10 Best Music Promotion Services of 2023 [Free, Legit & Worth it]

As a musician, you should know that music promotion is as important as music production as only when promoted and accepted by your audience will you claim success. The article below will provide you with recommendations on some of the top music promotional services you can use online to promote your songs.

Music Promotion Services

Overview of Music Promotional Services

  • Omari MC: Over 250 million audience – <Starts from $77 to $1997> – Overall Best Music Promotional Service
  • Playlist Push: Over 23 million audience – <Starts from $300 to $1000> – Best for Music Promotion on TikTok
  • YouGrow: Audience reach not specified – <Starts from $67 to $970> –Best for Promotion on Spotify
  • SubmitHub: Audience reach not Specified – <Free – no price tag attached> – Best for Music Review Opportunities
  • Storyamp: Audience reach not specified – <Need to get a quote — after registration> – Best for Networking in the Music Industry

Top 10 Music Promotion Services

Do you know that there is more to making music than the music itself? Well, music can be released with a good tone and outstanding lyrics, and still do badly in the music market due to little to no publicity. Music promotion is an integral aspect of music-making. As you strive to create good music, also strive to market it.

This is important because without proper promotion, you might just not be heard on the right music streaming platform and social platforms and this will get down on your music success. And no, this is not only peculiar to upcoming artists. Even known artists still need to market their music.

However, the upcoming artist might need more promotion to be known and heard being new to the music limelight but it doesn't wave off the ones who have been in music. It might only not involve the same hectic process but as an artist, the number one key to your success in the music camp is for your song to get streamlined and promoted on various streaming and social platforms.

Having known the importance of music promotion services to your success as an artist, knowing the right promotion services to use or pay for is also something to be curious about. In this article, you would be walked through the Top 10 Music Promotion Services.

1. Omari MC

Omari MC Homepage

Omari MC is a music production agency that offers music production services to both upcoming artists and those who have been in music for years. For some years now this agency has been at the top of music production services among others.

With a following of over 250 million across their social and streaming platforms, Omari's popularity has helped several artists gain the grounds they need in the music industry. As an artist, outsourcing the promotion of your music to  Omari is a sure way to get noticed.

Omari MC carries out this promotion services using various streaming and social platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Radio, Podcast, Apple music promo,s and press release but, on a fee basis.

Because Omari prioritizes transparency in running its services, this has led to them pulling in trust from thousands of artists across all genres of music of which music labels and groups such as Universal Music Group and Capitol Hollywood California are not an exception. Paying Omari to carry out your music promotion services is worth it as their followings are all organic.

2. Playlist Push

Playlist Push Homepage

Playlist Push being another good one is also at the top of its game in rendering music promotion services. As an artist who has put something creative together, it will be all great if you get it right by seeking those who know how to get your music heard by streaming your songs on the right channels and that's exactly what Playlist Push does.

Playlist Push is a music agency that renders music promotion services to artists of different genres. By using playlist push, you submit your songs to their site and they promote your music by sending your song to playlist curators to review your song and create massive organic followings for your song using streaming and social platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and blogs.

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This agency as its name implies pushes your music to playlist curators who will stream your songs to gain reasonable numbers of listeners. So far, they have 23 million listeners and large numbers of music curators. Playlist Push music promotion services are worth paying for as their main goal is to help independent artists stand independently.

3. YouGrow

YouGrow Homepage

YouGrow has held on to its name for long as an organic music promotion team who renders music promotion services to artists using Spotify and TikTok but is majorly known for its Spotify streaming.

This team of professionals knows how to use Spotify effectively to gain a huge organic fan base for your music. YouGrow is on a high trust level with artists. They have worked with several big names in the music industry such as Akon, Nicky Romero, and Becky G among others.

The more reason why YouGrow is fully trusted is that aside from being completely organic with streaming platforms they have a money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver as respected. With the well-experienced team put up by YouGrow, getting your music heard by thousands of audiences couldn't be better.

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4. Planetary Group

Planetary Group Homepage

Planetary Group is a music promotion company based in Los Angeles. This music company renders music promotion services to artists and also enlightens them on how they can fit into the world of music. With Planetary music company, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, because, aside from the music promotion services they offer, they also walk you through the benefit of other promotional media and their benefit.

Planetary Group goes as far as guiding their artist on how to get gigs in the industry. This music promotion company has worked with several big names in the music industry such as Courtney Barnett, Leon, and Katty Perry to mention a few. They render promotion services using Spotify, Podcast, Blogs, Instagram, and TikTok.

5. Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media Homepage

Daimoon Media is one music promotion company with fine credibility. They render music promotion services via Spotify and Youtube. Daimoon Media team is known for pitching your songs to music curators who would help stream your song to get good numbers of followings.

This site promotes your music by creating several playlists and reposting using Soundcloud for music streaming. Daimoon Media has a massive number of Soundcloud reposts and thousands of Spotify playlist followers.

Using Diamoon Media for your music promotion is something worth giving a try as their PR team is very strong. They help you get huge organic music listeners who will listen to your songs and become your followers as well as your fan. With Daimoon Media, you will surely benefit from your money spent.

6. Music Group

Music Group Homepage

Music Growth being a music promotion brand only promotes English-speaking music of various genres. This group has a massive number of subscribers and millions of organic views on YouTube. With Music Growth, your music will be brought to your target listeners.

The brand promotion services are charged according to the package you paid for.  If you want them to promote your music on your various platforms so will the price match up. Music Growth mostly promotes and streams songs using Youtube and they often get outstanding reports, feedback reviews, and comments. Chosen Music Group for your music promotion services will surely grow your music to desired views.

7. Artist Push

Artist Push Homepage

Artist Push promotes your music on all platforms, be it streaming or social platforms which in turn generate massive likes, comments as well as followers who can eventually become fans. Artist Push promotes your music by rendering playlisting services that will connect you to playlist curators that have tons of followers streaming their site to listen to their genre of music.

Using Artist Push to promote your music is an assurance as they have many connections in the music industry, be it bloggers, curators, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Deezer, Amazon music promotion, Audio mask, Mixcloud, TikTok, just name it, they have people to always put you out there and get your music heard.  Artist Push is mainly for music promotion, so, sing and leave the rest for them to handle.

8. SubmitHub

SubmitHub Homepage

SubmitHub, just as its name implies, promotes your music by allowing you to submit your music to popular bloggers that write and review songs in your genre of music. With SubmitHub, you will be connected to different bloggers who specialized in your music line and have massive followings on their platforms for free.

They respond by sending you reviews of your music within 24 hours of receiving your song. Mind you, they can also decline if the song sent is not in their line of music. These bloggers have highly ranked followers, among them are top record labels and playlists that can easily help you gain massive followings and thousands of views, thereby promoting your music.

9. Pitch Playlist

Pitch Playlist Homepage

Pitch Playlist is one of the best in the music promotion line. Just as its name sounds, it offers a music promotion service that helps you reach a huge number of Spotify audiences easily. Paying for Pitch Playlist to promote your music is a step to having great numbers of listeners that can  build your fan base.

Pitch Playlist being a Spotify promotion service, pitch your music to playlist curators who have tons of thousands of listeners following them to stream your music on the popular playlist and in turn acquire huge followings of listeners to your music that can further become live show attendees.

You are guided and safe using Pitch Playlist as this music promotion agency abides by the rules and regulations of Spotify. Pitch Playlist can be trusted to get your music heard without you going through any stress of personal music promotion.

10. Storyamp

Storyamp Homepage

Storyamp is a PR service built specifically for musicians. It is a music promotion service site that connects you to musicians in the industry as well as connecting you to legit journalists and publicists having high solid contacts and social following in your music genre that will help review your music in publications such Spin, the world street journal, pitchfork, npr, and rolling stone.

They also send your music to the most influential magazines and newspapers in the world. With Storyamp, all you have to do is log on to their site and fill in your bio, your picture, and your data containing your songs and storyamp will send the details to the relevant journalist and as well notify the journalist of the released date of your music via emails and this will eventually allow it to be assessed by press release, thereby promoting your music for free.


Q. What are Music Promotional Services?

The term in itself is quite easy to understand. These are basically services that have been set up to promote songs. While some of them are exclusively meant for promotion, others are music producers themselves while there are some that position themselves as music reviewers.

Generally, most of the music promotional services described in this article have the Internet as a major part of their music promotion campaign and that is to tell you how the Internet has taken up major parts of our lives.

Q. Do Music Promotional Services Work?

Music promotional services work – but that is if you make use of a legit one as some can be spammy thereby ruining your chances rather than helping you in the real promotion. For the services described in this article, you are sure you have a service that will work for you.

Take, for instance, the Omari MC service has got over 250 million followers across multiple social media and streaming platforms and as such, if your music is top-notch, it is only a matter of time before music lovers start vibing to the rhythm of your music.

Q. Should You Promote Your Song?

This is a surprising question we get a lot. To some newbies, they believe good music should be able to sell itself. How true is that? Well, while having good lyrics, beats, and sounds, in general, can help, if your music is not promoted aggressively, you might not get noticed to the point of becoming popular.

A good number of good music are equally released every single day and you need promotion to stay ahead of the crowd. It might interest you to know that even popular musicians still have to promote their songs. What then is stopping you from doing the same?


Music promotion services have often been recorded to have a great impact on the success of an artist, be it upcoming or not. So being careful in your choice of agencies rendering these services should be as important as the music released or launched.

You might be good at what you do but not paying attention to the platform you use in streaming and promoting your songs will prevent you from being heard. Promoting your music with the right music promotion services will only help grow your music. So getting it right here is as well a key factor to your music success.

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