The Best Private Instagram Viewer That Actually Work in 2022

Are you looking for a private Instagram viewer that will help you view the profile of private Instagram accounts without following? Then you are on the right page as the article below will recommend some of the top private Instagram viewers in the market.

Private Instagram Viewers

Instagram is not a social media platform for carrying out activities without getting tracked. And to make things even worse, some of your interactions are relayed to the accounts you interact with such as when you view the stories of another user on the platform. It is also not news that some users maintain private Instagram accounts.

For you to access their profile and see their post, you will have to send them a request — and that even requires approval. This means that you cannot view the pictures of your crush without approval. With these and many more other reasons, you will see that there is a need for a tool that can help you view profiles and access their content anonymously and that is where private Instagram viewers come in.

Top 10 Private Instagram Viewer Without Human Verification

Private Instagram viewers are tools that have been developed to provide access to Instagram accounts without revealing your actual details. There are a good number of private Instagram viewers in the market that you can make use of. Interestingly, a good number of them are free and they work perfectly well.

However, there are also bad actors in the market which makes you want to be careful when making a choice on the one to use. In this article, we would be recommending about 10 private Instagram viewers that are effective, safe, and secure.

1. FullInsta

FullInsta Overview

The FullInsta is one of the best private Instagram viewers online you can use to access Instagram anonymously. With this website, you will not have to own an Instagram account to view the contents on Instagram. The service is available for free without even requiring you to create an account. The FullInsta service can be used to view stories anonymously without revealing your real identity.

The website is a safe, secure, and legit way of accessing an Instagram account profile. You will basically access Instagram as if you are using the Instagram official platform but with no login required. The website is not owned by or affiliated with Instagram. Instead, it is created by a third party using Instagram's private APIs. However, there is no implication for using it and as such, you can go ahead.

2. mSpy Instagram Tracker

mSpy Instagram Tracker Overview

Are you looking for a tracker to know what your children do on Instagram without looking pushy to them? Then the mSpy app is the app for you. This app has been developed as a general spying tool as you can use it to spy on most of the popular social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, call log, and SMS, among others.

One good thing about the mSpy tool is that you can carry out spying tasks in a stealth mode since spying is done remotely. It is basically a parental control tool and we do not recommend our readers to use them for spying on other users as that would be an invasion of privacy and you can be charged for that.

3. PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta Overview

Private Instagram accounts can be a pain in the neck as they require you to wait until the account owner permits you to access their content. If you need to view private profiles without getting the permission of the owner, then PrivateInsta is the service for you. The service is available as a website, which makes it compatible with all platforms and operating systems provided there is support for a web browser that rendered JavaScript.

PrivateInsta is quite simple to use and requires you to just provide the username of the account of interest. This tool is one of the tops in this regard and has been in the market consistently for over 5 years now. The website is safe, secure, and reliable.

4. StoriesIG

StoriesIG Overview

The StoriesIG tool otherwise known as the SmiHub is one of the top tools you can use for viewing stories anonymously. It is no news that when you view the stories of an Instagram user, you are listed on the list of views of such stories. If you want to avoid such, you can simply make use of the StoriesIG tool to view the story of users you wouldn’t want them to know you are the one viewing their stories.

Also important is the fact that you can save the stories you view — this is one feature that is not even available on the official Instagram platform. All you have to do is provide the username of the account, click on the story, and then click save if you want to have it saved on your device for later use.

5. InstaDP

InstaDP Overview

The InstaDP service is another private Instagram viewer you can use to access content on the Instagram platform anonymously. The tool is available online for free — but you should be ready to use ads. Even though it seems like a tool for dwindling profile pictures from its name, it does more than download Instagram profile pictures.

It comes with a good number of tools such as a video downloader, story downloader, reel downloader, and photo downloader, among others. Interestingly, you can do all of these without revealing your identity. InstaDP is quite good at doing what it is meant for. It is also secure and you can carry out tasks without feeling insecure or unsafe. Aside from Instagram, it also does have support for TikTok.

6. WatchInsta

WatchInsta Overview

WatchInsta is another service of interest in this article. It is quite unique compared to the other services ascribed above in the sense that it does have support for viewing private profiles. If there is any profile that has its privacy set to private and as such, you cannot view its posts, you can use the WatchInsa tool. With this tool, you can have instant access to private photos and videos of a private Instagram account without requesting to be allowed as a follower.

Interestingly, you will do this without revealing your real identity as the tool will take care of everything on your behalf. One other feature of interest is the ability to download all of the content of a profile into a zip file. WahtchInsta is a downloadable tool that is regularly updated and maintained.

7. Gwaa

Gwaa Overview

Gwaa is one of the best private Instagram private viewers in the market right now. Using this tool, you can view private photos and videos of users on Instagram without revealing your identity. With this, you can say that it is one of the Instagram stalker apps for those that want to view profiles of private Instagram accounts without sending a follower request.

The Gwaa will also provide you with other details including the comments, list of followers, list of those the account is following, bio description, and other public details. As with the other tools described above, the Gwaa tool is a free tool that you can use. It is available as an online tool and requires no installation. Gwaa is also safe and secure.

8. Storiesdown

Storiesdown Overview

Storiesdown is not a full-fledged private Instagram viewer as it is only meant for viewing Instagram stories. However, when it comes to what it is meant for, it is one of the best options out there right now. If there is anyone you need to watch his/her stories without being noticed, then you can make use of the Storiesdown service to do that anonymously.

You will not need to log in or even install any software as the tool is available for free online. Also important is its support for downloading — a feature you will not even get from the official Instagram app. The app is safe and secure and also legal to use. However, as with other free Instagram private viewers, you will need to deal with ads since that is the way the service generates money.

9. Instalookers

Instalookers Overview

The Instalookers site can be best described as a private Instagram account viewer as it is meant for viewing private profiles. If there is an account that has blocked you or has its profile privacy to be public, you will no longer be at the mercy of the person as you can get the details and posts of the account easily.

All you have to do is provide the username of the account and the app will make the detail of the profile open to you. While at it, you are not expected to register or even log into your account and as such, making it quite anonymous. Instalooker does not require you to install any application and as such, there is no fear of your computer or mobile device getting compromised.

10. IGLookUp

IGLookUp Overview

IGLookUp is last on the list of private Instagram viewers. However, this does not mean that it is inferior compared to the other. It is as effective as the others especially those for unlocking private Instagram profiles. The IGLookUp tool is one of the top websites you can use to access the photos and videos of private accounts. With this tool, you will not have to send a following request that will either be accepted or rejected.

All you have to do is provide the username of the profile and you will be provided access to the profile as if you are a follower of such an account. IGLookUP is a free tool that requires no form of registration to use. It is also easy to use and safe.

Private Instagram Viewers FAQs

Aside from the use of the mSpy tool that forcefully gains access to your private messages and other interactions which we advise you only use for monitoring your kids' activities on social media, all other services mentioned are legal. The content they access is public and none is really private.

What the private Instagram viewer services do is that they act as intermediaries to help you access the photos and videos not available to you at the time you need access to them. However, it is important you know that this is not legal advice and you seek the legal advice of a competent legal practitioner.

Q. Are Private Instagram Viewers Safe?

There are many so-called private Instagram viewers in the market and as such, we cannot vouch for all of the private Instagram viewers in the market. However, for the ones we described in the article, they are completely safe. Aside from mSpy, none requires you to install their software.

They are all accessible online and you are not required to log into your Instagram account. No security breaches or issues have been associated with using the tools. They are just tools that help you access the private APIs of Instagram and in most, they are not the kind of hacks you will call illegal as they are still within the legal framework.



Looking at the above, you can see that there are a good number of private Instagram viewers that you can use to access private Instagram accounts, view static anonymously, and even download them among other things. Most of the tools above are free and require no form of registration which means that you can try them straightway to get the instant result you need.

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