in 2021. It was listed on the New York Security Exchange (NYSE). The gaming company raised $535 million at a Roblox valuation of $38 billion. The company was initially valued at $2.5 million in 2018. This shows that a lot of investors believe and trust the potential of the platform.

For Roblox, it is not just about generating revenue from the in-game transactions as with other online gaming platforms but also about how they go about it. Even though advertising and other income-generating do not account for much revenue generated by the platform, it gives them an option of fully taking advantage of those areas by monetizing them in the future. However, the value of Roblox has been said to have dropped to $20 million in 2022.

How Does Roblox Make Money?

The platform uses a Freemium model, which allows its users to play the games. However, if they wish to access advanced features of the games, they are required to buy the in-game currency called Robux from their bank account to carry out their game transactions.

The platform then takes 47.5% of the money spent on games. It spends this money in three dimensions: for future development and research, platform hosting plans, and operation costs. The other 52.5% is chatted between the game creator and AppStore and payment processing fee. Roblox is estimated to make $12.50 for every 1000 Robux (Roblox in-game currency) sold.

[Source: MyWallSt]

What is Roblox's Engagement Hours?

Roblox keeps a record of the time that its users spend on the platform doing different things such as playing a game, creating a game, or upgrading a feature.

The platform is a very interactive one that allows its users to be in charge. As highlighted earlier, the platform has recorded a total of 30.6 billion engagement hours.

In the last quarter of 2020, the platform recorded 8.43 billion engagement hours. Between the last quarter of 2018 and 2020, Roblox recorded an increase of 2.1 billion engagement hours.

The surge in the overall engagement hours could be linked to easy and affordable internet subscriptions and the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 when the world restored to the internet to keep their minds active.

[Source: InfluencerMarketingHub]

How Many Times have Roblox been Downloaded?

Roblox been Downloaded

Roblox has recorded a download of 383 billion so far across the Google PlayStore and AppStore. As of 2020, it was downloaded 158,000,000 times across the Google PlayStore and AppStore. Currently, the United States alone is responsible for over 104.6 million downloads, and that's about 27.3% of the total number of downloads.

Brazil trails behind the United States with over 41 million downloads, which is about 10.7% of the total number of downloads. Russia closes the door for the top 3 countries with the highest Roblox downloads, accounting for 21 million downloads, which is about 5.4% of the total number of download times.

An average revenue earning for Roblox for every download globally across both platforms (PlayStore and AppStore) is approximately $4.10.

[Source: SensorTower]

How Much has Roblox Recorded in Revenue?

In the first quarter of 2022, the gaming company Roblox Corporation recorded a jaw-dropping revenue of $537 million. However, that's a decline from the $568.8 million it was in the previous quarter (the last quarter of 2021).

The platform generates a higher percentage of its revenue from sales of its in-game currency, Robux, which enables users to purchase game items and lots more sold by the Roblox developers and creator community in the platform.

The United States uses are reported to be the highest player spenders, amounting to $1 billion. It is followed closely by the United Kingdom with over $132.8 million in player spending, and Canada is behind the UK with $66 million.

[Source: Statista, Levvvel]

How Many Gaming Experiences has Roblox Delivered?

Gaming Experiences has Roblox

Roblox's approach to gaming is by delivering what is known on the platform as ‘experience'. Every single game title listed on the platform is an experience. Currently, there are 40 million experiences on the platform for users to enjoy. It is reported by SEC that children spend an average of 2.6 hours per day, and that's about 156 minutes.

With 40 million gaming experiences, there are just more than enough games for children to play. However, parents are advised to keep an eye on their kids to ensure they do not overspend buying items and to be sure that they are not clicking any links that could be related to scams.

[Source: NerdBear]

How Much do Roblox Players Spend?

The Roblox mobile has surpassed a whopping $1.5 billion in lifetime player spending.

According to Sensor Tower, Roblox Mobile has surpassed a monthly player spending of $100 million for the first since 2020. Roblox achieved this great feat just after seven months after hitting a substantial $1.1 billion in player spending. The increase may be associated with the COVID-19 period, which saw a lot of people turn to the internet to interact and socialize virtually.

In March 2020, revenue grew by 28% month-over-month to $69.8 million, and in April of the same year, player spending increased by 34% month-over-month to $93.2. It is reported that May is the most lucrative month as spending almost hit $103 million.

[Source: SensorTower]

What is Roblox's Yearly Revenue?

Roblox's Yearly Revenu The gaming platform has experienced a tremendous growth rate over the years, especially since 2019. The annual revenue for 2019 was $0.508 billion dollars, a significant increase of $56.45% from the previous year (2018). In 2020, the platform recorded a yearly revenue increase of $0.924 billion, an increase of 81.73% from the previous year (2019). In 2021, the annual revenue hit $1.919, a tremendous increase of about 107.73% from the previous year (2020).

Finally, as of the first quarter of 2022 (March 31, 2022), the platform recorded a revenue of $0.537 billion, an increase of 38.8% year-on-year.  For the time being, it is clear that the growth of the 2022 revenue is the lowest, and that's understandable given that the year had just kick-started its third quarter, and there is still time for the revenue growth to increase.

Year Revenue
2017 45
2018 335
2019 435
2020 924
2021 1919

[Source: MacroTrends]

What is Roblox Sales Revenue?

Sales are unarguably one of the key components of a business, so Roblox is not taking the back seat on that. As stated earlier, Roblox gets most of its revenue from the sales of Robux (the in-game currency of the gaming platform). The table below shows the sales revenue for every quarter of the year from 2019 to the first quarter of 2022.

Quarters Revenues ($M)
Q1 2022 537.1
Q4 2021 568.77
Q3 2021 509.3
Q2 2021 454.1
Q1 2021 387
Q4 2020 310
Q3 2020 251.9
Q2 2020 200.4
Q1 2020 161.6
Q4 2019 147.6
Q3 2019 131.1
Q2 2019 119.2
Q1 2019 110.5

[Source: Statista]

What are the Most Visited Games on Roblox?

YouTube video

Although Roblox has a title of over 40 million experiences, gamers have preferences. Here are the top 10 games that players love to play and the number of times each one has been visited.

Name of Games Number of Visits (Bn)
Adopt Me! 25.40
Tower of Hell 14.49
MeepCity 11.78
Brookhaven 11.39
Piggy 9.36
Royale High 6.6
Murder Mystery 2 6.56
Jailbreak 5.35
Welcome to Bloxburg 5.05
Work at a Pizza Place 3.41

From the table above, Adopt Me is the most played game of Roblox with 25.40 billion visits. So, wouldn't you like to play too?

[Source: Backlinko]

What Devices do Gamers Use to Access Roblox?

Primarily, accessibility to the website or app of a game is the goal of every gaming platform. Roblox has over 43 million daily active users and 230 million registered users worldwide, and the majority of these users access Roblox from their mobile devices. Research shows that about 72% signed up and access the platform on mobile devices.

Desktop users, on the other hand, account for up to 25%. The last 3% of users access the gaming platform from game consoles. The users who access Roblox from desktop computers are said to be professional gamers such as YouTubers and streamers. Roblox is not a popular console game.

[Source: Statista]

How Much do Roblox Pay Developers and Creators?

Much do Roblox Pay Developers and Creators

In the second quarter of 2021, Roblox developers and creators made a whopping $129 million, which is 8 times higher than what they had earned since the beginning of 2018. During the COVID-19 year (2020), Roblox developers earned more than $328 million. Below is a tabular representation of the quarterly earnings of Roblox developers.

Quarter and Year Developers Earnings ($Bn)
Q1 2018 16.28
Q2 2018 16.49
Q3 2018 18
Q4 2018 21.1
Q1 2019 22.72
Q2 2019 23.29
Q3 2019 26.2
Q4 2019 39.76
Q1 2020 44.5
Q2 2020 85.05
Q3 2020 85.47
Q4 2020 113.72
Q1 2021 118.93
Q2 2021 129.71

From September 2019 to September 2020, about 960,000 community developers have earned Robux on the platform. Out of this number, 3,800 developers met the criteria to exchange their Robux for dollars.

Out of that 3,800, only 2,800 actually exchanged their Robux for US dollars. The platform currently has 9.5 million developers, which is an increase from the 1.7 million it was in March 2017. The previous year (2016) saw the number of Roblox developers at a paltry 634,000, which is lower than half of what it was in 2017.


How Many Countries are Roblox Available In?

Currently, Roblox is available in 36 countries for game consoles. Overall, the platform is available in 180 countries worldwide for mobile phones and desktop computers since the start of 2020. Thanks to the lockdown during the COVID-19 Pandemic. According to a study by Student Beans, Roblox is also one of the most searched games online.

The games on the platform have no strict restrictions. The platform is available for everyone 10+ of age on the Google PlayStore, and a 12+ age rating on the AppStore. However, the platform's terms stated that users under the age of 18 require the consent of parents to use it.

[Source: Don'tDisappointMe, SaferSchools]

How Much is Roblox's Networth in 2022?

As of July 2022, the company's net worth is $23.29 billion. Roblox's net worth does not stable for a long time; in order words, its net worth fluctuates over time, but one thing is sure, it has never had a huge increase or decrease since its fluctuation. A clear indication is a decline it witnessed in 2022 as against the worth of $38 billion it was in 2021 when it was newly listed on the New York Security Exchange (NYSE).

A company's net worth is usually represented by its market capitalization or the current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. Roblox increase (or decrease) is associated with the volume of transactions that take place on the platform, such as exchange of Robux for real dollars or funding of Robux account, etc.

[Source: Macrotrends, TopicSolutions]

What is Roblox Growth Rate?

Roblox corporation stock opened at $64.50 on its first trading day, which is way more than its reference price of $45, and then went ahead to hit the $90s dollars at a time when many high-growth stocks were barely keeping their heads above the water. Roblox's business model and absence of competitors that could measure up are what attracted investors.

The surge in its daily active users during the peak of the Pandemic is also clearly reflected in its growth rate in 2021, as it saw a 107.73% increase from the $0.924 billion in the previous year. For fiscal 2022, analysts expect Roblox growth to rise by 19% (Year-over-year), and a revenue increase to $3.14 billion as the Pandemic fades and the platforms contend with a difficult year-over-year comparison.

[Source: Nasdaq]

What Region has the Most Roblox Users?

United States and Canada

According to Backlinko, 28% of Roblox users are from the United States and Canada. That's about 12.1 million daily active users from the North American regions alone. However, the number has only increased by 6.1%, not significant enough when compared to what it was in the second quarter of 2020 (Q2 2020).  Europe almost squares shoulders with the North American regions; it has a total of 11.8 million daily active users. That's about 27.3% of the total number of Roblox daily active users worldwide.

Asia ranks third among the regions with the most daily active users, with 7.2 million daily active users. From early 2022 to the past 4 quarters, Roblox has added 2.6 million daily active users from Asia alone. That's roughly about 16.6%. Roblox daily active users from the rest parts of the world take up the rest 28.1% of Roblox's total number of daily active users. That's about 12.1 million users (or a little over 12.1 million).

[Source: Backlinko]

What is Roblox World Rank?

Roblox is for entertainment and fun, and so it will appear in such a category. According to NPS (Net Promoter Score), a widely used market research metric is used to ascertain a firm's customer relationship and satisfaction with a particular product, service, or company.

Roblox ranks 14th on the Top 100 Brands globally in 2022. It ranks 11th on Top Brands for Gen Z in the same year. Ranks 5th in Top Brands in Media and Entertainment. And lastly, Roblox ranks 1st among its competitors. Followed by Activision Blizzard, which ranks 527 among global brands, whereas Roblox ranks 14. The third and last on the list of Roblox competitors is Zynga, which ranks 827 in global brands.

[Source: Comparably]

What is Roblox's Mobile Spending?

Roblox's Mobile

As highlighted earlier, Roblox is accessed through three channels: mobile, desktop, and game consoles. Statistics shown earlier in this article indicate that users who access Roblox are the most, constituting 72% of all the users.  In the third quarter of 2020 (Q3 2020), the quarterly spending of mobile users was up to $308 million. The platform has reported an increase in the growth of mobile spending over the last few years.

To state more clearly, mobile spending was about 20 million as of the last quarter of 2016 and rose to $109 million in the first few months of 2019 (three years interval) it closed at $174 million in the same year, and as of the fourth quarter of 2020, it was at 308 million, almost twice what it was in the previous year (2019). It is reported that in the United States alone, Roblox mobile spending reached the sum of $764.4 million in 2020.

[Source: Backlinko]

How Much Roblox has been Bought on Roblox?

The virtual currency of the gaming platform is defined by the company as “bookings”. In the first 6 months of 2021, about $1.31 billion worth of Robux has been purchased on Roblox so far.

An average user of the platform purchases $15.41 worth of Robux. That's almost twice an increase from $8.98 in 2019.

Over the years, the purchase of Robux has seen a significant increase, given that it was about $499 million dollars in 2018 and hit $1.31 billion in the first half of 2021 (two and a half years from the time), and that's a little over twice that 2018 figure. The purchase of the in-game currency is said to be the chief revenue booster, which they pay creators and developers out of.

Who is the Richest Roblox Player?

David Baszucki

As of 2022, David Baszucki, one of the founders of Roblox Corporation, is the richest Roblox player on earth. He currently has an R-value of over $282,486,088, which is the highest among the top richest Roblox gamers. He has over 1,981 collectibles and a RAP (Recent Average Price) of $146,089,326. David has more than 8 million followers as of May 2022, has no friends, and follows no one.

Baszucki has won several awards for his notable contributions to the world of technology. His platform has been ranked amongst America's 5000 fastest-growing companies for 2016 and 2017.

[Source: Tuko]

What is the Average Time Spent on the most Visited Games?

They are classified as the most visited for a reason (which is due to the much time users spend playing them). Here's a breakdown of how much time is spent on the most visited games on Roblox.

Name of Game Time Spent (Minutes)
Adopt Me! 12.93
Tower of Hell 3.81
MeepCity 7.54
Brookhaven 13.134
Piggy 7.45
Royale High 15.46
Murder Mystery 2 10.79
Jailbreak 13.91
Welcome to Bloxburg 22.64
Work at a Pizza Place 13.68

Adopt Me! Although is the highest-grossing game on Roblox, Brookhaven is the experience that has the highest amount of time spent. It doesn’t eclipse alter the grossing of Adopt Me! Anyway.

[Source: InfluencerMarketingHub]

What is Roblox Traffic Rate?

In June 2022, Roblox received 391.8M visits and average session duration of 35:06 minutes. The number of visits the platform got in June is 1.1% higher than what it gained in May 2022, which was 387.7 million.

The platform has a bounce rate of 26.03%.  Roblox has most of its traffic from three main countries: the United States, Brazil, Philippines. The US tops the list with a traffic rate of 26.07%. Brazil follows with 13.54%, and the Philippines makes the third country with the highest Roblox Traffic.

The traffic rate for Russia and Thailand, which follows the Philippines respectively, is way lower than any of the three countries, standing at 4.41% and 4.19%, respectively.  The United States remains the country that generates the highest Roblox traffic.

[Source: Semrush]

Who are Roblox's Major Shareholders?

ARK Investment Management LLC

Without the push from investors, Roblox may not be able to sustain its position on the stock exchange. Roblox stocks are owned by some institutional and retail investors. This part of the article will highlight the heavyweights behind Roblox's stock.

ARK Investment Management LLC (1.37%),

Sumitomo Trust Holdings Inc. (0.89%)

Accredited Investors Inc. (0.27%).

Exchange Traded Concept LLC (0.26%).

Ieq capital LLC (0.22%)

Douglas Lane and Associates LLC (0.16%)

[Source: MarketBeat]

What is Roblox Stock Price Prediction for 2022?

First off let's examine how Roblox stock is performing so far in 2022. At the beginning of the year, it was trading at $103.16, but right now, it has declined by 58.4% and is now trading at $42.93. 16 brokers have predicted a target for Roblox stocks.

Their prediction for Roblox Stocks is between the range of $21.00 and $125.00 for the next twelve months from now. On average, their prediction for Roblox Stock is about $41.25 in the next twelve months. This implies that Roblox stock will see a possible decrease of 3.9%.

[Source: MarketBeat]

How Many Employees does Roblox Have?

Thorough research carried out by Zippa shows that

  • Roblox has 1,234 employees.
  • 36% of the employees are women, and 64% are men.
  • The predominant ethnic groups of the Roblox employees are Whites, who are a little above half of the entire population (52%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (21%) and Asia with 16%. The average Roblox employee earns about $112,965 per year.
  • The average duration that Roblox employees stay with the company is 6.1 years.
  • Executives that are a minority are 48%.

 [Source: Zippia]

How Much is Robux Sold in Dollars?


Unless you want to play games with their default features, otherwise you have to purchase Robux (the Roblox currency) to carry out all sorts of things such as upgrading your favorite avatar or anything else.

1 Robux is sold for $0.35 according to the developers' exchange system. The official Roblox purchase system and the leftover currency exchange system say 1 Robux goes for $1.25.

As of March 2022, Robux is worth more than the Russian ruble due to the sanctions mete on the country in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

That's one of the things that made Roblox so popular is the fact that you can turn your Robux earnings into real money (if you meet the exchange criteria).

[Source: RobloxWiki]

What is Roblox (RBLX) Market Cap?

As of July 2022, Roblox has a market cap of $27. 85 billion, which makes the company the 700th most valuable company globally by market cap. In the first quarter of 2022 which ended in March 2022, Roblox's share price was $46.24, and its shares outstanding for the same quarter was 592 million, which makes Roblox's market equal to $27.383 million.

Roblox's quarterly market cap saw an increase from $43.703 million in September 2021 to $60.439 million in December of the same year. Then again, it fell from its value in December 2021 ($60.439 million) to $27.383 million in March 2022.

[Source: CompaniesMarketCap, GuruFocus]


Giving creators the liberty to create a game they like and have friends play together is what makes Roblox stands out among its competitors. The platform has the liberating box to see that users earn income and also enjoy playing games.

The company does not create games, it leaves that for the creator users to do that while they both smoke to the bank, but leaving the larger chunk of the proceedings to the creator.

So, now you see that Roblox is not there to entertain its users, it also helps put something in their pockets. Are you thinking about being part of its users? Well, that's not a bad idea.

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