Top 15 Online Fake Person Generator Tools in 2024

Are you looking for the best tool to create fake person profiles or fake user personas? Then you are on the right page as the article below recommends some of the best fake user persona generation tools out there.

Online Fake Person Generator Tools in

Overview of Top Online Fake Person Generator Tools in 2023

  • Fake Person GeneratorOverall Best Online Fake Person Generator Tools
  • DCodeBest for Creating Random Profiles
  • FauxIDBest Online Fake Person Generator Tools with QR Code
  • NamegeneratorBest for Creating Business Cards and Names
  • Getnewidentity — Best for Generating Fake Credit Cards

Top 15 Fake Person Generator Tools in 2023

As the strive for being anonymous grows on the internet, online fake person generator tool becomes quite popular as a good number of Internet users want a different identity other than their real ID. There are different reasons why one will want to use a fake person profile but managing multiple accounts is one of such reason. There is also the issue of wanting to publish content under a different user persona. Away from the reasons, creating a fake user persona can be quite difficult. If you want a stress-free method to getting this done, then a fake person generator is the way to go.

With tools like this, you can shuffle out who you are directly by having a different personality. There are several ways anonymous features can be achieved online, and the use of tools like this to create a fake presence online is one of the first steps towards anonymity, especially for sites that require registration and demand personal information like name and contact address. With thorough research and understanding of how this concept of online fake person generator tools works, we present to you, the top 15 tools you can use to create or generate this fake identity.

1. Fake Person Generator — Overall Best Online Fake Person Generator Tools

Fakepersongenerator Overview

Foremost on this list is Fake Person Generator. This tool is top-rated when talking about the concept of a fake person generator. Representing the intent of the article, it is a sophisticated and highly advanced tool with flexible features. Unlike others, it does not require any login details.

All you are expected is to access the website and select the gender, age, state, and city disguise that you want or leave it on random and click on generate, there the tool will automatically generate an up-to-date complete fake portfolio for you. Like an entire bio-data that comprises photo identification, lifestyle, social status interest points, and fake email address amongst other information. Hence, why it is the overall best on the list.

2. DCode — Best for Creating Random Profiles

DCode Overview

If where your purpose lies in how to get a random identity, Dcode should be your choice. The tool has several categories covering the list of DCode tools which can be games and solvers, cryptography, data processing, and more.

What set this tool aside from others is that it has a cipher identifier that helps to identify and recognize the type of encryption used in a message and decrypt it. Profiles are created randomly based on names, date of birth, ethnicity, job, and city in addition to photos if you will be using them on social platforms. Every detail is upgraded new, and as a result, that, your new identity can be used on any platform, so long as it’s not to use the goal is not official.

3. FauxID — Best Online Fake Person Generator Tools with QR Code

FauxID Overview

FauxID is another one to be considered when talking about fake person generator tools. What is involved here is to input the information you want a profile to be created on, and the tool will further take you to a URL where the details of the create new identity will display. Interestingly, you can save the link and download your avatar, should incase any scrutiny arise later.

Unlike Dcode, FauxID has a QR code, which whenever scanned, if the person has details in the platform, will display it automatically. However, after proper processes, the identity provided will be of a new personality, gender, address, state, city, birth details, financial and banking numbers, education, internet details, fake company and employee, and more.

4. Namegenerator — Best for Creating Business Cards and Names

Namegenerator Overview

When it comes to generating your fake business cards and names, namegenerator is perfect. This tool set its distinctiveness right from the outset as it’s the only tool among all the listed best suited for creating business cards. It gives nine predesigned card templates you can edit to feed in with necessary details to be customized to the purpose you deem fit.

The country base of the card is mostly the United States, as such the platform can generate cards for all 50 states and Washington DC. In addition, the card you generated can be used for your business. This tool has not had such attributes to its name, even though it serves the main purpose of building up your business name and card.

5. ColourSchemer — Best Online Fake Person Generator Tool with Encrypted and Security Assurance

ColourSchemer Overview

Next right up is ColourSchemer, a tool similar in functionalities to Dcode. The identity you want is defined by the information you feed to the platform. It has a user-friendly interface which in turn boosts the level of security when using this tool. The benefit of the tool is that every input you type in is encrypted, hence, you can use it for any activity or platform. But don’t use it in an official workspace because you might get entangled with the law if they find out what you use are fake identifications. Knowing that security is guaranteed, without any malicious intent, the tool is regarded as one of the best online fake person generators that as well stand tall among others.

6. Fakena — Best Online Fake Person Generator Tools with Easy-to-Use Interface

Fakena Overview

Fakena is yet another online fake person tool that is known for its flexibility and ease of use. On using the tool, details are generated based on names, email addresses, users, passwords, and social media. One thing that set Fakena out among others is that it stores and bookmarks, therefore the information you fill in on the platform will be kept for like 30 days after which the profile will be deleted.

Understand that the reason why there is a deletion of your profile is to enable continued updates of your identity. By so doing you have the opportunity to use another name, email, and more. Also, the purpose of deleting and choosing a new profile is to improve your online privacy.

7. Online-generator — Best for Generating Several Categories of Names

Online-generator Overview

Online-generator is of three main categories, business name, nickname, and fantasy name generator. Interestingly, each of these three has subcategories under them. The business name category gives you creativity, innovation, and ideas on how you can name your company. Nickname on the other hand creates random nicknames for you, your social services, Facebook, and messenger.

However, the fantasy is specialized for assisting you to come up with cool fantasies. Also, it enables the playing of games, and the fantasy is both male and female.  Unlike Fakena which generates and deletes its profile frequently after 30 days, online-generator comes in categories that suit several interests. The use of this tool has different coverage. If it interests you to know more, check further on their website.

8. FakeNameGenerator — Best Alternative for FakePerson Generator

FakeNameGenerator Overview

Fakenamegenerator has several data generators. As someone who wants to engage in this data generator, the one you choose should be defined by your purpose. There is a name set, gender, and country. With this, your profile can be created in no time. What makes this tool to be well cherished and used is the fact that QR codes can be generated and saved as a jpeg portfolio. opt for FakeNameGenerator if you are looking for an online fake person generator tool with good features.

The advanced option attributes are another thing that should be considered and explored. What you will appreciate with the optional feature is that you can set the precise gender percentage to be involved, the age group, and the country of focus. Thus, why it is the best alternative to a fake person generator.  After every necessary information, your fake identity will be generated.

9. User INFO Generator — Best Online Fake Person Generator Tools with Advance Features

User INFO Generator Overview

User INFO Generator just like other tools describes here also has its uniqueness. It works like others but with upgraded attributes. To create a fake profile, you have to follow some steps. The profile gender, regional address, which card, formatting to use, and cities. When these details are prioritized, you can then create the profile. In addition, credit cards come to play here. User INFO Generator as the name pointed out helps to generate information around the generated fake name. The details to be created will justify the gender you decide to use, hence, the tool will create a full fake name along with a fake ID.

10. SpinXO — Best for Gamers Tag and Social Media Handle

SpinXO Overview

SpinXO is a fake person generator tool that works by running a spin or several spins. It’s a tool that can secure, and help create outstanding usernames, gamers' tags, and social media account handles. Moreover, since the tool has a spinning feature, all it requires to generate usernames is to click on the spin button and several usernames will be generated. Unlike fake person generator that has no username or any sort of login details to create a fake identity, SpinXO is specially designed for this, so, the username is important to create a fake ID here. What will intrigue you is that this fake identity created can be used across any of your social platforms, be it Twitter, or YouTube, among several others.

11. — Best for Generating Fake Credit Cards

Getnewidentity Overview

Getnewidentity is the best when it comes to generating fake credit card numbers. There are several types of these cards, and all are with distinct numbers. Every card type is different, be it Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Voyager, and more. However, concerning the cards, the VISA card type is quite different, it has two versions to it but understand that VISA can be 16 digits or 13 digits. After creating the name to be used, this tool brings forth the details required to generate a full credit card detail. Even though the tool has other features to be likened to, creating credit card details is something not to be compared, as it stands out.

12. ThisPersonDoesNotExist — Best for Generating Fake Faces and Portrait

ThisPersonDoesNotExist Overview

This fake person generator tool has something set aside that gives it its worthiness to be on this list. Just like getnewidentity is best considered for creating credit cards, this tool is best for creating fake portraits and facial looks. The activities here are not gender specific, thus, man, woman, and child are what determines what you want to carry out. Essentially, images can be refreshed, and as well downloaded. Using this tool is simple and not time-consuming. As soon as you are on the website, random faces are generated. If this is what you prefer you can give it a shot and use it but if otherwise, choose the gender and precise age limit and refresh to give a different identity.

13. Homepage.Net — Best for Creating Sample Names

Homepage Overview

Hompage.Net unlike other tools requires the need to create samples to build a test database. What it calls for is just the first and last name coupled with a fake email address. Generating names gets down into three categories, which are female only, male only, and male and female. You have the chance to edit the already generated list to align with your target. In terms of the number of names to be generated, you have the privilege of up to 4000 names at maximum.

In comparison with tools like User INFO Generator which has quite some advanced features, Hompage.Net is only best for name samples, it does not call for email, phone numbers, or other attributes that may possess and need to generate a fake identity. The tool is clear and straight to the point.

14. Get Fake Data — Best for Generating Fake Identity in Different Countries

Get Fake Data Overview

Get Fake Data is a tool that has support for over 60 countries. As such, it gives room for unlimited fake persons' profiles. This tool is free and gives you results in a few seconds of use. Meaning that, since there is large countries coverage, switching identities becomes easier and achievable. let’s not forget to mention that what is required is to input your gender. Also, if you want to use other countries, they are already listed on the platform, click on your country of interest and feed it with what it entails and your fake ID details will be generated within seconds. More so, this tool is the only one among many described in this article that has such exclusivity of multiple identifications from several countries.

15. Elfqrin — Best Fake Generator for Novel or Virtual Avatar

Elfqrin Overview

Elfqrin is one tool that has been in existence since 1999. It's clearly a tool with credibility to have stayed this long and still functioning well. The usage of Elfqrin has no specification, hence, it can be used by anyone to generate names for your online games, novel, and even virtual avatars. What you will come to like with this tool is that you can swiftly generate fake virtual IDs for short time purposes and discard them after use. Additionally, other viable details like name, gender, address, birthday, credit card, and address among others can immediately and effortlessly be generated. The fake random names and identities created can be used on any social platform if you plan on disguising your online presence.


Q. What is an Online Fake Person Generator?

An online fake person generator is a  tool that randomly generated personal details comprised of names, address, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes to mention a few that has no similarity or comparison to your real personality. This fake identity can be used across any social platform, be it YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook among others. The purpose why some people decide to create a fake identity is best known to them. What’s interesting about this tool is how quickly some can be used to generate complete details including full financial status and employment details.

Q. Is it Illegal to Use Online Fake Person Generator?

This depends on the contest you are using it. If you only generate a fake person presence to protect your platform, for fun, some virtual avatar, or gaming, there is definitely no cause for alarm, so it's not illegal. But if you create this identity to spy or disguise yourself so you can claim to be someone else, that case it is illegal. Therefore, generating a fake person online is not the issue, the intent is what matters and counts.

Q. Is There Risk in Using Online Fake Person Generator?

Just as said above, your intention is what determines the rate of risk you will be inducing on others. Do not create a fake profile just to deceive or disguise yourself to spy on others. Also, don’t use this on platforms that have clearly set their terms and condition. As such, do not use this kind of fake bio-data on official work and set targets. If you use a fake portfolio on a company and they find out, they won’t spare you, and legal charges must be pressed forth.


As the world of the internet evolves daily, the use of online fake person generator tools has gained more significance. In this article, we have enlightened you on what online fake person generator is all about, other relevant information needed to be addressed as well as the top fifteen types of this tool that can help create these fake identities. Be sure to make your choice of using any of the tool bases on the one that best describes and suit your purpose.

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