Nitreo Vs. Inflact (Ingramer) Vs. Kicksta (2022 Updated)

Are you looking to make a choice between Nitreo, Ingramer, and Kicksta for your Instagram promotions and you do not know which is the best for you? Then you are on the right page as we will be providing you a rundown on the difference between them.

Nitreo Vs. Inflact (Ingramer) Vs. Kicksta

There are many ways to grow an Instagram account. Some do it the organic manual way of engagement. Brands can employ celebrities to grow their accounts for them, while others will simply pay for ads to showcase your accounts and content in the feed of their audience.

There is, however, a small group of Instagram users that grow their Instagram accounts using some tools known as Instagram promotional services. These services are basically tools that put the growth of your account on autopilot. There are a good number of such tools in the market that can be used to grow an account without you doing the heavy lifting.

Nitreo Vs Inflact (Ingramer) Vs Kicksta

Nitreo, Inflact, and Kicksta are some of the top options available to you as an Instagram marketer looking to grow his account on autopilot. If you have not made a choice yet, you might find it difficult to do so as they might look similar, especially the Nitreo and Kicksta too.

However, they do have their differences that can be used as yardsticks to make a choice. In this article, we would be taking a look at the differences between the Nitreo, Inflact, and Kicksta tools for Instagram promotion. Before going into the differences proper, let's take a look at an overview of each of the tools.

Overview of Nitreo, Inflact, and Kicksta

As stated earlier, the 3 tools are meant for promoting Instagram accounts to grow the follower base of an account and earn it some engagement on autopilot. Let's take a look at the specific overview of each of these.

Nitreo overview

Nitreo is an Instagram growth service that has been developed to help you grow your account. According to the information on the website of this service, it can help you grow your account real quick within a short period of time.

Nitreo promises to help you get results within 5 minutes of setting up your account. The service uses a bot to earn you followerser and engagements. It is safe to use as it is AI-driven and make sure it doesn’t exceed action limits to avoid getting your account shadowbanned.

Inflact (Ingramer)

Unlike in the case of Nitreo, Inflact is not marketed as a growth service but as an automation bot. This is an automation bot that will put your account on autopilot and come with about 3 modules – one for attracting users, another for interacting with them automatically and managing them, and the last one for scheduling posts and generating hashtags.

This bot is web-based which means your account will be working even when you are offline. This comes with some utility tools including a story downloader and profile analyzer, among other things.

Kicksta overview

Kicksta is another done-for-you automation tool like the Nitreo service. Yes, it makes use of bots under the hood to grow your account and is not marketed as a bot as the Inflact tool is being marketed. However, it might interest you to know that Kicksta takes a more gentle approach to the Nitreo tool.

Unlike Nitreo where you can get started within 5 minutes, it takes a considerable amount of time usually within a day though, to start getting your account managed for you — and you will get an email notifying you of such.

Model of Operation

Model of Operation

One of the major aspects in which these services differ is in the way they work. If you are to look at the basics, they are all the same astray all use automation bots to get your account to war on autopilot. However, the way they work differs. Let's take a look at how each of these Instagram promotional services works.

Nitreo Model of Operation

Speed of Nitreo

The Nitreo service as stated earlier is marketed as a promotional service. But how do they promote your account and earn you real followers and engagements? The answer to this sets it apart from all the services that sell you fake followers. Nitreo uses an AI-driven automation bot developed and managed in-house which would manage your account for you.

All you have to do is provide the service hashtags of interest, accounts in your niche, and your location of interest and the bot will take it up from there by automatically following other accounts and liking comments. Other actions automated by Nitreo include viewing profiles and stories.

Inflact Model of Operation

The working mechanism of Inflact can be said to be different. This is because it is a full-fledged automation bot and managing it is your responsibility, unlike Nitreo where the team manages the bot for you. You will need to know action limits and be smart with your usage. With Inflact, you can go slow or boost mode depending on your experience with Instagram automation.

While Inflact requires knowledge in Instagram automation, Nitreo does not. If you have experience with Instagram automation, inflact is the perfect tool for the job. However, if you do not, then using a managed service like the Nitreo service is a better deal for you.

Kicksta Model of Operation

Kicksta is quite different from Inflact and has more resemblance to the Nitreo tool. However, there is still a considerable difference in the way both tools work. Inflact depends largely on the liking model. With this model, the bot is delegated to manage your account automatically like videos and photos in your niche so as to get the posters to want to check you out.

This method is the least intrusive growth method and you are less likely to get suspended by doing this compared to the follow model practiced by the Inflact service. Because of the nature of the model, the service does not guarantee you a specific number of followers but you should get a good number of followers daily if everything is done correctly.

Pricing, Trial, and Refund Policy

Pricing- Trial and Refund Policy

Pricing is a very important factor that shapes the purchase decision of buyers. Interestingly, all of the services are paid and as such, there is no place for free users here. The pricing model for each of these tools is based on the monthly subscription model. Let's take a look at how each of these stands in terms of pricing.

Pricing- Trial- and Refund Policy of Nitreo

Refund policy of Nitreo

The Nitreo service is an affordable option for anyone that wants to grow his account with only $49. This will give you access to the Essential plan which is their starter plan. This gives you access to the basic automation functions such as follow and unfollow. You can target users based on other accounts' follower lists and hashtags.

If you want more advanced targeting options, you will have to opt-in for their speed plan that has support for location targeting, comment liking, and story viewing, among others. There is no trial option available and the refund policy is not as customer-friendly as it should be.

Pricing- Trial- and Refund Policy of Inflact

Refund policy of Inflact

The Inflact has 3 plans you can choose from depending on the number of accounts you want to automate — Basic, Advanced, and Pro. The basic plan is sold for $56 and is meant for those that need to manage only one Instagram account without the need for some of the advanced features the tool has to offer. For managing 2 accounts, go for the advanced plan.

Those that need to manage 3 accounts will have to go for the pro plan with a price tag of $72. Only the pro users get access to the complete list of utility tools such as hashtag generator, story saver, and downloader, as well as Instagram search. For just $3, you can enjoy a 7 days trial. There are also grounds which you can request a refund and will be granted.

Pricing- Trial- and Refund Policy of Kicksta

Refund of Kicksta

Kicksta is the most expensive option among the 3 services. This is because it is the most professionally managed and there are higher chances you wouldn’t lose your account compared to the likes of Nitreo. The smallest plan is soldier $49 while the most expensive is $218.

It's most popular plan which is the premium plan is $99 and comes with support for most of the advanced features supported by Kicksta.  This service does not have a trial option. However, it has a 14-day money-back guarantee to help you get your money back which makes it less risky.

Ease of Usage and Onboarding Process

How do the 3 services compare in terms of ease of use? It might interest you to know that the ease of usage differs with Nitreo being the easiest to use while Inflact is the hardest. Let's take a look at how each stands in detail.

Ease of Usage and Onboarding Process of Nitreo

The Nitreo tool boost of being one of the easiest to use and its onboarding process is the easiest and quickest among the 3 promotional tools being considered. The setup process can be done in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is provide details of your targeting options. The bot will take it from there, developing and executing your growth strategy on autopilot.

Ease of Usage and Onboarding Process of Inflact

For Inflact, you are in control of all forms of setup and configuration that are to be done by you. It is a full-fledged bot for Instagram automation. You choose to use a module or not. This bot requires you to understand the does and don’ts of automation to avoid getting your accounts banned. Even with the requirement for automation knowledge, the bot can be said to be fairly easy to use and manage.

Ease of Usage and Onboarding Process of Kicksta

In terms of ease of use and the onboarding process, Kicksta can be said to be the promotional service that will test your patience. First, the onboarding process is not automatic. It is done manually and can even take up to 24 hours before your campaign is started unlike the others above in that the onboarding process is manual.

Reliability and Account Security

Reliability and Account Security

From the beginning of the article, you will see that all of these tools can put your accounts at risk. Not because the services themselves will compromise your account, but any account managed by a bot is always at the risk of getting banned. But which of the 3 services is more secure than the others? It might interest you to know that they vary a great deal because of the way each work.

Reliability and Account Security of nitreo

I find something interesting on the Nitreo website and it states that the service is not “a way to get your Instagram account (permanently) shadowbanned”. Well, remove permanent for a second and I believe it is there for a reason. There is a high chance you could get your account shadowbanned temporarily when you use this service too much.

This is because even though it claims to make use of an AI, it still utilizes the following method will is seen as aggressive and spammy. However, as with the sentence I highlighted above, your account won’t be permanently banned — it could happen on a temporary basis.

Reliability and Account Security of Inflact

When it comes to being reliable and avoiding a ban, Inflact is the worse here — only if you do not have experience with Instagram automation. This is because the bot can follow and unfollow automatically as well as send DMs and schedule postings.

With experience, you know the Instagram action limits to avoid exceeding them. The same can’t be said for the inexperienced user who will just want to grow his account without thinking of the implications.

Reliability and Account Security of Kicksta

The Kicksta service is the one you will want to use if you want to avoid getting your account banned. This is because it uses the less aggressive method compared to the other two. The liking method it uses is not considered spammy exceed done excessively which Kicksta wouldn’t.. for this reason, your account actions remain in the safe zone while helping you to get followers in your niche that will engage with your content.

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service and Support

Nitreo, Inflact, and Kicksta are generally easy to use and for many people, they might not run into the need to speak to a customer agent of the respective service they use. However, the moment the need arises, how are the customers treated and what are the channels of communication available that can be used?

Customer Service and Support of Nitreo

The Nitreo service does have what I will call the minimalist customer support service. This is because the major channel you can get them on is via their contact form on their website which is nothing but email support. For none customers and essential plan users, the support given is standard with no priority. However, if you are subscribed to their speed plan, you can get priority support.

Customer Service and Support Inflact

Out of the 3 services, if any of them is to get a thumbs up for customer support, then the Inflact service is the one. This is because it is the only service that has got the live chat support feature. However, this live chat is not available all the time, you will have to check the time it is available on their website. The service does have a contact form on its website which you can also use to contact its support team.

Customer Service and Support of Kicksta

For Kicksta, you can liken it more to Nitreo than Inflact. This is because it does not have the live chat support feature but only a contact form on its site. All of the 3 services including Kicksta does have social media accounts through which you can contact them and get quick response. Kicksta also does have an onboarding video that makes the usage of their service quite easier for newbies.

Supplementary Tools

Supplementary Tools

Does any of the services offer other tools you can use to make your tasks easier for you on Instagram? Well, they do and that also increases the differences between the 3 of them. Let's take a look at how they differ in this regard.

Supplementary Tools of nitreo

Nitreo is one of the best when it comes to the additional tools provided for your use. There is a page on its website where you can see all of the utility tools it provides all for free that you can use to make your tasks easier for you no Instagram. Some of these include an Instagram engagement calculator, an audit tool, hashtags, and a username generator, as well as a story template tool, among others.

Supplementary Tools of inflact

Inflact is also a strong contender in this regard even though I will rank the Nitreo tool higher. Some of the tools provided by the Inflact service include a profile analyzer and downloader, story viewer, hashtag generator, fonts generator, and an Instagram content downloader, among others.

Kicksta does not provide you with many complementary tools as the others above. It is only focused on how to define your audience and get some of them to become followers. And for that, it does it well.

Verdict: Nitreo Vs. Inflact Vs. Kicksta

Verdict of Nitreo Vs Inflact (Ingramer) Vs Kicksta

From the above, you can see how Nitreo, Inflact (Ingrammer), and Kicksta vary from each other. While all of the services rely on automation bots to provide you followers and engagement, they differ in their mode of operation.

Our recommended service for newbies is the Kicksta services as there are more chances you will not lose your account while using them since they use the liking method. If you are experienced, you will get more results from using Inflact. Nitreo is for those that want to grow their accounts fast while being ready to take more risks.

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