ProxyGuys Review

Are you looking forward to buying mobile proxies from ProxyGuys, and you are not sure if they are the right provider for you? The below article is a review of the ProxyGuys mobile proxies, including their pros and cons.

ProxyGuys Review

The mobile proxy market is relatively new when compared to the residential and datacenter proxy markets. The number of players in the market is still quite small, with many providers looking into tapping from it.

Even though the number of providers is small, you can still find it difficult to determine which is the best for you. If you have come across the ProxyGuys mobile proxies and you are wondering if their proxies are a perfect match, then wonder no more. By the end of this article, you will know all you need to know about ProxyGuys.

ProxyGuys Overview

ProxyGuys is a mobile proxy provider with a focus on the provision of mobile IP addresses for Internet marketers – they are also into the business of VPN provision. They have got support for HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 proxy protocol.

This proxy service provider offers high-quality enterprise-grade proxies that you can use for social media management and automation, web scraping and crawling, sales intelligence, fraud detection, market research, and website testing, among many other use cases.

ProxyGuys homepage

They have got a large pool of US IP addresses that you can use. This provider has got a good session control system, a flexible payment system, and they are 100 percent legal and ethical. But should you go ahead and buy from them? Read the pros and cons section to get the answer to the question.

Parameters Features
IP Type Mobile IPs
Priced Charged Time duration
Price Sample $20 for 24 hours
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S), SOCKS
Authentication Username/password + IP Authentication
IP Locations 25+ locations in the US
Instagram Compatibility Yes
Sneaker Compatibility No
Speed Good
Support Email + Live chat + Telegram
Refund Policy 24 hours money-back
IP Replacement Yes
P2p/Torrenting Not Allowed
Jurisdiction Location United States


ProxyGuys Pros

I have used mobile proxies from ProxyGuys and can tell you that it has got some pros that would make you want to make use of them. In this section of the article, we would be taking a look at some of the features that make ProxyGuys a proxy provider of choice to many.

Large Proxy Pool in the United States

The number one strength I see in ProxyGuys is the size of their proxy pool. Mobile proxies are a new invention pioneered by Luminati, which has less than 10 million mobile IP addresses in its pool. ProxyGuys, on the other hand, is a new player in the market. However, it is niched as it provides only mobile proxies.

Currently, the ProxyGuys mobile proxy pool has over 50 million IP addresses making it one of the largest mobile proxy providers in terms of pool size. One thing you will come to like about their mobile proxy pool is that they are not mixed with other types of proxies – residential or datacenter.

Proxyguys proxy pool

In terms of location, they are slightly localized as they do not provide proxies for worldwide locations. ProxyGuys only has support for the United States. In the United States, this provider has support for 25 physical locations from which you can choose to use an IP address from any of them.

Supporting only one or a few countries is common among high-quality mobile proxy providers as they needed to have physical locations where they host their modems or any other 4G LTE device they make use of. This is different from mobile providers that get their IP addresses from Peer-to-Peer (P2P), who usually do not have much control over the IPs they use.

Complete Control Over Infrastructures

ProxyGuys is one of the few mobile proxy providers that have complete control over their network, thanks to the fact that they own the devices and equipment they utilize. This makes it possible for them to provide excellent performance.

ProxyGuys make use of enterprise-grade 4G modems from Verizon Wireless to ensure you are provided with premium speed and performance. With this provider, you will not have issues with frequent connection problems as their modems are always online.

Proxyguys Control Over Infrastructures

For each location, you can see if they have IPs unallocated to users – and if all IPs in a location have been allocated, then you cannot use IPs from that location – you will have to make use of an IP from a different location. You will find this information from the user dashboard when you log in. By making sure that their modems do not get allocated too many requests to handle, performance is at its best.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

Speed is an important factor when choosing a proxy server to use. We tested proxies from PrxyGuys to see if they are fast enough for usage and even though their proxy speed wasn’t breaking any record – it is quite acceptable. To test their proxy speed, I tested my Internet speed without a proxy server using the Speedtest tool. The below is the screenshot of the result – it wasn’t ground-breaking because of my location at the time.

Proxyguys Proxy Speed

Using the same speed testing tool, I configured ProxyGuys mobile proxy server on my browser and tested the speed. The result is displayed in the screenshot below.

Proxyguys Speed test with proxy

Looking at the result above, you can see that there was a reduction which is expected. However, the takeaway is that except you make use of a speed testing tool, you might not know as the speed is fast enough for you not to notice any sizable difference when surfing the Internet.

Good Session Control

Another feature of ProxyGuys mobile proxies you will come to like is its perfect session control. This is possible because they own the devices and their IPs and, as such, exalts control over sessions. You can get static IP addresses from ProxyGuys and use the IP address for as long as you want, provided you did not disconnect the proxy – this makes it perfect for account management as the frequent change of IP address will get sites to suspect you. This also means that you will not experience the connection drops caused by an IP been offline as all of their IPs are always online.

If what you want are rotating IP addresses, you can get them from ProxyGuys. You are given the option to configure the time interval, after which you will get the IP address assigned to you changed. For this, you need to know that except you go for their multiple location packages, you can only rotate IPs from the same location. This provider even provides an API endpoint to make it easy to force a change of IP without necessarily logging into your dashboard.

Flexible Payment Plans

First of all, you need to know that ProxyGuys proxies come with support for unlimited bandwidth usage – it only stops working after when the validity period of your subscription reaches. They have made their payment system flexible to cater to small and big marketers. Do you require proxies for just a day? You can buy proxies with 24 hours validity period from ProxyGuys. Not only that, but they also offer weekly and monthly proxies.

Proxyguys Payment Plans

You can also choose to go with a single location package or a multiple location package. In terms of payment methods, ProxyGuys have support for PayPal and cryptocurrency payment – you can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They have a free trial plan that you can use to ascertain if their proxies will work for you before making a monetary commitment.

Easy to Use

Last on the list of strengths for ProxyGuys is its ease of use. If you have used a proxy server before, then you already know how to make use of ProxyGuys. All you need to do is create an account, buy a proxy package, and get started. You can see the proxies you bought in the user dashboard.

For each location, you can see if there’s they have IPs available that you can use. If the IPs in a location are not available, you will have to choose a different location. In terms of authentication, ProxyGuys has support for both username and password authentication and IP authentication.

strengths for ProxyGuys

If you have the need to contact their support, then you can do that via live chat. I had an inquiry and used their live chat feature. Even though the response wasn’t swift, a customer agent contacted me within 5 minutes, and a solution was provided. If there’s no customer agent online, you can contact them via email or on social media. ProxyGuys provides a Chrome and Firefox extension, which you can use for fast IP rotation and switching between locations.

ProxyGuys Cons

Looking at the above pros section, you will be tempted to buy proxies from ProxyGuys. However, ProxyGuys, just like every other provider, has its weaknesses, and these would be discussed below.

Limited Location Support

Proxyguys Location Support

IP addresses can be resolved to a location that is then used as the location of someone accessing a service online. Many proxy users need proxies to spoof their real location in other to access geo-targeted web content. If you are one of such people, then you need to pay attention to this weakness of ProxyGuys – they only have support for US IP addresses.

This means that if you want to access a service exclusively meant for Internet users from other countries other than the US, then ProxyGuys is not for you. However, if what you need proxies for will work with US IP addresses, then ProxyGuys should be one of the providers on your choice list.

Expensive Pricing

Generally, mobile proxies are considered expensive when you compare the average price of mobile proxies with other proxy types. However, even in the mobile proxy market, ProxyGuys is not the cheapest you will find. In the pros section, we made mention of their pricing as flexible, but that’s all. At its best, you can only term it competitive. While you can get a daily proxy for $20, if you are to look at the bigger picture, such as their monthly plan and multi-location plans, you will discover that their proxies are expensive.

Take, for instance, the ProxyGuys multi-location monthly plan is $300, which is considered expensive when you compare it with proxies from many other mobile proxy providers. Considering the fact that their proxies are all US proxies, except you need to spoof across different locations in the US, it would be better if you stick to just one location – and if you go for this, you will be able to buy a monthly plan for $180.

Do I Recommend ProxyGuys?

After going through the pros and cons of ProxyGuys, I am sure you already have your own Verdict. For us at, we understand that no proxy provider is without weakness, and ProxyGuys is not an exception. However, considering the fact that their proxies work, provide good performance, have good customer service, and have a flexible payment plan, we recommend them. ProxyGuys are a provider you can trust.

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  • Scaping Performance - 9.4/10
  • Proxy Network - 9.2/10
  • Proxy Functions - 9.2/10
  • Customer support - 9.2/10

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